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Night Creatures

by XVX

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© Copyright 2014 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; other/m; cabin; leather; sleepsack; corset; gloves; bond; cocoon; rope; muzzle; transform; curse; cons; X

I glanced at the clock. It was almost ten. “Time to get dressed.”

“Yes…. Master.” She answered.

I sighed. It was like this every time. But she obeyed. We both knew the consequence of not being dressed on time.

She had no name. So I gave her one. Eve. My name is Victor.

It was crisp summer night in Montana. The sky was clear and soon the moon would be at its peak. That was our deadline. Midnight on the first full moon.

Wearing only a t-shirt and bathrobe. She and I went to smoke house. I have a small ranch. A few cattle and sheep. More of a hobby farm. My overseas investments keep my head above water as it were.

Once inside the smoke house I locked us in. Then I went to the cabinet. I gave her the medications. It would normally knock a person out for a good while but I knew from past experience it would only slow her down. For a few hours.

Meanwhile I unrolled her ’bedroll.’

It was made of stiff leather. Thickest and hardest part of the cow reinforced and triple stitched. It narrowed at the feet like a mummy sleeping bag. The feet slid into their sleeves and I laced them tight to the inside. A leather bootie covered her feet.

Then tightly lacing the outer bag up from toe tip to just over the breast leaving the shoulders exposed. A body length corset. Bending any joint below the neck was hard. The stiff leather would restrict any movements. Then from d-ring I had connected at every joint. Ankle. Knee. Waist and chest. I tied them down to stakes that were buried deep.

Her hands and arms where still free. But that changed when I laced on the gloves. They were the same strong leather and went from fingertip to just under the armpit. A d-ring at elbow and fingertip and connected to the side of her body with snap hooks.

A stiff collar then is also anchored to the ground. Then the muzzle and harness for the head. It fits a bit loosely but in past experience I knew she would grow into it.

You see. Eve is cursed.

Allow me to explain. Eve's ancestors where somehow made to be guarding one of the Egyptian queens. The goddess Bast did the whammy. She is a cat goddess. Female equal rights and stuff.

The feline warriors were like a werewolf but female and turned into some hybrid cat person. They could do it at will. But the moon was their weakness. It was Bast's holy day. The first full moon of the month. She wanted souls. Her warriors will kill a man and somehow Bast reaps the benefit.

But when said queen died by some unfortunate means. Mostly likely at the hands of a man. Bast cursed them for their failure. They would forever roam the lands extracting their revenge upon the males species.

So here the deal. Eve and her ancestors. Find a man. Have sex and then kill the man.

Very black widow.

Then the warrior gives birth to a daughter. And the cycle repeats.

Now these cat people. They are not a werewolf in the way you might think. They can be killed with normal weapons. It just takes a lot of damaged to do it. They age and die. Eve’s mother was up in the northwest. Way up in the Canada mountains. I pity the poor mountie that found her. Dear old mom was hunted down and killed when Eve was barely in her teens.

I came across Eve in her cat form munching down on one of my sheep. I wounded her with my rifle and found her in a gully trying to crawl out.

We sort of made a bargain. I would not be so lonely and try to educate her. She would try to be more in control but on the first full moon. It was to the smoke house.

So the reason why the hands are not enclosed with the rest of the body is because she will claw herself and did so once. She could have died but these cat warriors are pretty hardy.

She turns into a black cat. Panther eyes. Mouth extend into a cat like jowl. Nice cat teeth. Feet and hands have extendable claws. Given the chance she will force herself on me. She does look sexy in her cat like way.

Then rip me to shreds.

I check my watch. Fifteen minutes to go. She struggles to make sure I did my work well. One mistake and It could be the last night on earth for me. Pity. I always like the night.

I stay by her side. I do love her in a way. More like a pet owner. As she transforms. I can see the pain in her green eyes as they turn yellow. Eve loves me like a pet does.

She will yowl and struggle through the night. She will burn out the medications she has taken. Tranquilizing has no effect. She had built up a resistance. She tries any means she can to seduce me. I cannot have sex with her at any time. This bondage keeps us both alive and well.

There is only one way we found that we know of. The one way she and I can both be satisfied.

I drink her blood.

You see I am a vampire.

I was born to it. Mom was seduced by some bloodsucker. The best example I can give you is Blade. Daywalker. I can be in the sun, garlic makes me break out in hives. Holy symbols are just decorations.

Her curse blunts my curse. I have to feed once a month. I can eat normal food but it builds up. It’s an itch I can’t scratch. I have enough control not to drain her. It more like blood donation. About a pint a month.

The blood drain weakens her. That is why the shoulders are exposed. The neck is tricky and a little too close for those sharp teeth. Even in a muzzle.

She and I go into town once in a while. Talk of some wolf or monster roaming the hills pops up now and then but it’s been a few years and it is now mostly a ghost story type of thing.

I am happy and so is she. It sounds crazy. But it works.




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