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The Reluctant Cow

by Julien Sorel

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© Copyright 2017 - Julien Sorel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF+/f; F/f; transform; chemical; bodymod; breasts; hucow; barn; udders; lactate; machine; milk; paddock; display; stuck; hum; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

To please her boyfriend, Maggie is temporarily transformed to become cow-like. But the lab assistant didn't receive clear enough instructions....

Maggie was trying to grasp the situation. She was chewing something. She was definitely in a barn. There was a breeze, and it made her aware that she was naked. She seemed to be bending over, with her hands on a stand in front of her, and her feet on the ground.

She was looking at her arms in disbelief. They were huge. They looked like the arms of a 300-pound woman. But the skin wasn't saggy: it was firm and pink, and had a nice shape. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of her hanging breasts behind her arms - it was unbelievable! They were down to her elbows, and looked like two big pink water balloons, full and bobbling. And her nipples were longer and thicker.

She thought, "And this is just a halfway transformation? Did Peter accidentally give me a full dose? What if this doesn't wear off?"

She tried to calm herself. Peter had said that a half dose would have her back to normal by Monday. Nothing unexpected had happened - she just hadn't counted on this much of a physical change. What did the rest of her look like?

Whatever she was chewing was kind of sour. But she couldn't stop chewing it. She tried a few times, then gave up. Her mind seemed to be changed as well as her body. She heard a loud clanking sound as she moved her head, and realized that there was a cowbell around her neck. She had had boyfriends with strange sex fantasies before, but never anything as weird as wanting to change her into a cow. And never one with the biogenetic skills to make his fantasy come true.

There was a loose tether around her neck, tied to a pole in front of her. Could she shake it loose? What good would it do her to be roaming free in this weird state?

She tried to call Peter's name, but what came out of her mouth was "Moo!" Startled, she tried to say, "What the fuck?" but instead said "Moo!" She didn't sound like a cow: more like a deep-voiced girl saying "Moo." But she couldn't say anything else.

There was a bucket of what looked like grass on the stand that her arms were leaning on. That must be what she was chewing. To her great surprise, she found herself dipping her head into the bucket and taking another mouthful of the awful-tasting stuff!

"This is so weird," she thought, starting the chewing process all over again.

The barn door opened. But, instead of Peter, she saw a pretty blonde girl in pigtails, in her early twenties. The girl wore a plaid blouse and cutoff jeans, and was bare-legged and barefoot. Maggie felt very, very weird that anyone was seeing her like this. An involuntary "Moo!" came out of her mouth, after which the automatic chewing resumed.

"Hello, you!" said the smiling blonde girl, as if she were talking to a child. "I'm Peter's assistant."

Was she in a lab of some sort? She had assumed that Peter would be the only one around this weekend.

"You are so plumped up and adorable!" said the girl, putting her hand on Maggie's back and pressing her skin. Maggie felt the soft compression as the girl pushed against her. She wasn't used to feeling soft up there. What in the world did she look like?

"And let's see your... udders," she said, moving to Maggie's fattened breasts. "You'd rather I called them udders, wouldn't you?"

"No!" said Maggie, but it came out "Moo!"

The girl palpated Maggie's breasts. It felt very weird: there was some pain, and maybe some pleasure, as the girl twisted the fleshy globes in her slender hands. Suddenly Maggie felt a sharp pull on her nipples. "MOO!" she yelled.

"There's just a little something coming out," said the girl, wiping her hands on a cloth. Peter hadn't been sure whether a half-dose would make Maggie lactate. Maggie was trying to keep a clear head. She had just been milked.

The assistant looked at a clipboard that was hanging off the post that Maggie was tethered to. "Oh my God, you are totally unrecognizable from these pictures," said the girl. Maggie panicked. "Moo!" she pleaded.

The girl pulled a compact out of her back pocket of her cutoffs and held the mirror in front of Maggie's face. Maggie recoiled, pulling her tether tight. She looked as if she had put on a hundred pounds! Her face used to be slender; now it was round and apple-cheeked. But she was still pretty, in a fat kind of way; or would be if she weren't chewing. The grass was almost all swallowed, but her mouth kept working.

Maggie could see her arms and shoulders in the mirror as well. She was huge everywhere, but soft and firm, as if someone has stuffed her with cotton.

"It looks as if you're ready for the rest of your dose," said the girl, looking at the chart. "But it doesn't say whether I'm supposed to give it to you."

"MOOO!!!" screamed Maggie. Peter had told her that the effects of a full dose might not be reversible.

"I'll let you decide," said the girl, pouring the contents of a vial over a handful of grass on a plate. "If you don't want it, we'll wait for Peter."

The girl held the plate of grass under Maggie's nose. Mooing desperately, Maggie felt her head lower automatically into the plate.

"There, there, girl," said the pretty assistant, stroking Maggie's hair. Tears streaming down her face, Maggie helplessly chewed the medicated grass.

In only a few seconds, Maggie's continuous mooing took on a new quality, going further back into her lungs, and deepening. She shook her head as she chewed, making a racket with her cowbell.

"As many times as I see this, I can never believe it," said the girl. When the grass was gone, the girl held a bucket of water under Maggie's tear-stained face. Maggie couldn't stop herself from lowering her mouth into the bucket and starting to drink. She noticed that her breasts were hurting.

As she watered Maggie, the girl reached around and ran her hand over Maggie's ass. Maggie almost choked on the water: it felt as if the girl's hand traveled three feet from one end of her ass to the other.

The girl took the bucket away. Maggie was mooing, rather authentically. She could see that her arms were bigger than before. Her breasts were definitely bigger than before. Her nipples were hanging low enough that she could see them over the bulge of her breasts.

"Okay, you're going to need a milking right away," said the girl. She unhooked Maggie from the post and pulled her gently off the stand so that Maggie's hands and feet were on the barn floor. Led on her tether, Maggie found that she could move slowly forward on all fours, despite the massiveness of her limbs. Her hanging breasts smacked her arms, making her moo in pain.

In the milking room, the assistant hooked Maggie up to a milking machine and turned it on. At the first jolt of the suction cups, Maggie gave a new and weird kind of moo. The blonde girl smiled at the expression on Maggie's plump face.

"Wow, look at that flow," said the girl. "You're doing great. Peter is going to be amazed when he gets back." The girl patted Maggie on the head and left tethered and suctioned, her strange little moos coming faster and faster.

Part Two
Maggie's boyfriend doesn't seem completely unhappy about her transformation into a girl/cow...

Peter sat on a stool in the barn, his head in his hands. Maggie stood in her stall, tethered and teary-eyed, looking pleadingly at Peter and mooing.

"Mag, I just don't know how this happened. I'm so sorry. That's all I can say, I guess - I'm just so sorry."

Maggie mooed plaintively, a tear rolling down her plump cheek.

Peter reached out and touched her face gently. "It's really amazing... that you still look so beautiful. I mean, with all that extra... I mean, I guess that's the silver lining in all this, that you look... really, you're amazingly beautiful."

Maggie didn't seem comforted. Peter moved his hand down to Maggie's breast, which was the size of a small watermelon, and stroked it with the same comforting gesture, finally arriving at her nipple, which was big enough for him to grab on to. Maggie mooed loudly, an alarmed expression on her face.

Peter kissed Maggie on the face, then got up and moved around behind her. As quickly as he could, he took his pants down and plunged his erect cock deep into Maggie. Maggie strained against her tether and mooed pathetically, her cowbell clanging. But Peter had a firm grip on her now-sizable ass with both hands and was fucking her for everything he was worth. He didn't last very long. Breathing hard, he pulled his pants back on, sat in front of Maggie again, and gave her another kiss on the cheek.

"I'm sorry, honey. You're just.... I'm sorry. I hope that was good for you too."

Maggie didn't look as if she were having fun.

"Are you hungry? I'm sorry I didn't give you anything - you're probably hungry. Wait a minute."

Peter put a small manger full of grass on the stand that Maggie's hands were resting on. Still mooing and crying, Maggie instinctively lowered her head, took a big mouthful of the grass, and started chewing, a few long strands of grass sticking out of her mouth.

Peter watched her eat. "I'm doing some lab work now. There's always hope - this drug isn't tested as much as we would like. I'm afraid we'll just have to wait and monitor you to see how quickly it will wear off. To be truthful, it's not likely that we'll see much change before six weeks or so."

Maggie mooed loudly at the sound of "six weeks." But she continued to chew her grass, and took another mouthful as soon as she had room for it in her mouth.

"From a scientific point of view, it makes more sense to treat this like a long-term event, as regards health considerations. I'm running a set of tests to try to get a handle on whether your biology is more like a woman's than like a cow's at this point. That will make a difference in terms of diet, exercise, etc."

Tears were falling onto Maggie's feed as she chewed and mooed.

"Maybe this won't be so bad a thing, overall," Peter said hopefully. "Once the initial shock is passed, your time here shouldn't be stressy or pressured at all. And I have enough personnel to take care of all your needs, even when I'm travelling. While we're waiting to see how effective the drug is, you can just... take stock, you know, enjoy the simple things, relax. There are pastures here... you'll get a lot of sun...."

The more Peter tried to comfort Maggie, the more mournful her moos became. Peter stroked her hair.

"There, girl. There now," he said. Maggie gave him a horrified look as she lowered her head for another mouthful of feed.

Peter looked intently at Maggie as she ate. Then he got up and went around behind her again. In a matter of seconds he was inside her again, pumping away at her majestic hips. Mooing loudly, Maggie continued to chew grass the whole time she was being fucked. When he was finished, Peter stood in front of Maggie, looking uncomfortable as he watched her eat, his cum running down her legs.

"Geez, it looks as if we have to do something about those udders," he said. He touched them tentatively, and Maggie mooed immediately, as if in pain.

Peter took Maggie's tether off the post. "Down, girl, down," he said, pulling her off her stand and leading her away. Maggie swayed from side to side as she walked on her hands and feet after Peter, still chewing the last mouthful of her meal.

Peter got Maggie set up on the milking machine, closing a gate behind her so she couldn't back away from the suction devices. "Good girl," he said, watching his girlfriend moo helplessly as the machine started sucking the milk out of her tits. "This is going to take a while, and I have a lot of work to do, so...." Maggie stared at Peter with half-closed eyes, her moos getting shorter and breathier. Fascinated but feeling as if he needed a break, Peter backed out of the milking room, leaving Maggie to the punishing caress of the suction cups.

Part Three
The drug that transformed Maggie into a girl/cow doesn't seem to be wearing off....

Maggie knelt in the grass, behind the white picket fences that marked the boundaries of the clinic, and grazed on the lawn. She was accustomed by now to the taste of grass, but she had never learned to enjoy it. Each time her head dipped to tear out another mouthful, her massive breasts crushed against the ground. It was a painful sensation: even when she'd been milked recently, there was always pressure building up inside her now. But the pain was accompanied by a pleasant tickle in her teats as they scraped along the grass. The loud clanking of the cowbell attached to her collar accompanied every move she made.

It was a sunny day, and much of the staff was outdoors, milling about or working with the animals. No one took much notice of Maggie, though she was recognizably a naked human female, albeit a very large one. Maggie had the impression that the clinic workers were uncomfortable around her, and preferred to pretend she wasn't there. But lately she didn't care much whether anyone paid attention to her or not.

It had been much longer than six months since Maggie had been fed the full dose of the drug that had transformed her, and its effects showed no sign at all of wearing off. If anything, Maggie had become even more cowlike over the course of her time at the clinic. She had given up hoping for anything.

A minibus of grade school children, on a field trip to see the animals at the clinic and its attached farm, pulled up on the road outside the fence. Paul's pretty young assistant, dressed in the silly farmer's daughter outfit that she wore for the public, met the children at the van's door and gathered them into a group. Maggie gave an involuntary moo as she chewed. She knew this routine. She had never grasped how desperate Paul's business was for funds until she inadvertently became one of its main attractions.

The children were led onto the lawn and formed a circle around Maggie. In complete contrast to the staff, who averted their gaze whenever they passed her, the children stared with wide open eyes and mouths. Maggie didn't feel like giving them a show, but she couldn't stop herself from eating grass when she was hungry. And she was always hungry.

"Is she happy?" asked a girl.

"Yes, she is," said the assistant. "This is the life she wanted." Maggie wearily mooed her disapproval.

"She's got a pretty face," said another girl.

"Can we pet her?" asked a boy.

"Yes, but be gentle," said the assistant. The children edged toward Maggie, and one after another put their hands on her pink, plump body. Maggie mooed, but knew it was no use. The children's shyness was starting to wear off; one bold little girl wrapped a hand around Maggie's left teat and yanked.

"Moooo!" yelled Maggie, still chewing.

"Don't do that, children," said the assistant.

"Why are her breasts so big?" asked the bold girl.

"Because she gives us milk, just like all the other cows." said the assistant. "And she prefers that you call them udders, not breasts." Maggie mooed in disgust. Everyone at the clinic knew perfectly well what had happened to her, and yet they had all gradually adopted the comforting belief that she had transformed herself on purpose.

"Stop it! Stop that right now!" said the assistant in a harsh tone. Two mischievous little boys had gotten behind Maggie and were poking a long blade of grass up into her private parts, causing her to bellow in dismay.

"It's almost time to visit the creamery and get a treat," said the assistant, wanting to end the visit before the children became too unruly. "Who wants their picture taken with Maggie before we go?"

"Me, me!" screamed the children. The bold girl ran up to Maggie first and put her arm around her neck. Maggie wasn't interested in the photo opportunity, and kept grazing.

"If you want her to look up, put your thumb in the soft spot under her chin, and push hard," said the assistant. "Don't worry, you won't hurt her." The bold little girl followed the instructions with enthusiasm, getting a bellow of pain from Maggie but forcing her to pose. One after another, the children took their place beside Maggie for a picture, forcing her to look at the camera.

"Can I get on her back for my picture?" asked one of the mischievous boys.

"All right, but be quick," said the assistant. The boy leapfrogged onto Maggie's bare back and straddled her happily. In his excitement, the boy dug his shoes deep into Maggie's milk-filled tits. Maggie's moos were horrible, but the assistant thought it best to let the boy do what he wanted and get the picture taken quickly.

The children were led away to the creamery for an ice cream, leaving Maggie alone again in the field, grazing dejectedly. In the afternoon, two stable boys attached a rope to Maggie's collar, pulled her up onto her hands and feet (a strenuous task), and led her off to the barn for the evening.

In her stall, Maggie was tethered and pulled up onto a wooden block that supported her arms so that her back was level. The stable boys, who were in fact grown men, proceeded to wash her with sudsy, lukewarm water (Maggie could somehow getting pretty dirty when left outside to graze) and brush her down. While they worked, they amused themselves by making incredibly vulgar and debasing comments about Maggie, seemingly unaware or unconcerned that she could understand everything they said.

Peter, wearing a lab coat and weary from an unproductive day with potential investors, entered the barn with a clipboard in his hand and walked over to Maggie's stall. He had gotten out of the habit of addressing Maggie directly over the months, and Maggie too no longer bothered lifting her head from her feed bin when he visited.

After inspecting Maggie for a few seconds, Peter asked the stable boys, "Did you take a stool sample?"

"Not yet," said the older of the two, scrubbing Maggie without concern for the tenderness of the parts he was working on.

"You're supposed to take it first thing," said Peter coldly.

"We'll get it," said the younger man.

"Andy took a stool sample last night," said the grinning older man. "You can just scrape it off his condom."

"That's the only place you can get any traction on her," said Andy with a smile. "She's got a twat like a horsecollar."

"See, for some of us that's no problem," said the older man. "She's just the right size for me."

"Shut up! Shut up, both of you!" yelled Peter shrilly. The men stopped talking, but smiled at each other. They didn't seem to take Peter very seriously. "I don't want to hear anything like that ever again. She was my girlfriend, for Christ's sake." Peter removed his glasses and wiped them with a handkerchief.

Peter's blonde assistant walked briskly into the stable and stood by Peter's side. The stable boys began to move more quickly when they saw her. The blonde looked down at Maggie's udders.

"She needs milking," said the girl.

"We're supposed to take a stool sample first," said the older stable boy.

"Oh, that's not important, is it?" asked the girl, looking at Peter. He continued to clean his glasses and didn't respond. "We'll take her into the milking room," said the blonde to the men. "You take care of Ginger for now, and finish up with Maggie later."

The men left off brushing Maggie and went to groom a real cow. The assistant untethered Maggie, pulled her off her block, and led her to the milking machine, with Peter following. When they were out of earshot of the stable boys, she whispered excitedly in Peter's ear, "I talked to the Japanese."

"Carla..." said Peter.

"I think they'll take her," said Carla, expertly attaching Maggie's teats to the milking machine and switching the unit on.

"No, Carla, no. I refuse," said Peter wearily.

Carla pulled Peter away to one side of the room as Maggie's milk began to spurt into the machine's tubes. They weren't quite out of Maggie's hearing, but it was difficult to be careful about that all the time. "Peter, we're talking real money here! Do you realize what we can do with that money?" she said.

"But the drug might still wear off," said Peter. "I can't just..."

"Darling, we're not doing anything to help her at this point," said Carla, putting her hands on Peter's shoulders. "And you've accomplished so much with this clinic! If we can just get the money to keep it going, I have such faith in what you can do with it!" She pulled Peter down into a passionate kiss, not too concerned about Maggie, who could see them plainly.

Peter returned the kiss, but turned Carla sideways, so he could stare at Maggie while kissing her. Without breaking the kiss, Carla immediately grabbed Peter by the hair and pulled his head down so he couldn't see Maggie anymore.

For Maggie, the drama of treacherous lovers, and even the prospect of being sold off to the Japanese, meant less to her at that moment than the exquisite ache in her teats as the machine manipulated them, sometimes brutally, sometimes teasingly. This indescribable feeling was what she lived for now; it was by far the most pleasurable sensation that her strange new life had to offer. She mooed softly, looked down at the vast, pink curves of her tortured udders, and felt the hot buzz in her face and neck that signalled the slow arrival of an orgasm, the first of the milking session.

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