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Robert's Dream

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; mast; dream; ropes; bond; transform; M2f; captive; bfold; kidnap; transport; enslave; cons/reluct; X

Robert closed his door with a soft sigh.  It had been a long day to end an even longer week.  Work had been worse than usual, and his attempt to relax at a neighborhood bar hadn't helped a bit.  Now, though, he was home, where nobody would bother him.

Stripping off his clothes, he treated himself to a long, hot shower.  After drying off, he collapsed onto his bed.  Tiredly, almost lazily, he reached down and slowly began stroking himself.  This was something he only did on Friday night, so it didn't take long for him to become hard.

Usually, he would slowly bring himself to orgasm, then clean himself up and fall asleep.  Tonight, though, he simply teased himself.  Already half asleep, with soft, unrecognizable images forming in his mind, he found himself wondering vaguely if there might be something more.

At the feel of something touching his ankles, he glanced down the length of his body to see two ropes, one wrapping around each ankle. As he watched, the ropes knotted themselves into place.  They then drew taut, drawing his feet apart.  Still slowly stroking himself, he marvelled at how real this newest dream felt.  He tugged at the ropes, at first lightly, then with more force, but they remained secure, holding his feet apart.

This, he thought, was a bit strange, but nice.  The slight feeling of helplessness seemed to increase his arousal.  Still, there could be more.

Even as the thought formed, he felt more rope encircling his wrists.  He watched as the ropes knotted, then drew his hands slightly apart.  He could still touch himself with one hand by twisting his hips, but he could no longer bring his hands together, meaning he couldn't reach the knots that held them.  Again he tugged at his bonds, and again they remained secure.

Even as he relaxed and began stroking himself again, he felt something fill his mouth.  His lips closed on a round, suspisciously tubular shape, feeling the panel at its base.  He could feel the straps around his head, holding the gag in place.

Damn, he thought, his hand slowly picking up its pace, this is one realistic dream.  Now almost totally helpless, his arousal grew even faster, his hand again picking up its pace.  It was then that his dream, strange as it already was, became even stranger.

Under his stroking fingers, he was amazed to feel himself shrinking.  Within seconds, he found himself stroking, not his familiar manhood, but a softly furred mound.  His arousal, however, remained high, and his fingers missed not a beat, gently stroking himself almost as if nothing at all had change.

Next, he felt his chest growing heavier.  Through barely open eyes, he watched his chest expand into a pair of flattened but prominent mounds, nipples at their tips hardening under his slitted gaze.  At the same time, the rest of his body began to feel different.

Slowly, his mind began to consider the thought that maybe this wasn't a dream after all.  Maybe, his mind told him, he had really become a woman, impossible as it seemed.  Maybe he really was a naked, helpless woman, bound and gagged on his own bed. 

Even as the thought formed, Robert's bedroom door opened.  At the sight of a strange man entering, Robert's eyes opened wide.  Now completely awake, he stared at the intruder approaching his bed.

Dressed all in black, his face hidden by a ski mask, the man said nothing as he quickly removed the ropes holding Robert's feet apart.  Any hopes Robert might have had for release were quickly dashed as the man next drew his feet together, drawing more rope from his pocket and binding them securely.  Another rope went just above his knees, and now Robert's legs were thoroughly fused together.  Completely awake now, and more than a little frightened, Robert began to struggle, but, by now, it was far too late.

Ignoring Robert's struggles, the man released his wrists, only to roll him onto his stomach.  Robert reached for the straps to his gag, only to feel his hands captured and drawn behind his back.  What felt like another rope quickly secured them together.  Now more helpless than before, Robert could do nothing to prevent another rope from being wrapped around him, pinning his arms to his body just above the elbows.

Once the final knot was tied, the man rolled Robert onto his back.  Even as he began struggling to escape, the man reached down with a blindfold, and Robert's world went black.  Almost immediately, he felt himself lifted from the bed and slung over what could only be the man's shoulder.

This, he now knew for certain, couldn't be a dream.  Why it was happening, or even what it was that was happening, he had no idea, but he had no doubt it was somehow very real.  He felt himself being carried from his home.  A car door opened, and he was deposited on what felt like a leather seat.  A door slammed next to his head, followed seconds later by another door opening and closing.  He heard an engine roar to life, and then his world lurched into motion.

Again he struggled, and again the ropes defeated him.  He could only wait helplessly for whatever lay in store for him.  Unable to see, the ride seemed endless, but, finally, he felt the car turn, tires crunching on stone.  Seconds later, the car stopped and the engine died.

When the door next to his head opened, Robert tried once more to struggle, but hands easily lifted his squirming body from the seat, carrying them up what felt like a set of stairs.  Motion ceased, and he felt himself lowered onto his knees on what felt like a carpeted floor.  The blindfold was whipped off, his eyes blinking at the sudden flood of light.

As his sight returned, Robert found himself kneeling in a large, comfortably appointed room.  Mirrors lined the walls, and, seeing what was reflected, his eyes widened.

There, staring back at him with wide eyes over the panel of a gag, knelt a lovely young woman.  Robert stared at the firm, full breasts, the full ass and flaring thighs.  Slowly, his gaze lifted, taking in large brown eyes staring back at him, framed by honey blonde hair.

"Does she have a name?"  At the sound of the voice, Robert's head snapped around.  Striding across the room was a slightly older man.  Staring at his handsome face and soft blue eyes, Robert was surprised to feel his body relax, if only just.

"I have no idea," he heard the masked man say.  "Nobody mentioned a name.  They just told me where to find her and where to deliver her."

"Fair enough," the older man said.  "Help her to her feet, please, and then you may leave."

Hands grasped Robert's arms, drawing him to his feet.  Behind him, he heard the door close as the masked man departed, leaving him alone with this new stranger.

"My name," the older man said, "is not important, at least for now.  In any event, I doubt you will ever use it.  What is important is that I have purchased you to be my slave.  I'm well aware that you have no experience serving, but I fully intend to train you myself.  If you serve well, you will be rewarded well.  If not...."  The man shrugged.  "I do not believe in pain as a method of punishment, but if need be, I will use it."

Stepping forward, the man reached down and ran one hand across the mound between Robert's thighs.  In spite of his fear, his helplessness, in spite of any number of things, Robert was amazed to feel his former arousal return, every bit as strong as before.  Feeling the moisture already forming, the man smiled, reaching toward the straps to Robert's gag.

"It would seem," he said softly, "that you were well chosen.  Now, let us hear what you sound like."

As the man's fingers worked the buckles, Robert's mind flashed to an evening earlier in the week.  On a whim, he'd gone to visit a fortune teller.  Her words, he'd thought then, were the usual nonsense meant only to relieve a foolish customer of some money.  Now, as the gag slipped from between his lips, those words flashed back into his mind.

"You will find your happiness, your true happiness," he heard again, "only when you learn to follow the dream you hide most deeply within you."

"Now," the man said, setting the gag to one side, "do you have a name?"

For once in his life, Robert knew exactly what to say.  "My name," he said softly, "is Roberta.  And I would be honored to serve you, Master."  In that second, Robert ceased to exist, and Roberta could only smile at the realization of a dream she hadn't even known she'd had.  A waking dream, she told herself, feeling her whole body flush as her Master smiled in response to her words.  For that smile, she thought, she would do anything.   She glanced at the bulge visible in her Master's trousers, her smile widening.  Obviously, her service would be at least partly sexual.  Absently, she licked her lips as if in anticipation.

"I look forward to serving you, Master," she said softly, staring pointedly at his crotch.  In this, though, she was just a bit untruthful.  She wasn't really looking forward to it.

In truth, she could hardly wait.


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