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Perfect Dildo

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; strapon; insert; sex; climax; majick; transform; cond; enslave; denial; cons/nc; X

“Welcome. Please, do come in.”

Mistress Erica entered the room slowly, her eyes showing a mixture of suspicion and curiosity as she gazed at the five women awaiting her. Mistresses all, her peers and competitors, they, along with her and a few others, represented the true power in the city’s BDSM community. One by one, she examined them, looking for some clue as to the reason for this unexpected gathering.

Mistress Bianca, the one who’d greeted her, stood with arms crossed beneath her ample bosom. Her handsome face wore a mysterious smile, but Erica knew this to be her usual expression. Around her stood Jewel, Rachel, Jessica and Simone, their expressions every bit as unreadable.

Gazing at the women before her, Erica considered possibilities. There was, she knew, no way this was just a casual get-together. She had, after all, been working for some time to steal their clients. Not all of them, though. Just the most profitable ones. And, so far, she had been enjoying more than a little success. Deciding to dispense with the pleasantries, she got straight to the point.

“Why have you invited me here?”

Bianca shrugged. “To admit defeat, actually,” she said in reply. “You’ve bled us all damn near dry, taking out best clients from us. We’re tired of fighting you, so we’ve decided to surrender, and in a way you’ll appreciate.”

At her nod, each of the five reached up and unfastened the top of her dress, letting the garment fall to the floor. Naked, they stood arrayed in front of a surprised Erica.

“You’ve screwed us all royally,” Bianca continued, reaching into a box on a nearby table. “So, it’s only fitting that, as a token of our surrender, you get the honor of screwing us for real.” Her hand emerged from the box holding a very realistic strap-on. Bianca handed the toy to Erica, after which the five naked women turned and dropped to hands and knees.

“Fuck us,” Bianca said, glancing over her shoulder. “Fuck us for real, the way you’ve been fucking us all along.”

To anyone not accustomed to the ways of such women, these actions would seem quite unusual. Erica, however, fully understood both the action and its meaning. Here was a surrender she hadn’t hoped to see, and one she wouldn’t dream of refusing.

Eagerly, Erica shed her own clothing before strapping the dildo around her waist. As she tightened the straps, she felt the end of the toy pressing against her. Already aroused, she moved to one end of the line of waiting women.

Dropping to her knees behind Jewel, Erica stroked between the woman’s thighs, finding her already wet. Nodding her approval, Erica reached up and grasped Jewel‘s hips, using her grip to hold the other woman steady as she slipped the dildo deep within her. Using a slow, steady rhythm, she began thrusting into the other woman.

As she moved, Erica reveled in the sensation of fucking this woman, once her equal. Her hips moved like a piston in a machine, driving the dildo deep with a slowly increasing tempo, until Jewel cried out her orgasm and fell away. Moving quickly, Erica slid to the next in line.

As she slipped between Simone’s thighs, Erica noticed something just a bit odd. Fucking Jewel, she had felt a steady increase in pleasure, centered on her clit. Now, that pleasure, while still growing, seemed somehow to have moved to the surface of her body, as if it were the lips of her pussy spreading the sensation throughout her body. Still, the pleasure was already too great to worry about minor details, and as she thrust into Simone’s body, that pleasure continued to grow. All too soon, it seemed, Simone cried out her own orgasm.

Quickly, Rachel and Jessica joined the other two, curled on the floor in post-orgasmic bliss. Saving the best for last, Erica moved behind Bianca, quickly thrusting into her and setting up a hard, pounding rhythm. Bianca quickly matched that rhythm, driving her ass back hard against Erica with each driving thrust.

By now, the pleasure seemed to have moved completely out of Erica’s body. Though she knew it was impossible, she would almost have sworn she was feeling with the dildo. Where it came from no longer mattered. By now, only the end result mattered to Erica. She was ready for her own orgasm, and she drove into Bianca hard and fast, until the other woman groaned out her release and slipped forward, letting the dildo slide from between her thighs.

Still not satisfied, Erica rose, her hand unconsciously stroking the dildo as she eyed the five women sprawled in front of her, hoping one of them was ready for another round. Slowly, she realized that, just as she could feel the dildo beneath her fingers, she could also feel her fingers wrapped around the dildo. Eyes widening, she glanced down at the length of rubber protruding from between her thighs, watching as her own hand stroked it slowly.

“What’s happening?”

Smiling, Bianca rose to her feet. Stepping to the couch, she tossed robes to the other four before donning one herself. Stepping in front of Erica, she smiled as she watched the other woman’s hand caress the rubber cock between her thighs.

“It’s quite simple, really,” she explained, her voice going cold. “We’re tired of you taking our clients from us. Of course, we can’t blame them for falling for your offers. The poor dears were simply thinking with the wrong head.

“Anyway, we decided it was time to deal with you. Of course, we couldn’t oppose you openly. With your connections, including the ones you stole from us, even all five of us together couldn’t hope to beat you. So we decided to win by losing.”

“I don’t understand,” Erica panted, not even noticing when her hand began to increase the tempo of its strokes on the dildo. The need for an orgasm was nearly overpowering, and it was all she could do to concentrate on the other woman’s words.

“That toy you put on,” Bianca explained, “is a very special one, with some very special properties. Properties that, I’m afraid, you’re going to have to get used to.”

At these words, Erica somehow forced her hand to release the dildo. “We’ll see about that,” she said, reaching to remove the dildo. To her horror, the straps had vanished. Stunned, she grasped the dildo and gave it a sharp tug, only to be rewarded by a sudden surge of pain that told her the thing was now firmly attached to the juncture of her thighs. Erica stared with wide eyes at the women before her, not even noticing when her hand resumed its stroking motions.

“Yes, Dear,” Bianca said, smiling, “it’s become part of you now. But it’s not so bad. After all, it is a perfect dildo.”


Bianca’s smile grew cold. “Absolutely. It’s always hard, always ready.” She laughed, a harsh, humorless sound. “And it never makes a mess.”

Erica’s hand froze as the implications of the other woman’s words sank in. No mess meant no……. Almost frantically, she tugged at the thing between her thighs again, only to be rewarded by another burst of pain.

“Even better,” Bianca continued, “this one is self activated and self motivating. Why fuck yourself with a dildo when you can let the dildo do the fucking for you? Truly the perfect dildo, wouldn’t you say?”

Horrified, Erica glanced down, watching as her hand resumed its frantic stroking. Desperately, she tried to pull away, but the need had become too great. Her hand refused to obey her mind’s frantic commands. Instead, it continued to stroke, each motion increasing the need that already threatened to overwhelm her.

“Oh, my,” Bianca said with a sarcastically sweet tone, “it would appear there is a mess. You’ve got us all over you. Let me help with that.” So saying, she dropped to her knees in front of Erica. Pulling the stunned woman’s hand away, she leaned forward, parting her lips and sliding them around the dildo. As if of their own volition, Erica’s eyes drifted closed, her hands grasping the sides of Bianca’s head as she began thrusting into the other woman’s mouth. She had to have more. Slowly, she lost herself in the sensations coursing through her.

* * *

“Mistress Cassandra, welcome to my home.”

“Please, call me Cassie. Is she still here?”

Bianca nodded. “For the past month,” she replied.

“And is she trained?”

Bianca shrugged. “More or less. We did have to put her in a chastity device for a while. The poor dear couldn’t keep her hands off herself. Eventually, she learned that it can only be touched with permission. She still slips now and then, but she’s doing much better.”

“Let me see her.”

“Certainly.” Turning toward the door, Bianca called out. “Slut! Present yourself.”

Seconds later, Erica hurried through the open door, her large breasts bobbing in time with the rubber cock protruding between her thighs. “Yes, Mistress,” she panted, lurching to a halt.

“You know Mistress Cassandra, I believe.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Turning, Erica bowed before the other woman. “Greetings Mistress.”

Gazing into Erica’s glazed eyes, Cassie nodded at what she saw. A month of relentless arousal, with no possibility of orgasm, had obviously overwhelmed Erica’s mind. No longer the confident Mistress, she now gazed at Cassie with eager eyes, one hand twitching toward the thing between her legs, as if barely able to keep herself from touching it.

“Mistress Bianca tells me your training is progressing well,” Cassie said, her words bringing a hopeful smile to Erica’s lips.

“Thank you, Mistress. I do my best.” A strange look entered Erica’s eyes. “May I fuck you to show you how good I am?” she asked, her voice going sly.

Cassie laughed. “So eager,” she said, “but not right now.” She laughed again at the crestfallen look on Erica’s face. Obviously, Erica’s training had burned any other thoughts from her mind, leaving only the constant need for an orgasm that she would never experience.

“I think,” she said thoughtfully, “that we need to do something about your name. Obviously, someone with such a nice cock can’t be called Erica. From now on, we’ll call you Eric.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Erica, now Eric, replied, nodding eagerly. “May I fuck you now?”

Laughing again, Cassie wrapped her fingers around the rubber cock, causing Eric’s eyes to close with delight. “I think she’ll do,” she said. “Have you and the others regained your lost clients?”

Bianca nodded. “With interest,” she replied, “considering we also took in her former clients as well.”

Cassie nodded. “Stealing business from a sister is not something that can be tolerated,” she said, glancing at the expression of bliss on Eric’s face at the feel of her hand. “This one should serve as a perfect example of the consequences. In the meantime, I’ve no doubt I’ll find some use for him. May I?”

Bianca smiled. “Consider him my gift to you,” she replied.

“My thanks.” Still grasping Eric’s rubber cock, Cassie turned toward the door. A soft tug quickly had Eric following eagerly as she led him toward his new life.

A life as a perfect dildo.

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