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North & South

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; MF/f; drug; capture; bodyswap; genetics; revenge; nc; X

“Damn her.”

Enviously, Jenna South watched as the expensive vehicle emerged from the walled estate, gliding smoothly up the road on its repulsor field. Inside the vehicle, she knew, rode her former friend, former rival, current enemy and future victim, Aya North.

“As close as North and South,” had been a catch phrase throughout high school to describe these unlikely friends. “Opposites attract,” would have been just as appropriate. Tall, willowy Jenna South and short, lush Aya North, all through high school, the two had been inseperable, going everywhere together, sharing everything. Then came college.

It was during their freshman year together that Aya had met Jim Ridelle. Suddenly, it seemed, it was Jim and Aya who were inseperable, while Jenna looked on with a jealousy that slowly became hatred. Not for Jim; Jenna had fallen passionately in love with him at first sight. Her jealousy, then hatred, had been reserved for Aya, who only stayed with Jim to keep him from Jenna - or so Jenna convinced herself. By the end of the school year, despite Aya’s best efforts to save it, their friendship was over.

Then, in their junior year, Jenna’s father, Daniel, had been exposed and arrested as the genius leader of a high-tech criminal organization. Everyone believed Jenna’s departure from college had been from shame at her father’s criminal activities. Nobody, not even Aya, realized her real reason for leaving; to take her father’s place at the organization’s head.

Much had changed in the three years since then. Aya had graduated with honors, married Jim, and now lived with him on a spacious estate paid for by royalties from the many inventions they had developed together. Jenna, meanwhile, was a fugitive, sought by nearly every police agency on the planet.

All of that was about to change, Jenna vowed, raising the stun rifle and aiming it at the approaching vehicle. As usual, Aya rode with her windows open. Perfect, Jenna thought, pressing the firing stud on the rifle. Aya’s vehicle suddenly lurched and spun to the side of the road.

“What…….? Where…….?” Blearily, Aya opened her eyes to find herself in a rather large room, it’s white walls broken only by a door on one wall and a mirror on the opposite wall. Slowly, carefully, she climbed to her feet, only then realizing that she was naked. Turning, she glanced toward the mirror, only to gasp and stare. Long legs, trim waist, small, firm breasts, topped by a face she knew.

“Jenna?” she gasped. “But how?” The opening of the door behind her made her turn, only to gasp yet again, as she watched herself enter.

“Hello, Aya,” the short, lush figure said, smiling through full lips. “Or should I call you Jenna now, since you’re obviously me.”

“Jenna? But how? And why?”

The figure of Aya smiled coldly. “How? Have you forgotten, dear friend? My father was arrested for kidnapping young women, modifying them, then selling them as enhanced sex slaves. He’ll never see daylight again, but he left me all his worldly possessions. Including his gene-shifter.”

“Oh, yes,” she continued, “I know it’s illegal, but so is everything else I do, so that doesn’t really bother me. As to why, I would think that would be obvious.”

Aya felt a shiver run through her as she watched her own body approaching. That body, she noted, now wore the same outfit she’d had on when she left the house.

“Jim should have been mine,” the figure said coldly, “but you kept him from me. All this time, you’ve been his little pet. Well, tonight, it will be me he lays down with, and he’ll never know the difference. Once I’ve siphoned the memories from your mind, I’ll know everything you know. And you, my dear, will know nothing. When the police raid this place tomorrow, they’ll find Jenna South, a mindless vegetable, her mind destroyed by her own illegal equipment. The only shame is you won’t even be able to realize that I’ll be with Jim, while you rot in some mental institute.”

“But you can’t!” Aya cried frantically. “I’m supposed to meet Jim at three o’clock. If I don’t show up, he’ll know something’s wrong.”

Frowning, the figure of Aya glanced at her wristwatch. “Three? That barely gives me time to get back to your car and meet him.” Still frowning, she turned toward the door. “Stay right here,” she shot over her shoulder. “I’ll fake it for now, then come back and finish this.”

In the center of the huge bed, Jenna relaxed and awaited Jim’s return. Instead of the quick meeting she’d hoped for, Jim had kept her with him the rest of the day. Gamely, she had stuck to her part, faking an understanding of the technical matters Jim had spoken about. Evidently, she’d succeeded. They’d made it through dinner without incident, and had just undressed for bed when an insistent ringing of the doorbell had pulled him away.

Stretching, Jenna smiled to herself. As soon as Jim returned, she would show him a kind of lovemaking that poor, innocent Aya would never dream of. Hearing the door, she turned to greet “her” husband. She saw a flash, then everything went dark.

Jenna woke to find herself in a familiar room. Shaking her head to clear it, she rolled over and made to climb to her feet, only then realizing that something wasn’t quite right.

For one thing, her knees wouldn’t straighten. No matter how she tried, they stayed bent, her lower legs canted slightly outward, so that her heels lay lightly against the outer slopes of her ass.

Her hands, too, were wrong, bent back as if she were pushing against something. Her fingers seemed stuck together, while her thumbs seemed stuck to the side of her hand. No amount of effort would straighten her hands out, nor could she separate her fingers.

Struggling, she rose to stand on her bent knees, but soon fell forward. It was then she noticed that her hands were frozen in the perfect position for crawling on hands and knees. Cursing, she turned toward the door, only to freeze as her gaze swept across the mirror.

She was herself again! How could this be? The sound of the door made her turn, only to freeze again as Jim and Aya entered the room.

“I told you she was awake,” Aya said.

“What have you done to me?” Jenna demanded. “And how did you get loose?”

Aya smiled. “Well,” she said, “as to the second, I simply convinced one of your people that I’d accidentally locked myself in. Seems they’re used to you running around naked. I found some clothes, climbed into that disgusting thing you drive, and went straight home.”

“It was her ringing the bell,” Jim said, taking up the tale. “And it didn’t take her long to convince me that the strange story she was telling was true. After all, she knew things about me, about us, that nobody else could possibly know. And it explained your strange behavior all day.”

“After that,” Aya said, “we simply stunned you, then brought you back here. I posed as you, and Jim was a new associate. It didn’t take long to figure out how the gene-shifter works, and Jim changed both of us back. With,” she added, smiling coldly, “a couple of slight alterations.”

“You mean this?” Jenna asked, holding up one hand, then reaching back to push uselessly at her heel. “Or this?”

“Those, yes,” Aya replied with a nod, “and a couple others. Jim programmed a delay for the other changes. We knew you’d have questions, and we figured it was only fair to allow you to ask them while you could still talk.” She glanced at her watch. “Actually, the remaining changes should be starting any time.”

As if on cue, Jenna suddenly felt as if something were pulling at her throat. While not painful, it was decidedly strange. It felt as if something inside her throat were reshaping itself.

When the feeling subsided, Jenna tried to ask what had happened, but the only sounds that emerged from her mouth were a series of short barks. She tried again, with the same results.

“That’s much better,” Aya observed, smiling. “After all, you did want to be Jim’s pet, and pets don’t talk, do they? You’re going to be a very loyal pet, I think. To both of us.” Stepping forward, she patted Jenna on top of the head. At her touch, Jenna felt a rush of pleasure that swept through her entire body. Puzzled, she barked a question.

“Yes, dear,” Aya replied, “we altered your physical response to our touch. Even the slightest contact will fill you with erotic pleasure and need. In time, you’ll learn to be very eager to please. You’ll do anything, anything at all, for the slightest touch.

“Of course,” she continued, reaching down to stroke one of Jenna’s nipples, “some areas are more sensitive than others.” At her touch, Jenna’s arms nearly buckled from the force of the sensation that swept through her. Whimpering, she hung her head, offering no resistance as Jim buckled a collar around her neck.

“Now,” he said, snapping a leash to the collar, “it’s time to go. Aya’s already sent everyone here away, so we can leave without any trouble. They’ll all be back tomorrow, just in time for the police to show up. This place will be shut down, and all the equipment will be destroyed. Jenna South will have vanished, and nobody will ever find her. In the meantime, Aya and I will be having fun with our new pet.” He smiled down at her. “We have a rather extensive bondage collection at home, and I’m sure many of the items can be adapted to fit you.”

Turning, he stepped toward the door, pulling on the leash as he did so. Jenna resisted the pull, only to leap awkwardly forward when Aya’s hand landed on her ass in a firm swat. Thoroughly defeated, head hanging, she followed her new Master out the door, crawling slowly toward her new life.

Reclining in a comfortable chair, Aya glanced down and smiled.

“Good girl,” she said softly. Looking up, Jenna barked happily at her words, then lowered her head and resumed licking Aya’s feet, only to bounce away at the sound of the door closing. Ass wagging, she pranced across the room to greet Jim, shivering with pleasure as he stroked her head.

“How’s my good girl?” he asked, causing her shivering to increase at his words. “Have you been a good girl today?” Jenna barked a reply, her ass swishing back and forth. “I know you have. Now go lay down. It’s time for bed.”

Obediently, Jenna turned and crossed the room to her little doggie bed, where she curled up. Laying there, she watched as her Master and Mistress undressed and crawled into their own bed. The sounds of lovemaking that came to her ears after the lights went out brought a soft whimper to her lips, even as a single tear escaped her eye.



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