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My Little Piggy

by Jasmine's Pet

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© Copyright 2023 - Jasmine's Pet - Used by permission

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Chapter 1

I don't think I had ever been so nervous as I was sitting on her sofa, waiting for my date to return. It had been the perfect evening up until that point, but I knew this was really make or break if I wanted to get anywhere with her. I had been waiting for this moment for so long and truthfully, I never thought it would actually come. For months I had been fantasising about her, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, and had been trying to build up the courage to introduce myself.

She happened to catch the same bus as me on my morning commute to work and from the first time I set eyes on her, I was completely infatuated. Her bright red hair, pin up looks and stunning body made her irresistible to me; and her tight-fitting leather jackets just intensified my feelings for her.

The best 15 minutes of my day were that bus ride, where I could sit and imagine catching her eye, giving her a cheeky wink and hitting it off with her. As someone who was fairly average looking and not exactly full of confidence, I never thought anything would actually come of it until last week when, completely unexpectedly, she took the seat right next to mine. Figuring I may never get a better chance I swallowed my nerves and tried to strike up a conversation, making a comment about the t-shirt she was wearing.

She just smiled in response and asked me why I had taken so long to speak to her. I laughed nervously, asking what she meant. She explained that she had noticed me staring at her weeks ago and thought I was cute for waiting so long to pluck up the courage to say something. We chatted for a few minutes, she introduced herself as Lola, and I was delighted to find that we seemed to click right away. Normally I’m completely lost for words when it comes to women, but the conversation flowed like we’d known each for years. I was gutted when the bus pulled in at her stop; but soon perked up when she suggested we meet for drinks that Friday night.

The rest of the week crawled by but eventually Friday came around and, kitted out in a new shirt and my best shoes; I finally arrived at the bar and took a seat. Lola hadn't arrived yet, so I ordered a beer to calm my nerves and watched the minutes tick by. Almost one hour and about 4 drinks later I was fearing the worst and already feeling a little tipsy. I decided to make a move. However, as I turned, I felt her piercing eyes watching me from across the bar.

While I found it a little strange, I was just so relieved that she came that I pushed any doubts to the back of my mind. I welcomed her with a smile as she breezed over and apologised for her lateness. Given how incredible she looked in her loose-fitting white dress with her striking red hair tumbling down past her shoulders, I had no problem accepting her apology and we soon got on with what was a perfect evening.

Both the drinks and conversation flowed brilliantly and at some points I just lost myself in her eyes thinking how lucky I was to be out with this Goddess. All too soon the evening came to an end, but I was utterly ecstatic when, after walking her home, she invited me inside with a mischievous wink. Of course, I happily accepted, which is how I found myself perched on the edge of her sofa, nervously waiting for Lola to ‘slip into something more comfortable’.

After a few minutes a noise behind me drew me back to the present and my jaw dropped as I saw what she meant by something more comfortable. She had returned wearing just laced purple lingerie and suspenders, leaving little to the imagination. With a wry smile on her face, she seductively sauntered across the room, took my hand and pressed her supple body against mine.

I was instantly erect as our lips came together and she ran her hand under my shirt. As we kissed, she slowly peeled off my clothes until I was completely naked and could feel her warm skin against mine. The weight of her body pressing down on me felt truly incredible; I had never experienced anything close to this and couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

She sensually kissed my neck and raised her mouth to my ear, whispering that I should kneel on the floor at her feet. This was not what I was expecting but given my current arousal I wasn't about to question her.

I rolled off the sofa and pushed myself into a kneeling position, looking up at Lola who was now towering over me. I quietly stared, unsure of quite what was happening. She sat up straight, then began running her hands through my hair and staring deep into my eyes.

‘You’re such a cutie,’ she said softly, as though speaking to a child. ‘I like to have sweet, chubby little pets; you can be my little piggy.’

What did she mean pets, I thought? And by calling me a pig was she mocking me? Calling me fat? I knew this was all going too well; this beautiful woman would never have any interest in me. Clearly she was only doing this as some kind of cruel joke.

The worry must have shown on my face because her eyes filled with sympathy and she laughed gently, pulling my head forward so my face was pressed against her thighs. 

‘Oh no,’ she said kindly, ‘I didn't mean it like that. Just that you look so sweet and you're such a lovely guy that I want to have you all to myself.’ She began running her hands across my shoulders and down my body, applying just enough pressure with her nails to leave trails of pleasure flowing across my skin. She bent down giving me an unobstructed view of her perfect breasts and breathed in my ear ‘I like my pets to be happy, imagine how much fun we could have…’

I gasped as, digging in her nails, Lola raked her hands over my shoulders and grabbed me by the head, forcing me to stare into her eyes.

 ‘So what do you say?’ she asked. ‘Will you be my little piggy? Just for tonight?’

I was speechless and completely overawed by this whole situation. Yesterday I had never even kissed a girl before and now here I was completely at the mercy of this gorgeous woman. The only thing I knew at that moment was that I didn't want this experience to end. Somehow, I managed to stutter ‘Y-yes... o-of course.’

‘Brilliant!’ she said, flashing me a cheeky smile. ‘But the first rule is that piggies don't speak, understand?’

I nodded slowly, wondering just what I had let myself in for.

‘Good. Now then piggy, oink for me!’

Taken aback I hesitated and stammered out a quiet ‘oink.’

‘Come on,’ she demanded. ‘You can do better than that!’

I tried to oink louder however Lola still wasn't satisfied, as she demonstrated pinching my left nipple and twisting it with some force.

I cried out in pain but soon realised what she wanted and at the top of my lungs shouted ‘OINK, OINK!’

This finally seemed to satisfy her. Lola broke into a grin and said, ‘that’s more like it piggy, now sniff around on the floor and see what you can find.’

Having learned not to hold back I frantically crawled around on all fours, loudly sniffing and snorting as I went. Lola delighted in this and, as she threw her head back laughing, pushed out her foot into my path.

Without thinking I began to shower her foot with kisses, oinking eagerly as I went. This brought a further shriek of delight from Lola who pushed her toes to my mouth and said, ‘open wide piggy.’

As soon as my lips parted, she pushed not just her toes, but her whole foot into my mouth; almost choking me. She continued to force her foot in and out until the point where her toes were literally fucking my throat. I gagged uncontrollably as she filled my entire mouth

When she pulled out I coughed and spluttered, suddenly aware of just how out of my depth I really was. Raising my head to protest I hesitated when I saw her towering over me. Sitting like a queen she was a vision of beauty, and I was truly torn between my desire for her and my fear of what she was doing to me.

However, as if sensing my doubts Lola gave me little time to think, grabbing me by the head and guiding it between her open legs.

‘Come on you greedy little piggy, time to feed.’

As she pushed her panties out of the way I saw between a woman's legs for the first time in my short life. I had watched enough porn in my time to know what to do next; as she pulled me closer, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick hungrily at her sweet, wet pussy.

I felt her quiver as I continued to work her with my tongue; within minutes she began to softly moan with pleasure, and I felt her thighs clamp tightly around my head.

Though my tongue tired quickly and I struggled to breathe, I forced myself to keep going for fear of disappointing her and soon she was crying out in pleasure. I felt a sharp pain as she grabbed my hair and pulled me in even more tightly, grinding my face against her until the cries grew louder as she orgasmed with my head between her legs.

Eventually the pace began to slow and breathing heavily, Lola pulled me back and allowed me to collapse in a breathless heap on the floor.

I lay there panting, heart beating like it was going to burst out of my chest and tried to come to terms with what had just happened. Lola, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, had taken me in and used me in ways that I could never have imagined.

Now as my head started to clear my mind began to turn to what would happen next. As I looked up, I saw Lola peering down at me with her chest still rising and falling steadily. Our eyes met and she smiled in amusement.

‘Oh my, you really are a good little piggy,’ she said slowly getting to her feet. ‘Maybe you deserve a reward, would you like that?’

I hastily began to reply but was cut short by a look which reminded me that piggies aren't allowed to talk so I simply nodded, my eyes pleading to be rewarded. Lola frowned as though in contemplation, then smirked, turned away and gestured for me to follow.

Still unsteady, I stumbled after her on all fours across the hard wooden floor, my knees and elbows aching as I clumsily crawled along. My eyes remained glued to her perfect ass as it swayed from side to side and somehow, I managed to cross the room, climb the stairs and take my place kneeling at the foot of her bed.

‘Come on now Piggy,’ she said, gesturing for me to climb up.

The soft white sheets were a welcome relief as I pulled myself up; though I had a feeling my comfort would be short lived.

Behind me I heard Lola open the bedside drawer and rustle through the contents. Craning my neck, I saw her pull out a small black bag and remove three lengths of rope as well as a pair of sturdy looking handcuffs.

Though I knew what they were for I still jumped when she grabbed my hands from beneath me and pulled them together behind my back. The feeling of cold metal against my skin felt strange as the cuffs clicked shut around my wrists and I began to worry that I should have got out when I had the chance.

My fears only intensified as she continued. I felt rope being wrapped around each ankle and then secured to the bedposts behind me, forcing my legs apart.

I felt the bed move as Lola slid off and strode into my line of vision. She placed the black bag in front of me and pulled out what looked like some kind of gag, and to my horror, what was clearly a strap-on dildo. Though this was something I had never seen before, I knew there could only be one use for it and at that moment I realised that I was in way over my head and had to get out.

Lola lent over the bed posts, smirking at me and baring her breasts just inches from my head. ‘Can you tell what your treat is yet?’ she asked mischievously.

‘Look Lola,’ I started ‘I really like you but…’

‘Shhhh,’ she replied, leaning in closer and putting a finger to my lips. 'I know you're scared but it's ok. You’re my piggy tonight, and piggies don't get a say in what happens to them. So really all you can do is sit back and let me take care of you, alright?’

I looked at her in desperation but could see from her stern expression that I really didn't have any choice, so I did my best to swallow the fear and nodded reluctantly.

‘Good,’ she beamed. ‘Now open wide little piggy.’

Taking the gag in her hands she pushed it up to my mouth. It consisted of a small rubber ball attached to two plastic rings and a strap to secure it in place. After a brief moment of hesitation, my lips parted allowing the ball to invade my mouth and stretch my jaw wide open. Lola took the two rings and forced them uncomfortably into my nostrils before wrapping the strap behind my head and clipping it in place.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her take the strap on, slide it up her legs and secure it in place. Her feminine curves contrasted strangely with the firm, rubber cock between her legs, but if anything, the power it gave her turned me on even more and I felt myself growing hard again.

Lola clambered back onto the bed and put her arm around me, embracing my restrained body. She started to kiss and gently bite my neck, her red hair brushing lightly across my face. My body tingled with excitement as she breathed and whispered in my ear.

‘You’re mine now piggy, look at what I've made you.’

She gestured towards the foot of the bed where I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror on the wall behind. Trussed up as I was with the rings forcing my nose into a snout, I realised that she really had turned me into a pig. Her pig. Looking at the beautiful woman draping herself across me, a wolfish grin on her face, I couldn't suppress my arousal and despite my fear I could feel my hard cock pressing against my leg.

‘See, I knew you'd enjoy it,’ she whispered seductively, pulling herself away and taking her position behind my tied legs.

I realised that the moment was finally here, I was about to lose my virginity to the girl of my dreams but not in the way that I would ever have imagined. As Lola produced a bottle of lube, panic began to take hold and I struggled to control my ragged breathing; feeling her finger spread the cold liquid between my ass cheeks I let out a pathetic whimper and tried to hold back the tears.

Catching her gaze in the mirror I could see her eyes shine with amusement, twisting her arms behind her back she removed her bra and exposed her perfect tits.

I tensed as the head of her rubber cock was positioned between my lubed-up ass cheeks.

‘Ok baby here we go,’ Lola said encouragingly ‘this is happening so just give into it and let me fuck you. Make me happy little piggy.’

The pressure started to build as she pushed and, though I clenched and tried to resist, Lola kept going until the cock slid in and filled my ass.

Once it was in, she briefly pulled back, then plunged it forward again forcing me to moan deeply in my gag. She slowly started to thrust herself into me, steadily building a rhythm as she fucked me deeper and harder.

At first it just hurt, my ass had been a one way street for my entire life; this cock, even strapped onto such a stunning woman, felt alien as it forced its way in.

But the more Lola kept going the better it felt. Each thrust brought a new and unexpected pulse of pleasure through my body and when she grabbed my waist with her hands, grunting in the force of her assault, it drove me wild with lust.

As it started to feel better and better, I began to push back, wanting it now. I was relishing her cock filling me, forcing its way inside. Lola could clearly tell I was enjoying myself and cried out with excitement.

‘Ahhh yeah there you go, you love this don't you? I could tell you would be a good little piggy. Go on, take it deeper.’

With one great push she forced it further in and I cried out, no longer able to tell whether in agony or ecstasy.

‘Ohhh it feels good doesn't it baby, look at me.’

I looked up again into the mirror in disbelief; it seemed to make it all real. My vision filled by this flame hair goddess with her tits bouncing up and down; taking me as she pleased. It brought home that she really had made me nothing, a toy for her to play with. The smile dancing around the edge of her lips and the satisfied look on her face told me that she knew exactly what I was thinking.

‘It's almost time now, do you want it piggy? Do you want me to let you cum?’ Lola asked as she reached between my legs, cupping my balls with her hand and allowing her fingers to brush against my rock hard cock.

‘Mmph!’ I grunted and nodded as vigorously as I could.

‘Then squeal, squeal for me piggy!’

‘Mmpwee, Mmpwee!’ I squealed with as much power as I could muster in my exhausted state.

‘Come on, what do you call that?’ she said mockingly, ‘If you want release, you're going to have to earn it. SQUEAL!’

As Lola shouted she viciously squeezed down on my balls and dug her nails sharply into my ass.

‘MMMPWEEEEE!!’ I screamed uncontrollably into my gag, biting down on the hard rubber.

‘Yes, yes that's it. Now cum, cum for me piggy.’

I felt the pressure on my balls release as she moved her hand up to my cock and took it in her grasp. Keeping in time with her thrusts she started to stroke it up and down, picking up the pace and working me into a frenzy.

Her touch felt incredible and between that and the rubber cock still working away at my ass, it wasn't long before Lola rode me to orgasm.

It was the greatest feeling my young body had ever experienced. My cock exploded with relief and intense waves of pleasure shot from my ass through to every corner of my body. I tensed and trembled as the orgasm swept through me.

As Lola’s thrusts slowed in rhythm and the cock slid out of me, I was overcome by a feeling of bliss. My breathing began to slow as I came down from the incredible experience I had just endured, and I entered an almost trance-like state.

I could barely tell what was going on around me. I was dimly aware of being released from my bonds and cleaned up, somehow ending up ungagged and lying beneath the bedcovers.

As I started to return to reality, I noticed Lola sliding under the covers to join me. She had now removed the strap-on and I could feel her naked body next to mine. She put her arms around me and we embraced, our mouths joined, and we kissed passionately.

‘Thank you,’ I whispered as our lips broke apart, ‘that was…’

‘I know,’ she replied softly. ‘You did so well baby. Come here now,’

She took my head in her hands and pulled me into her. My face rested against her soft, warm breasts, rising and falling as she breathed. We lay there for what seemed like hours in silence. I was just enjoying the closeness that for the first time in my life I was sharing with a beautiful woman.

The tiredness from my exertions began to set in and slowly I started to drift off in her arms. I breathed in her scent one last time and eventually sleep took me.

Chapter 2

The early morning sunlight drifted lazily through the window and streamed across my face, dragging me from my slumber. As I woke, the events of the night before came flooding back to me and my eyes snapped open. What had started as a fun evening out with the girl of my dreams had developed into something far different. I had been seduced, manipulated and controlled completely, ending up tied and fucked like a pig for her enjoyment.

The scariest thing was that I actually enjoyed it! It had been without doubt the greatest night of my life; being under the spell of such a dominant, beautiful woman had aroused me like nothing I had experienced before. I lay there feeling a mixture of fear and excitement. I had no idea where this was going but I knew that I wanted to be with her more than anything.

I turned my head to face her and again couldn't believe that I was lying in bed with this woman. Lola was a vision of beauty, with her bright red hair and smooth feminine face she looked almost angelic; a far cry from the strong, powerful woman who had ravaged me just last night.

As if she could feel my gaze her eyes flickered open and a smile spread slowly across her face.

‘Hey baby,’ she said, stretching back and yawning.

‘Good morning.’ I started, struggling to find the words for the feelings I wanted to get across ‘Look Lola, last night… It was amazing. I've never felt so… so…’

‘It's ok,’ she laughed, placing her hand reassuringly on my arm. ‘I had a great time too. You did really well; I knew you would make a good piggy. I can always tell.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked. ‘How can you tell?’

‘You just seemed like the type that's all. Your nervous eyes and innocent look, I could tell you liked me months ago but we're too scared to say anything. That's why I sat next to you last week. To give you the push you needed.’

‘Oh I see,’ I replied. ‘Well I'm so glad you did.’

‘Me too,’ she grinned. ‘You really seem like a natural submissive. When I was fucking you, it really seemed like you belonged there. Don't you think?’

‘I guess…’ I said uneasily.

Lola raised her eyebrow in surprise.

‘You guess? Did you feel very in control last night?’

‘No,’ I admitted

‘Well you certainly seemed to enjoy not being in control!’

‘Yeah I know; you're right. I loved it. It's just… I've never done anything like that before and at some points it got really scary.’

‘That's OK, it's completely normal to be scared, that's what makes it so fun,’ she said with a wink.

I thought about what she said and realised that she had hit the nail on the head. I got off on the thrill that she was doing whatever she wanted to me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was just lucky that she was a nice person and not some lunatic, or God knows what could have happened to me.

We spent the rest of the morning just lying there, enjoying each other’s company. Despite our intimacy last night, we didn't really know each other at all, and I was pleased to see we had chemistry on a personal level as well as just physically.

As we chatted and laughed away, telling each other about our lives and plans for the future, I found myself really falling for this girl. On top of the fact she was the best-looking woman I had ever laid eyes on, she was charismatic, funny and seemed to genuinely care for me.

We shared a connection that I had never experienced with anyone before, and I couldn't help but dream of the future. Of asking her out, leaving the house with her on my arm and who knew maybe even marriage!

‘Hey, are you listening?’ Lola shot at me, snapping me back to reality.

‘Huh? Sorry I kind of zoned out. What were you saying?’ I replied sheepishly.

‘I said I wanted to ask you something,’ she chuckled. ‘But first I have something for you. Come down here.’

She lifted the bedcovers and inclined below with her eyes.

Bemused and more than a little excited I rolled myself over and ducked my head underneath. 

I felt myself engulfed by the warm, stuffy air beneath but my attention was drawn immediately to the naked, supple body and firm breasts in front of me. I had been allowed intimate access to most of her last night, but her tits had so far eluded me.

I think Lola could tell what I was thinking because at that moment she began to stroke and caress them, keeping tantalisingly out of my reach.

‘Nice, aren't they baby?’ she whispered almost hypnotically. ‘I bet you want to play with them don't you?’

‘Ohhh yes, so much, please...’ I begged.

‘Go on then, give them a kiss.’

Slowly I leant over towards her perfect, round tits. When my lips met her skin I started to shower her with light, loving kisses; working my way to her nipple which I took eagerly in my mouth. I tenderly began to suck and lick as her breasts filled my mouth, soon I felt her nipple grow hard against my tongue.

I could feel Lola breathing deeply and quivering in arousal. She took my head in her hands and pulled my mouth across to her other nipple which I enthusiastically opened my mouth to receive.

‘Now then, I was hoping we could have a little chat,’ she said.

‘Mmph’ I grunted, completely preoccupied by the heavenly body I was being allowed to worship.

‘You see I really enjoyed last night,’ she continued. ‘Having you under my control, it turned me on so much. More than anything for a long time.’

Again I only murmured in response as I pawed at her eagerly. She pushed my head further into her, smothering me between her breasts.

‘You, stuck there tied up and completely at my mercy, just thinking about it makes me want to get myself off right now.’

Getting her off certainly seemed like a good idea to me! I tried to pull my head out and suggest it but her hands held me fast against her chest.

‘It makes me want to do things to you, things you wouldn't believe,’

I could feel my already excited cock starting to harden at her words. My lungs began to ache for air, but her hands held me firmly in place.

‘You, putting your life in my hands, letting me do anything I want to you. It just drives me wild!’

Lola got more and more animated with each word, digging her sharp nails into my head. I was now in real need of oxygen, but her breasts formed a seal over my face allowing none in. I sucked desperately at her chest but to no avail. 

Just as I began to feel light headed and the panic started to set in, she finally pulled me out and allowed me some respite. I greedily gulped down some air while I had the chance but that wasn't to last. After just a brief moment I was pushed back down, my face pressed back between her tits.

‘Now I know you enjoyed it too, the puddle of cum I cleaned up last night can attest to that!’ she laughed ‘and since we both had such a good time, I was hoping that you would agree to be my piggy again, for the rest of the weekend?’

It took a second for her words to register but as soon as they did I stopped what I was doing and looked up. Cautiously I raised my head back above the covers and tried to gather my thoughts.

The thought of submitting again so soon after last night definitely worried me, but it wasn't just that. I wanted to be in a relationship with Lola, not just be her bitch. Though I could see myself getting kinky again from time to time, if I wanted her to take me seriously then this might not be the best way to go about this.

I really was torn, but looking into her deep green eyes I knew I couldn't disappoint her. She was so perfect, and I couldn't risk losing my chance with her because I was too scared to take a risk. So, without giving myself time to back out I reluctantly smiled and said ‘Yeah, I’d like that.’

Her face broke into a joyful grin, and she virtually pounced on me, kissing my lips.

‘Oh baby I'm so glad you want to do this with me. Come on, let's get going. We've got so much to do!’

‘What now?’ I asked in surprise ‘I was hoping we could hang out or something today…’

‘Yes of course now, there's no time like the present. I am way too excited to wait.’

She slipped out of bed and offered her hand to me, staring impatiently.

Feeling as though I didn't have much choice, I hesitantly emerged from the warmth of the covers and took her hand.

Still naked she led me out of the bedroom, across the landing and into her bathroom. 

‘Right get in the bath for me piggy.’ she commanded.

Knowing better than to argue, I instantly complied and jumped into the tub, my skin feeling the chill of the cold surface. Lola opened a small cupboard under the sink and pulled out an ominous looking bottle of liquid.

‘Ok the first thing we're going to have to do is get rid of that unsightly body hair. I like my piggies to be nice and smooth.’

Alarm bells rang in my head at this, I considered telling her this was already too much, but I had learned to trust her so put my doubts to one side.

Lola covered her hands in the liquid and rubbed them together until they were coated in thick foam. She then proceeded to rub it across every inch of my body below my neck. From my arms to my asshole and right down to my toes, nothing remained untouched by her nimble fingers. She seemed to take great pleasure in paying extra attention to my stiff cock, fondling me just enough to excite me without giving me any relief.

Moments later I was covered in the sticky, white substance which quickly began to itch and tingle.

‘There we go,’ she said, satisfied with her work, ‘now you stay there, I'm going to get some breakfast.’

Without giving me a chance to argue she turned on her heels and walked out the door; leaving me crouched and shivering in the bare white tub.

As the minutes ticked by the cream began to soak in and burn fiercely. It took all of my willpower not to rub it off, but my fear of Lola’s reaction stopped me from trying. Instead, I shuffled and squirmed impatiently, doing my best to put the blanket of pain searing my skin to the back of my mind.

Twenty minutes later I heard footsteps approaching and Lola reappeared at the door, gazing at me with what looked like triumph in her eyes. She had now dressed in blue denim jeans and a tight-fitting black t-shirt; not quite the sexy outfit I was hoping for, but I had to admit, she pulled the girl next door look off to perfection 

‘So sorry darling, I got completely side-tracked. I hope you haven't been too uncomfortable?’ she said, leaning over my crouched form and taking the shower nozzle in hand.

‘No, it's fine,’ I lied. ‘It stings a bit but not too badly.’

‘Well don't worry; I'll get that off for you.’

She hit the switch on the above me and the shower burst into life. I gasped as I was hit by the icy water; partly in shock at the cold but also through the relief it brought to my burning skin.

As the foamy layer that covered my body was washed away it took with it every inch of hair from below my neck. I watched it flow across the base of the bath and down the plughole with a strange fascination. This whole affair seemed to be spiralling out of control and I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it.

Once I had been completely rinsed, the water was shut off and I crouched there shivering for a moment. Lola took a towel from the rail and draped it softly around my shoulders.

‘There we go; silky smooth now. Just how I like it,’ she said, rubbing my back affectionately ‘Now you get nice and dry while I go downstairs and get ready. Meet me in the kitchen when you're done.’ 

She again left me naked and shivering as she left and headed back downstairs. 

Keen to get dry as quickly as possible I didn't hesitate to take the towel and rub myself down. Before long I was ready, so I hopped out of the bathtub and tentatively made my way to the top of the stairs.

As I descended I couldn't help but note how strange it was to be completely free of body hair. I felt somehow more naked and vulnerable than I ever had before; but I had to admit at the same time there was a certain thrill to it. Running my hands over my smooth cock and balls really did feel good!

As promised Lola was waiting for me in the kitchen, arranging some items on the worktop. As I timidly approached, she turned and greeted me with a smile.

‘My my, you're keen,’ she observed.

‘Haha yeah, sure am,’ I laughed, feeling more relaxed now I was back in her presence. My eyes strained to see what she had in store for me on the surface behind her. ‘What’s all this?’ I asked.

‘Hush now remember the rule about piggies and talking?’ she said with a hint of menace. ‘It sounds like you've forgotten. But don't you worry; I have something to help you with that.’

Turning around she scooped up an odd-looking device and held it up for me to see. It resembled a pig's snout but had some kind of hollow plastic tubing and strips of latex attached to it.

‘This here is your new gag,’ she explained proudly. ‘It will really make you look the part and sound almost exactly like a real little piggy!’

There was genuine passion in her voice as she explained to me the features of my new mouthpiece.

‘The centre section is obviously your super realistic snout, it's actually part made of real pig skin so you can hardly tell it from the real thing!’ she exclaimed excitedly, as though this was something I should be grateful for.

‘And this,’ she said, moving her finger down to the plastic section. ‘... is what will actually gag you. The special plastic will mould to fit the shape of your mouth and then harden in place. We’ll still have access to that greedy little tongue of yours, but the only sounds you will be able to make will be the kind of grunts and squeals that I would expect from one of my piggies.’

Staring at this bizarre device in front me I was absolutely lost for words. This was no ordinary gag that might be used for a bit of kinky fun; this was specialist and must have cost a fortune. While I couldn't quite put my finger on why; the fact that she had put this much effort into a weekend of domination somewhat unnerved me.

‘But my favourite part,’ she went on. ‘...are these little latex sheets. I have here a solution I can paint on to them which will bind them to your face so you won't even need a strap. Plus, they blend in perfectly so you can barely even tell you have a gag on at all.’

She looked at me expectantly. ‘So, what do you think?’

‘Well I mean… they look really…’ I stuttered, grasping for a way out.

"It's ok," she said reassuringly. ‘Just trust me.’

‘Alright,’ I nodded determinedly.

‘Good,’ she beamed ‘open wide then.’ 

Accepting my fate, I lowered my jaw and allowed Lola to push the plastic between my lips. Instantly I could feel that it was bigger than the gag she used last night. This one stretched my mouth to its very limit, and then just as she said, it hardened in place and kept it there. My tongue lay in the tube's hollow centre, but it was clear I would never be able to speak with this monster filling my mouth.

‘Now hold still,’ she ordered ‘I need to get this secured on.’

Lola produced a vial filled with a thick, glossy substance and a small paint brush. Carefully she spooned the liquid onto the brush and generously applied it to the latex sheets against my face. As she went, I felt it sticking fast to my skin and a strong, acidic smell filled my nostrils; I twisted away in revulsion.

‘Stop that!’ she shouted, delivering a harsh slap to the back of my legs. I reluctantly turned my head back and allowed her to finish. Once she was done Lola paused to admire her handiwork. 

‘Perfect,’ she grinned. ‘Want to take a look?’

She held a mirror up to my face and I gasped, or more accurately squealed, aloud at the sight that confronted me. The gag's qualities hadn't been exaggerated; the snout looked like it genuinely belonged on my face. You couldn't even tell I was gagged; the animalistic grunts which I made seemed almost natural for me.

‘Do you like it baby?’ she whispered sensually ‘You really are my little piggy now.’

She fondled my stiffening cock, lightly rolling the head between her fingers.

‘I can see that part of you likes it anyway!’

After a few seconds of teasing Lola released my cock and returned to her work surface from which she took a thick, sturdy looking metal bar with curved edges and a small hole at the centre.

‘On your knees piggy,’ she demanded.

I obediently lowered myself down onto all fours, poking my ass into the air and presenting myself to her as I had last night.

Smiling in satisfaction Lola walked around to my legs and reached between them from behind, grabbing hold of my balls and pulling them tightly towards her. It wasn't tight enough to cause real pain, but it definitely was not comfortable.

With a click she unhinged the metal bar in the centre and placed it up against the back of my legs. She worked my balls backwards between the gap she had made and snapped it shut around the top of my sack, locking the bar around them. Once she let go my balls held the bar firmly in place while the curved metal edges hugged my thighs snugly.

‘Now I bet you've never seen one of these before, have you?’ she asked me.

I shook my head and looked at her in anticipation; I was desperate to know what I had got myself into.

‘This lovely little device is called a humbler,’ she said, the excitement palpable in her voice. 

‘I tend to find them very useful in making naughty little pets behave. Not only does it give me complete control of these,’ she said tracing a finger around my locked-up balls. ‘But it'll make sure that you stay down on your four little legs like a pig should.’

It struck me that she was right, with my balls trapped in the humbler it would be impossible for me to even try to stand up without ripping them off! I was trapped on the floor like an animal, just as she had planned.

‘Oh my, what a start!’ she exclaimed ‘we are making great progress so far. You look so hot, little piggy.’

Shaved, gagged and humiliated I certainly didn't feel hot. But as she transformed and used me for her own pleasure, I couldn't suppress the arousal and felt an erection building beneath me.

Lola seemed to delight at this and bent down to get a better view.

‘Wow you really are having fun, aren’t you?’ she grinned ‘but we can't have you getting too excited, we'll have to do something about that thing between your legs.’

She stood up and headed back to the worktop, returning a moment later with some more latex strips and a roll of tape labelled ‘Industrial Strength’.

‘Right, let's get me something to work with,’ she said mischievously, taking my semi-erect penis in her hand then caressing gently up and down the shaft until it grew hard in her palm. 

Just as the blissful feeling began to build she stopped, tore off a strip of the industrial strength tape and used it to stick my cock up onto the underside of my torso.

Smoothing the latex sheet over the taped-up mound beneath me, she then painted on more of the acidic solution so that the latex seemingly fused with the skin below and became part of me. As I peered down my chest it was almost impossible to see that I had anything down there at all. 

I heard Lola again back away to get more supplies. As I apprehensively turned to see what was in store for me next, I was shocked to see she had armed herself with one of the razor sharp kitchen knives!

Lola rolled her eyes at me as I recoiled in terror.

‘Come on now,’ she sighed. ‘You know I would never hurt you… much!’ she added with a smirk.

My body trembled as she hovered the knife below my stomach, but to my relief she merely flicked it up and cut a small hole in the latex which covered the head of my cock.

‘There we go, now I don't even have to let you out to go to the toilet.’ she announced joyfully.

Each new thing she added just made my humiliation worse and worse. I looked up at her hoping for a little sympathy, or at least for a sign that she might be satisfied by my transformation.

‘Alright almost done now,’ she went on, oblivious to my concern, ‘there's just one thing missing…’

Though I was pleased my ordeal was almost over I worried about what that last thing could be. I somehow doubted it would be something I would like!

The final object she retrieved from the worktop was a small metal box, roughly the size of her hand. She bent down and held it to my face.

‘Now this is the cherry on top of my sexy little cake,’ she chuckled, lifting the lid so I could see inside.

My heart sank as I examined its contents. I recognised the pink mound of plastic inside as a butt plug, but unlike the ones I had seen on the internet this had an added extra that I was sure Lola loved. A 6 inch long, spiralled pig's tail attached to the top.

‘Now I am sure you get the gist of where this is going’ she said with a sparkle in her eye.

Gagged as I was, I couldn't protest and soon felt the familiar chill between my ass cheeks as Lola applied the lube. I squirmed and let out a pathetic whine as it took its place, filling my rear passage.

‘Don't you give me that,’ she barked as she pushed it in ‘I know you've taken bigger!’

She was right of course; her strap on last night had been much larger but this felt different. Last night it had been her inside me, passionately fucking me in an orgasmic frenzy. But we weren't making love now. This just felt intrusive and unwelcome, plus I had no idea when it was coming out.

‘There we go, all done now.’

She stepped back and admired her creation.

‘Ohhh you look so adorable, little piggy!’ she cooed. ‘I can't wait to play with you later.’

Later I thought, what did she mean later? Weren't we playing now?

Before I had time to think on this too much Lola walked across to the sink and began to prepare something. I could hear the clinking of spoons on dishes and before long she was placing two bowls on the floor in front of me.

‘Right the then, you're going to need to eat so here's your breakfast’

I saw the unappetising bowls of cold porridge and water in front of me and looked up in confusion. 

‘Well, this has been fun my love, but I really do have to get going,’ she said, hands on her hips. ‘I have a lot to do today.’

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I had let her do all this to me and now she was just going to leave?! What was the point of all this if she wasn't at least going to get me off or something?

‘Don't you worry though,’ she called as she slipped out of the kitchen door and pulled it closed. ‘That plug has some special features that should keep you entertained while I'm gone.’

With that she closed the door, and I was alone. I could hear her retreating footsteps and content laughter echoing through the house as she left. 

I stared at that door for almost 10 minutes, expecting her to reappear. When it became apparent she would not, my shoulders sank and I crawled dejected across to the corner.

I couldn't believe that I had got myself into this, humiliated and made up as some grotesque animal, then left alone to stew while Lola went out and did God knows what. Figuring there was not much I could do about my situation, I found a spot in the corner of the room and lay down feeling sorry for myself until all of a sudden, the plug in my ass sprung into life and began vibrating rapidly. 

To my surprise this felt absolutely incredible, though not as intense as the strap on last night, it slowly built a level of pleasure that made me increasingly horny. It was enough to turn me on but not to get anywhere near climaxing. Desperate for relief I even tried to pathetically hump the ground, but this only seemed to increase my frustration. 

The vibrations did stop after a while, only to start up again as soon as I got comfortable. This continued throughout the day, stopping me from settling down at all and keeping me frustratingly close to orgasm without giving me the release I craved.

Out of principle I tried to ignore the poor offering of food she had left me; I had agreed to submit to her but not to being left like this, so I refused to play her silly game. However, as the hours ticked by my stomach growled and protested more and more until eventually, I had no choice but to lap up the cold, slimy meal she had put down.

It was dark before Lola returned; she opened the door and breezed through as though she had only been gone for 10 minutes. I tried to forget my annoyance at having been left for so long, it may not have been what I was expecting but she was back now and as I saw her face, I remembered just how pretty she was. I would be a fool to ruin my chances with her just because she had got a bit carried away. As soon as I was free though I would have to have a word with her about it to ensure it didn't happen again.

‘Hey there, how are you doing?’ she asked, sweetly, ‘I hope that pesky little plug hasn't been bothering you too much. Don't worry I'll turn it off now.’

She slid out her phone and hit a button to kill the vibrations, then looked at me like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

‘I bet you missed me, didn't you?’ she asked, patting my head affectionately ‘well just give me a second to get ready and we can have a bit of fun.’

Lola turned and headed back through to the other room; I went to follow but again she closed the door in my face.

Her second to get ready became almost an hour but just as I was beginning to lose hope, the door creaked and swung open.

‘Come on now Piggy, come to Mistress,’ she called from the next room.

My frustration and discomfort temporarily forgotten, I eagerly crawled out of the room and towards her alluring voice as it beckoned me forward.

I was greeted by a sight of incredible beauty which made my cock twitch inside its rubber prison. Lola was completely naked and stretched out over some cushions laid out on the floor. Next to her she had set up some kind of low set metal bench, topped with leather pads, on which she had placed a selection of massage oils.

She smiled as she saw me and gestured with her finger for me to approach. As I got closer to her perfect body, seeing again her round breasts and tight, shaved pussy, my worries and frustration at being left alone all day were washed away. If this gorgeous angel wanted to do that then who was I to argue?

Lola carefully took a bottle of lotion from the bench and placed it in front of me.

‘I've had such a long and tiring day?’ she began. ‘How about you make yourself useful and soothe my aches with a little massage.’

I squealed into my gag with delight at the prospect and immediately grabbed hold of the bottle, fumbled with the lid for a moment and poured the contents into my hands.

The next hour or so was wonderful. Lola reclined over the cushions and allowed me full access to her body. I delicately rubbed the lotion over every inch of her smooth white skin. I massaged and caressed her up the entire length of her legs, over her ass and back then finally around her tits.

She moaned softly as I went, biting her lip as my hands ran up the inside of her legs, lightly grazing her pussy above. I too was incredibly aroused by the whole experience; my cock was straining against the tape and latex holding it in place. I was already frustrated after the day’s events but now I was crying out for release more than ever.

Eventually the massage came to an end. Lola rolled over with a look of immense satisfaction etched onto her face. 

‘Well done little piggy,’ she giggled ‘you really know how to get me going. But there's one part of me that you've neglected. So now I need you to pay it some extra special attention...’

She slid forward seductively and opened her legs to me. Then gripping me by the hair, she pulled my face into her already wet pussy.

‘Here we go, it's feeding time. Eat your fill little pig’ she commanded.

I didn't need to be told twice. It was definitely harder in my gag than it had been last night, but I was soon into the rhythm and got to work on her with my tongue. Before long she was again moaning loudly in pleasure and pushing my face deeper into her pussy. She shrieked and held me tightly as my hungry tongue brought her to orgasm.

Once she had climaxed her breathing slowed, and she pulled me back from between her legs. She sat up and looked into my eyes lovingly, motioning for me to rest my head on her lap. I lay there for some while, enjoying our closeness as she ran her hands through my hair.

‘That was so sexy,’ she purred. ‘I think you deserve a reward for that, don't you think?’

I nodded my head excitedly, desperate for some kind of relief.

‘Well, we don't always get what we deserve do we?’ 

When she saw the dejection on my face her expression softened.

‘Awww don't worry, I'll let you cum eventually. I just get so turned on knowing how much you want it but not letting you have it,’ she said sympathetically.

As she spoke she ran her hands erotically down the side of my body and over my ass. ‘What do you say; will you hold on for me a little longer?’

Looking at her excited face, eyes shining with amusement at my suffering I knew that I couldn't deny her. So reluctantly I nodded my head and agreed.

‘Good,’ she grinned. ‘I knew you would learn to love being my piggy.’

I snorted in agreement. Admittedly love was a bit of a strong word but it was certainly an arousing experience and for a girl as beautiful as Lola to be touching me the way she was, it was a price well worth paying.

‘Well, I am glad you are taking to it so well, because I have some important news for you.’

I looked up at her warily, wondering what she meant.

‘You see I've really come to enjoy having you around. My own little piggy that I can order around and play with whenever I want. It's all incredibly arousing for me.’

She smiled down at me, tenderly stroking my face.

‘Plus, I think you are rather turned on by all this as well. You really are a perfect little piggy; I think you just need a bit of encouragement getting into the role. So, I've decided that I'm not going to let you go tomorrow after all.’

I paused in surprise. What did she mean? She couldn't just keep me here against my will; I had a job and responsibilities. People would come looking for me.

‘You see I've been through the pockets of the clothes you had on last night and got hold of your phone,’ she went on ‘It was no trouble getting in, 1-2-3-4 really isn't a difficult code to break!’

I lay there dumbfounded, trying to absorb what she was saying.

‘When I got in it was a simple matter of emailing your boss and booking in all of your remaining holiday. That and a little post on your Facebook profile about you jetting off somewhere hot and I can now keep you for almost a month without anyone asking any questions. How exciting is that?’

I gazed up at her, searching hopelessly for a sign that this was some kind of joke. But she just stared back unmoved, waiting for me to react.

I realised for the first time just how little I knew her. I couldn't believe I had allowed myself to get into such a vulnerable situation with her just because she was so attractive. Being pushed a bit further than I wanted in the bedroom was one thing but this was an entirely different ball game; this was kidnapping plain and simple. I had to put a stop to it.

I bolted upright so I was sitting facing her, almost standing up before remembering the humbler. Vigorously I shook my head and shouted at the top of my lungs for her to let me go. Of course, all that came out was a desperate grunt so to make sure she got the message I started to kick out, hoping to knock over a table or something. I figured that my best way out was to be so much of a pain that she no longer wanted me here.

Lola reacted with a fury I would not have thought possible from such a slight, pretty woman. She jumped to her feet and stormed towards me forcefully.

‘NO!’ she shouted. ‘Don't you dare ruin this for me, not after I've put so much effort into you.’

She grabbed hold of my balls, hanging as they were from the back of the humbler, and squeezed viciously.

I gasped and doubled over as pain shot through my body. I felt sick to my stomach and immediately stopped my protest. Groaning I bowed my head to the floor to show her that I had submitted and lay there hoping for the pain to go away. Once she saw that I had no fight left she relented and let go of my balls, my whole body sagged with relief.

Lola knelt in front of me and took my head in her hands; forcing me to look at her. I noted the fierce expression etched onto her face and swallowed in fear.

‘Look,’ she said sternly ‘I understand this is difficult for you to accept but you have to remember that you are here of your own free will. You chose to be my piggy again, fully aware that you will get no say in what happens to you.’

It wasn't lost on me that she was right, while I hadn't expected this it was my own doing that I was in this situation. If I hadn't been thinking with my dick, I could have been at home right now enjoying some Saturday night TV instead of on my knees and doubled over in pain while Lola decided what to do with me.

‘Now you need to accept that for the next few weeks you ARE going to be my piggy and you WILL do as I say. Whether you like it or not. Do you understand?’

Realising that I didn't really have a choice but to comply, I nodded my head meekly.

‘Good,’ she said, her expression softening. ‘But you do realise I will have to punish you for that little outburst.’

I looked up alarmed but quickly regained my composure; I had learned that complaining would only make matters worse. Lola walked across to the bench and cleared away the remaining bottles which covered it.

‘Come on,’ she ordered, motioning to the now clear bench ‘hop on up, I'm going to show you what happens to naughty little piggies who can't behave themselves.’

I slowly crawled over and looked at it hesitantly.

‘Climb onto the damn bench or I swear to god I will rip your fucking balls off!’ she hissed.

Still not quite over her last assault on my genitals I thought it best not to push her, so I swallowed my fear and mounted the bench in front of me. I lay flat with my stomach across the leather pads which ran the length of the bench while my arms and legs dangled limply over each side, not quite able to touch the ground. 

I heard Lola open some kind of box behind me and begin to prepare some equipment. Using some sturdy looking metal cuffs she clasped my arms and legs securely to the bench; then reached underneath and pulled out some thick leather straps, wrapping them around my back to hold me tightly against the cold surface.

I tried to control my breathing as the fear started to take hold. This clearly unstable woman now had me completely at her mercy and was about to in her words ‘punish me.’ I again cursed my stupidity for allowing myself to get in this situation and swore that as soon as I got out of this, I would never let anyone take advantage of me like this again.


My thoughts were interrupted as something cut through the air beside my ear. I strained to try and look behind me, but my bonds wouldn't allow me to turn. My body twitched as I felt a light touch on my back, starting just above my ass then running up the length of my spine and over my shoulders.

‘Can you feel that?’ she whispered. ‘Can you tell what your punishment is going to be?’

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted movement as she brought the implement over my shoulders and into my line of sight. I stared in horror as I realised that she was armed with a wooden cane which looked about three feet long and appeared as ominous as it did menacing in her dainty hands.

‘Yes, this is what happens to little piggies that don't do what they're told.’ Lola exclaimed gleefully. ‘They have to be taught a lesson.’

I whined in fear, my eyes pleading with her to stop. But I already knew that my protests would be in vain.

‘Now, now stay still,’ she chided, manoeuvring herself into position at my side. ‘I know you're scared but you need to learn your place. You are my piggy; I can and will do with you as I please.’

I sobbed gently as I resigned myself to my fate; to my surprise Lola gazed down at me with something resembling kindness in her eyes.

‘Don't worry it's ok, the walls are completely soundproof so you can make as much noise as you want.’

She patted me on the back as though that was going to comfort me then breathed with anticipation.

‘Right then, let's begin!’


I cried out as the cane snapped across my ass, leaving behind a red streak of pain. It hurt far worse than I imagined, though it didn't look like much but the stinging pain brought tears to my eyes.



‘Oh look at that,’ Lola exclaimed ‘You bruise like a peach! Your ass is going to look great by the time I'm done with it.’




Each blow she landed seemed harder than the last; the pain spreading over my ass until it felt like it was on fire. My body struggled uselessly against my restraints, and I cried into my gag with frustration. 

Lola seemed to revel in my suffering and her barrage picked up pace. With no time between blows to recover, I soon became overwhelmed by the constantly building pain and found myself shaking with tears running down my cheeks. As everything became too much for me to take, I let out a loud, inhuman squeal.


Lola cackled and shouted encouragement.

‘Yes, that's right, squeal for me. I want to hear your pain!’

By the time the cane stopped its relentless assault my ass was battered, bruised and covered in deep purple welts. What had been my pale white ass cheeks were now a colourful canvas of maroon and red.

When I realised my punishment was finally at an end, relief washed over me and I slumped in my bonds, still shaking slightly from the adrenaline. Lola walked around so she was in front of me and knelt down, putting one hand under my chin and tilting it so I was looking into her eyes.

‘Now then,’ she sighed ‘I take it you've learned your lesson and will behave yourself from now on. No more little outbursts?’

Looking into her face I felt scared and confused. Kneeling as she was with her breasts pushed against her knees, perfect body completely exposed and striking red hair draped across the smooth skin of her chest, she was undeniably beautiful. But she had lured me in then hurt and humiliated me like I had never been before; she still held me captive against my will and I had no idea what she would do to me next.

I didn't know if I found her more attractive or terrifying, but I was sure that I didn't want to be caned like that again. I looked up and shook my head obediently.

‘Good,’ she smiled, putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder. ‘It’ll be easier now you've accepted it. Plus tomorrow's a new day; we can forget any of this ever happened and get back to having fun.’

I wondered briefly what she meant by fun but was unable to voice my concerns even if I wanted to. So I just lay still as Lola unlocked my restraints and motioned for me to get down from the bench.

‘Come on then, I think you've been through enough for one day. Let's get you to bed.’

She led me back towards the door but instead of turning to head upstairs, she continued through to the kitchen. Exhausted I crawled after her, gazing longingly up the flight of stairs and thinking of the comfy bed that awaited.

As I felt the familiar sensation of cold tiles beneath my skin, Lola placed a foot firmly against my side and in one final act of humiliation, kicked out and rolled me over onto my back. She gazed down at me as I squirmed around to try and push myself upright, something that the humbler made very difficult, with a look of immense satisfaction on her face.

‘Oh you didn't think you'd be sleeping with me, did you?’ she laughed cruelly ‘No no, piggies sleep in the kitchen I'm afraid. Goodnight now.’

Lola winked and blew a kiss at me as she turned and closed the door, sealing me back in the cold hard kitchen where I had spent the day. 

More in hope than expectation I sat waiting by the door, hoping she would return and laugh off this whole experience as some kind of joke. But as the minutes ticked by, I resigned myself to my fate and dragged myself across the floor to the radiator, the only area of the room that was reasonably warm.

As I curled up, trying to ignore the relentless stinging pain on my ass and get some sleep, I couldn't help but compare my situation with that of 24 hours ago; when I had just been fucked and lay in a warm bed in the embrace of a beautiful woman. Looking at where I was now in comparison, broken, beaten and sleeping uncomfortably on the rough tiled floor, I thought to myself ‘at least it can't get any worse!’

Chapter 3

During the first week of my captivity, the best part of my day was always the moments after I woke up, before I had time to get my bearings and remember where I was. For a fleeting few seconds I could have been anywhere, perhaps I was back home in my comfy bed waking after a good night's sleep.

But soon I would feel the hard tiles of the kitchen floor beneath me, the grotesque snout gag filling my mouth and the harsh pull of the humbler holding my balls in its vice-like grip. Then I would realise exactly where I was and the despair would set in.

The first morning was the worst, after a night of fitful sleep I awoke shivering and had to push up to the radiator for warmth. Feeling a dull ache covering my ass I leaned over and inspected the damage which had been done last night. Unsurprisingly it was a red and blue mess after the thrashing I had received; punishment for my objection to being kept against my will.

I lay there for hours trying as best I could to keep warm. I was scared, confused and fearful for what the next few weeks held for me.

Eventually I heard footsteps approaching and the door swung open. Lola stepped inside looking stunning as always. She wore just a thin kimono which hung off her loosely and was open enough that her perky breasts were barely concealed. To my shame I still couldn't forget how incredibly beautiful she was even after all she had done to me. I felt my cock, taped up as it still was, begin to stir.

She sauntered in as if last night had never happened, checked that I was alright and prepared me another breakfast of cold porridge and water. Having not eaten since yesterday afternoon I realised how hungry I was and crawled over to her, looking up pleadingly. 

As soon as she placed the bowls on the floor, I began to devour the contents, filling my stomach and soothing my parched throat. I was so hungry that it even seemed to be quite tasty! Lola sat on the kitchen stool and watched me eat with an almost motherly affection. When I was done, she cleared the bowls away, sat me down and explained what would happen from here on out.

She informed me that she was a busy lady with many commitments so I would have to amuse myself a lot of the time. As I was just a pig now, I couldn't expect her to be spending all day with me, but she would be in most evenings and ensure I was well looked after. She added that as today was my first day she had freed up the morning to help me get used to my new position and give me one or two final touches to truly complete my transformation.

I was surprised that there was anything else she could do to change me further but fearful of further punishment I just nodded obediently. As the morning went on, I found out what those touches were.

Firstly, she produced more of the industrial strength tape and latex sheets which she had used to imprison my cock and applied it to my hands. Instructing me to ball my fingers into fists she wrapped them in a thick layer of the tape allowing me no wiggle room at all.

Then she covered the balls of tape with the latex sheeting and applied more of the solution she had used yesterday so that they fused with the tape beneath and appeared as though it was just an extension of my skin. Lola took great pleasure in pointing out that as the latex she used today was black; it looked very much like I had genuine trotters instead of hands!

As well as taping up my hands she told me with glee that she had missed a spot when shaving me yesterday. So, filling a large bowl with warm water and using the same foam that had rendered me almost hairless previously, she smothered my head and face with the sticky white foam and used a razor to remove what hair I had left. She took the hair on my head, facial hair and even my eyebrows until my head was as smooth and hairless as the rest of my body.

She showed me a reflection in the mirror of what I had become, and I had to choke back the tears. I already knew that I had looked bizarre before but now I barely looked human at all. I could almost be an actual pig at a quick glance and even looking closely I appeared more animal than human. It was a hairless creature staring back at me that had been stripped of all that made it human; I realised at that moment just how far this had gone and really began to fear what Lola was capable of.

From then on, my days followed roughly the same pattern. Lola fed me then let me out into the garden for the toilet once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Walking using my taped-up fists certainly took some getting used to and I was very unsteady at first but after a few days I managed to get the hang of it. 

During the days I was mostly alone and confined to the kitchen but when Lola was around, I pretty much had the run of the house, though as my humbler made it pretty much impossible to get up or down steps I was restricted to the downstairs section of the house. 

In the evenings I was allowed to sit on the floor at Lola’s feet and watch television with her. Sometimes she would use me as her footrest which annoyed me at first, but as time went on, I became grateful for the contact. Sometimes if I was very lucky Lola would even let me lie on the sofa and rest my head against her legs as she stroked me lovingly. 

The best nights were those when Lola decided to give me a wash. She would fill a bowl with hot, soapy water and use a sponge to keep me clean and fresh. The sponge would run over every inch of my body, leaving no skin untouched. As her soapy hands reached between my legs my cock would strain against its bonds, frustrated yet incredibly aroused.

I began to look forward to my evenings with her and was grateful for any attention that she gave me. I was aware that this was probably exactly what Lola intended but eventually I stopped caring. The human contact and company, especially from a woman as gorgeous as her, was so much better than the mind-numbing boredom of being locked in the kitchen all day that I almost forgot she was the one who had forced this upon me. Instead of being afraid or angry with her, I started to find myself falling for her all over again.

Still, I was counting down the days until my release. As I knew how much remaining holiday she could possibly have booked for me I had a good idea which date it would be and with each passing day I knew I was closer to getting home. Though at first I had been planning my revenge once I was free, now I had accepted my position and even started to enjoy being hers in some strange way, I figured I would let it go and get on with my life; maybe I would even see if Lola wanted to meet again, but just not let her tie me up this time!

As the day of my release finally arrived, I approached the situation with renewed excitement. After all, Lola had said that she would let me cum eventually so perhaps she had a special finale in mind for the end of our time together.

My suspicions were confirmed when, midway through an evening watching a film on the sofa, Lola abruptly switched off the television and told me to kneel for her on the floor. She then got up herself and disappeared upstairs, telling me with a wink not to go anywhere.

As I knelt awaiting her return I struggled to contain my excitement. Tomorrow this whole ordeal would be over and I could return to my normal life, as a human being! But first I knew Lola had one more surprise for me and I had a feeling it was going to be a good one.

Eventually I heard her descend the stairs and started to turn, eager to see what awaited me. However, I stopped abruptly as she barked at me to stay still. I was shaking with anticipation as she approached and almost jumped as I felt her lightly run her hand across my back. As she walked slowly past me and into view, I couldn't suppress my wide grin.

She was wearing just the lacy purple lingerie, stockings and suspenders that she had when she seduced me on that first night we met. My cock was instantly hard and raging in its latex prison.

‘Recognise these?’ Lola asked mischievously.

I nodded my head and grunted in approval. Seeing how eager I was she smiled as she crouched and wrapped her arms around me. My face was gently pushed against her tits, and I could almost taste her perfume. Her hands wandered freely over my body, even running over the trapped mound of my cock and rubbing teasingly.

After weeks of being grateful for even her slightest touch I was overwhelmed with arousal. As though she sensed this Lola pulled back and again smiled at me, looking as though she was sizing me up for something.

‘I trust you realise today is the day I'm going to have to release you,’ she said.

I nodded slowly in response.

‘Well then as you can imagine this is a very big night for you and I'm sure you won't be shocked that I have got a bit of a surprise to mark it.’

She briefly paused then continued.

‘Before I tell you what it is I'm going to have to ask that you jump back on the spanking bench here and let me tie you down. Now don't worry," she went on, noting the fear that appeared in my eyes. ‘You're not going to be caned or spanked, I just need to keep you still for a while.’

I looked over to the bench warily but, aware that there would be no room for negotiation, I had no choice but to reluctantly nod and follow her across to it. As the restraints clipped me firmly in place, I felt a familiar sense of deja vu but tried to push any worries to the back of my mind, focusing on the fact that whatever happened I would soon be free of this mess and back home.

Once I was completely secured Lola sat perched on the edge of the coffee table in front of me, looking at her creation with silent fascination. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and for a while she just watched, running her hands over her stocking clad legs seductively.

Eventually she leaned forward and gave me a slight smile.

‘Now that I've got you safely tied down, there's something I need to tell you,’ she confessed. ‘You see, I’ve not been entirely honest with you these past few weeks.’

I looked up at her in confusion, trying to ignore the growing air of unease which I could feel building.

‘As you know, taking in a sweet, innocent guy and corrupting him has always been a huge fantasy of mine,’ she went on. ‘Humiliating and playing with him, keeping him as my pet and doing whatever I want to him. It's something I've always dreamed about doing and when I noticed you, the shy young man staring at me on the bus each day I knew you would be perfect.’

The uneasy feeling was growing at an alarming rate, something about the way she was talking just didn't seem right.

‘Every day I saw you looking, practically in love with me but too weak and scared to say anything. I used to masturbate at night thinking of the things I could do to you, how I could use your feelings to pull you in and transform you into a little pet for my amusement. And now I have.’

She got up and started to pace around me, like a lioness stalking her prey.

‘But you see once I had my piggy, I never really intended to let it go.’ she said, pausing for a moment to let her words sink in. ‘I mean I couldn't let you go now even if I wanted to, you must have realised that I can't kidnap and imprison you then just let you go and trust that you won't tell anyone! I could get in serious trouble!’

I stared at her unblinking, not quite able to believe what she was saying. She couldn't do this to me. People would realise I was missing. This had to be some kind of sick joke she was playing.

‘I wouldn't worry about anyone missing you,’ she continued as though reading my thoughts. 'I wasn't actually lying when I told you I emailed your boss from your phone. But I'm afraid I didn't book you any holiday.’

My worry was quickly beginning to turn to panic. I squirmed against my restraints but as I thought they held fast.

‘But I did get you some time off. You see I actually sent him quite an abusive message regarding his wife. I won't go into detail but suffice to say you are no longer in employment and haven't been for some weeks.’

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It had been clear for some time that Lola was not quite right but listening to this, she was completely insane!

‘Of course, it's not just your emails I got access to on your phone. I now have complete control of your finances and I must say you have racked up some considerable debt,’ she laughed. ‘It's been splashed mostly on alcohol and online gambling, the kind of things that if anyone looks at will show them that you have some quite serious issues.’

By now I was trembling with fear. How had it got to this stage? How could I be so stupid as to let a complete stranger do this to me?

‘Then this morning, with the last dregs of the money you borrowed, a one-way plane ticket to Bolivia was booked in your name. To the rest of the world, you will just be someone who lost his job, gambled all his money away and fled the country to escape his debts. When people realise you've disappeared, they'll think that you are in hiding and don't want to be found.’

Lola leaned down, took my head in her hands and whispered in my ear.

‘I need you to understand just how serious I am. Your old life is gone, now you have no choice but to live as my piggy from now until the day you die.’

She pulled her head back and looked me in the eye to make sure I understood. Tears streaked unbidden down my face as I sobbed into despair.

‘There there, it's not so bad,’ she said sympathetically. ‘You can have a good life as my piggy. I know you might not be able to do all of the things you wanted to, travel, work or raise a family, but you will get to be with me. I know that’s what you really want. Think about it, whatever I do to you, you will still love me, that's why you're so perfect for this.’

As I looked at her, I wondered how someone so beautiful could be so cruel. I silently vowed that I would not play her stupid game anymore. She could spank or cane me as much as she wanted but I was done playing a pig for her. 

‘Now don't you worry, I am going to take great care of my little piggy,’ she said reassuringly. ‘I understand this is all very scary so to help you settle in, I'm going to break you.’

I shook my head desperately; I didn't know what she meant to break me, but it certainly didn't sound good.

‘Yes that's right,’ she said excitedly. ‘I'm going to hurt you so badly that you'll have no fight left. Then you can settle straight into your new life without worrying about anything silly like your wants or needs. Trust me it will make the whole transition so much easier for you.’ 

I twisted and turned with all my might, but the restraints gave me no leeway at all. I was completely immobilised and at Lola’s mercy. She could, and would, do whatever she wanted to me and there was nothing I could do to stop her.

‘I would like to point out that I wasn't lying when I said I wouldn't spank you earlier,’ Lola said, taking position behind me and tracing her finger over my ass. ‘I have so many ways that I can hurt you, it would be boring to do the same things all over again.’

She moved her fingers down to the humbler and onto my balls, taking hold and giving them a playful squeeze.

‘I can't wait to show you all the things I can do to you; you are going to learn so much. But today I think we need to pay some attention to these,’ she said, giving them a tug for emphasis. ‘I find that tends to be the best way to break in unruly pets.’

Across the room I could see us reflected in the mirror hanging from the opposite wall. With me trussed up like a pig for slaughter while Lola stretched and readied herself to my rear. She caught my eye in the reflection and gave me a cheeky smile as she gracefully raised her leg and let her toes lightly touch against me.

I watched her dainty foot ominously circle my exposed balls and thought back to the first night I spent with Lola. I remembered how being allowed to kiss and worship those beautiful feet had filled me with such joy and excitement. Now they just filled me with dread.

‘I know this is scary,’ she said, ‘but if it helps, try and remember that there is nothing you can do about it. Just lie back and squeal for me.’ 

With that she leaned back, drew away her leg and thrust it forwards, slamming her foot into my balls. A terrible stab of pain shot through me as her heel crushed my balls against the hard metal of the humbler. It seemed to rip through my body and explode from my mouth in an anguished, inhuman cry.

I could see in the mirror the look of sheer delight on her face as she took in my suffering. She pulled back her foot and kicked out at my balls again and again, beginning a savage onslaught that left me in absolute agony. Each blow sent waves of nausea shooting through me and left me almost unable to breathe through the crippling pain.

At first I cried and wept, begging through my gag for it to stop. But eventually I ran out of tears, only able to sob and grunt pathetically as with each blow I became more overwhelmed. Soon my vision started to blur and my thoughts began to slow, I just lay limply and took the beating as the pain became my world.

Eventually, just before I felt as though I was about to pass out, the assault on my testicles finally came to an end. Unable to comprehend what was happening I just lay there with my head spinning until I caught sight of Lola, sliding back in front of me and staring me in the face.

‘There we go,’ she said as my eyes just about managed to focus on her ‘That should be enough to make you understand. I don't think there's any fight left in you is there?’

I managed to weakly shake my head in response.

‘Good,’ she replied. "But if you ever do get any ideas about disobeying me, think back to this moment and know that I can do worse if I wish.’

I couldn't imagine what punishment could be worse than the agony I was in at that moment but I forced a nod in agreement, hoping it would spare me further pain.

‘But don't forget little one,’ Lola went on. ‘As much as I can make your life hell, I can also reward you too.’

As she spoke Lola stood and bent over in front of me, waving her ass inches from my face and slowly pulled down her panties. Even in my broken state I felt the stirrings of arousal.

‘Yes, I control everything now,’ she said, leaning back and pushing her exposed ass against my face. ‘I decide when to hurt you, when to spare you and even when to give you the pleasure that you so desperately crave.’

She turned sharply and pulled my face into her pussy.

‘Lick it!’ she demanded.

Fighting through my exhaustion I poked out my tongue and lapped at her pussy pathetically. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up for long, but Lola seemed to accept my broken state and was pleased by the effort. She pushed my head further into her and started to rub herself against my face, using me like a toy for her pleasure.

‘Ohhh yes,’ she moaned, steadily building a rhythm. ‘You like that don't you?’

While my battered and bruised balls protested, the fact that cock was growing hard as it rubbed against the bench below suggested she was right.

‘I have destroyed your life, taken everything from and yet you're still here eating my pussy.’

I suddenly felt the butt plug spring into life and start vibrating deep within me. Though I was completely sapped of energy the pleasurable buzz seemed to give me a second wind and I began humping the bench below me as best I could, desperate for relief.

‘Oh yes you slutty little piggy,’ she cried. ‘You love it don't you? You want this really; I can see it in your eyes.’

She was now thrusting at such a pace that I could barely breathe. All I could do was keep licking and let the pleasure take me.

‘Ohhh yes,’ she groaned ‘keep going, you're mine now piggy, mine, MINE!’

Lola cried out as she came, burying my face deeper into her pussy and digging in her nails sharply. She took long, deep breaths as the pace slowed and she pulled away, looking down at me with an immense look of satisfaction.

To my incredible frustration the vibrations from the butt plug abruptly stopped just as I was on the edge of an orgasm of my own. Though I tried to hump the bench more vigorously I soon realised it would not be enough. The throbbing pain in my balls that had been almost forgotten seemed to return with a vengeance and I slumped my shoulders in defeat.

‘It was set on a 3 minute timer,’ Lola chuckled, watching my efforts with amusement. ‘I really thought that would be enough, but it looks like I underestimated you. You'll just have to be a bit quicker in future, won't you?’

I lay motionless, consumed by frustration and aching all over as my restraints were unfastened from the bench. I briefly thought of trying to run but I soon pushed the thought aside; my spirit had been well and truly broken, there was no getting out of this and the best thing for me to do would be to submit and accept my place as Lola’s pet.

Using every ounce of willpower I had left, I shifted my weight and rolled off the bench onto the floor below. Lola motioned for me to follow so I forced myself to crawl after her as she headed back through to the kitchen. As I crossed the threshold and felt the cold tiles beneath me, I made straight for the radiator, wanting nothing more than to collapse beside its warmth and recover from my ordeal.

‘Where do you think you're going,’ Lola snapped. ‘You're a proper piggy now, and pigs don't sleep in the kitchen now do they?’

Confused, I turned around, unsure of what she wanted from me. I stared in disbelief as Lola strode across the kitchen, opened the door and nodded to the darkness outside.

‘Come on, I haven't got all night.’

I grasped what she meant but despite what she had done to me I couldn't quite believe she would be so cruel. Surely this was some kind of joke?

The look in her eyes however told me she was deadly serious and by this stage, I had learned better than to disobey. So though every fibre of my body told me not to, I tentatively made myself crawl out into the cold night.

The chill seemed to seep into my bones as I was enveloped by the cold air and felt the damp grass underfoot. I followed reluctantly as Lola led me over to what I had always seen as a small shed at the end of the garden. Now though I could see it as it truly was, a pigsty.

Tears again pricked my eyes as I realised what I had been reduced to. Crawling into the sty protected me from the worst of the biting chill of the wind but also gave me a glimpse of what my future would hold.

The floor was a hard wooden surface that felt filthy and damp against my skin. The tin roof was low enough that I would be unable to stand even without the humbler and the only comfort offered was a small pile of hay in the corner of the room. The whole room was lit by one bare bulb which emitted a faint glow that barely reached the walls. All in all, it made sleeping in the kitchen seem like a wonderful dream by comparison.

‘How do you like your new home?’ Lola smiled, crouching at the low door. ‘I was going to give you another night inside, but I think it's best to throw you straight in. It'll be easier this way.’

I turned around and looked into her eyes fearfully. 

‘Oh I think it's starting to sink in. This isn't a game anymore, it's your life now,’ she purred as she pulled out her phone. ‘Now before I head in out of this cold, I have one more thing to show you, ready?’

I briefly wondered what I should be ready for but before I had a chance to even begin to think a blinding pain shot from my ass through to my entire body. For a moment I just saw white, then my vision cleared, and I found myself lying on my back and trembling uncontrollably. 

‘Ohhh that looked painful! It's another function I had built into that sweet little tail-plug of yours,’ Lola said, drawing back my attention. ‘It's a very powerful electric shock. That was set at about 30% of its maximum strength; set to above 50% it risks permanent damage and anything even close to 80% will almost certainly kill you.’

She leaned forwards so her face was eerily illuminated by the faint light.

‘And just so you know, should you by some miracle get out of your little pigsty here and then somehow scale the fence, the motion detector will set that plug off at full strength. So don't get any silly ideas.’

With that she slammed the wooden door shut and clicked the lock in place, sealing me inside. I heard quick footsteps heading away as she retreated from the night's chill to the warmth of the main house.

I looked around for a moment trying to make sense of the situation. Taking in the dark, squalid space that was to be my home for the foreseeable future I wanted to cry; but after the day I'd had I was all cried out.

Soon a heavy sense of weariness descended upon me as the physical and emotional torment of the day took its toll. Using my final ounce of strength remaining I hobbled across to the corner filled with hay and collapsed against it.

Finally, I gave in to the fatigue and let sleep take me, praying that I would wake up somewhere else and the nightmare I had been living would end. Little did I know my torment had barely begun.

Chapter 4

In the months that followed my transformation at Lola’s hands my life followed essentially the same daily routine. I would be woken early as Lola let me out of my sty and into the garden. She would then fill a metal trough with a mixture of oats, stale vegetables and whatever leftovers had come from her plate the previous evening. This would serve as my meal for the rest of the day.

I would eat my fill of this foul substance for my breakfast before Lola gave me my daily wash. Back when being her piggy had been a kinky game, she had washed me by scrubbing me down erotically with warm soapy water; but now that I was just an animal to her I had to shiver as she sprayed me down with the garden hose. Finally, I would briefly be freed from the invasive pigtails plug which filled my ass, allowing me to go to the toilet, before being re-plugged and left alone.

Apart from that brief time in the mornings I had pretty much no interaction with Lola at all. She treated me just as though I was a farm animal she housed in her garden and just gave me the bare minimum required to live. 

My days were spent mostly trying to keep warm in my sty and venturing out only for food. As the weather got warmer, I made my way out more and explored the garden but mostly I had nothing to distract me from the constant monotony and crushing boredom that my life had become.

Once it got dark I would return to my sty for the night and Lola would lock me back inside. Each time I saw her I longed for her to say something, to remind me that under all this I was still human. But each time I was disappointed. 

As time passed, I noticed that none of my body hair ever grew back. I thought back bitterly to her sweet smile as she had shaved me on that first day, making it seem like a kinky game but already permanently modifying my body without me even knowing.

Eventually I just grew used to the silence. My mind seemed to grow dull and sometimes entire days seemed to pass without a real thought going through my head aside from my instinctive need for food and warmth. I really was living like a pig and there was nothing I could do about it.

This went on for what must have been at least 5 or 6 months; though as the days blurred together it was difficult to tell. Until one evening when, as I lay on the hay pile that I had made my own, I noticed that something wasn't quite right. Though I couldn't quite put my finger on it there was definitely something amiss.

It hit me as I turned and looked out of my sty to the dark garden beyond; Lola hadn't locked me away yet. It was perhaps not too much later than she normally would have, however I was now so used to the routine that I was sure she should have been by now.

I roused myself from the moderate comfort afforded by the straw and tentatively made my way over to the open door. Curiously I peered out into the night air; the kitchen light was on and a pool of light gently illuminated the garden. My eyes scanned the area for any sign of life but found none. I was however drawn to the back door to the house which to my surprise had been left ajar.

My mind raced with possibilities, if I could get into the house there could be a rare chance of escape. I had no idea whether Lola was bluffing when she said the motion sensors would kill me if I left the grounds of the property, frankly I didn't feel like testing her. But if I could sneak in unnoticed, I could at the very least get to a phone and call for help.

But as soon as these thoughts surfaced, they slipped away. Perhaps it was through fear of being caught or maybe Lola really had broken my spirit but the idea of even attempting to escape this life seemed pointless. I was here until Lola decided otherwise and I had to accept that.

After briefly examining the lock and deciding that without the use of functioning hands I had no means of closing it; I turned back from the night air and began to retreat into the relative warmth of the sty. 

But as I turned a strange sensation stopped me in my tracks. I paused and waited but felt nothing. Perhaps I had imagined it but for a second, I felt a familiar stirring from deep within me. Suddenly I felt it again, for certain this time. For just a fleeting moment the plug in my ass rumbled into life, waking after months of lying dormant. 

I sharply turned back towards the door and looked for any sign of Lola; I knew she controlled it and was sure this along with the open back door was no coincidence. She was playing with me; I just didn't know why.

As I poked my head back out into the night the vibrations started up again, lasting slightly longer this time. The 5 seconds may not seem like much but after months of nothing the sensation sent shivers of pleasure through my body.

Unsure of what was happening I paused at the door, torn between fear and excitement at what this might mean. Tentatively I crept forward into the night, expecting a jolt of pain to stop me at any moment. But none came; instead, the moment I left the confines of the sty my plug started up again, very weakly this time but after the monotony my life had become it seemed like the most exciting thing in the world.

Now that I was outside the vibration continued at a constant, albeit weak level. Acting on instinct I began a slow crawl toward the open door. As I approached the vibrations grew gradually stronger as if guiding me on. I hesitated briefly before crossing the threshold, the last time I had been in this house I had left a broken man. But knowing that ultimately I would have little choice in the matter, I nudged the door open and pushed my way inside.

After months living like an animal the warmth, I felt from simply being inside seemed an unbelievable luxury. How could I ever have resented sleeping in the kitchen before?

Suddenly I began to feel nerves building in the pit of my stomach. I had returned to the scene of my initial capture and had no idea why? Lola was definitely up to something but I had no idea what. My heart pounded against my chest as I crossed the kitchen floor with trepidation. I stopped as I reached the door to the living room, now beginning to doubt myself. What if this hadn't been an invite inside? Would she punish me if I was caught? Perhaps she would anyway...

My thoughts were interrupted as, for the first time in months; I heard Lola’s voice call out to me 

‘Don't be shy little piggy, come on in.’

Realising that I had passed the point of no return I mustered up as much courage as I could and pushed my way through. The moment I entered the room my eyes were drawn to Lola and again I couldn't help but be struck by her beauty. 

She was reclining in comfort on the sofa in front of me, cross legged and wearing just a tight fitting t-shirt with matching white panties. After spending so long looking up to her as my owner, while she all but ignored me, there was an almost supernatural air to her; as though I were being summoned by a goddess. Everything she had done to me only seemed to make her more beautiful in my eyes and between seeing her and the steady vibration in my ass, I felt my cock throbbing against its bonds.

‘Come here,’ she said, gesturing to her feet. 'We need to have a talk.’

I nervously approached and sat on the spot she had indicated. Lola smiled and she leaned back, uncrossing her legs and sliding forward slightly so her pussy was tantalisingly close to my face. As I looked up at the woman who had stolen my freedom from me, I was torn between fear and arousal in equal measure.

‘Alright then,’ she started. ‘I think you've been here long enough to see how things work and I have to say you've settled in very well. I am so proud of my little piggy.’

She sounded patronising but despite myself I couldn't help but feel a surge of pride at her words.

‘I hope it hasn't been too hard for you living out there by yourself, but I had to make you understand what it really means to be a piggy. It's not because I don't care about you, I love my piggy. I want nothing more than to play and have fun with you. In fact, now that you know your place hopefully we can do just that, but I need something from you first.’

I looked up at her in confusion, what else could she possibly want from me?

‘You see I want to continue your transformation, train and mould you into the perfect little pet pig; and I'm going to do that. But I'd rather not have to force you to do everything,’ Lola went on. ‘I want my piggy to be willing, so I am going to give you a chance to accept your fate. If you agree, then you are effectively giving me permission for anything I may choose to do to you in the future and I'll expect no resistance.’

Lola leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

‘I will do things to you that you can’t even imagine, but I promise we’ll have lots of fun on the way.’

She sat back up straight and looked down at me seriously.

‘So what's it going to be? Go back to your life in the garden and hope whatever torture I inflict upon you isn't too bad? Or join me and see how much fun being my piggy can be?’

I sat for a moment deep in thought. Agreeing to this was surely madness, she would not only be ruining my life for her own amusement, but I would be helping her to do so. She had already turned me into a naked, grunting animal that lived in a pigsty and the last thing I wanted was to let her go further.

But the more I considered it the more I began to think it may not be so bad. Lola seemed content to do whatever she wanted to me anyway and it's not like I was in a position to argue. If not resisting made my life easier then perhaps I should just give in. Besides, surely anything had to be better than the crushing boredom that my life in the garden had become?

Pushing my reluctance to one side I raised my eyes to meet hers and nodded slowly. 

‘Yes?’ she asked. ‘You agree to be my piggy and accept everything that follows?’

Again I nodded my acceptance, more vigorously this time.

‘Oh that's wonderful’ she beamed, leaping forward and bringing me into a deep hug ‘Oh you are a good boy, we are going to have so much fun together!’

She playfully ran her hands across my skin as though I were a much loved pet. I already felt better about my decision, this was certainly preferable to be ignored and left in the garden like a farm animal.

As Lola pulled back she looked at me mischievously with a wicked glint in her eye.

‘I think you deserve a little reward for this, don't you?’ she asked innocently.

I was taken aback but quickly squeaked in excitement; it had been so long since anything good had happened to me I had almost forgotten what it felt like.

‘Well alright then, I think you’re going to enjoy this!’

Lola seductively grasped her T-shirt and pulled it off over her head. She then reached over to the table beside her and, taking hold of her phone, hit a few buttons which sparked my tail-plug into life. The weak vibrations that I had almost forgotten about had really been fired up and were now sending new waves of pleasure surging through me from deep within my ass.

Lola slid back onto the sofa and looked down at me knowingly.

‘That should provide you with sufficient motivation, now up you get,’ she said encouragingly, slapping her knees as she spoke.

I didn't need a second invitation. After so long with no stimulation at all, the chance for access to her stunning body was something I couldn't pass up.

I eagerly jumped up so that I was almost straddling the cushion of the sofa and my head was resting on her stomach. Her lightly perfumed, feminine scent filled my nose through the attached snout gag and her smooth skin rubbed lightly against my chin. Between this and the vibration still working away inside me I was mad with arousal and could feel my hard cock growing wet inside its latex tomb.

I looked up at her body, over her firm tits just inches from my face and pleaded with my eyes for permission to start. She could clearly see my desperation and laughed sympathetically.

‘Awww does the little piggy want my tits?’ she said, pausing as if unsure whether to let me ‘Oh come on then, open wide!’

Lola arched her back, pushing her tits out to me as I plunged my face into them. I snorted and squealed with glee as I kissed and licked at her bulging breasts. The months I had spent being ignored by her had given Lola an air of unattainability about her and as I felt her nipple against my tongue, it was as though I was suckling a goddess. 

Lola bit her lip and groaned in pleasure. She took my head in her hands and pushed it down towards her waiting pussy. I could feel the wetness of her panties against my cheek as she wrapped her legs around my head, sandwiching me between her muscular thighs.

‘Take them off!’ Lola demanded sharply.

With my mouth forced open by the gag I struggled to get any purchase on the thin, silky material but using my tongue and upper lip I was eventually able to pull them back down her legs, exposing her pussy beneath.

‘Go on now Piggy,’ she breathed, voice shaking in arousal ‘don't hold back!’

Without thinking I dived straight in and started to work at her pussy with my tongue. The sound of her orgasmic cries as she ground herself against the tip of my tongue was music to my ears and this along with the vibrations in my ass drove me to the absolute edge.

By the time Lola had climaxed and pushed my head away I was hornier than I had been in my entire life and so desperate for release I was almost in tears. Looking down at me Lola could clearly see my need for relief; she chuckled and whispered suggestively ‘Was that enough, or does my little piggy want to cum tonight?’

I let out a deep groan and nodded my need as enthusiastically as I could. I needed her to know just how much I had to have this.

Lola smirked, wordlessly reaching down the side of the sofa and into her handbag. When she pulled her hand out, she held a small but sharp box-cutter, with a thin metallic blade attached to a yellow plastic handle. She positioned this against the latex at the base of my cock.

‘Now hold still,’ she said with a hint of amusement. ‘We wouldn't want you to get hurt…’

Then she pulled the blade quickly across the layer of latex, making a neat incision that sprung my cock free of the plastic tomb that had held it prisoner for months.

I gasped as Lola took my hard cock in her hands and caressed it gently. For so long I had almost forgotten it was there so now even the slightest touch was enough to drive me wild. After being denied for so long I knew that it wouldn't take much and her just those first touches almost pushed me over the edge.

Clearly Lola knew this as well and released my cock from her grasp, reclining backwards into the sofa. As she did so she lifted her leg between my legs and lightly stroked her foot against my balls.

‘You didn't think I was going to wank you off myself did you?’ she laughed ‘No, no that's not how piggies cum now is it?’

As she said this Lola began to rub her leg slowly up and down the shaft of my cock. After a moment of confusion, I realised what she wanted of me.

‘That's right piggy,’ she exclaimed smugly, ‘hump my leg like a good boy. Show me you really understand your place.’

I was surprised but really should have seen it coming. Lola was never going to allow me release without throwing one last humiliation into the mix. The only way I was going to get off would be to hump her like an animal in heat.

At first my cheeks burned with shame but the more I thought about it, the more normal the idea seemed. I was so desperate to orgasm that I would take an option open to me but it also felt right. After so long looking at her as essentially my owner, craving even the slightest attention, permission to hump against her leg was something I should be grateful for. If that was the only way a creature like me could be with this beautiful woman then so be it.

Making my peace with the situation I jumped up, wrapped my forearms around her thighs and straddled her leg between mine. Lola threw her head back and squealed with delight, clearly amused by my eagerness to hump her.

‘Go on then piggy, claim your reward! Fuck your pathetic little dick against me’

Needing no encouragement, I pressed my cock against her smooth legs and started to thrust. At first it felt strange but as the head of my cock rubbed against her skin the pleasure began to build.

‘Yes that's it, faster now you dirty little pig. Fuck me faster; show me how much you want it!’

As she shouted encouragement I upped the pace, pumping away furiously now. As my cock gyrated harder and faster against her leg it began to feel incredible, I was in absolute ecstasy. I tried to savour the moment as the pleasure built and built; until eventually I could hold it no longer and my dick exploded against her leg, shooting hot cum down her as I orgasmed.

Unleashing 6 months of pent up frustration was undoubtedly the most intense, incredible feeling I had ever experienced. The moments after I came passed in a blur but we're some of the most satisfying of my life.

I slumped down at her feet in a daze then listened as Lola gently laughed and cooed in my ear; telling me how well I had done and what a good boy I was.

She hit a button on her phone to stop the vibrations which until then were still working away inside me and left for a moment to clean up. Soon she returned armed with an array of pillows and blankets she must have brought from upstairs.

‘We shared a really special moment tonight piggy,’ she smiled ‘I think we should enjoy the rest of it together down here. What do you think?’

‘Mmmph,’ I grunted in agreement. At that moment there was nothing I wanted more than to be with her.

Carefully Lola laid out the sheets and arranged them into a comfortable bed on the living room floor. Being used to sleeping outside this was like a 5 star hotel to me.

Lola lovingly wrapped me up in a blanket and snuggled down behind me; her tits and stomach pressed firmly against my back. She enveloped me with her arms, taking me into a firm embrace and for the first time since my capture I felt safe, secure and totally content.

Just as I was beginning to drop off, I felt Lola’s hands wander down my body, sneak between my legs and take hold of my cock. She gently rubbed and caressed it into life, and I was soon hard again in her hands. I gasped in surprise at the unexpected gesture but she soon silenced me.

‘Shhhh,’ she said soothingly. ‘This is your night, little one, just let it happen.’

Taking it with a firmer grip she pumped away at my cock. I could feel her hard nipples grazing my back, her breath against my neck and her wet pussy pressed against my ass. After just a few minutes I shuddered in arousal and let out a muffled moan as I came for the second time that evening.

Saying no more Lola released my cock and wrapped her arms back around my belly, giving me a reassuring squeeze as she did. Tears gathered in the corner of my eyes as I reflected on this tender, intimate moment I was sharing with the woman I loved. 

It felt strange to say but even after all she had done to me, I really did love her. I think in her own warped, manipulative way she even loved me as well. As I settled into her arms my eyes grew heavy and I smiled as I fell into a deep and blissful sleep.

Chapter 5

I woke reluctantly from the best sleep I had enjoyed for a long time. Being used to waking in a cold sty I couldn't understand at first why I felt so peaceful and warm. Though soon the memories of last night came flooding back to me and a smile broke out across my face.

After months living in chastity, being ignored and left like an animal in the garden, Lola had finally granted me release and allowed me to pleasure her, cum myself and sleep in the warm comfort of the main house. 

She had offered me all this and the chance of a better life in exchange for agreeing to my transformation into her pig and offering no resistance. I felt her angelic face resting against my back as she slept and I knew I had made the right decision.

I closed my eyes and decided to just enjoy these last few moments before the day began and I had to leave this heavenly nest we had made. As I lay there, feeling Lola’s body against mine, I enjoyed our closeness and reflected that regardless of what had been done to me, this was probably the most content I had ever been in my life.

Eventually my little slice of heaven had to come to an end. I felt Lola stir behind me and drag herself out of bed. I was grateful that she allowed me a few extra minutes in bed as she headed straight into the kitchen to fix herself a coffee.

Around 10 minutes later she reappeared at the door, steaming mug in hand and summoned me to her with a sharp whistle. As reluctant as I was to leave the comfort of our makeshift bed, I knew that after the treat I had been given last night, disobedience would be out of the question. So I pulled myself up onto all fours and joined her in the kitchen.

She greeted me with a warm smile and looked into my eyes fondly. Standing tall with the sun gently lighting her flame red hair and naked body, she truly was a vision of beauty. I felt a genuine surge of affection for her.

‘Morning sleepy head,’ she grinned, cracking the door open and gesturing for me to head through. ‘Go on, out you go. I'll be there for you in a little while.’

Obediently I trotted out into the garden that I called home and heard the door close shut behind me. It was a beautiful day; the grass felt soft underfoot and the sun beat down on me pleasantly. I found myself looking at the world with a renewed sense of optimism and for the first time in months I looked forward to seeing what the future would bring.

I dozed in the sunshine for what must have been an hour or so until I heard the door open and Lola emerged to join me in the garden. Now she was not dressed quite so erotically, just denim shorts and a casual t-shirt with sunglasses, but was no less attractive in my eyes. She walked over and knelt down next to me, scratching my ear affectionately.

‘I really enjoyed myself last night piggy and I know that you did too,’ she began. ‘I promise that we will have lots of fun together in the future too. But remember that we made a deal, and the hard work starts now, OK?’

I nodded my agreement and was rewarded with a playful pat on the head.

‘Good,’ she replied, pulling a small package out of her pocket and laying it in front of me. As she carefully opened it, I saw the contents and my heart sank. It contained some familiar looking strips of latex and the tools she would need to attach them to my skin. The same latex currently kept my fingers in permanent bondage and the grotesque snout gag attached to my face; I had a fairly good idea where this was going to go too.

‘You didn't think that I was going to let that thing hang free now did you?’ she asked, gesturing to my flaccid penis.

In truth that was exactly what I was expecting but I knew better than to argue as she reapplied the layers of latex across my cock that had until last night, kept me in enforced chastity. By the time she had finished there was nothing but a slight bulge to suggest that there was a cock there at all.

‘Don't worry, if you're a good boy I'll let you out again someday,’ she joked as she applied the finishing touches.

Once my cock had returned to its rubber bondage and was safely away, I was expecting to receive my morning feed. However to my surprise, instead of filling my trough as she usually would, Lola walked across to the garden shed and pulled out a bizarre looking contraption which she dragged into position close to my sty.

It appeared on the outside to be a large wooden box; however it had some kind of metal barrel fixed onto the front and a series of tubes which appeared to connect the two. As it had clearly been put together well in advance of this morning it must have been a part of Lola’s plan that she hadn't yet revealed to me. I didn't know why but as I looked up at it, I was filled with an ominous sense of dread.

‘Right then piggy,’ Lola exclaimed enthusiastically. ‘Say hello to your new feeding machine!’

She undid a small clasp at the back of the device and pulled down one of the crates walls to create a ramp leading inside. Looking up I was now able to see the interior of the device was lined with metal and its walls were covered with a variety of hooks and leather straps. This did nothing to put my mind at ease.

‘Hop in,’ she said. ‘I'll show you how it works.’

I looked up at her reluctantly, I wasn't sure why, but I was very hesitant at the notion of putting myself at the device's mercy.

Lola’s eyes narrowed sharply. The angel that had looked after me last night was replaced by a furious demon, ready to unleash her wrath upon me. 

‘Did you not grasp what I meant by no resistance?’ she snapped, barely concealing her annoyance ‘this is what you have agreed to and after what I did for you last night, you should realise that any disobedience from this point forward will be punished very severely!’

She leaned in closer and spoke in a harsh whisper.

‘I will make your life hell.’

She stood up straight again and looked down at me with a mock smile on her face.

‘Now then,’ she said pleasantly. ‘How about you hop on up and I'll show you how it works.’

I really didn't want to but at this point I was more scared of Lola than I was of the device so without waiting to be told again, I sheepishly crawled forward, climbing up the ramp and into the crate. 

As if to emphasise her point, Lola slammed the ramp back into place behind me with some force, sealing me inside. Once I was in, she made short work of securing me down. 

First, she attached leather cuffs to both my ankles and wrists, clipping them to the small metal loops found in each corner of the crate. Then she took the leather belts and, connecting them to the hooks which were scattered across the crate's interior, systematically strapped down each area of my body until I was completely immobilised. 

My elbows and knees were secured to each side of the crate ensuring my limbs were widely spread apart and any area of my body could be easily accessed. More leather straps were then added tightly circling my chest, torso and waist; this restricted all but my head to just the slightest of movements. The crate was a tight fit for me anyway but whereas I initially had a little wiggle room, now I was firmly secured in place and at the mercy of this strange device.

As Lola returned to the shed, I craned my neck to try and see what she was doing but it was to no avail. My view was blocked entirely by the monstrous metal barrel that loomed over me. Now I was closer I could see that fixed to the base of it was a thick pipe which ended just a few inches from where my head now was and ended with a sturdy looking tap.

After a few moments Lola returned holding what appeared to be some kind of mask made up of thin strips of leather, with a metal funnel attached to the front of it.

‘Now this is your harness, hold still while I get it fitted,’ Lola instructed.

She pulled the harness over my head and individually tightened each strap so that it fit me snugly and was secured under my chin. The thinner end of the funnel must have been custom built for me as it slotted perfectly inside the gag which held my mouth open. Finally Lola, her face a picture of concentration, pushed the larger end of the funnel onto the base of the pipe in front of me and screwed it in place.

She took a step back and smiled as she admired her handy work.

‘There we go, you're all set to go. Now I know you're frightened but there's no need to worry, everything will become clear soon,’ she assured me.

Despite her assurances I could feel the fear settle in as I struggled helplessly against my bonds. The straps were taught and offered no slack, rendering me completely unable to move. I tried to bite back the nausea I felt as I breathed in the stale metallic air through the pipe that now filled my open mouth.

‘Awww look how cute you are, I love seeing my piggy all trussed up and scared,’ Lola cooed. ‘You really are a wonderful little pet. The only problem is I want you to be a proper fat, greedy little piggy and you're not quite there yet.’

She must have registered the surprised look on my face as she went on sympathetically ‘Don't get me wrong, you've always been a little chubby. That's just one of the things that made you so perfect for this. But I think we can do better.’

‘That's where this comes in,’ she said, patting her hand against the barrel above me. ‘We need to fatten you up and this beauty is the best way to do that.’

I let out a fearful moan and pulled pathetically at the leather straps which held me down.

‘Shhh it's ok little one, don't worry,’ Lola said calmly, stroking the exposed area of my back. ‘It's all for your own good really. The amount you would need to eat would be impossible on your own, so I made this to help you get nice and fat for me.’

She pulled her hand back and gestured back to the barrel.

‘Now this is full to the brim of the food that is about to become your new diet,’ she explained. ‘It's my own recipe, a hearty mix of fat, oil, lard and sugar with a sprinkling of the essential vitamins you need to survive. I'm not going to lie, it will taste pretty disgusting, but it will soon have you big and fat like the perfect little piggy you are!’

I couldn't understand how what she had done to me wasn't enough; she wanted to make me a monster. I felt myself start to hyperventilate against the pipe in my mouth.

‘The really clever bit,’ Lola went on ‘is that anything you wretch up or spill will get sucked up by these tubes and pumped straight back into the barrel. So you won't be able to leave until you've eaten every last drop.’

‘MMMPHH!’ I cried, trying in vain to shake my head and make her see how ridiculous this was. Turning me into her pet was one thing but this was inhuman.

‘Oh you can squeal and cry all you want but it's too late now. Once I turn this on you can either swallow your food or choke on it but I'm not letting you out until it's all gone.’

Tears began to stream down my face, and I tried desperately to push the invasive tube out of my mouth. The mask however held it firmly in place. All of a sudden this all felt real again; like I had snapped out of some insane dream. After the fun and kindness Lola had shown me last night, I had forgotten that this was the same woman who had kidnapped and imprisoned me. Who was clearly mentally ill and had decided to enact her depraved fantasies on me. My feelings for her had clouded my judgement once again and now I had blindly agreed to help her with her sick fantasies.

‘Alright little piggy get ready,’ she exclaimed gleefully ‘It's feeding time!’

Barely able to contain her excitement, Lola grabbed the tap above my head and turned it sharply.

I felt the tube shudder as it carried a tidal wave of gruel from the barrel above me and fired it into my face. The thick, grainy substance flooded my mouth and made me choke as it forced itself down my throat. I soon realised that unless I gulped down the vile slop, I would drown in it. Left without any other choice, I accepted my fate and began to guzzle down mouthful after mouthful of the fatty, high calorie liquid.

The ordeal seemed to last an age. As Lola had promised, anything I spilled was sucked straight back inside so by the time I had finished every drop of liquid in that barrel was inside me. I was stuffed full and felt like I was about to burst.

Lola left me to stew for about an hour after I had finished, then returned to unstrap me, remove the tube from my mouth and let me back slowly out of the monstrous device. 

I didn't know whether it was the lack of oxygen from constant swallowing or the huge amount of food that had been force fed to me, but I felt incredibly uneasy and lightheaded as I tottered back across the grass. Lola appeared by my side and reached underneath me, squealing with delight as she felt my swollen belly.

‘Oh look, it's working already! It won't be long until you’re properly fattened up. We’ll start you on one feeding per day but once you stretch out, we can make it two or maybe even three. I can't wait to see you then!’

The thought of more feeding should have filled me with terror, but I was too exhausted to do anything but waddle back to my sty and collapse with exhaustion. 


Three years later

Pale sunlight crept through the open door of my sty, illuminating the little room I call home and peacefully lifting me from my slumber. Taking a deep breath of the crisp, refreshing air, I pushed myself up from the carpet of hay I'd been lying on, and balanced comfortably on my trotters. A part of me knew they'd once been human arms and legs, but I'd long since stopped considering them as such; indeed, even if the layers of industrial latex that held them in bondage were removed, I sincerely doubted I'd even remember what to do with them.

I waddled across the wooden floor and made my way out into the pleasant spring morning, wincing as my flabby back and arse scraped against the metal frame of the door. The opening had already been widened once to accommodate my immense size, and looked like perhaps might have to be done again before the year was out. Though such concerns were far beyond a mere animal like me.

"Morning piggy, time for breakfast!" An angelic voice called from across the garden.

A giddy excitement fell over me as I laid eyes on my owner; the woman I loved more than anything in the world. Lola looked radiant as the sun caught her flame red hair; as ever I simply couldn't believe that such a beautiful woman had been kind enough to choose me to be her pet. Without a moment's hesitation, I trotted over as fast as my four little legs could carry me.

"Here you go little pig, eat up!" Lola grinned, pulling a lever so my specially designed, high fat gruel flooded into my trough.

Squealing with delight I pushed my face into the mixture and chomped it down hungrily. Lola no longer had to force this stuff down my throat; not since I'd truly surrendered to my life as her pig. Accepting Lola’s offer to consent to my transformation was truly the best decision I’d ever made; since that fateful day, we had each held up our end of the bargain. I offered no resistance to my transformation into a pig and in return Lola made my life a lot more comfortable. I was no longer banished to be ignored in the garden; instead, I was treated like a treasured pet, showered with affection and sometimes even allowed to sleep in the warmth of the main house. As I thought back now, it seems strange that I ever wanted to resist her. 

The force-feeding had continued for a year, perhaps two. Once a day I was strapped in and forced to guzzle down a barrel full of the vile slop that had become my diet. Over time they became slightly more bearable as my belly stretched and I grew in size. This relief didn’t last long however as it was soon decided that I should move up to two feedings per day. From that point it wasn’t long until I absolutely ballooned in size.

I had always been a bit chubby but as the months passed, I put on weight at an alarming rate and soon got to the point where I was morbidly obese; before long I was utterly enormous. The extra weight made it more difficult for me to move around and on a hot day I would be dripping with sweat. Every week Lola would put me on the scales and each time I put on weight she would pat my head, telling me how well I was coming along and how proud she was of her little piggy.

All along I knew that she shouldn't be doing this to me, the feedings were inhumane and the extra weight could cause me some serious health problems, but I had to admit my quality of life had massively improved since agreeing to help her transform me. For a time, I hated what she was doing to me, but even so I couldn't help but enjoy having the attention of such a beautiful woman. With every touch or kind word I seemed to fall for her deeper than ever and suddenly the torment she put me through didn’t seem to matter so much.

As the months turned into years, the part of me that resented her disappeared altogether. I accepted my place as Lola's pig, and found I gradually thought about my old life less and less. There was the odd moment of weakness of course, nights where I'd wake up with tears streaming down my face, some part of me realising what I'd lost and aching to return to normality; fortunately Lola fixed that for me as well.

The real turning point had been the day she'd come back 'from the vets' with some special new medicine for me. She promised it would get rid of those silly parts of my brain that still thought I was a person, and she was right. Every morning she'd inject my flabby buttocks with this medicine, and each time she did my old life drifted further and further away. 

The medicine dulled my brain, taking away my ability to think anything but the most basic of thoughts; food, drink, warmth, sex. These were the only things a piggy like me needed to concern itself with, Lola explained kindly to me one night, as I drifted to sleep beside her feet. It also suppressed my body's ability to feel full, so no matter how much Lola fed me, I'd just keep eating. Mercifully, this meant an end to the forced-feedings, as Lola knew I'd eat anything she cared to put in front of me. Of course, it also meant I was constantly ravenous with no way to satisfy my hunger; an endless torture from which I could never escape. But as Lola said, a greedy little pig like me should always be hungry, so I guess it's what I deserve.

My thoughts returned to the present as I realised I'd almost finished the whole trough already. Snorting loudly, I snuffled the last scraps of food up from the weathered metal surface, then tottered over to where Lola sat reading a book in the sun and collapsed at her feet.

Lola smiled down as she saw me, placing a bare foot across my face as a sign of her affection. She knew how I still lusted after her, and that the chance to spend a morning sniffing her toes would make me a very happy pig indeed. I hadn't been allowed an orgasm in years, little treats like this were the closest I had to a sex life now I was nothing more than a farmyard animal.

As I lay in the morning sun, enjoying the heavenly scent of my owner's feet, I couldn't help but reflect on how being a pig had made me truly happy for the first time in my life. Lola had taken away my freedom but in a strange way given me so much more. I hadn’t really been happy with my life before I met her. Yes, I’d go out drinking with my friends or go to watch my local football team and enjoy myself. But I spent most of my time scared of being alone and fantasising about women who would never be interested in me. 

Now I would never be alone again. All I had to worry about was being the best pet I possibly could to the beautiful, flame haired woman who owned me; the woman whose toes traced idly over my skin as she relaxed in the sunshine. Sure, she'd taken away my life, force-fed me until I was morbidly obese and made me live in a pig sty in her garden, but that didn’t matter; I didn’t expect any more than I had. After all, I was just her little piggy.


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