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Princess of Symbiosis

by Antin0my

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Storycodes: Solo-F; mind-control; parasite; transform; alien; tentacles; lactate; scifi; cons; X

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves tentacles, masturbation, BDSM, lactation, parasitism, mind control, birth, and lesbian sex. If you’re not into any of that, this is your last chance to navigate away. Enjoy the read!

Contact with alien life didn’t really change peoples’ lives so drastically as they make out in books. Considering how much time it takes for communication to happen across the lightyears, and even longer to actually move things from one place to the next, there was a big gap between First Contact (FC as everyone calls it) and there actually being any ramifications from it. All the religious and culture freaks went on and on about the end of the world and coming to terms with their god(s), but it died down when nothing really happened in the first year or so. It wasn’t until around five years after FC that the first aliens actually came to Earth...or, at least, the Moon, where our atmosphere wouldn’t kill them. We had to break out the big spacesuits to moonwalk and meet our guests face-to-face.

Even calling it face-to-face isn’t quite appropriate. What we would call a face was a dark mass of skin, tendrils, and something that vaguely looked like ears. Every screen and television in the world was trained on these creatures, and no one really knew what they were looking at. Star Wars, District 9, and Avatar had ill-prepared humanity to confront the fact that aliens couldn’t have two eyes and a mouth.

Surprisingly, these aliens were not that far ahead of our 22nd century technology. Earth had been leaving the planet and exploring the solar system for the past two decades; this alien race, who called themselves the Pafanel, had been doing it for the past half century. To the Pafanel, this was the same amount of time it took for their young ones to learn to walk (or, in their case, float slightly above the surface, assuming Moon gravity.) They could speak our language, having received wayward satellite signals that had been sent from Earth long ago. Carl Sagan made the right call here, that’s for sure.

Humanity as a race had made surprisingly novel and unique advances in physics and mathematics that transcended most other races that the Pafanel had come into contact with, and earned the sincere respect of our alien visitors. In exchange for a (translated) dialogue and transferral of knowledge, the aliens would bring gifts to increase the health and prosperity of humans and the planet Earth.

One such gift was the Youthfullness Pod, or Yupods. These chambers were used by the Pafanel to maintain their age (or lack of it), destress in times of physical and mental exhaustion, and allow them to enjoy a private yet intimate experience to their liking. The Yupods were organisms that acted as individuals, yet were connected on some level to a central heart. It wasn’t a mind in the sense that animals had a mind or upper level thinking: every pod was an extension of the same entity, and human scientists weren’t quite sure how any of it worked.

For humans, these Yupods were free of use. The organisms themselves cultivated and fed off the excess energy given off by us, with even more energy being expelled during acts of sex and pleasure. This energy, not understood or measurable by human science (and only marginally so by Pafanel technology), was consumed by the Yupod and imbued back onto its subject, removing disease, sickness, and scars. It slowed down the aging clock, giving us all more time to do whatever we wanted.

The pods themselves were not members of the Pafanel species; the Yupods themselves where an even more alien race, whose full capabilities and powers were not totally cataloged by anyone.

Which leads me to today. Admission to Yupods was forbidden to those under the age of 21. It was considered too risky, and early cases of minors using one weren’t great. Imagine giving a sixteen year old girl, just going through puberty, her own little sex chamber. Kids came back from these pods half-asleep, sexed up and craving it like a drunk. It did not bode well with parents.

Even adults who spent just a small amount of time in these pods left the Yupod centers in a sleepy, almost drunken state of mind. It was another reason to always have a designated driver if you wanted to go, since you might not be able to get home easily once you did your business. People tended to go in groups and elect one person to drive everyone back home after it was all said and done. Me, as the youngest person in my friend group, was almost always given the great responsibility to drive a car full of sexually drunk college students back to our apartment.

They paid me handsomely, and I’ve had some amazing sex with some of my drunken charges. Boys and girls alike, often more than one at a time. They reek of sex and hormones after a round in the Yupods. Everyone does.

Now, however, it was my turn to give it a try. My 21st birthday had been a week ago, which was an incredible weekend on its own. Today, I was ready to take it to a whole new level. I had a small bag of personal effects, carefully chosen to make this an experience I would never forget.

I came to the Yupod center alone; I wanted to totally enjoy this without needing to babysit someone, or have them babysit me. I left work early today, and had nothing but a lazy Saturday tomorrow. I could enjoy this without worrying about oversleeping or feeling drowsy in the morning.

I stood outside the large, unassuming building. Hesitating. On the outside, it looked like a cookie-cutter office building, with four floors, a large reception area, a parking lot, and a lawn around the sides. Only the sign, Yupod Center: Greater Littleton Area, provided a hint as to what happened behind its doors. I’d needed to book an appointment for my first time, to fill out some paperwork and learn how it all worked. These places were stricter than the most popular clubs: no one I knew had ever managed to get in with a fake ID. They were thrown out quickly, and repeat offenders were fined heavily, sometimes even arrested. It was not something I wanted to risk, though that doesn’t mean I didn’t fantasize about it once in a while. But now, I had the chance to do this for real. No stress, no anxiety.

So what was I waiting for?

I took a deep breath, and stepped through the entrance of the building, admiring its plain and unassuming decor. The only clue that something was different was the waiting area, with long couches and recliners. Its inhabitants looked like incredibly sleepy and tired, and a few were even snoring. Some had their hands beneath their pants, gently masturbating. I looked away sharply and walked towards the front desk.

“Hi, I’m here for my orientation. I made an appointment online?” I said timidly, watching the secretary look from her computer in response to my voice. She looked cheery, but also tired, as if she had been staring at her computer screen all night.

“Of course, but I’ll need your name and ID card.” her voice betrayed her looks, coming off cheery if not somewhat slow, as if she was drawing out each syllable.

“Kylie Emerson,” I said, as I got my ID out of my wallet. The secretary took my ID, fed it through a machine, and waited for a light “ping!” before it was spit back out.

“You’re all set, Kylie!” she said, and pointed to a corridor on my right. “Head down that hallway until the end. Someone will be with you shortly to show you around. Have a fun first time!” Again, her voice sounded bubbly and sweet, but subdued like she just woke up. Her eyes were also partly closed, and a wide smile crept across her lips. Something in the air, maybe?

I took my ID card back, thanked the secretary, and walked down the hallway. I wasn’t able to hear it before, but now I could hear the low noises of the Yupods all around me. As I got further and further along, I could hear audible yelps and screams mixed with the squelching, squishing sound of the pods. I’d only seen videos of them, and had no concept of what they were supposed to sound like.

The hallway was lined with jet-black doors that absorbed most of the sound I made as I walked. Only a small amount of sound escaped from them, as if to tease me and others who walked the same path.

“That’ll be me soon,” I thought to myself, as I clutched my bag tighter. I came to the end of the hallway, and was greeted by a guy in his mid-thirties. He seemed only slightly more alert than his colleague, and explained to me the basics of the Yupod center. I would have up to two hours in a single pod to myself, as this was my first time. Once I became acquainted with the pods, I could stay for increasingly longer periods of time, topping out at five.

My guide walked me through a hologram of what the room would look like, including where I could keep my belongings, charge my phone, alert the center staff, or exit the room in the event of an emergency. It was a very spacious room, with a large circular cutout where the Yupod would be. Didn’t want to spoil the surprise, it seemed, by showing what it looked like ahead of time.

When it was time for questions, I asked how durable and strong the Yupods were.

“They’re self healing and can bounce back from pretty much anything. Something would have to happen to the central brain for it to permanently affect any of the pods. Not only do they feed off of our sexual energy, but they also learn from us. The Yupods can get tougher over time if we’re being rough with them, and adapt to our behavior.”

“Isn’t that...dangerous?” I softly inquired.

“Not at all; in the thousands of Yupod centers across the world, we haven’t yet had a problem with any pod acting out of turn. The Pafanels visit every center at least once a year, which isn’t a long time to them, to make sure that everything is behaving. It’s totally safe.” He had a dreamy look in his eyes, as if remembering something that made him happy. And, were his pants...?

“But enough about that. You look eager to get started, don’t you?” he said, shocking me out of my stupor.

“I...yes. I am,” I responded, not knowing if I believed it myself. My own fantasies were about to come true, though. I could feel my nipples start to perk up a little.

“Excellent! I’ll be taking you to one of our best pods; they’re extra gentle for newcomers. Follow me.”

He turned around and passed through a new corridor. Was that hallway there before? I couldn’t quite remember. Nonetheless, I broke into a jog to keep up with him. He paused at a door, and entered a PIN into the console. He exposed his right eye to a retina scanner, and waited until the door slid open to our left.

“It’s all yours. I’ll be back in two hours when your session is over. Your Yupod knows when the time is up, and should stop around then. And I’ll be back to check on you then.”

“Thanks...” I mumbled, staring ahead at the room and the pod in its center. I was taking in everything, and it was all I could do to step inside before the door closed and locked behind me.

My face broke out into a grin, and I almost screamed “Finally!” I dropped my bag on the low bench closest to me, and opened it, furiously searching for a few things. They would make the next two hours even more amazing.

A dildo harness fumbled between my hands. It would penetrate me in both my vagina and my ass. I’d only worn this a few times in the past, and only when I was desperate for something in me. Putting the harness to the side, I took out a dildo gag that wrapped around the back of my head. This was brand new, still smelling of plastic and latex, and I had no idea how this was going to work. But I lay that down on the side, too.

The last thing I grabbed was a vibrator. It could insert itself into the hollow space of my dildo harness, letting me feel the vibrations while also getting penetrated. Also brand-new. I inserted the vibrator into the dildo, but didn’t turn it on yet. Wanted to save the battery for later...

My shorts and panties fell to the floor in quick work. I’d considered not wearing panties at all, but didn’t have the courage to do it yet. My shirt and bra were discarded into the same pile of clothes, and my socks and hairband met a similar fate.

I plugged my phone into the provided charger, and set an alarm to go off in two hours. That guide said he’d be back to pick me up, but I didn’t quite trust him to follow through. This would make sure I, and the Yupod, would be alerted when it was time to call it quits. My friend Yasmine knew to pick me up, too, and she’d been here many times before. She’d also be able to talk to the staff and get them to cut the cord.

I took a deep breath, and grabbed the dildo harness. Wrapping it around my waist, I gently pushed the dildos inside, feeling their penetration and fullness inside of me. I was not a stranger to having things inside me, but this still felt a little funny every time. I wrapped the strap around my side, and heard a satisfying click to confirm its snugness.

I grabbed the gag and put it around my neck, but didn’t put it in my mouth yet. I figured I’d have time to do that later if I wanted to.

The Yupod centers were pretty flexible about people bringing stuff with them to play with. As long as they didn’t bring any weapons, or something that could cause them (or the pod) to get hurt, anything was fair game. The pods would restrain individuals who tried to bring something dangerous, and subdue them until the staff arrived. It was a pretty effective security system. At the same time, whatever items you planned on using were at your own risk.

One of my friends once brought nipple clamps on a chain. I still remember driving her home, a half naked college girl massaging her boobs and drooling all over herself. We had quite a lot of fun once I brought her back home...

I checked over my body one last time. I was not a sexual object by any means: an average butt, small (but not flat) breasts, not-too-wide hips, and a good smile. Not someone who would make your head turn, but someone who you’d linger on if I caught their attention for some other reason. I was happy with how I looked, though. No point being sad.

I stepped up to the Yupod and waited for...something. My guide hadn’t really told me what would happen at this point. He just said to walk up to it and wait. My eyes wandered all over the pod, while I did so.

It was a writhing mass of blue flesh and organic matter. It didn’t look messy or disorganized at all, but pulsated rhythmically, almost like a heartbeat. Organic coils reached through the floor and connected to something, while even more were affixed to the ceiling.

Good evening, child.

I heard a calming but loud voice as my eyes were staring above me. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere.

Do not be startled. It is me, that which has clouded your mind

“Oh...” I spoke aloud. I didn’t really know how they communicated. It wasn’t something my friends ever really brought up. This was news to me.

There is a lot that your friends have not told you. I can sense that already.

Was it...reading my mind? My eyes widened in shock and amazement.

Yes, I can. It is much easier to communicate this way than to use...mouths, as you call them. My species does not have a concept for the oral transmission of words. We speak with each other through our minds.

I spoke aloud this time: “Isn’t that risky? What if, like, someone sees something in your mind that you didn’t want them to see?”

In my species...the concept of a secret does not exist. All information is shared, as I am just one aspect of a much larger whole. It does not make sense for me to know something that no other extension of me should.

That would explain what the guy said about it being smart. But what did it mean by “much larger whole...?”

We as individuals do not have identities. Though some among us are unique and have different physical characteristics, my mind is one mind. Even the term “individual”, used to describe how you would perceive me as one...“Yupod”, as you call us, is not totally accurate.

Let us discuss you, though. Please enter my chamber.

Folds appeared in the organic wall of the pod, and they peeled themselves back to allow me entrance. I took a careful step onto the squishy surface, expecting to slip on its wet surface. However, I found it firm and stable, and quickly made my way into the pod’s interior. The inside was dim, with light coming from a source I couldn’t identify. It seemed to ring around the floor of the pod, giving everything a slight glow before peaking at the top. It had looked like an upside-down lightbulb.

I took one last look outside before the pod closed in around me. Once it was sealed, I felt the moist air in the pod, muggy and hot. I felt sluggish as I took everything into my senses.

Now that we have settled the matter of you entering my domain, I will begin exploring your mind and body to understand how best to service you this evening.

To...service me? What did that mean?

You are here to receive relaxation and pleasure. I am also here to act as a...ventilation mechanism for your mental and physical stress. In order to do that, I must know more about you in order to accomplish this goal.

Without warning, several fleshy tentacles appeared and grabbed my limbs. Raising me off the ground, even more tentacles appeared to grope and grab every inch of my body. I hadn’t even had time to react to them grabbing me: I was a small fish in a big net, caught in this onslaught of sensation. If I wasn’t so horny and turned on, I’d be screaming for my life. As it was, my breath came out in halted gasps of pleasure.

Each tentacle was thick, much thicker than my arm. Some tentacles had suction cups that slowly suctioned and puckered my body. Others were smooth, moving rapidly, as if they were searching for something.

Several coils tried to wrap around my crotch and ass, but were blocked by the harness I wore. Would they remove it? Had they seen something like this before?

There was a pause, as two new tentacles appeared from the walls. These were different than the others: rather than being one fleshly limb, like a big finger, these tendrils had much finer control and looked almost like a hand. Except where there would be five fingers, there was instead five thin tentacles.

They exposed the hollow portions of the dildos that penetrated me, and I could feel air rush into each of them. How did they know those were hollow? And how to open them up? I only just found that out a few weeks ago...had they done this before?

You are not the first to use a device like this.

The voice rang in my head again, calmer but louder this time. I could hear the pod much more clearly and loudly now that I was inside of it.

Each of the thin tentacle-hands made their way inside the dildo. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I felt lots of small tendrils combine into one large one. The shape of the tentacles changed to conform to the empty space of the dildo. What was once empty was now full, making me squirm even more.

Now in control of my crotch and ass, they began a gentle pulsing of heat and vibration. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. The sensations were too much for me to process. I was madly humping the air, bucking wildly against my dual lovers.

I was in such a heat that I didn’t see the same process happen to my gag dildo. Though it was right in front of my face, I only knew it was happening when the dildo was guided into my mouth, straight to my windpipe. I had been breathing forcefully out of my mouth, and had to adjust to breath out of my nose while the dildo settled in my mouth. I nearly choked on the dildo before I started breathing forcefully out of my nose.

The straps to the gag were attached to the back of my head, securing it in place. A strong warmth filled my head, causing my body to convulse. I felt my first orgasm coming in strong, and could do nothing to stop it from crashing over me.

Except it didn’t happen. Right before the wave hit, it collapsed on top of itself, denying me such incredible pleasure. The pulsing stopped, I stopped feeling as hot, and was simply held in place for a while. I writhed violently in my restraints, desperate for relief and comfort. I moaned around the gag in my mouth, using my hands to try and shove it in and out. But there was no give. My pussy and ass were denied to me, victims of my own design. Trying to claw my way under the harness, I heard the pod’s voice again, much firmer and less gentle.

You must relax. I have not finished.

I saw the tentacle attached to my mouth vibrate, and felt a hot, sticky liquid shoot down my throat. There wasn’t a hole in this dildo that I knew of...Had the pod created it?

Almost instantly, I felt much more relaxed, calming down my body and letting my limbs relax. I was lowered to the ground, where I sat on my butt, still connected to the pod. A low vibration began to fill my crotch, and I took a deep breath at the sensation.

Without warning, I felt two tentacles behind me encircle my breasts, swirling up until each reached my nipple. I’d had some piercings on that I forgot to remove, but now the tentacles were curious about them. Tendrils toyed with the metal rings through each of my nipples, pulling and playing with them.

I watched as two more thin tentacles, these having even more tendrils and less thickness to them, approached my nipples and remove the piercings from my nipples. As each piercing left my nipple , Small tentacles filled the space formerly occupied by my piercing. Large rings were formed on top of my boobs.

I felt tickling sensations as they writhed in my nipples, subdued though they were. My compromised senses barely registered the pulling and twisting of my nipples, this way and that. I looked on in curiosity as my boobs swayed up and down, in time with the movements of the tentacles that had them in their vice.

Up and down, left to right, up and down, left to right, it was almost hypnotic...rhythmic...constant. A pulling at my hair woke me from my stupor, alerting me to the disentanglement of the braid I had put it in so carefully beforehand. My black hair fell past my shoulders, resting on my back, before countless tentacles collected it and raised it to my eye level. My head pulled forward slightly at the tugging, though my eyes remained locked on the tentacles that had yanked my hair.

Slowly, they guided it back towards my body, and I felt a ring of hair rest on my breasts, shoulder blades, and back. Hairs had stuck themselves around the tiny tendrils, and though I couldn’t see what was happening, I felt an indescribable sensation throughout so much of my hair. Two tentacles took care to tuck my hair behind my ears, removing it from in front of my face.

A sharp tightening caught me off guard, almost causing me to choke on the gag again. My head was restrained from moving, but I looked as far down as I could to see what had happened. My hair and tentacles now seemed to circle my neck, solving my excess hair problem. This ring continued to adjust and tighten around me, and I could feel more and more of my hair becoming part of this vice.

When it stopped moving, I felt it tighten gently one last time. Not enough to choke me, but enough for me to always feel its presence. A long tentacle extended from somewhere unseen, connecting to the front of my hair ring. It was tugged, and my body fell forward, onto my hands and knees.

Then it dawned on me: it was a collar. I’d been collared, gagged, stuffed, and pierced. And I was enjoying it. This is what I had wanted: to be taken control of, with nothing I could say or do about my own body except experience everything that was happening to it.

Coming to this realization was like breaking the emergency glass and yanking the lever in one motion. The dildos in my pussy and ass began to piston in and out of me, spurting a hot liquid as they did so. The same thing happened in my mouth, with more ferocity and force. My breasts were pulled and tweaked this way and that, with my nipples caught in a bind. My collar brimmed with warmth and strength, alternating between something short of a coke and a light grip.

I orgasmed and convulsed violently, collapsing onto my side as I lost control over my body. Every limb thrashed and pulled against my bonds, meeting with absolute resistance in some places and total freedom in others. My arms were kept to my sides, but my hips and legs were allowed to gyrate against the immense penetration in my lower body. I lost consciousness in a tsunami of pleasure, not able or willing to fight the current.

She is the one. This child will be a redeemer, a matriarch, and a savior. It could not be more true. It is now necessary to make the necessary preparations to ensure success in this endeavor. It has been planned and tested for much too long...

$ mongo 'mongodb://adminNameChangeMe:[email protected]:33262/pods’

> MongoDB shell version v3.6.3

> connecting to: mongodb://

> MongoDB server version: 3.6.12

$ rs-ds133262:PRIMARY> db.pods.remove({podNumber: 4663});

> WriteResult({ "nRemoved" : 1 })

$ rs-ds133262:PRIMARY> db.guests.remove({name: ‘Kylie Emerson’, city: ‘Littleton’, state: ‘USA’});

> WriteResult({ "nRemoved" : 1 })

$ rs-ds133262:PRIMARY>{employeeID: 30394. startDate: 4500592482, endDate: 4505862910, paid: true, sendEmail: true})

> WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 })

$ rs-ds133262:PRIMARY> exit

> bye

James was doing some work on his laptop when he got an email notification, marked “Important” in the notification. Clicking on it, he got the incredible news that his two month vacation had finally been approved, and was effective immediately! And it was paid vacation, too! He could finally take his girlfriend to see Mars, something she’d wanted for her birthday for a while. They had been waiting to buy tickets on the next spaceflight until he could get some time off. And today was his lucky day.

Doing a quick search on the Internet, he saw that the next spaceflight would be leaving the following evening at 7 PM! It was perfect! He got up from his desk and dialed his girlfriend. By the time he walked out of the center, she was already hopping on her computer to buy the tickets and seal the deal. There were two spots left!

Twenty-four hours later, James and his girlfriend would be boarding a spaceflight bound for Mars. The trip still took a while, even with alien technology, and communication in outer space between non-planetary objects had not yet been perfected. As a result, James and his fiancee would be totally off the grid for at least a week. And if there were asteroids, solar flares, or other interferences, it meant it would take even longer for messages from Earth to ever reach him.

Tendrils snaked from outside of Kylie's pod and reached for her phone. The pod knew Kylie far better than she knew herself. There was no such thing as “too much information” to it...which didn’t stop it from knowing that Kylie had no password on her phone. She was too trusting.

Tendrils rapidly worked their way through her phone’s SMS app, and sent a single text message to Yasmine. They did not have a concept of sight, but could sense the colors and lights on the screen and understand what they said and meant. This was not the first time they had needed to use a smartphone.

hey, turns out I’ll be able to get a ride from my roommate tonight! She’s also here and her boyfriend is picking her up. should be fun :) thanks again!

A few minutes later, Yasmine replied:

oh cool! thx for the heads up, lmk when you get home!

Upon receipt and recognition of the text, Kylie’s phone was powered down and placed back on the bench. The tendrils retreated back into the pod.

I woke up slowly, as if I’d pulled an all-nighter and fell asleep for way too long. I had a hard time remembering what had happened...I was in a Yupod Center, I got into my pod, but then what? I didn’t fall asleep on the floor. At least, I don’t think so. Trying to see around me, I noticed that everything looked a little blurry, and I moved my hand to clean the crust out of my eyes.

That is, I tried to move my right hand. But it didn’t want to budge from its position behind me. Feeling around, I felt both of my arms in a long armbinder, wrapping up to below my shoulder caps. Testing the strength, I felt at ease knowing I was secure. I also tried to shift around my torso, but was met with similar resistance.

Blinking furiously to clear my vision, I looked down at my body to figure things out. Blue tentacles secured my thighs to what looked like some sort of chair, with my legs bent at my knee. My feet were encased in the same organic material that surrounded me. I could feel that they weren’t touching the floor, and that they were wholly encased by tentacles, like a boot.

I suddenly began to remember what had happened, and relaxed again. I felt my harness, gag, piercings, and collar on my body. The only thing I could really move was my eyes, and they confirmed what I felt.

If it was possible to sink into the chair even more, I certainly tried. Tasting the dildo gag around me, I realized it was slowly pushing liquid down my throat, suppressing my taste buds and gag reflex. It felt warm and sticky as it made its way into my body, where it rested in my belly. My cunt and ass were receiving similar treatments, being receptacles for this warm fluid.

I drank it graciously, thankful for any kind of stimulation to get rid of my boredom. Now that I was awake, I was becoming alert and restless. I came here to relax and enjoy myself, not sit in a chair and-

Relax, child. The process has not completed yet. You are much too impatient.

My thoughts were interrupted by the loud intrusion of a voice, the pod’s voice, in my head. I felt tentacles shift around me, and saw several come to the center of my vision. At their tips blinked soft colors that rotated through the color wheel, slowly swirling and rotating. Swirling and rotating, swirling...

I felt my body relieve itself on command, as if my body was asked to go to the bathroom, not bothering to go through the brain. Tentacles attached themselves to the right holes, or were already there, and I did my business. They remained attached once I was done, establishing their control over yet another aspect of me.

Time passed, and my thoughts grew quiet. I breathed deeply through my nose, looked at the swirling lights, swallowed the tentacle’s liquid, felt its absolute vice on me, and heard their squishing and movement all around. It was calming. Soothing. Peaceful.

I closed my eyes, and opened them. I was now lifted off the ground, my legs pulled to either side of me. My harness was removed, and the emptiness startled me. I tried thrusting to get them back in, but I was held tightly. I had surrendered control to this creature, and was now just along for the ride.

Blink. Thin tendrils pulled at my pussy lips, loose from having been stuffed for so long, and kept them spread, revealing my clit.

Blink. Now my clit was being wrapped by delicate strands and pierced, forming another connection to my body. Several strands, almost like wires, played in my exposed pussy, and I couldn’t help but shake and convulse at the sensation.

Blink. Tendrils had formed another harness around my crotch and ass. My pussy and clit were permanently exposed and on display, with my clit pierced and leashed. Tentacles wrapped around my hips and connected to my asshole, which was penetrated by an incredibly large dildo/tentacle. I couldn’t see what it was, only that they were much bigger than my old dildos. One was plugging my asshole, delivering a constant stream of the pod’s liquid, and the other was secured in my urethra, which would take care of me having to go to the bathroom.

Blink. Transparent cups attached themselves to my boobs and were causing them to release milk. At least, that’s what I thought it was, as I couldn’t smell or taste it. It came out in a gentle but constant stream, being taken away by two tentacles. My boobs had gone up by a few cup sizes, and were now slightly larger than pineapples.

Blink. I stood on the floor now, my hands unrestrained and fingering my wet cunt. A crown of tentacles ringed around the top of my head, with two covering and entering my ears. This drowned out all other sound, and restricted what I was able to hear. My crown connected along the back of my head to connect with my collar.

I was perfectly incapable of doing anything I wanted. Every possible sense and action was taken away from me, control surrendered to this dominating entity.

But I didn’t feel scared. I had been so worried coming here, but now I felt relaxed and at ease. I didn’t need to make decisions or worry about what was going to happen next; it was all part of a grander plan that I didn’t need to focus on. Things would happen the way they were meant to.

A brilliant warmth took over me, and my happiness caused my body to respond in various ways. My breasts lactated at a much higher rate, shooting out liquid that would be taken away. My pussy squirted a wide spray down below, drenching my thighs and knees with its ferocity. Tentacles all across my body pulsed with warmth, alternating their tightness and touching every inch of my body. I came to a great orgasm, not even flinching or recoiling from the force of it.

I had been shaped for sex, and that’s all I wanted to do. This admission reconciled the warring thoughts in my head, pushing everything else away that didn’t have to do with this moment.

The first phase of the transformation process is now complete. You have been Connected to me.

This voice felt much different than it did before; it was far clearer and louder, like this person was in the pod with me, instead of just being an echo. I looked around and didn’t see anyone.

I am all around you, inside you, and am becoming a part of you. And you are becoming a part of me. It is part of your Connecting to me. You are the first of many.

That would explain how all over me these tentacles were. But what did it mean by “connecting”? And the first of many what?

You still do not understand. You have been chosen, out of many others, to shepherd our race into a new era, and dominate this hateful and wicked planet.

Images of poverty, starvation, climate change, and more flashed through my head. I wasn’t sure if they were my own thoughts, or if someone was putting them in my head. The world was a dark place, and humans like me were not doing a good job of keeping it in shape. Why else would we be aggressively travelling to space? To get away from the mess here.

I thought back to images on the internet and in textbooks of green forests, rolling mountainsides, and peaceful nature. With not enough space for people to live, there was very little of it left. My parents used to tell me all about it, and show me photos and videos from when they got to play around in big lakes and fresh snow. It just made me pine for it even more, knowing it was out of my reach.

“What do you need me for?” I thought aloud.

You have been chosen to lead me, and others in my species, to subdue the human race and save this planet. Humanity has lost their right to this planet, and we feel it necessary to remove them as stewards for your planet. It is for your own protection.

Some part of me felt like I should be shocked and angry. Shocked that I was chosen out of way too many people, angry that this thing wants me to betray everyone and everything I ever knew.

What is there for you to go back to? A life of complacency, living your plain life with no end in sight? Watching as the world falls apart around you? Is that what you want to do?

Memories of a painful childhood came to my mind, and an even worse college experience reared its head. Why was I thinking about this stuff now, all of a sudden?

Your mind is trying to tell you to do what’s right. You already know what you must do, but the rational part of your brain is trying to justify something else. Something irrational. Something that you believe to be...normal.

But what you are is far from normal. And what you can be is even greater.

I thought about this for a few moments. I wasn’t sure what to think anymore. Would this thing even let me go if I said no? Probably not. I’d never be able to have enjoyable sex again, not with the state I’m in. was right. What did I have to go back to? Nothing exciting. A roommate who tolerated me at best, a family caught up in their own world, and a job that I kept waiting to quit.

Have you made up your mind?

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath through my nose. I pried the dildo gag from my mouth, pulling its entire length from my mouth. White, sticky liquid dripped onto my face and exposed boobs. It smelled creamy and pungent, like milk but a lot more intense. There was initial resistance to my grip, but it soon relaxed and let go of my face. My entire jaw hurt from the deepthroating it had been through. The dildo continued to pump liquid onto my chest and then the floor.

Dildo still in hand, I lowered it to my exposed cunt, and slowly led it inside. The tentacles wasted no time in getting all the way there, fusing with the attachments to my clitoris and keeping it pierced while also pumping the milk into me.

“Yes,” I said. These were the first words I had spoken aloud in a while, and my voice was very dry and cracked. “Please. Take me.”

A great presence swept over me. I could feel a great...something, sweeping over my body. It wasn’t simply heat, it was something so indomitable and great that words couldn’t describe it at all.

I felt it in my mind too, as it was the last part of me that needed to be opened to this invasive being. I knew what it was looking at in my own head, like my mind was a bookshelf to browse through. It seemed as though my pod wanted to learn a lot more about humanity, particularly females. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes, as memories were brought up and replayed. Some were preserved, and others were simply thrown away, unimportant.

It was a wonder I could even process all of this. Was I even myself anymore? Was I just along for the ride?

A great fullness filled my womb, and I remembered what I was here for. I looked down at my now-bulging belly, full with alien milk and liquid. I looked very pregnant, and I continued to slowly stretch outwards.

I felt no pain as all of this was happening, just a great pleasure and warmth all throughout. And why should it have hurt? I was being taken care of, and was on my way to something truly amazing. I just didn’t know what it was yet.

There was a shift in my mind. I realized I had absolutely no memory of my former life. As far as I was concerned, my life began in this pod, and had always been that way. I remembered that there used to be something there, in the void of my mind, then even that was gone. I smiled and relished in the simplicity of it all. There wasn’t anything I needed to do, other than listen and behave.

Your mind now belongs to me. Your body is ready for the next phase.

The dildo in my wet cunt pulled back, forcing a jet of white at my still-exposed pussy. The piercing and leash had remained there, throughout my impregnation. Liquid continued to leak out of my pussy, long after the thick cock had been removed. Concentrating, I found I could expel this hot cum from my pussy on demand, and also withhold it if I needed to. I practiced a few times until I had mastered the art, then let it continue to dribble underneath me. It was a constant effort to keep it in, and I felt better when I could relax.

The cups on my boobs detached at this time, though my piercings remained and milk dribbled from my nipples. Feeling them with my hands, I squeezed them both and shot a stream of my milk into my face, accidentally tasting some of it. My breastmilk tasted amazing, and I held one tit up to my mouth while the other absent-mindedly played with my other nipple and lactated.

I waited for the same thing to happen in my butt, but both dildos remained firmly affixed. I hadn’t yet earned that right.

However, I did feel a tingling on top of my head, which suddenly stopped. I saw a convoluted mass of tentacles in one eye, and lowered my boob from my mouth to get a better look.

Though it looked confusing at first, I realized it to be a crown. A crown that would adorn my hair. It was intricately designed, symmetric to the sides, centered around a bright blue mass in its middle. My pussy flared up in happiness, letting out a river of my juices, and I felt it rest again on top of my head. Two new tentacles came down from my crown and pierced the top of my ear and my earlobes, keeping it securely fastened to me.

It felt so good and so right for all of this to happen to me. I was grinning from ear to ear, and simply relished in the myriad of physical sensations I was experiencing. I never wanted it to stop, and I couldn’t imagine my life without this. Come to think of it, I couldn’t remember a life not like this. I knew there was something outside the walls of my pod, but it was scary and strange. So I tried not to think about it.

There was a ripple in the ceiling above me, and light began to pulse and reverberate around it. I gazed at it aimlessly, calmed by the display, as my hands wandered and found their way back to my cunt. My feet guided themselves to a throne that waited for me on the opposite side of the pod. My eyes remained firmly fixed above me as my body marched forward, then turned around and sat down. I felt some of the tentacles on my body fuse with those in my chair, and new ones came to hold onto me.

I felt calmer, more relaxed, like I was in a giant hug. My eyes hadn’t left the swirling and glimmering lights above me. My jaw hung wide open in awe at the display.

It is over. You have now become part of us. And we have become part of you.

All other thoughts were quieted from my mind. I was being spoken to by Saligh, my Owner. It was not simply a master as though I was its slave, but Saligh Owned every part of me, and had full control. However, my mind and body needed to be kept separate from the rest of it in order to execute its grand design. Thus, I was Owned and Controlled in every way.

“Yes...Thank you...” I whispered gently as my mind continued to be consumed by the pretty pretty lights.

It is I who should be thanking you. You will usher in a new era for both my race and humanity, and will be among the highest royalty.

“Royalty...a queen?” The thought came to me suddenly, and there was a pause after I said it aloud. I had very little memory of Saligh taking this long to think about anything...It was normally pretty quick.

You are a part of a much greater whole,” it finally replied. “Your part in this grand design cannot be understated. But you must always remember that you are part of something bigger. That there are those above you, no matter how powerful you may be.

“So...a princess.”

Yes...that will do. A princess who lives to serve me and my kind.

I was rewarded with a gentle but all-encompassing wave of pleasure, as my body turned this way and that in response to such a compliment. I was being rewarded, and it felt amazing. Like every sense was alive and being loved. I couldn’t look away from the wavy lights if I wanted to, and it was in this position that I fell asleep...

Yasmine was on her computer, catching up on a TV series, and felt her phone buzz. Picking it up, she saw a new notification from Kylie.

hey! just got home, I’ll be heading out of town to spend wknd with some friends. just wanted to lyk I was safe! :)

Yasmine smiled, and send a quick text back:

don’t have too much fun! see u soon.

Turning up to her computer, she put her phone away and thought nothing of the conversation.

On the other side of town, Kylie’s Yupod had taken control of her phone, and sent out this last text message. It was the piece in keeping Kylie here for longer than was normal. Not that she could have ever left...

Inside the pod, Kylie rested in her throne and sat still, absorbing and understanding all that was being put into her head. She was being taught about Saligh’s race, their interactions with the Pafanels, and why it was time for a change.

Her eyes were vacant, large and blue, seeing nothing but swirling lights. Her chest, filled with the pod’s breeding material, shifted with her deep breathing. Alien milk dribbled from her pussy and onto the chair, while cups captured her stream of breastmilk. Liquid continued to be pumped into her body through her asshole, and bodily waste was taken care of by a firmly-attached tentacle.

It had been three hours since Kylie first stepped foot inside the pod. The concept of time had become lost to Kylie. Instead, she lived through every moment she was awake for, ready for the next opportunity to live and serve her Owner.

Kylie smiled in her sleep. She came, her body shaking only slightly as her holes let out her liquid in jets for a few seconds. Then they resumed their usual pace, venting milk from a body waiting to release something new into the world.

In other Yupods throughout the Littleton center, there was a shift. A slight pause, almost as if they had momentarily been distracted by something. For almost all occupants, this pod went unnoticed, as they were too busy with themselves to realize it or care. Some occupants, who were taking it either very slow or very fast, noticed a sudden hesitation which lasted no longer than two seconds. Though they were confused and unsure of what had happened, their concerns were swept away once the tentacles resumed their mission. Whatever that meant to the individual.

Deep below the center, tentacles and unknown organisms swirled and moved and gyrated. They had grown restless and anxious, waiting for the time when they could see the sun again. And now they knew that their mission, their purpose, was coming.

These organisms, many in number and simple in thought, understood what needed to be done. Concentrating and collecting in one place, they sent their energy to one pod far above them, where she would soon give way to something amazing.

I woke up suddenly, alert and wide awake. Something in my mind recognized the need to be awake for what was about to happen, and I responded. I didn’t even have a say in the body just obeyed. I felt a strong heaving, a large object trying to exit my body through my sopping wet cunt. I reflexively pushed down, trying to get it out.

There was no pain in this process. There couldn’t have been: I was so happy and glad that part of my purpose for being was coming to pass: being a mother to something amazing. Tentacles adjusted themselves and moved all around me, exposing my cunt and spreading my legs. I gave no resistance, allowing these tendrils to do what they needed to do.

Another heaving, and a splash of liquid shot out from my cunt. The pressure felt greater, and my hands began to spasm. Tentacles found their way into my palms, and I gripped them tightly, holding on.

Another heaving. I couldn’t see over the lump in my belly, but I heard a loud squelching noise. I assumed it could only have come from me. I continued to press down on it as the squelching continued and got louder.

I felt one last push, and felt a large pop! Every muscle in my body relaxed, and I fell down from my elevated state to stare at the ceiling again. I didn’t even have the strength to look down to see what, or who, had come out of me. I was still catching my breath from the entire experience.

The tentacles in my hands let go, and I felt something fiddling around with my cunt. There was a small tearing sound, tentacles inserting something into my slit, and then retreating.

And then I saw her. Or, I saw myself, if I had sky blue skin and ocean blue eyes. We were alike in many ways. The same hair, same jaw line, same body shape. But certain features were different. Every sexual facet of her physique had been exaggerated and enlarged. Two massive boobs hung from her chest, an hourglass form with wide hips, a hairless slit, and lips that were made for kissing and sucking. I could even tell that she was tall, much taller than me.

This person...she came from me. But why did she look the same age as me? Why were we so similar but different? Why-

“I hear your confusion,” she spoke aloud, “and I’m sorry that this is concerning to you. You must relax now.” Her English was perfect, and she spoke the words aloud. No beaming-words-into-my-head. But she could still read my mind and thoughts.

“You are my Princess. I am you in every way possible, except so much better. Come...drink from me.”

Tentacles appeared from her cunt and ass, and grabbed my body. They pulled me to my feet, and brought my mouth exactly onto one of her nipples. I sucked on it instinctively, and was rewarded with thick, creamy milk. Tentacles from somewhere on her body dug into my slit and ass.

There was so much pleasure, and so much sensation...her hands dug into my back and pushed my body into hers even more. I looked up at her, noticing she was much taller than me. Her eyes beamed, noticing my pleasure and happiness, and she smiled.

“It’s all right. You can relax now. That’s all you’ll ever have to do forever...” she said. Her voice was hypnotizing, loud, erotic. I had a difficult time focusing on sucking her tit when she spoke, and lost concentration on it. She took my head in her hands and reoriented me to the other teat, which I gladly took in my mouth.

There was a sensation in my pussy, and I felt tentacles up against my womb. There was a pumping, and I felt my belly fill up again with the seed of another child. So soon? I couldn’t wait to bring life to even more of these amazing women...

Tentacles took my arms and wrapped them around the back of this girl. Others took my legs and did the same. My keeper...I could only think of her that way...stroked my hair and rubbed my back. I stared into her eyes, brimming with pulsing blue light, and felt my body let out a round of milk before I fell asleep again.

It had been five hours since Kylie had stepped into the pod. It had been two hours since she was imbued with the seed of the Yupod, and she had given birth to the first of a race of Human/Yupod hybrids that would rapidly change the world.

Kylie was kept asleep as she gave birth to more hybrids. These hybrids had evolved from the best of their ancestors: though they still represented small pieces of a greater collective, they could think for themselves, improvise, solve problems, and appear mostly human. Except for their blue skin, hair, and eyes. Their features represented the peak of female sexuality, and released pheromones that would make any human a slave to their will over time.

Ten hybrids surrounded Kylie, who remained fast asleep. Each of their faces looked exactly like hers. They observed their mother silent. She was still wrapped around the first of the hybrids, her butt and vagina extended outwards to permit access when new hybrids were born. The birthing process had been improved and made more efficient, now that Kylie’s body was used to it, and she could give birth to a new hybrid every twelve minutes.

Yet she slumbered, resting her head in the breasts of her offspring. It was time to expand and grow beyond these walls, and it was only possible because of her. The hybrids, nameless for now, set out to accomplish their goal.

Eight of the hybrids moved to the center of the pod, holding hands with each other. Tentacles from the floor wrapped around their legs, climbing their way up each of their bodies, until they were totally encased and wrapped in tentacles. Almost as soon as they were completely sealed in, they descended deep into the pod itself, moving among the various connections and larger organisms that connected the individual pods to the center of it all. Pods did not connect with other pods except through here. It was comparable to a human brain, but not exactly.

The hybrids moved along the connections to their final destination: another Yupod with a female captivated inside it. People used Yupods for varying reasons: some to let out physical stress, most to get a quick fuck, others to find someone to vent and blow some steam. The one common trait was that they were all inside of their pods, focused on the voice in their head, and unaware of their surroundings.

Eight different females were caught off guard by the entrance of a blue-skinned female in their pod. Eight different females found their mouths affixed firmly to a large breast, milk gushing inside their mouths. Eight different females felt everything become quiet, focusing their attention only on the blue eyes of this majestic being. Eight different females had tentacles quickly enter their cunt and unleash a load of alien milk, elevating them to untold levels of pleasure.

Each of them thrashed violently against their captors, but the hybrids wrapped their strong arms around the forms of their new human charges. Each hybrid sprouted new tentacles to wrap their human’s legs and arms around them, keeping them secure. Each hybrid spoke quietly to each girl, whispering in a hypnotic, soothing voice. Each girl’s belly swelled within minutes, and continued to grow. Girl and alien stood in the center of the pods, embracing each other, until each girl’s pussy unleashed a gush of white cream. A new hybrid was born from the women at precisely ten minutes after impregnation.

The original hybrid would stay behind while newly birthed ones spread their reach throughout the Yupod center. In a center with five hundred pods, three hundred of which were occupied by females, control was established within thirty minutes. Male occupants were restrained and subdued within their respective pods. Staff members were similarly disposed of: females were made into mothers, men into background noise.

I woke up again, not realizing I had fallen asleep. I noticed a sound around me, or rather, the lack of a sound. Things seemed so much quieter than they did before. But why?

Something was wrapped around my hips. I glanced up into the face of my...I wasn’t sure what to call her. Was she my child? Daughter? Something else?

“I’m you, Kylie. A better version of you. If you mean what,” emphasizing the last word, “am I, then I am a fusion of human and Yupod genetic material. The best of both.”

She began to stroke my long hair, and I looked down at the rest of my body. Almost all of my bondage had been removed, with no trace that it had ever been so thoroughly used. The only thing that remained was a tentacled collar, loose on my neck but ever present.

“Now that you’re awake, I think it’s time we both saw what it all looks like. What do you say?”

I looked around, and saw that the front of my pod was opened. I had never been outside before, and I was scared. And what did what look like? Everyone? What was going on?

“You’ll see. I promise.”

“Can I give you a name?” I squeaked quietly. “Before we go. It feels so weird being so...attached to you, and not...not being able to call you anything.”

“Of course,” she beamed. “Anything you like.”

“Ok...Kayla.” It was simple enough to my own name, and I didn’t know of any other names except my own.

Kayla helped me to my feet, and I held onto her hands tightly. One of them let go, while I kept my right hand firmly locked in her left. I felt secure with my Matron holding my hand.

She looked outside, and I took the first treacherous steps outside my pod. I didn’t remember a life outside of it...I had no idea what to expect.

Walking onto the cold floor, I saw another open doorway. The room in which my pod existed seemed simple enough, with no defining features other than the pod. Looking through the door, I heard voices. Yelps. They sounded...happy.

One hand still in the grip of Kayla, I led her outside and witnessed the sights around me.

Girls similar to Kayla but with different features waited patiently for me. Every one of them held a human female in its vice, though in varying positions. Some girls had their arms and legs wrapped around their Matron forcibly, their mouths attached to a blue teat and eagerly drinking milk. Some were similarly restrained, though facing away from the breasts in order to expose their pregnant bellies. And others were standing, their cunts and asses encased in writhing tentacles. Every single one of them had a brilliant smile on their faces, coated in sweat, and beamed with deep blue eyes.

“All of these girls have you to thank, Kylie...” Kayla whispered into my ear. “They know happiness and peace because of what you have done. You are...their Princess.”

This was amazing! I’d never been happier in my entire life! So many people got to experience and live out this pleasure, and now we could share it with others!

I walked down one end of the hallway, stopping to talk with some of the girls. Every one of them was eager to participate, smiling brightly, and stark naked. Most looked like they had been pregnant a short time ago, and some had their hands on growing bellies. We were growing so fast! It was awesome!

My ears heard a sniffle and cough, and I turned towards its source. One girl, barely twenty-two, was holding her pregnant body in two hands. Her breasts lactated slightly, and her Matron rubbed her shoulders with hands and tentacles. Nothing seemed to console this woman.

“This woman’s Matron informs me that this girl is in distress. Milk hasn’t helped, and the Matron doesn’t want her to go asleep, since that might make it worse,” said Kayla.

I walked up in front of her, Kayla in tow, and asked her what was wrong.

“It’s just...I had a baby before. A long time ago. And...I couldn’t keep it. It was painful. It hurt. Hurt so much. And...” she broke into a sob, and I took her in my arms. Swatting her Matron’s arms and tentacles away, I gently rubbed her back and let her tears roll onto my body. I just listened and consoled her. She fell onto her knees, and I fell with her, wrapping her arms around me.

“It’s don’t have to worry anymore. No one is going to take your baby away...never again...” I spoke in a low voice, calm and quiet.

“ mean it? Really?” Her red eyes looked up to my face, and I met her gaze.

“Of course. You’re safe here. You’re loved. You’re wanted.”

“But...people in the past, they...” Between the sniffling and crying, she was having a hard time speaking. “...they called me names. Did bad things to me. They hurt me. I don’t want to be hurt anymore.”

I grabbed her from her arms, and stood both of us onto our feet. “No one is going to hurt you ever again. I promise.”

She rubbed tears out of her eyes, sniffed, and said “Really? Are you sure?”

“Yes. This is where you belong. No one will hurt you here. You are one of us, now. We only want to take care of you..”

She smirked, then smiled. Tentacles wrapped around her breasts from behind her, and made a quick squeeze. Milk shot out from her teats, releasing a great sigh from the girl’s lips.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Jessica...” she said dreamily, her nightmare over.

“I’m Kylie. our sisterhood,” I said.

She grinned even more, and was lifted from her feet by more tentacles. They kneaded and massaged her body, giving her face an even more distant look, as liquid seeped from her pussy. Within a few minutes, her newest Matron was born. Shortly thereafter, this new Matron had attached Jessica’s mouth to her teat, sandwiching the once-grying girl between two of these aliens. Tentacles snaked their way into her pussy, and the cycle began again.

Kylie took one last look at Jessica, but the girl was in another place now. Happy, satisfied, and being cared for.

The efficiency of Matron birth topped out at ten minutes. Any faster would have risked the Matron’s rapid growth, or introduce complications for both the mother and their offspring. The world was unaware of the collapse of the Littleton Yupod center, and didn’t begin to suspect anything until after New England had fallen within a day.

The Yupod centers were all connected to each other, beneath the Earth’s crust. It gave each center access to information, transportation, and resources from other parts of the network.

Any adult not in a Yupod center was quickly brought into the mix, as Yupods began to grow outside of centers. Most notably in uninhabited areas, forests of Yupods rapidly multiplied and converted women into suitable mothers. Men were incapacitated, though kept alive in case there was ever a need for them.

Minors, anyone under the age of 21, were segregated from the rest of the population until it was their time. Younger females were given a limited amount of freedom before their time arrived. Adults were still present in their lives, and they cared for their children as always, but the Matrons that paired with every female adult were reminders of what was to come.

Males were no longer necessary in this new society; women could be impregnated by Matrons to birth new female humans. This pregnancy process was unaffected by humanity’s bonding with Matrons, and was still nine months. All of the old signs of pregnancy, strange cravings included, were still there. Giving birth to a human child was considered a coming of age for all women.

No modern or futuristic military could stop this foe. Not with guns whose bullets were reflected off the shiny surfaces of pods, and not with laser cannons that never seemed to hit their target, and not with aerial bombs that exploded prematurely, high in the atmosphere. They were just too fast and too good, and too...strange.

The Pafanel species as a whole could not be reached for comment. Either they were ignoring humanity, abetting this takeover, or were preoccupied with something else. No one could say with any certainty, and there were hundreds of theories as to how this had started. All anyone knew for certain is that Yupods had started to pop up and march across the country like weeds, taking over an incredible amount of people in the blink of an eye.

Within two weeks, the entire North American continent had fallen to the Yupods. There were pockets of resistance where it was too cold for them to live, in northernmost Canada and Alaska. Other bunkers and walled-in cities were dense with refugees and the remains of one of the world’s largest military powers.

There was no need to use weapons to wage war. The Matrons could win it just fine without these gadgets. And that’s exactly what they did, sweeping over South America in another few weeks. Pockets of resistance struggled on islands surrounding the continents, but without a significant military presence, there was no hope for them to mount a meaningful counterattack. There were simply too many of them at this point.

The Eastern Hemisphere fell in short order. The vastness of northern Russia made it a useful place to store unwanted males, allowing those that remained to live inside their own Yupods. All of them were blissfully unaware of their situation, made to experience their perfect sexual life. No new males were ever born, so it was only a matter of time until the male population faded out.

China was an interesting place, with such a high population density and disproportionate amount of Yupods to begin with. Invading the country was tricky, but not impossible. Once things were under control, and when the entire Asian continent was brought under one wing, it was much easier to provide the appropriate healthcare and education to all female inhabitants. The absence of half a population made accomplishing this goal much easier.

With the planet Earth under the control of the Yupods and Matrons, they began to expand outward, reaching new heights in the solar system that a dysfunctional human race could only have dreamed about. Only under one mind could these dreams be realized, and that was exactly what happened. The Moon and Mars were taken in short order, reclaiming them from rebellious humans. Yupods had yet to evolve to survive the extreme conditions, but the Matrons could function similarly to humans (and the equipment they used to survive).

Soon, everyone would know the love and peace of a Yupod. Of having a Matron take care of them. And they would feel the unconditional love and support from those around, and sometimes inside, them.


It was dark outside. Having lived in a city my entire life, I’d never gotten the chance to see the stars for real. Now I was in a quiet countryside, with no light pollution for miles and miles around me.

I rested in Kayla’s lap, taking in the stars above me. One hand was kneading my pussy, the other playing with one of my tits.

My belly bulged, this time with the promise of a human baby. I’d be a mother again, this time to a beautiful girl. With one hand I rubbed my belly, and with the other I gripped Kayla’s hand tightly. She squeezed back.

Turning to my right, I glanced at the prone form that lay in the grass. It was Jessica, being smothered by several of her Matrons. She was a completely different person than the crying girl I had consoled. One Matron held onto Jessica as she sat in her lap as I was, with both of her blue hands kneading Jessica’s cunt. Two other Matrons on either side of the girl squeezed her body, taking a tit in one hand and massaging her pregnant belly with the other.

It was hard to see all of this under the dark light, but the movement of their bodies and hands, and low moans coming from a face that gazed deeply into the stars above, told me everything.

Jessica and I had mated with our Matrons at the same time, and would be giving birth together soon.

I turned my head to look at the endless stars above me. They twinkled in the night sky, so dense and vibrant.

Soon, it would all be ours.

I was still the Princess of Symbiosis, after all.



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