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The Mad in Science

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2008 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; furry; shrink; transform; cum; oral; cons; X

The lights bloomed on over my head, the off-white color cutting through my eyes and stirring me from my sleep. I lifted my head, my red hair falling over my eyes and straw sticking to my face. Theo was standing on the other side of the basement lab, a lab coat fluttering around him as he worked at his bench.

I yawned and sat up, brushing the straw from my fur. The bars of my cage were still between me and him, like they were every time I woke up in the small space, but I had been expecting it, even looking forward to it.

It seems strange, but three months before my boyfriend had confessed that he wasn’t a normal lion, but a mad scientist with his eye on world domination. He had starting chatting me up because he needed a test subject, a lab-mouse as he joked, but found I was far more interesting. By the time he told me we had been dating for half a year and I laughed it off as a joke.

That was until he showed me his basement lab, then I was quickly convinced that he was exactly what he said he was. We talk a lot that night, and then I took the next week off so he could kidnap me properly from outside of my house. After that I spent most every weekend trapped in his basement cage, the subject of whatever experiment that crossed his mind. I still wore my old clothing from when he had taken me, even though they were nothing more than tattered rags, but the look was nice.

I ran my hands through my hair and tucked my tail around my ass and the rags of my skirt. I watched my lion as he busied himself at his bench. Walking on my knees I rested against the cold steel bars. I was supposed to act like I was scared of him, but that play had fallen away pretty quickly. I liked all the crazy things he did to me.

There is a lot of fun you can have with your own clone.

Theo continued to work, stepping over to his computer and checking some readouts. I watched him as he worked, his tail tuft flicking against the back of the long coat.

Finally I decided to break the ice and said in my silliest voice. “Gee, Theo. What are we going to do tonight?”

He paused for a moment and snickered to himself before replying. “The same thing we do every night Cleo, try to take over the world.” Once that was said we started to hum the theme song together in time.

My crazy boyfriend turned around to look at me, a smile on his muzzle. “You take being my experimental subject far too well,” he teased.

I shrugged a bit and sat down on my haunches. “Why not, hon? It’s fun, and you’re a mad pervert!”

He laughed and a bit and nodded his head. “That is more true then you know. One of these days I should promote you to full henchman. Well henchwoman, then you can help me take over the world.”

“But then you couldn’t experiment on me,” I said with a pout.

Theo laughed and shook his head. “Oh, that won’t stop me at all. In fact it would be even easier to do so. I slip stuff into your coffee whenever I wish.”

I stuck my tongue out at him. “Then you better find something to make me like drinking coffee.”

“I’ll make a note of that for a future experiment. Today I have something quiet fun to try out on you. An experimental treatment to remove troublesome people”

A smile crossed my face and I pressed my muzzle through the bars. “Oh? Those are always fun. Are we going to be using a clone or can it be reversed?” I asked. For the fatal stuff he would clone me, experiment with the clone, and move the memories back into my head when he was done. It allowed me to do a lot of things over and over even when it did kill me.

You can only get away with saying something like that if you’re in love with a mad scientist who specializes in breaking the laws of physics.

“I think I will surprise you,” he said as he picked up a small glass from the table. It was filled with a milky looking liquid with a small glass stirrer jutting from the top. He walked it over to me, giving it a quick stir before taking the stirring stick out, and then held it out for me to take.

I reached through the bars to lift it from his hand. I looked at it for a moment, slowly lifting it to my nose to sniff at it. It smelled like milk. With a shrug and pressed the glass to my lips and threw my head back, gulping it all down. It tasted like nothing more than milk, but with a hint of what I knew to be my lover’s cum.

Snorting a bit I set the glass on the floor of my cage. “Trying to slip me some of your seed?” I teased.

He shrugged. “It’s a bonus to the compound, this shall give it a nice kick,” he told me as he unlocked the cage door. A formality, I worked out the combination in my fifth weekend in captivity, but I liked such formalities. As he opened the cage I crawled out and stood up, looking up at him. My nose only came up to the bottom of his mane.

Theo reached out and rubbed my right between the ears, a smile on his face. “It will take a few minute to take full effect,” he said, his voice echoing with his purring. I looked down t his pants, seeing that the front of them was already pressed out by his erection.

I giggled and cupped his cock in my paws, squeezing it through the fabric. “Would my master like a little fun time?” I asked, kissing him on the nose.

“You know me to well,” he said, pressing gently on the top of my head.

Dropping to my knees I smiled and nuzzled at the bulge in his pants. My hands reached up to pull at the buckle on his belt. It came open without any trouble, as did his zipper. I nuzzled at his white briefs as my hands slipped under his lab coat to work free the snaps over his tail. Once they were open I was able to pull his pants down off his hips.

The front of the briefs were already stained with pre cum and pulled tightly over his cock, outlining every bump and ridge along its length. He was much larger than any man I had even known, and most I had seen pictures of, one of the benefits of his research.

I nibbled at his cock through the fabric, using the material to tease his shaft as my hands reached up to fondle his heavy balls. He let out a purr and arched his back slightly, his tail flicking in time.

With one hand I reached around to rub the base of his tail, the other I used to stroke his cock through the fabric of his underwear. I bent my head down slightly to lick at his full nuts, each one the size of a large egg. I lapped at the fabric, tasting his sweat through the material.

I adjusted myself slightly, moving from kneeling to crouching as I slipped both my hands around his ass and nuzzling at his tight underwear. His cock twitched under the touch and he chuckled happily. “Go ahead,” he said.

Nodding I leaned back on my heals, my tail sweeping over the floor, and hooked my fingers into the waistband of the briefs. With a single tug I pulled them off his hips and tail. His cock bounced free hard enough to slap at his firm belly before settled into a lovely arch of damn near perfect cock.

I held the briefs for a few moments to allow him to step out of his clothing, and then shoved them to the side. I leaned up a bit higher and licked the underside of his erection, nibbling at the firm flesh with my teeth. My tongue cupped at his shaft then lapped over a thick drop of precum.

The salty precum sent a happy chill along my body, lifting my ears and making my tail slap against the stone floor. I sucked his cock down into my muzzle, my hands lifting up to stroke and tease his balls as I started to work his shaft.

I started stroking the base of his shaft as my head slipped up and down his shaft as I adjusted my legs to lift myself a bit higher. I wanted to keep my muzzle tightly around his cock and didn’t care for it when I bent it half over.

His large paw reached down to rub between my ears and pressed against the back of my head to encourage me to suck more. I did what I could, but his cock was pressing at the back of my throat like it never had before.

Slowing down slightly I adjusted my legs, there were starting to cramp from the odd angle I was holding myself at to please him. What was strange was that I never had to crouch before to blow him off, my knees were just fine for the job.

I allowed my sucking to slow, and Theo didn’t seem to mind about it. I let his cock bounce free and looked up at him. I slowly rose to my full height only to find that my nose came up to a place under his firm pecks.

“I’m shrinking,” I said in surprise.

He chuckled and rubbed my ears. “You don’t miss a thing do you?”

Leaning back I looked up into my lion’s eyes, seeing the madness twinkling behind the blue irises. I gave him a smile then leaned back down to slurp his cock back into my muzzle. I was small enough that I could only take about half of it, so I used my paws to tease the rest as I started to pick up speed.

His precum was flowing thickly over my tongue leaving a warmth in my belly as I nibbled the pointed head of the shaft. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was shrinking faster or that I was just aware of it now. I let his shaft pop free of my lips and I started to lick and tease my way down the length of it to the base. I lifted his cock up as I teased his balls with my tongue, finding them just a bit too large to fit into my muzzle.

I let his balls drop and kissed my way up over his shaft, readjusting my position in front of him. I was now even with his belly button. I dove down on his cock with gusty, rubbing it with my small paws as I sucked, and licked, and teased the pointed end.

Above my Theo grunted and thrust slightly. His hands reached out to rub my ears, teasing over the outer edge of them as his precum trailed off.

Sucking out the last few drops of the salty precum, I wrapped my tongue around the length and hummed softly, in the way I knew he loved. He let out a soft cry and grabbed the back of my head, thrusting into my muzzle as much as he could as his cum exploded out of his shaft.

It was like a flood in my muzzle, the thick semen gushing around my lips and out over my cheeks. I gulped at it, trying to get all of it down, but it just kept coming, more then I could take. I tried to rush up my nose and down into my lungs. I finally pulled away, sputtering out the cum as more of it plastered over my face.

I swallowed down what was in my muzzle, catching my breath as another gush of thick seed fell over my face. I stroked his cock, making sure he spurt every drop of it as I realized I was standing nose to cock with him.

Once he was finished I took a few steps away and started couching, trying to clear out a little that had gone down the wrong way. His cum soaked my fur and my breasts, dripping from my shrinking body. Once everything was clear I looked up at him, a smile on my face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I snorted, blowing some cum out of my nose. “Aren’t you supposed to be mad?”

He bent down and smiled at me. “That doesn’t mean I can’t care about your health. I do love you.”

“I love you too,” I said, watching as he started to visibly grow taller as my shrinking truly started to pick up speed. “How small will I get?” I asked.

Theo smiled and held his fingers apart, hardly enough to be seen.

I giggled and ran my hands over my face, collecting more thick cum from my face, watching as the semen grew larger over me. I sat down on the cement floor, tucking my tail around me as the cum fell off, pooling around my body.

My lovely lion watched me as I continued to shirk, the cum growing larger and larger around me. Soon I was only as tall as he knees and growing ever shorter. He flicked his tail in excitement as he bent down to watch me, his cock returning to its full size in anticipation.

Soon I was only six inches tall and covered head to toe in his cum. Gently he reached down and picked me up in his hands, holding me gently as he lifted me up to his large cock. I wanted to protest that there wasn’t any way I could even pretend to please him at my size, but before I could even squeak he pulled open the head of his shaft and shoved me down into his urethra.

I let out a cry as his hot flesh closed around me, kicking my legs as he placed his finger on my ass and pushed me all the way inside of him, the cum on my fur making the passage easier. I moments I felt his shaft close around my feet.

His paws worked over his shaft, starting to pull me further down inside of him. The warmth was growing even hotter as I slipped deeper and deeper. I was sure I was still shrinking, but had no way to tell anymore.

A moment later the muscles in his cock tensed around me and pulled me deeper and then I let out a yelp I suddenly found myself falling. It only lasted a moment before I landed is something thick and wet.

I sputtered for a few moments before I stood up, feeling whatever I was in squirming around me. It only took a moment for me to realize that I was in his balls and it was his sperm swimming around me. I let out a pleased cry as I felt one rub between my legs as the mass of cum rose higher over my shrinking body.

Closes my eyes and pushed my arms through the thickness, feeling it start to tingle at my skin. The warmth of the cum starting to fill my whole body from inside and out. I touched my chest, feeling the cum as it ran down my fur, and my body starting to go with it.

I was melting, shifting, becoming one with his cum, and becoming his cum. I was amazed, feeling my body start to break up into his semen. I ducked down into the sperm, feeling it close over my head as my body started to fully merged with his cum, becoming one with it as I stopped being anything but his cum.

Gods, I love having a mad scientist as a boyfriend!


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