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Milking the Male

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/m+; drug; bond; kidnap; oral; collar; leash; milking; transform; hucow; pain; nc; XXX

I walk into Pam's office/home for an interview dressed in black slacks, white collared long sleeve shirt and a fancy tie. The interview is for a job at Pam's ranch, handling all the farm/barn work. Pam is dressed in a pretty pink satin top, black long skirt and 3 inch heels, she is very pretty for her age of 60 years and that she is also very plump with large breasts.

Pam goes over my resume, likes that I have some farm work experience and that I'm young enough at 30 years and very fit to handle the labor. She offers me the job, we discuss pay, benefits and reach an agreement. She offers to make me dinner that night and I accept her offer.

When I arrive back at her place, she is wearing a long light blue silk cheongsam with a side slit. She has her pretty silky blonde hair up, and is also wearing sexy 4 inch heels. She is naturally 5 ft 8 inches tall, but her heels make her very tall and sexy. I'm also tall, 6 ft 1 inch. I'm attracted to Pam, but I would never consider dating or even having sex with her.

We have dinner, drinks, she flirts with me but I don't flirt back. When she sits, she crosses her legs and her slit moves up exposing her sexy legs and silk stockings. I stare at her sexy legs and silk Chinese dress when I feel woozy and the room begins to spin. Then I black out.

I wake up to find myself tied spread eagled to her bed and I'm naked. Pam is still dressed in her sexy Chinese dress lying next to me, she is running her fingers along my chest hair and kissing me. She is very sensual as she touches my body and while holding my growing cock "It's alright sweetie, you are going to love your new life with me. I will take care of you, especially that hard throbbing cock of yours."

She continues to sensually kiss me, on my neck, check and lips, but I do not kiss her back. "Pam! You can't do this, it's not right. I'm not a pet. Get your hand off of my cock!"

I watch as Pam maneuvers her body down so that her mouth is near my erect cock. Her hand is still stroking my cock while her other hand is fondling my balls "Mmmmm...I love how your cock looks and feels. I have an addiction for cum and I'm going to taste your cum my sweet Robby."

Then I feel her tongue licking my shaft as she continues to play with my balls. Her pretty mouth opens up and she instantly deepthroats my 8 inch cock. I want her to stop but the sensation is amazing and I'm ready to cum.

I see how pretty Pam is despite her old age. I tilt my head back, I moan loudly as I shoot my load of cum into Pam's mouth. She swallows every drop "Delicious! I love the taste of your cum and you will make me very happy."

Then I see her trying to get on top of me "NO! You can't ride me, my cock head is very sensitive now! Hurts! Please get off of me!"

Pam ignores my pleas. "I can't resist riding a huge cock like yours. You better enjoy this fuck, it will most likely be your last!" She rides my very sensitive cock until she achieves her orgasm. After she had sex with me, she drugs me again.


I wake up groggy, laying her bed, no longer tied up but with a satin sheet covering me. Pam is sitting on the edge of the bed next to me holding a scary boot. "These sexy hooves are high heeled boots with no heel. You will develop strong calf/leg muscles to walk in these. And you can't rest on the back end of the hoof." She shows me the evil device, the back part of the hoof has sharp pins that dig into your back heel if you try to rest.

She removes the satin sheet and I see that she already put me into hooves. She adds a collar and leash. "Time to meet the other beasts and the milking station...your new home." She pulls on my leash and I have to take small careful steps while wearing the hooves.

We enter the barn and I see two men secured in their stalls. Each man has a feeding tube attached to their mouth and a device that is attached to their huge cocks. They are also wearing the horrible hooves, standing in a bent over position with their arms secured behind their backs. They also have two big red satin bows tied around their necks and balls.

As Pam seductively walks towards the two scared men while still holding my leash "These are my pretty beasts and they have been producing cum for me...for years. You see I have a deep addiction for cum and I milk these beasts every day. I bottle their cum and enjoy a big glass every night."

She walks up to the first beast who is black and very muscular "This is Carl. He is about 30 years old and has been with me for about two years now. I love his salty cum." Then suddenly an alarm and green light turn on; Carl instantly looks at the feeding device with worried eyes. "Yes it's Carl's feeding time. All my beasts are fed soft food that contains many nutrients to keep them strong and horny. Most of the soft food contains slimy chunky bull semen...they hate the taste of it."

I watch the chunky semen go down the tube and into Carl's mouth, he is forced to swallow the disgusting bull semen. As Carl is getting fed, Pam undoes his cock harness and strokes his huge 9 inch cock. "Carl has earned a treat, a blow job."

Pam gets to her knees in her sexy silk cheongsam, and she tugs at my leash forcing me to get close to Carl's cock. She sucks his cock as I watch too closely, then she forces my mouth even closer as I kiss his shaft. He then has his orgasm, shooting cum all over Pam and me. Cum has entered my mouth and I tasted my first cum ever. Carl looks happy from the blow job despite having to swallow bull semen.

Pam gets up "Now let's meet Steven, he is 35 years old and he has been my beast for more than ten years. Right now he has a rectum probe that is causing him pain but it makes his cock very hard."

Another alarm and red light go on, Steven begins to thrash and shake his head. "Oh good, it's Steven’s milking time. The milking device will pleasure his cock and then suck every drop of cum from him...that part is very painful for my beasts."

She removes Steven’s feeding tube, allowing him to speak. "Mistress Pam, please I just want to fuck your pussy...I need to fuck someone! Oh's beginning...please don't milk me. I love you Pam...Shit! The probe it's too BIG! I don't want to CUM!"

She puts his feeding tube back in. "I love you too and I will never let you go. Perhaps I will let you fuck the new beast?"

I yell out “No!” but I see Steven is shaking his head “yes!”

"I need that sweet cum of yours! Your cum has a sweet taste that I can not resist." Pam pets Steven as he is about to cum "Look at his throbbing cock. Oh good, he is cumming. The anal probe is needed to force him to cum."

"Now Robby it's time to milk you as well.”

"Please, I don't want to be milked for years and to become your milking beast."

Pam puts me into my stall, attaches the milking device to my cock and the feeding tube to my mouth. She adds the red satin bow around my neck and balls. "There now you are my pretty beast. I can't wait to taste your cum." She grabs my balls and plays with them. "These belong to me now and they will produce a lot of cum for me."

I stand in my stall in the sexy hooves and the pain is already unbearable. I don't know how I will be able to stand the pain for the day let alone standing for years like poor Carl and Steven. Suddenly my alarm and green light go on and see the same disgusting bull semen slowly moving down the tube towards my mouth!


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