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Power of the Ring

by Corset Stiletto

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© Copyright 2013 - Corset Stiletto - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; F/f; transform; majick; corset; leather; boots; bond; cuffs; susp; collar; toys; insert; tease; torment; electro; climax; cons/reluct; X

Driving home late one rainy night I came across an accident where a car had skidded off the road. It appears the car hit an embankment on the side of the road and flipped over. The car resting in the middle of the road, upside down with smoke coming from under the hood.

I pulled the car over to see if they were alright, when I got to the car a woman in the driver’s seat appeared to be unconscious and hurt pretty bad. I tried to call for help but there was no service on my cell phone. I could smell gasoline and decided that I needed to get her away from the car. I pulled the woman from the car, then picked her up and carried her to my car, a safe distance from the burning vehicle. Just as I was placing her in the passenger seat of my car, her car burst into flames.

The woman awoke from the explosion and grabbed my hand. Suddenly I felt very lightheaded and the woman softly said, "I live in a big house at the top of the next hill, you must go there, and all your questions will be answered." Then her head tipped slightly to the side, still lightheaded I checked for a pulse but found none. Still a little woozy I got in the driver’s seat and drove up the hill hoping to get her some medical attention. I saw the house on the hill and pulled into the long driveway. Pulling up to the large house. I shut off the car and when I looked towards my injured passenger ......she had vanished. Still a little lightheaded, I wasn't sure if I had dreamt the whole thing. Then an outside light came on and a woman appeared at the doorway of the house.

I slowly walked towards the door and this beautiful looking woman wearing a black dress and heels. I said, "Excuse me this may sound crazy but, I pulled a woman from a car that had flipped over just down the street. I put her into my car and she told me to take her here. But when I got here she just vanished..."

The woman gave me a puzzled look then reached down and grabbed my right hand, when she grabbed my hand I realized that I was wearing a strange ring on my ring finger. Looking strangely at the ring and then me, she looked me in the eyes and said, "Please follow me."

Following her into a large room just to the right of the front door, I sat down on a couch and took a close look at the ring. It seemed very old with some strange markings on it. The stone began to get brighter and the room began spinning. After passing out momentarily sat up and felt quite strange. Then I noticed my hands, the ring was gone, then I noticed my chest. "What the hell is going on here? How did this happen?"

I was a woman.... small hands, large breasts, tiny waist and long flowing hair. I saw a mirror on a wall and when I got up to look at myself, I almost fell over. I was wearing a pair of woman’s boots with very high heels and a tight leather dress. Putting my hand on the edge of the couch to balance myself I realized I was also wearing a very tight leather corset that restricted my movement. Then slowly I made my way towards the mirror, when I looked in the mirror I was in shock, I was a gorgeous looking woman, with long blonde hair, a tiny corseted waist and long legs, teetering on a pair of boots with incredibly high heels. The kind of body and legs that would stop traffic in the middle of rush hour.

I looked towards the other woman and said, "How did this happen?"

She looked at me trying to hold back her tears and said, "Let me explain, my name is Michelle. The woman that you pulled from the car was my friend Cassie. The ring that was on your hand has many powers. She transferred her soul inside of you, so she could continue to live. Even though she can't cheat death she can transfer her soul to another person if she dies, in let’s say an accident. Changing you from male to female and back is just one the rings powers. Also the ring has the power to stop the aging process. But as you know accidents do not care about your age. We have been together for hundreds of years, but with all of the rings power, it made her quite the dominant partner. However Cassie had a submissive side, as do I so whoever is wearing the ring, has power over the other. Giving us both powers but never at the same time".

Moving back to the couch I asked "How do I control the ring?"

Michelle said, "You simply say out loud what you desire, and it happens. However we are limited in that we cannot permanently harm anyone, but we can cause a certain level of pain, that some confuse with pleasure. But right now if you hadn't noticed I removed the ring, and I am wearing it now. So I am in charge and have all the powers until I remove the ring."

After looking over the sexy dress, tight corset and high heeled boots I was wearing, I glanced towards her and she said, "Yes, I picked out your outfit, I hope you like it. As I have many fond memories of Cassie dressed the same way, they will soon be your memories as well, and the memories will come to you when you are sleeping, in the form of dreams. In a nut shell, in a few weeks, you will be Cassie and have all of her memories as well. So I really haven't lost her. Although your memories, habits and desires will mix things up a little. I am sure it will spice things up for me and definitely for you... You see we are both bi-sexual and as you have probably already surmised, were quite kinky and into fetish clothes".

Trying to absorb all this and starting to have some strange feelings in my new found body especially between my legs. I blurted out, "So you’re into that whole bondage slave scene, with whips and chains and such?"

Melissa jumped in and said, "Only to a certain point we prefer to call it Love Bondage, the pain we inflict is very limited but we are into bondage and quite a bit of teasing, and of course leather and latex." Glancing at me for my reaction she said, "Have you ever tied up a partner while making love or been tied up yourself?"

I said, "No but I have held down my girlfriends hands, above her at a few times."

Melissa asked, "How did she respond to it?"

I said, "Well she didn't complain, and I think she really got off on it, to be perfectly honest."

Melissa asked how it felt walking in the high heels; I said "They are definitely sexy and different but easier than I thought it would be."

"Show me" she said and then she said "walk towards me." When I was about 6 feet from her she said to stop and asked me to turn around. Then she got up and said with a stern voice, "Now don't move."

Melissa then walked over to a nearby wall and picked a some type of remote control, within a few seconds I saw a cable being lowered from the high ceiling. Then she walked behind me and grabbed my wrists, I was unable to move, I could not even speak at that point. I knew she was now using her powers to control me. Quickly she had my wrists secured behind my back with a pair of heavy leather wrist cuffs then a stainless steel bar appeared between my ankles and my ankles were locked into heavy steel cuffs that were very rigid and firmly attached to each end of the bar. The bar was only about 12 inches long as I was still in the tight leather dress and unable to spread my legs very far apart. The outer side of each ankle cuff was also connected to a chain that was secured to the floor. Not that I had any control over them at this point, and thinking that if I had control I would probably have fallen by now trying to stand in these heels.

Still unable to move she walked up to me and said, "Kiss me", by now I was so turned on, had I been in my male body I probably would have made a mess....

Giving me the ability to move my mouth and head was all that I was allowed at this point, after a long wet kiss she walked behind me and said, "Open up"

Then she strapped a large ball gag into my mouth and secured it behind my head beneath my new long locks of hair. Then reaching around my body from the back she started playing with my nipples, eventually pinching them. Having the use of my mouth at this point she was working me into frenzy like I had never felt before. I began to moan in pleasure and pain with her every touch.

After stopping her assault on my sensitive globes she released my hands from behind my back, she locked them together in front of me. She then raised my arms and locked them to the hook that hung down from the overhead chain. Moving in front of me a few steps in front of me she began raising the hook with the remote, firmly secured her then said, "I release you."

With that I was under control of my new body again, if that’s what you want to call it. My wrists were cuffed and being pulled high above my head, my ankles shackled to a bar and chained to the floor. Just when I thought that my arms would be pulled from my shoulders the winch stopped, leaving me suspended about a foot off the floor. Looking down at the floor some type of platform appeared with a pole pointing straight upwards, on the end of the pole was a large dildo, inches away from my moist vagina. The pole firmly secured to the platform and attached to the rod between my legs by passing through a yoke if you will in the center of the spreader bar. I also noticed that the pole had a flange around it this was located a couple of inches above the yoke. Apparently not allowing the pole to drop lower than that flange.

Smiling she walked over to me and lowered the top of my dress and began sucking and pinching my nipples then she attached a pair of nipple clamps them with a short chain hanging between them. At this point going out of my mind would have been an understatement.

I was drooling around the ball gag and my juices were trickling down my inner thighs. Kneeling in front of me she began extending the pole and began slipping the massive penis inside me, I moaned and screamed into my gag and struggled but could not move at all. Just when I thought it was going to rip me in half she stopped. Apparently the base of the penis had a thin metal strip that would not allow it to go in any deeper, thank heavens!!!

I tried to catch my breath, as I must have sounded like a dog panting in the summer heat. That alone was very difficult as I was still wearing the tight leather corset and shallow breathes were the best I could manage. After just a few minutes she attached something to the pole that impaled me, it was attached about six inches below the base of the penis / dildo, now behind me she mounted another dildo or I guess butt plug to it, sliding it up to my backside. A little bit of lubricant and she began sliding it home, deep inside my nice tight ass. Again I thought it would rip me apart.

Then what seemed like an eternity she stopped and secured the butt plug so that it would not slide out. Now that she was finished so I thought she began walking around me, pausing to give me a few slaps on the ass and my inner thighs, as well as pulling the chain attached to my nipple clamps. I was shaking my head and moaning as she went; the she stepped up on the platform and began sucking my neck, just before locking a heavy collar around my neck.

She went over to the table a took a few sips of her drink which I would have lapped off the floor at this point, then with the remote control in hand she began lowering my wrists, I began screaming into my gag as this was putting all of my weight onto both the plugs that were buried deep inside me already. Then she approached me and released my wrist cuffs only to hook them together behind my back. Then using a short chain that hung from the collar she pushed my wrists up high between my shoulder blades and locked them in place.

Picking up her drink she moved to the couch with the remote in hand again. The width of the dildo and butt plug began expanding filling me to capacity, as if they were being pumped up. Then they began vibrating lightly, and as each minute passed the speed would increase. After already having what I thought were several orgasms, this was almost unbearable. Just as the vibrating plugs seem to get to full speed they began moving in and out of me.

Just as I was about to have an earth shattering orgasm, the metal plate that was supporting my weight and pressed firmly against my clit, began to send me shocks around my clitoris. I screamed into the ball gag, shaking violently from the waist up eventually becoming totally limp. After what could on be described as total exhaustion and total gratification.

A few minutes later Melissa removed me from the impalers and helped me to the couch and gave me a nice cold drink after removing my gag. She did leave my wrists cuffed high up my back. As I tried get comfortable on the couch, not expecting my hands to be released, Melissa locked a heavy steel shackle to my booted ankle and locked it to a D ring mounted in the floor with a chain about six feet long. Then she lowered the back of the couch and gave me the most sensuous kiss goodnight. Then said, "Get some rest sweetie, you'll need it tomorrow, the fun is just beginning".


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