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Rick & Mike Part 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; transform; FF; F/m; outdoors; tease; torment; fondle; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 2

Plans? Sprawled limply on his bed, Rick had to wonder what lay behind that word. After all, in the past hour, he had seen his best friend, his male best friend, become a beautiful Asian girl. He had then been changed into an equally beautiful blonde girl. He had played with his new breasts, fingered himself, and finally, engaged in a 69 session that had left his new female body totally limp. What else was there?

“What plans?” he asked nervously.

Mike smiled wickedly. “You’ll see.” Rising to her feet, the lovely young Asian woman bent to pick up her clothes. This put her perfect ass right next to Rick’s head. He couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke the soft skin of her hip. She patted his hand softly, then gently pushed it aside.

“Get up,” she said, slipping into her clothes. Not that there was much to slip into. She wore only a pair of skin tight red satin shorts and a matching, bikini top. Once dressed, she reached into her duffel bag and withdrew a pair of sandals, which she quickly slipped onto her feet.

“Well?” Glancing at Rick, still sprawled on the bed, she frowned. “What are you waiting for?”

“Why am I getting up?”

“We,” came the ominous reply, “are going for a walk.”

Rick was horrified. “Like this?”

Mike giggled. “Of course not, silly, I have clothes for you, too. I was hoping you’d let me change you, too, you know. Where’s the fun if I can’t share it with my best friend?” Noticing a look of concern on Rick’s face, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just strange,” Rick replied. “I mean, you changing yourself into a girl is strange enough, and changing me just as strange. But, Mike, you’re acting like a girl. You just giggled. I swear. I’ve never heard you giggle before.”

Mike shrugged. “Well,” she said, “let’s just say I’ve gotten used to this body. When I wear it, I am a girl, not just a guy in a girl’s body. She even has her own name, even. I’d kind of like you to use it from now on, when I’m in this body.”

“What name?”


It fit, Rick thought, rising to his feet. From Mike the guy to Michelle the girl. He found himself wondering what his female name might be.

“Actually,” he said, “I didn’t figure you were asking me to go out naked.” He gestured down at his new body. “I meant, like this. As girls.”

“Why not?” Mike, no, Michelle, replied. “Nobody will know it’s us. We’ll go out the back door and slip through the Harris’ yard. Nobody will ever see which house we came from. And your folks won’t be home from work for hours. So we have plenty of time. Now get dressed and let’s go.”

Dressed, it turned out, meant an outfit identical to Michelle’s except Rick’s was in electric blue, along with a pair of sandals. Once dressed, Michelle grabbed his hand, practically dragging him downstairs and out the back door. They sneaked through the neighbor’s yard, emerging on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the block. There, they began casually strolling.

Rick had never felt more exposed in his life. True, his outfit covered the essentials, if only barely. It was, he knew, mostly the thought of being seen in a girl’s body. He knew nobody would recognize who he really was, but part of him wanted to run back to his house and hide. Glancing over at the girl walking lightly beside him, he frowned.

“I wish I could be so casual,” he said. “But you’re not showing as much. Your hair covers half your ass.”

Michelle laughed, shaking her head, sending a wave through her long black locks. “And it tickles when I walk naked, too,” she said, causing Rick’s eyes to widen.

“You’ve spent time walking around naked in that body?” he asked, bringing another laugh from his friend.

“Not much,” she said, then grinned wickedly. “Only every time I’ve had the house to myself.”

Rick was stunned. “But that’s most of the day, while your folks are at work.”

Michelle’s grin widened. “I know,” she said. “Let’s just say I enjoy it. And so do you. Admit it.”

“I don’t know,” Rick muttered. “Did you have to make my tits bigger than yours? Our tops are the same size, but they cover yours better than they do mine.”

That much, at least, was true. Rick’s breasts were at least a cup size larger than Michelle’s. Michelle’s top covered her breasts, barely, but nearly half of each of the firm globes on Rick’s chest emerged from around the patches of cloth trying to contain them. With each step, they bounced and swayed, and, while that felt very nice, he was afraid they were going to bounce right out. He said so, drawing yet another laugh from his friend.

“Relax,” she said, playfully swatting Rick’s ass, her hand lingering afterwards. “Enjoy yourself. Remember all the times we’ve walked around, staring at the girls? Well, today, we’re the ones who’ll be stared at. It’ll be fun, I promise.”

Rick wasn’t so sure, but he kept his doubts to himself. Soon, however, something else began demanding his attention.

“Um, Mike?”


“I’m sorry, Michelle. I have a problem.”

“What is it now?”

“It’s these shorts. Did you have to make them so tight?”

“Do they hurt?”

Rick felt himself blushing. “Well, no, not exactly. But they’re rubbing me in places I didn’t have a couple hours ago.”

Michelle grinned. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Maybe too good. I don’t know how much of that I can take. I’m not used to feeling this way, you know.”

“Don’t worry,” Michelle said, hugging her friend gently. “If it gets too bad, I’ll take care of it.” She grinned. “It will be my pleasure.”

Doubtfully, Rick continued, his steps gradually slowing. Finally, he stopped completely.

“I can’t,” he said, moaning softly. “Michelle, if I don’t cum soon, I’m going to die.”

Michelle gazed at her friend, a worried look on her face, then both turned as a noise rose behind them. They turned to see a large Bronco 4x4 turn the corner and move toward them.

“Perfect,” Michelle said, stepping to the side of the road and waving her arms.

“What are you doing?” Rick asked nervously. “You know who that is.”

Michelle nodded. “Jeff. And he probably has Dale with him.”

Rick winced. Jeff and Dale had been two of the jocks in their graduating class. And, since neither Rick nor Mike had been part of that group, both had been the target of more than a few cruel jokes by these two during their years of school.

“Don’t worry,” Michelle said reassuringly, watching as the Bronco rolled to a stop. “It’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“Hey, sweet cheeks,” Jeff called from behind the wheel. Grinning, Michelle half turned and patted her own ass.

“And which set of cheeks might you be referring to?” she asked wickedly.

“Any set you like, beautiful,” came the reply.

“Can you give us a ride to the park?” Michelle asked, drawing a silent groan from Rick. The park was a good dozen blocks away. And in the opposite direction from his house.

“Sure thing.” Jeff popped his door open, leaning forward and pulling on the seat back to let them slip into the back seat. Sure enough, Dale sat in the passenger seat, openly ogling them as Jeff closed his door and put the Bronco back in motion.

“Thanks bunches,” Michelle said, settling back into the seat. “I’m Michelle, and this is my best friend, Ricki.”

“I’m Jeff, and this asshole beside me is Dale.”

“Shut up, tard.”

Rick shook his head. Some people, he thought, never change. No matter how much nicer things would be if they did.

During the short ride, Michelle chatted freely with the two in the front seat, not only seeming to ignore how Dale stared at her crotch, but actually spreading her legs slightly, as if to give him a better view. For his part, Rick sat with knees pressed together, arms crossed as if trying to hide the way his nipples poked out against the tight cloth of his top. The shock of his current situation had dimmed his need to cum, but only slightly. He shifted, fighting back a moan as the motion drew the crotch of his shorts more tightly against an area that definitely needed no further stimulation.

When they reached the park entrance, Jeff glance back. “Here we are,” he announced.

“Great,” Michelle replied. “Now, could you find us somewhere quiet?” Grinning, Jeff drove on into the park, while Rick could only stare at his friend.

Soon, the Bronco was parked under a tree near the park’s small pond. Shutting off the motor, Jeff turned in his seat. “Now, then,” he said, “what exactly did you have in mind?”

“Nothing for you,” Michelle replied, bringing shocked looks to both faces leering at her. “But feel free to watch if you like.” With that, she slipped her hand between Rick’s clenched thighs.

“Michelle, don’t,” Rick moaned, the touch making his need ever stronger. “We can’t, not here, not…….oh, God!”

Ignoring her friend’s protests, Michelle continued to stroke gently. Then, when she thought the time right, she tugged at the waist of Rick’s shorts, smiling as her friend’s hips rose to allow her to slip them from his hips.

“Good girl,” she whispered, quickly shedding her own shorts. As she maneuvered Rick onto the seat, then climbed over him, she glanced toward the front. Both Jeff and Dale had their cocks out, stroking them as they watched. Smiling, she gazed at the glistening pussy below her, then lowered her head and dived in.

As for Rick, he couldn’t decide if he was in heaven or hell. Michelle’s tongue, which he’d already felt once today, seemed to know every inch of his new pussy better than he did. She knew exactly how to wring the greatest pleasure from every twirl and thrust of her agile tongue. On the other hand, he knew Jeff and Dale were both watching them. What if they wanted to join in? he wondered frantically. Then, as Michelle’s tongue worked its magic, he forgot any such thoughts, his own tongue stabbing between Michelle’s thighs to return the favor.

Again, it seemed only seconds before he felt what he knew to be an orgasm swelling within him. Moaning, he redoubled his efforts with his tongue, trying to bring Michelle off as well, but when his orgasm exploded through him, he could hear her moan her disappointment.

“Not yet,” she cried softly, feeling Rick’s body writhe beneath her. “I’m not ready yet.”

But it was too late. The orgasm, which he had been building toward almost from the moment they left the house, exploded through him.

“We need to teach you more control,” Michelle complained, rising from her position atop Rick’s limp body. “Now, what about me? I need to cum too, you know.”

She glanced into the front seat. Jeff, it appeared, had cum as well, judging by the stain on the front of his shirt, as well as the softening state of his cock. Dale, on the other hand, seemed to have a bit more control. He still stroked his cock slowly, staring openly at Michelle’s crotch.

“I guess you’ll do,” Michelle said softly. Knocking Dale’s hand away from his cock, she climbed over the console to position herself over him. Glancing over his shoulder, she grinned at a stunned Rick.

“That’s why I picked them,” she said. “High truck, high sides. Nobody can see what’s going on at waist level.” She shrugged. “Well,” she admitted, “that and the fact that nobody else was available.

Rising slowly to a seated position, Rick could only stare as Michelle abruptly lowered her hips, driving Dale’s cock deep within her. Head thrown back, she began to ride him. Dale reached for her breasts, only to have his hands pushed away.

“No,” Michelle panted, her pace slowly increasing. “That, people can see if they look. Just be glad for what you’re getting.” Shrugging, Dale grasped her hips instead, pulling her to him as he thrust up into her.

For several moments, as both Rick and Jeff watched, the two drove into each other. Michelle’s moans and Dale’s panting breaths were the only sound to be heard. Then Michelle uttered a piercing cry.

“I’m cumming!” Her thigh muscles stiffened, raising her until only the head of Dale’s cock remained within her, and then she dropped onto him, driving him even deeper then he had been before. Her body writhed in his lap.

“Me too!” Dale’s hands clenched, pulling down on Michelle’s hips, drawing her even more tightly against him. For a moment, the two strained together, then both seemed to go limp.

“Oh, how I needed that,” Michelle whispered, drawing herself from Dale’s lap, crawling weakly back over the console, to collapse into the back seat. Briefly, she lay with her head in Rick’s lap, panting, then slowly pulled herself into a seated position.

“You don’t know who I am,” she told the two in the front seat, as she reached down and began pulling her shorts back on. “And you don’t know who my father is. But if you say anything about this to anyone, anyone at all, I will know about it. And then you’ll find out who we are, and you’ll wish you hadn’t. Do I make myself understood?” Stunned, the two nodded. “See that you remember it,” she continued. “Now, let us out.” Grinning, she glanced over at Rick, who had quickly drawn his own shorts on as well. “We have somewhere to go.”

Soon, the two stood watching as the Bronco drove from sight along the park’s road. As they began walking, Rick glanced toward his friend.

“Michelle,” he began slowly, “I really couldn’t see from where I was sitting. Did you really……?”

Michelle grinned. “My first cock,” she replied. “And it felt great. You should try it some time.”

“No way,” Rick exclaimed. “I’m not gay.” Michelle’s response was to cup Rick’s ass, one finger slipping between his thighs, causing Rick to shudder slightly.

“Of course not,” she said, smiling. “Fucking a guy only makes you gay if you’re a guy. Which, at the moment, you most definitely are not.”

Rick drew her hand from his ass, pulling it around his waist instead. “Maybe not physically,” he said, touching the side of his head. “But up here, I’m still a guy.”

“Well,” Michelle said, “we’ll have to work on that. When you’re in this body, you need to actually be a girl. How else can you really enjoy it?”

“And how,” Rick asked nervously, “do you intend to work on it?”

“Sex,” was the reply. “Lots and lots of sex, with you in this body, so you can get used to it.”

“Sex with you, right? And only you?”

“For now,” came the enigmatic reply. “Now, let’s see about making it back to your house. Who knows how many times we’ll have to duck into an alley and pull those shorts off you before we make it back.”

Laughing, arms wrapped around each other’s waist, the two young women ambled off.. Glancing at the beauty beside him, then down at his own bouncing breasts, Rick could only wonder how much this day was going to change his life.

He couldn’t wait to find out.


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