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Magic Poker

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; computer; magic; transform; M2f; M/f; reluct; X

Andrew frowned at his computer screen, puzzled. He’d been playing one of those online strip poker games, a new one he’d found called Magic Poker. It was one of those games where you tried to run the girl out of money, then buy items of her clothing so she could continue to play. He’d done well at first, getting the busty blonde on his screen down to just her panties, but then the cards had turned against him. Now the girl on the screen was fully dressed, and he was out of money.

The thing that puzzled him was an option he was now given. In the corner of the screen, where he had previously purchased items of the girl’s clothing, there now showed just the word “feet” and “$1000.” Shrugging, he clicked. Immediately, a pop up appeared:

All items sold in this game are non-returnable. Player must amass sufficient funds to repurchase. Exiting game renders all sales final.

Andrew read the warning, still puzzled, then shrugged and clicked OK. When he did, $1000 appeared in his money slot. Shaking his head, he continued to play.

Again, the cards were against him, and soon he was out of money again. This time, the corner of his screen showed “hands” and “$900.” Andrew clicked, then OK’d the pop up. As he began to play, using the $900 he now had, something caused him to glance down.

His hands! Stunned, he stared at the long, tapered fingers, their tips adorned with long, polished nails. Those weren’t his hands! They belonged to.......
Andrew stared at the screen. The blonde model posed just as seductively as before. Slowly, his eyes traced down her long, slender arms, only to see hands that looked amazingly like his hands, the short, thick fingers looking very out of place.

Andrew thought dazedly, “If I have her hands now, that must mean my feet......” Kicking back from the desk, he looked down, cringing when he saw the slim, feminine feet attached to his ankles.

“Oh God,” he whispered. “Now I have to win. I have to get my own hands and feet back.” Pulling himself back to the desk, he threw himself into the game with an intensity he would never before have thought possible.

Two hours later, Andrew’s desperation had reached new heights. Now naked, he stared down at long, slim, toned legs and firm, full thighs. His arms were long and slender, perfectly matching his new hands. With a slim waist and flaring hips, the only original parts he had left were his cock, ass, chest and face.

Even worse, each “sale” had gained less. The legs got him $800, the arms $700, and the torso $600. Now, betting the last of his money, he cursed as his three jacks ran up against the computer’s full house. Looking at the corner of the screen, he saw, instead of another body part, just a dollar amount. $50,000. Below, the model looked like something put together in a mad scientist’s lab. The face was that of a wet dream, but the rest of the visible body was undeniably male, and undeniably his. Resignedly, he clicked, OK’d the pop up, then watched as the model changed to become an exact replica of him.

Slowly, afraid of what he’d find, Andrew raised his hands to cup the large, firm breasts now adorning his chest. Dazed, he lightly pinched one nipple, then gasped at the strength of the sensation that blazed through him. Shocked, he dropped his hands, only to have them land on a very female mound between his thighs. Again, the contact sent a wave of sensation through him. Afraid to look at his new face, he continued to play, hoping against hope to wind enough to get his body back.

Slowly, surely, his money dwindled, until, with a sigh, he bet his last $20. With a full house, he was sure he’d win at least this one. Until the computer came up with a royal flush.

Staring at the “Game Over” flashing on the screen, Andrew almost didn’t hear the door open. At the sound of the door closing, he spun around, forgetting the image he now presented.

Paul, his roommate, froze at the sight of the naked blonde at the computer. For a moment, he just stared, then cleared his throat.

“And who might you be?” he asked.

Andrew thought fast. “Um, I’m Angel,” he replied, knowing Paul would never believe him if he told the truth. “Andrew said I could come over and use his computer this afternoon.”

“And an angel you are,” Paul smiled, eyeing the body in front of him with undisguised interest. Andrew was surprised to feel his new nipples harden under that gaze. “The question is, why are you naked?”

“Um, well, I spilled my drink on my clothes, and I took them off to wash them.” As he spoke, Andrew could feel his eyes being drawn to the bulge he could see growing beneath Paul’s slacks.

This isn’t right, he thought. I’m not gay. I have no interest in men. Still, he couldn’t hide the slight catch in his breathing at the sight.

Paul smiled, stepping forward until he stood right in front of Andrew’s chair. “See anything you like?” he asked, reaching down to softly stroke one firm breast.

Andrew gasped. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t what?” Still smiling, Paul began softly pinching one nipple.

Andrew felt his thoughts scattering under the sensations. “Don’t, uh, don’t, ooooh, don’t stop.”

Paul knelt, taking one nipple between his teeth and nibbling lightly.

At the new sensation, Andrew’s thoughts scattered completely. His hands, seemingly acting on their own, began to tug at Paul’s shirt. Releasing the nipple, Paul stood and quickly stripped, then lifted the softly moaning blonde into his arms, carrying her to his bed.

As Paul laid him down, Andrew stared up as his friend. His eyes misty with a lust he was afraid to feel, he reached up and drew Paul down over him, moaning loudly as their bodies joined.

In the living room, the now abandoned computer was flashing a new message:

Thank you for playing Magic Poker. We hope you enjoy your new body. Please remember, these changes will only last for 24 hours.

Your new body will be extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation. However, you are advised not to engage in any sexual acts. Orgasm in your new body will make all changes permanent.

Unseen, the message flashed for thirty seconds, then vanished to the sound of the new Angel experiencing the first of what would undoubtedly be many female orgasms of her new life.


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