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A Pair Of Lais

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/f; F/f; majick; transform; M2f; capture; bond; gag; tease; strip; cloroform; asian; stuck; mast; cons/reluct; X

She was, in every possible way, the perfect Asian woman. She had the long, shining black hair, the high cheekbones and almond eyes. She had, as well, the slim, petite figure, with its tight ass and small, firm breasts. She even spoke with the perfect accent. In short, she had everything she needed to be his perfect woman, with one exception. She didn't have him, didn't really seem to want him. And for that, he hated her.

"He" was Geoffrey Banks, one of the most powerful magicians the city had never known about. With a single gesture from his hands, he could unleash powers that, had they been public knowledge, would have sent the city's leaders into a frenzy of panicked paranoia. For years, he had been quietly using his powers to help make the city a better place. And then he had seen her.

She was a former internet nude queen who'd recently turned to the more profitable area of bondage and soft porn. He'd first seen her on the nude web site she'd used to pay her way through college, and it had been love at first sight. She was, to him, the perfect woman, and, in his mind, she was already his. When she'd turned to bondage, letting others touch her in all the ways he wanted to, he'd seen that as the worst kind of betrayal.

Her name made it worse: Mai Lai, pronounced "My Lay". In his ears, every time someone said her name, they were claiming her as a sexual partner. Before, when he could picture her as the perfect, pure woman, it hadn't mattered much. Now, with who knew how many hands on her, it became something he couldn't tolerate.

For months, he'd watched in tortured silence as she gave her body over to others, letting them defile what was rightfully his. Slowly, an idea began to form, growing until, now, he was ready to act on it.

If her career ended, he reasoned, if her reputation were to be ruined, then she'd have nowhere to turn. Except, of course, to him, the gallant hero who would appear from nowhere to save her from a cruel world. She, of course, would be properly grateful, and he would finally have her. All it would take would be a small use of his power. That, and a lot of rope.

"Hello, Jeff. What brings you here?" Geoffrey cringed at her words. Only Mai had the nerve to call him "Jeff", something that both endeared her to him and infuriated him at the same time. No matter, he told himself. Soon enough, she'd be happy to call him anything he wished.

"Oh," he said in reply, "I just thought I'd drop in and say hello. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"Well," Mai replied slowly, "I do have a shoot in an hour."

"In that case, I won't keep you." Geoffrey turned toward the door, then paused. "Would you mind if I used your restroom before I go?" Mai shook her head, pointing toward the restroom door. Geoffrey thanked her and locked himself into the small room.

Quickly, he stripped off his clothes. Facing the mirror, he made a curious gesture with his hands, softly whispering the words he'd so carefully prepared. In the mirror, his face shifted, becoming a perfect copy of Mai. His body, also, now matched hers, down to the smallest detail. Smiling, he unlocked the door and returned to the front room.

Mai's eyes widened as she watched her nude self enter. "Who are you?" she demanded, "and where is Jeff?"

"Right here, my love," he replied, making another gesture with his hands. As if from nowhere, rope appeared, wrapping itself tightly around her body. Geoffrey stepped forward to catch her as she fell forward, bound from shoulder to ankle in a tight, intricate Shibari web. It had been the impact of the rope, fusing her legs together and pinning her arms to her sides, that had toppled her.

"What's happening? What are you doing?" Ignoring Mai's protests, Geoffrey produced a folded cloth, forcing it into her mouth. A final rope appeared, wrapping itself around her head to hold the gag in place. Now silenced as well as bound, Mai could only struggle helplessly as Geoffrey dragged her to her bedroom and stretched her out on her bed.

"I'm afraid," he told her, turning toward her closet, "you're going to miss that shoot." Choosing quickly, he dressed himself in the sexiest outfit he could find. "Instead," he went on, turning in place as if to display himself to her, "you're going whoring. A few days of this, and nobody will touch you." He laughed, the sound sweet in his ears. "Well," he amended, "nobody but me." Ignoring her muffled protests, he quickly left the house to put the next part of his plan into motion.

This part, he know, would be the hardest. It wasn't enough to look like Mai. He had to act like her as well. At least, he had to act the way his own image of her would. Accordingly, he spent the rest of the day going from one seedy bar or club to the next, flirting with and teasing anyone who seemed remotely interested. By the time he returned to Mai's house some time after midnight, he was very drunk. He was also, he realized, very horny. There had been no sex, but every inch of his body had been explored in detail more times than he cared to think about. He hadn't realized how strong the sensations of a female body could be. Oh well, he told himself as he entered the bedroom, even that would work in his favor. An open display of pleasuring himself in Mai's body, before her helpless eyes, could only reinforce to her the completeness of her ruination.

Turning on the light, he stared in drunken stupification at the empty bed. Even as his numbed brain struggled to make sense of Mai's disappearance, a strong arm wrapped around his waist, holding him as a cloth was pressed over his face. Geoffrey gasped, smelling a strange odor. The room seemed to waver, and then all went black.

Geoffrey woke to the realization that he couldn't move. He lay on a bed in a room he slowly identified as Mai's. His hands were stretched over his head, seemingly bound to the frame. He could feel one of the bars between his wrists. His legs were spread wide, rope from his ankles vanishing over the corners of the mattress. Something round and rubbery filled his mouth, straps around his head holding the gag in place. He was also, he realized, completely naked.

He had only begun to tug at his bonds when Mai entered the room. Every bit as naked as he was, she moved to stand beside the bed. For a moment, she simply gazed down at his helpless form.

"Hello, Jeff," she said, causing his eyes to widen. Seeing this, she smiled. "Of course I know it's you," she said. "You go into the restroom, my twin comes out, calls me 'my love' and ties me up?" Mai laughed softly. "Not very subtle, I'm afraid. And not very well thought out. Let me see if I can guess the rest of it."

Ignoring Geoffrey’s muffled protests, Mai sat on the bed, slowly drawing one finger along Geoffrey’s leg. "Damn," she said, "I never realized just how good I look tied up." Reaching the juncture of Geoffrey’s thighs, she gave the soft mound there one stroke, then pulled her hand away.

"You meant to ruin me," she said, the words coming out as a statement rather than a question. "Ruin me so badly that nobody would want anything to do with me. Then you'd step in and rescue me, take me in and shelter me. For that, I would thank you, and eventually learn to love you."

Geoffrey’s eyes widened. How could she know so much? Seeing his shock, Mai laughed again.

"Did you know," she asked, "that you talk in your sleep when you're drunk? We had a very nice conversation while I was binding you, and you told me everything." She frowned. "It might have worked, too, at least the first part, except for luck. My agent came over to see why I missed my shoot. He found me, untied me, then waited here with me until you came back. He knocked you out, then left you to me."

Enough of this, Geoffrey thought. Time to get myself out of this mess. Then I'll really teach her a lesson she'll never forget. He curved his hands into the appropriate gesture, but nothing happened. In fact, his hands didn't curve at all.

Craning his neck, he stared at his hands. They were, he realized, bound together palm to palm, with each finger individually bound to its counterpart. With his hands bound this way, he could make no gestures. Grunting, he began tugging frantically at his bonds.

"Of course," Mai told him, watching his struggles with a smile, "you told me all about your power and how you unleash it. I’ll have to knock you out any time I want to change your position, but chloroform is cheap. I'll also have to feed you and keep you cleaned up, but I can do that. After all, you just doubled my career opportunities."

At this, Geoffrey froze. Double? What could she possibly mean? As if hearing his thoughts, Mai laughed.

"You are, after all, my perfect twin," she said, stretching out on the bed beside him. "And you will, of course, be bound at all times. Which means I can go to my shoots as usual, and, between times, I can take pictures of you. You just made me the most prolific bondage model in the world."

Stunned, Geoffrey could only stare as Mai reached down to stroke between his thighs. "There is also," she said softly, "the social question. I've tried dating, but nobody really wants to be with me. They're all after a shot at the bondage model. So I'd pretty much resigned myself to staying single."

Under her touch, Geoffrey could feel moisture begin to form between his thighs. When she slipped a finger inside him, he could only grunt his protest, his bonds preventing him from twisting away.

"Now," Mai said, watching as Geoffrey slowly began to respond to her attentions, "I have you. I'm sure, given time, that I can train you to behave properly." Mai laughed. "This really puts a whole new spin on playing with myself, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. And so will you. After all, it's not like you have much choice. Do you, Jeff?"

Feeling his arousal grow, Geoffrey could only squirm helplessly under her touch. Helplessly bound, unable to use his powers, he could only writhe in growing arousal. His perfect plan had failed, leaving Mai, not his devoted lover, but his total Mistress. As he felt what could only be a female orgasm begin to grow within him, there also grew the realization that he, one of the most powerful magicians the city had never heard about, would be his perfect woman's slave for as long as she wished it.

Seeing the smile on Mai's face as she drove him closer to orgasm, he realized that could be a very long time.

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