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Petticoats and Frills

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2009 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; furry; she-male; maid; bodymod; spank; oral; anal; mast; cons; X

I was rushing as fast as I could, which wasn't that fast in my six inch stiletto heels, to try and have everything done by the time Master came home. I had spent too much time in the pool after lunch and was quickly running out of time.

My short skirt brushed around my hips, my chest bounced in my too tight top as I dusted the living room. Master wanted the house cleaned top to bottom, a different room every day, and if I didn't have the living room done to his satisfaction by the time he got home I would be in a lot of trouble.

I worked the last few specs of dust off the picture frame just as I heard the front door start to open. I turned around, looking at the door, my arms help behind my back, the feather duster hidden as well. I thrust my chest out and flicked my tail in anticipation. The fabric of my maids uniform stretched around my J-Cup breasts (enhanced from my natural C-Cups) and put my cleavage on display for my owner.

He walked into the house and looked me over with a knowing eye. He was a thin grey bear in a suit, and completely unimposing and he owned every part of me. He had since the first time we talked on line nearly four years before. It had taken him a year to bring me out to live with him, two thousand miles from my home, but I had hardly ever regretted it. It was still the day that changed everything for me, even my name.

My master walked up to me and looked me over, then tisked softly and pulled at my top. "I will have to get you a new uniform, you're growing out of this one," he said.

"Yes sir," I said with a small smile. I had been waiting for a chance to get some new clothing. My implants were still growing, and would be for while longer. It was one of the side effects of the 'silly-string' implants I had gotten. I didn't know how big they would be when they stopped, but Master promised if it was over an M-Cup he would put me in porn.

He shrugged off his jacket and handed it to me, the loosened his tie. "Dinner?"

"Will be ready in twenty minutes sir, the store was slow delivering the ingredients," I said, standing tall but wanting to pull away, worried he would blame me for the delay.

Master shook his head and started towards the bedroom, I followed a few steps behind, watching his stubby tail bounce as he walked. "Very well, but it is a warning," he told me, not even looking back to be sure I was following. Of course I was following! It was my duty to do so.

We walked into the bedroom and he pulled off his tie and started on his shirt. I collected the tie and took it, and his coat, into the closet, hanging them up. I returned in time to take his shirt and put it into the hamper, then help him take off his pants. I put those away and returned with the sweat pants he liked so much, helping him step into them. There was very little my master did without my help.

I gave him a clean shirt and helped he put it on, and then he gave me a soft kiss. "You're a good little mouse," he told me, then patted me on the head.

I blushed and turned away. "Thank you sir," I said.

He nodded his head and pulled away from me, heading out of the room. I followed after him, my tail flicking quickly with each step. He stepped into his office and settled down in his chair. I stood just behind him, waiting for further orders.

"Take care of dinner, and bring it to me here, I have work to do," he ordered.

"Yes, Sir," I said, turning around and walking swiftly out of the room and back to the kitchen. I hurried myself with finish dinner, enough for just one person; I had my own meals set aside for later. There wasn't a lot to do until it was ready, so I put away my cleaning supplies, pleased that Master hadn't seen them.

When the alarm went off I was waiting for it, taking the food out of the oven and carefully arranging it on the plate. As soon as it was done I cleaned up as much as I could, then gathered up a plate and silverware and headed back to the office.

Master was sitting at his desk, typing quickly on his computer. One monitor displayed whatever it was he did, I never asked, and the other showed a slideshow of porn, changing every few seconds. He didn't look up as I came in, but did smile a bit as I sat the plate down next to him.

"Bring me a glass of milk," he ordered.

I eeped softly as I realized I had forgotten his drink and hurried back to the kitchen, pouring it as fast as I could, then took it back to him. He smiled at me and nodded his head. "You're risking being punished," he said softly and took a drink; casually he reached out and slipped a hand up under my skirt to rub my ass, teasing it for a few moments before he slipped it around and tease my cock.

It stirred a bit under his touch, but I worked to keep it down. He hadn't told me to become hard, and I wouldn't until he did so. It had been that way since the day I moved in with him, when he made me his she-male, and never allowed me to live as a man again. I didn't argue with him, it was exactly what I wanted; being his sissy she-male maid was all I wanted from my life.

My owner pulled his hand away and smiled at me, spreading his legs just a bit. "Time for some dicktation," he said.

"Yes sir!" I said with a slight bounce, and then fell to my knees. I crawled under the desk, making sure not to put a run in my stocking, and slipped between his spread legs. Reaching up I pulled down his sweat pants and his briefs. His sheath was already starting to stir, the head of his cock peaking out of the fur and flesh.

I bent down and licked the head, teasing it with my lips and tongue as my hands reached down to rub his balls. Slowly his shaft starting to rise up, and as more of his shaft was revealed I started to lick over its length. My master didn't make a sound; he just ate his dinner as I ate at mine. Only his erection and the starting to flow precum showed any reaction to my work.

My muzzle was soon filled with his shaft, the length and thickness pressing at the back of my throat. I teased his cock with slow strokes of my head, running his cock through my muzzle as I licked over the bottom of the shaft. After a few bobs of my head I let his cock free and nuzzled at his balls, licking then as I rolled them over my fingers.

Kissing my way up the length of his shaft I gave the head a firm kiss then slurped the whole length down into my muzzle. I nibbled now and then, with a cock like that it was hard to resist, but I didn't do anything to hurt him, I was too well trained for that. At least they were my real teeth; there was a point where I had been too bity and risked losing them.

I continued my teasing of his cock, my hands stroking along the shaft as I licked at the head, his precum flowing thicker now, almost in a constant flow over my tongue. I knew he was getting closer to judge by the slightly squirming of his legs. I slowed down just a hair, not wanting to push him over the edge until he was ready.

That decision didn't take very long as he reached down with one hand and grabbed the back of my head, pressing my face down until my lips met his crotch. I closed my muzzle tightly around the shaft, sucking and teasing more as his balls pulled tight to his body. A moment later his load gushed into my mouth, thick and heavy, flowing quickly over my tongue as I gulped it down my throat.

I held myself in place, just in case my Master wanted anything more from me. This time he did not, and released my head. I pulled back, letting his cock drop from my lips, then gave it a few licks to make sure it was clean. Once that was done I tucked him back into his pants and pulled them back up.

Crawling out from under the desk I rose to my feet and looked at him. "Is there anything else, sir?"

He waved a hand. "Not at the moment, take this away and eat," he said, pointing to his empty plate and glass.

I picked them up and walked out of his office, heading back to the kitchen. Setting them in the sink I started cleaning up the rest of the dishes, washing each one of them in the sink until they were clean, and then dried them the same way. It took time, but in another half-hour I had the kitchen spotless.

Once all my chores were done I took the task of feeding myself. I pulled my hair back so it would stay clean, and then took out a dog bowl with my name on it. I picked out a can of stew and dumped it into the bowl, then used my fingers to mix in the pills I had to take every day to be a she-male. Once everything was done I set the bowl down on the floor.

I got down onto all fours and put my muzzle in the bowl, eating the stew as my ass wiggled in the air. Eating like a dog had started as a punishment a few months before, but I had enjoyed it so much that I had begged my master to allow me to eat that way all the time, it took a few special tasks, but he had accepted in the end.

The stew was cold, but I didn't mind, I was still warm from Master's cum. I ate as quickly as I could without spilling anything. I didn't want to make a mess as that would just get me in trouble, and any stains on my uniform would result in being chained in the small cell in the basement. I wasn't quiet in the mood for that tonight.

I licked the bowl clean then lifted my head, running my tongue over my lips to try and clean up anything that might have gotten on my face. I cleaned the bowl and put it away, splashing a little water on my face, and then started back to my Master.

He was waiting for me in the hallway, a displeased look on his face.

"Sir?" I asked.

"Why am I to punish you tonight?" he asked in a serious tone.

I blushed a bit and looked down. I guess he hadn't cleaned up as well as I should. "Dinner was late, I forgot your drink and I didn't get my cleaning things put away before you came home," I admitted.

He chuckled. "You're too honest, I hadn't known about the last one. I just wanted to see what you would say, but now that I do know you'll be punished. Go to the bedroom and remove your clothing, now."

My blush grew even deeper now that I knew he had tricked me. "Yes, sir," I said, and then hurried to the bedroom as he stepped back into the office. Once inside I quickly pulled off my uniform and hung it in the closet, then shed my panties and bra, leaving me in the nude.

I paused to look at my reflection in the mirror, admiring the pretty lady-boy that I had become. I stuck a pose, sticking out my ass and thrusting my chest forward. You could tell that my breasts had been enhanced, but my body was all female, even my voice had been worked on until I sounded properly female. The only sign of my past life and past self was my boy bits, which still worked fairly well. I had been lucky to start out over endowed, so after so long on hormones I had shrunk down to a more normal size.

Not wanting to turn into a daffodil I turned away from the mirror and opened the draw in the night table. Taking out a pair of handcuffs I closed them around one wrist, then placing my hands behind the back, closed the other side, locking my hands in place. After that I laid down on the bed, resting on my chest, which wasn't easy, and lifted my tail in the air.

I stayed like that until I felt my master's hand on my leg. I murred softly and flicked my tail. "I'm ready, sir," I said.

"So I see. I don't think I will be too hard on you, as you were honest with me, but I'm still going to punish you. Stand up," he ordered.

I rolled off the bed and stood up. He had taken off his clothing and relaxed onto the bed. Once there he motioned for me to lie down over his legs. I did so, placing myself so my bits were between his legs and lifting my tail, bracing myself for the first stroke.

Master held it back for nearly a minute, and when he did slap my ass it nearly took my by surprised. I almost forgot to call out, "One," before the second spank fell. As each one landed I called out the number. He alternated ass cheeks, making sure each one was hot under the fur. After twenty-six strokes he pushed me onto the floor.

I looked up at him and he looked back at me, a smile on his face. "Tonight I think I shall use you, assume the position," he ordered.

"Yes, sir," I replied and climbed on to the bed. I stacked up a few pillows and lay over them, using them to lift my ass into the air. I flipped my tail up in an invitation. A moment later I felt my master's hands running over my ass, which caused me to wince slightly and press my head down into the bedding.

I felt his finger propping at my ass, the familiar cold wetness of lubrication over the end of it. He worked it around inside of me; it was an easy fit as he fucked me quiet often. Once he was happy with his work he pulled free then grabbed my hips with his hands. A moment later I felt the head of his cock teasing at my ass, pressing it open.

I let out a soft cry as he penetrated me, going slow to allow me to get used to the familiar feeling. Even after so long he still filled me and made me tight. He held himself there, filling me to the brink, for at least a minute before he started to thrust inside of me. Each thrust a mix of pleasure as he filled me, and pain as he pressed against my tender ass. I was crying out softly with each thrust.

Unbidden my own cock was starting to rise up and slap at my belly. I was allowed to be hard when master fucked me, otherwise I would be punished almost every night. He ignored it for the time being, instead reaching around me to grab at my full breasts, teasing them around his hands, his fingers pulling at my nipples with each thrust.

His speed started to pick up as he let out a few soft cries of pleasure. He finally took one hand away from my breasts to tease my cock, stroking it in time with his thrust, his balls bouncing against mine in a way that was more erotic then painful.

I shifted my face against the bed, pressing my shoulders down and humping at both his hand and the pillows under me. He slowed down his fucking slightly and picked up the pace of his stroking. I let out a soft cry and started to hump harder into his paws, my lack of stimulation pushing me rapidly to the edge, then with a cry I fell over it, cumming hard into his hand. It had been a week since he had last gotten me off and my cum was heavy and thick, more oozing out my cock then jetting.

He picked up his pace, fucking me hard again, crying out softly as he neared his own edge. He leaned down and offered me his cum filled hand, I lapped up my seed as he thrusted hard into my and came again, his orgasm running through me like a wave as he cum filled my ass.

Once he was spent he fell down over me, nuzzling the back of my head. "You're a good girl," he whispered.

"Thank you," I replied, wiggling a bit as his weight pressed on the cuffs. He slipped a hand under me and undid the handcuffs, allowing my arms to relax. We cuddled up together, licking and nuzzling before drifting off to sleep.



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