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The Mermaid

by Albarez9

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Storycodes: M/f; MF; bodymod; transform; mermaid; slave; sex; nc; XX

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Act 2 – The Twist in the Tale

Sarah was awoken by the sound of birds chirping which brought a smile to her face. She had quite a migraine, which she figured was caused by her excessive drinking from the night before. She stared up at the fantastic deep blue of the Greek sky, not a single cloud was in sight. She relished the heat of the sun beating down upon her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Something was bothering her though, how had she ended up outside? She didn’t remember leaving Robert’s mansion the night before, she assumed she had fallen asleep in his house – but how had she ended up outside.

She opened her eyes and looked over to her left, she could see the massive chimneys of the cruise ship in the distance. She was looking forward to embarking the ship and eating some of the world-renowned sushi they served on the ship. She felt a weight on her chest and momentarily was scared she was having a heart attack. She looked at her chest and was temporarily dumbfounded at what she saw. There were two massive mounds of flesh sitting on her chest, with two large nipples standing proudly to attention atop those said mounds. Sarah stared at the two mountains of flesh on her chest in complete bewilderment and astonishment. She reached out and touched one and was surprised to feel her own touch, the breasts jiggled at the slightest touch. Upon further examination Sarah determined her “new” breasts felt natural, there were no implants that she could discern under the flesh.

“What the fuck,” said Sarah in a panic. “Where the FUCK did these come from?” she asked herself aloud.

Sarah had a million thoughts racing through her brain at that moment: why were her breasts so large, who had done this to her, why was she outside, where were her clothes, why would someone do this to her? Sarah propped herself up on her elbows and examined her surroundings. She had been placed upon a sun lounger beside a pool outside of Robert’s mansion, this finding just gave rise to more questions in her mind.

Sarah could no longer see her lower body as it was obscured by the size of her new melons. Sarah was furious about what had been done to her body, she tried to stand up, but her legs felt strange. She tried to move them, and she heard a slapping noise. Sarah sat fully upright and looked down at her feet and was shocked to discover she no longer had legs. In place of her legs, she now had a blue tail that started just below her belly button and ended in a flaring tailfin. Sarah tried to remove one of the scales and was met with a sharp pain that discouraged her from trying it again. Sarah felt extremely sick suddenly and leaned over the side of the lounger and started to vomit.

As she was vomiting someone gave her a bucket to vomit into and held her hair back. Sarah looked up to see Robert standing above her holding her hair. He reached down with a cloth and wiped away the vomit from her mouth. Sarah instinctively pulled away from him and tried to cover her breasts. One arm was folded around them, but they still managed to overflow.

“What the FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” shouted Sarah as she sat up on the lounger covering her overflowing breasts.

“I know this must be hard for you Sarah, believe me I can imagine what this must be like,” said Robert sympathetically.

“Imagine what this is like?! You have turned me into a fucking mermaid! Change me back right now you bastard!” shouted Sarah.

“I’m afraid that is not possible,” said Robert as he kneeled in front of her. “You underwent an extensive genetic surgery last night, if we ever tried another surgery like that again it would be too much for your genes to handle – your very genetic code itself would be damaged irreparably,” Robert said with as much sympathy as possible.

Sarah stared into his eyes, taking in all this information. Sarah started to cry as she absorbed all this news, her mascara from the night before becoming smudged. She was now stuck in this body; she was now a mermaid for life.

“I’m leaving right now,” Sarah informed him through her tears. “I’m going straight to the police and when they find out you are going to be in so much trouble, billionaire or not they will fire you into a cell and throw away the key!” said Sarah.

Sarah attempted to stand up but instead she fell straight onto the floor, her new huge tits breaking her fall. She looked up at Robert with hatred in her eyes as she coughed as the fall had knocked the air from her.

“You can’t stand sweetheart, you don’t have legs anymore,” said Robert condescendingly as he reached forward and patted Sarah on the head.

“What do you want from me?” asked Sarah through strained breathing.

“I want you to see the gift I have given you Sarah. I have chosen you out of all the women in the world to bestow this honour upon. If it wasn’t for me, you would be getting on that cruise ship to go home to your shoe box apartment to work your entire life for someone else’s benefit, a mere cog in the machine. The best you could hope for is to meet a nice man by the time you are thirty and pop out a few babies,” said Robert.

“You really are batshit insane,” said Sarah.

Robert grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look into his eyes. “You have been given a life of luxury by me. Women your age will be worried about how to pay for their university fees, jobs, boyfriends – your only worry will be what side of your body you will sunbathe, you live in paradise with no responsibilities – your only commitment is to me.”

“And what makes you think I will ever comply with you,” said Sarah through gritted teeth.

“Your sister,” said Robert with a menacing smile, “you told me last night in your drunken stupor, the reason you became a biochemist was so that you could research a cure for her rare genetic condition that will inevitably kill her unless she receives a concoction of experimental but extremely expensive drugs for the rest of her life, a burden your family cannot afford. I can arrange to have your sister’s medical bills taken care of for the rest of her life, and in exchange all I ask is that you submit yourself to me fully and accept your new life.”

Sarah stared up at Robert considering her options. He was a madman, she could see that now, there was no telling what he might do to her if she refused his offer, she didn’t trust him to take care of her sister either. She figured if she played along with his games an opportunity would present itself for her to make good her escape, all she needed to do was cooperate with him until that moment arose. Sarah sat up on her “knees” and covered her breasts with both arms and looked him straight in the eye. She never felt so helpless in her entire life as she did now.

“Fine, asshole, you win,” Sarah said morosely. “How do I know you will keep your word and care for Rachel?”

“Oh little fish, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you are in no position to negotiate. You will have to take my word that I will provide for Rachel, and believe it or not, I am a man of my word!” said Robert with a chortle.

Robert stood up to further demonstrate the power imbalance that existed between the two of them. Robert standing tall at six feet towered over the mermaid who was reduced to kneeling in front of him. Sarah was forced to crane her neck to look up at Robert.

“Believe it or not, the day will come when you submit to me completely of your own accord. The question is not if but when, Sarah, and believe me this day will come.”

Sarah rejected the idea that she would ever submit to this vile and wretched man who mutilated her body. She still thought of herself as a free and independent woman, and not as the helpless hyper-sexualised mermaid slave that Robert was instructing her to be. She held her tongue as she knew this was not the time to argue with him.

Suddenly Robert swooped down and picked Sarah up in his arms in one fluid motion. Sarah shouted as he picked her up in his arms. She was still covering her breasts as he held her in his arms and walked to the pool.

“Put me back down on the floor you fucking creep!” Sarah said as she panicked and squirmed in his arms. He stood over the pool and dangled Sarah over the pool below.

“It is time you tried out this new body of yours,” said Robert with an evil grin.

“Don’t do this, I can’t swim with this tail yet – what if I drown!?” Sarah tried to reason with him.

“Oh Sarah, don’t be silly – who ever heard of a mermaid drowning,” he snorted as he let her fall into the pool.

Sarah hit the water with a large splash and immediately started to sink to the bottom of the pool. Her massive breasts were floating weightlessly in the water. Sarah was utterly helpless and watched as bubbles of oxygen escaped from her mouth as she began her descent towards the bottom of the pool. She could see the distorted outline of Robert above her at the edge of the pool. She spent what felt like an eternity at the bottom of the pool, she could feel her lungs burning from the lack of oxygen.

“Sink or swim,” Sarah thought to herself as her survival instincts kicked in. She bent her knees forward and backward and her tailfin propelled her upwards towards the surface of the water. She broke the surface of the water and took a great gasp of air and had never been so grateful to breathe in her entire life. She gently treaded water using her tailfin below her.

“See, I knew you could do it!” said Robert, drawing the ire of Sarah. “As you may have probably guessed by now, you don’t have gills. Now I know what you are thinking, ‘but Robert, who has ever heard of a mermaid without gills?’ and you would be correct. Unfortunately, my doctor was unable to give you gills, much to my disdain. However, it also means if you ever manage to get to the sea to escape, you will likely drown – so don’t be holding hope for that!” he laughed maniacally.

“Now would be a good time to give you some information about your new biology,” Robert said. “If you were to go shopping in a boutique, you would find that your new boobs are a resounding O-cup bra size.”

Sarah’s mouth was agape, she knew her breasts were now huge but to hear a real-world metric put on her cup size solidified how real and dire her situation truly was; her tits were now bigger than the majority of women who considered themselves pornstars.

“They are completely natural, no silicone or saline was used in the enhancement of your breasts,” Robert continued. “Onto to the tail, which is really quite self-explanatory – you are a mermaid. However, your anus has been removed and your rear was enlarged. You no longer defecate, instead you only produce urine which shall pass through your still intact vagina. Oh yes, you still have a vagina, it is a slit that is almost invisible in your tail, roughly where your vagina used to be, and it is still fully functional.”

Sarah felt like she could throw up again with all this new information about her body. She was as pale as a ghost and felt weak. She thought she was about to faint after Robert’s revelation, his speech was further reinforcing the permanency of her change and the fact that she was no longer a woman, but instead she was now for all intents and purposes a mermaid.

“I can tell this is a lot of information for you to take in and you may be feeling overwhelmed which is perfectly natural,” he said. “I have to leave for the day to attend to business, but I will return later in the evening. I have arranged a party with a few close friends. And guess what!? You are the main attraction!” Robert informed her ominously.

“Au revoir little fish,” he said as he walked away. Sarah watched him leave as he approached a gate with thick reinforced steel. There was no way Sarah would be able to break through that door even if she somehow found a suitable tool, it was impenetrable. She saw him enter a password into the door and the light atop the door flickered green momentarily as the door opened with a loud buzzing sound before returning to the standard red colour signifying that the door was now closed.

“Great,” Sarah thought to herself. “There is no way I’m escaping through that door.”

Sarah scanned her environment to see if there was another door and was dismayed to find there wasn’t, she wouldn’t be surprised to find this whole compound had been designed to keep a “mermaid” captive.

Sarah swam to the edge of the pool and rested there surveying the area. Sarah was currently in a pool that stretched around the entirety of the villa. There was a small island in the centre of the pool. The water was crisp and clear, and it was heated as well. She could taste and smell the chlorine from the water. At least she was being kept in a hygienic environment she thought to herself. There was an area of pavement beside the pool where pool lounging chairs were placed. There was the door that Robert had exited to on the far left which was surrounded by a high wall on either side, and straight ahead there was an open door which led directly into a downstairs room. The room was fairly minimalistic, it was furnished with a bed and a flatscreen TV on the wall. Sarah assumed this must be where she was supposed to sleep. On the far right there was a spiral staircase that led up to the upper levels of the house, there also appeared to be another security gate at the base of the stairs preventing her egress to the upper floors of the villa, where she assumed Robert lived and worked.

Sarah swam to the other side of the pool and leaned over the edge of the pool. There was no guard rail here so hoped she could pull herself up and over and escape. However, her hopes were quickly dashed. The edge of the pool led to an extremely steep drop that would more than likely kill her, especially with her new body. The pool was perched at the edge of a cliff with a sharp plummet to the forest below. She wasn’t going to escape this way, that was for sure.

The pool overlooked a forest below, and Sarah figured that even if she could survive the extreme drop to the ground below, she figured she would be eaten by one of the feral animals that must surely live in the forestry that the property overlooked. She wished she had researched the flora and fauna of Greece now. She could see the village of Artemida in the distance. She could discern people going about their business in the centre of the village; people on the beach were also visible to her.

“HELP ME!” Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’M BEING HELD CAPTIVE HERE, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!” she shouted. Sarah yelled at the top of her voice for what felt like hours, eventually realising that she was just too far away from the village for anyone to realistically hear her pleas for help. Sarah could see the cruise ship in the distance, looming large against the backdrop of the local village.

Sarah eventually grew tired of calling for help and exploring the pool. She was exhausted from the events of the day. She pulled herself out of the pool and sat on the edge. She groaned as gravity immediately started to pull her huge knockers back down to Earth, her breasts were so incredibly heavy outside of the pool. Sarah let the Greek sun evaporate the water from her body. Sarah then crawled across the paved area towards the room. She was humiliated as she moved the only way she was now able to: she would crawl forwards on her elbows and then drag her tail behind her, tits jiggling as she did so. It wasn’t smooth but it got the job done. Eventually Sarah reached the bed and she pulled herself up onto it and sat on the edge.

Sarah struggled to see her tail underneath the mass of her breasts. She lifted them and felt their immense weight in her hands. They were huge, and each movement no matter how small would cause them to jiggle and move uncontrollably – they were like jelly, each motion caused an earthquake of flesh. The nipples and areola were also larger. She sighed as she looked at them. She had always been proud of her thin and athletic body, she never craved bigger breasts instead viewing them as merely an inconvenience. And yet, she now had the bosom of a pornstar. Sarah shed a tear as she knew she had now been reduced to raw feminine sexuality and nothing more, men would always just see her as a sex object and nothing else.

Sarah gingerly rubbed her nipples and was shocked by an explosion of pleasure that she felt, her nipples were definitely more sensitive that much was for sure. Next Sarah ran her hands from her ample bosom to her flat stomach and down to the area where skin gave way to scales. She searched for her vagina and eventually she found a slit. She hesitantly inserted a finger into the slit and was rewarded with an immense wave of pleasure, it was like her sexual organs had been dialled up to the nth degree. She supposed that made sense, she was supposed to be a sex object now after all.

Sarah lay into the bed and pulled the covers over her naked body. She figured she should probably get some sleep to keep her head clear for whatever Robert had planned for her tonight. She needed to always remain vigilant for an escape route that she could take. She was so close to the village of Artemida, and if she could somehow make it there, she knew she would be able to get help and end this nightmare.

Sarah was awoken to the loud roar of cruise ship horns in the distance. She sat bolt upright in her bed sending her tits cascading in a huge wave of flesh. She looked to her left and could see the cruise ship in the distance, it was sounding its horn indicating its departure was imminent. Sarah crawled from the bed to the outside and lowered herself into the pool and swam towards its edge overlooking the village. Her friend Laura would be embarking back on the ship and would meet the rest of her friends and boyfriend. Surely Laura would raise the alarm that she was missing?!

Horrible thoughts ran through Sarah’s mind: what if Laura assumed that Sarah was already back onboard the ship, what if the crew didn’t listen to Laura? The ship had a strict policy: if you weren’t back on board before boarding time – the ship would depart without you. What if they assumed Sarah was just tardy boarding, what if when they finally did notice she was missing they assumed that she must have fallen overboard at some stage after departing the island? Sarah waited patiently with bated breath to see what would happen.

She watched as the smaller boats ferried passengers from the island to the ship. She was supposed to be one of those happy tourists returning to the ship instead of being stuck in a pool as a sex slave. She was devastated when she saw the anchors of the ship start to lift, indicating that the departure was occurring as planned. She figured her friends had not yet noticed her absence or the crew had not taken any action, regardless of the outcome Sarah was sure she was not getting any help from the cruise ship in the immediate future. She watched as the cruise ship sailed further and further into the horizon, the size of the ship steadily decreasing against the now setting sun.

Sarah swam to the island in the centre of the pool and pulled herself out of the water. She could feel tears running down her face as she watched the sun set. Her last best hope of rescue was now sailing off into the open sea and she was stuck watching it leave completely helplessly.

Sarah’s despair was distracted by the buzzer of the door indicating someone was entering the compound. Sarah looked over and saw Robert enter the compound with an accompanying woman. Sarah couldn’t believe what she was seeing: it was Rebecca Astor, a world renowned and extremely famous fashion and make-up artist.

Rebecca Astor was wearing a pink cloak and a purple suit with a bright blue feather cap on her head. Sarah was not one for fashion, but even she knew who this woman was. Sarah’s sister Rachel was a huge fan of the fashion world and would have loved to meet Rebecca Astor, under different circumstances, granted.

Robert stood at the edge of the pool, he was dressed in a black tuxedo and appeared to be dressed extremely formally, not at all for a party. Sarah’s family were not poor, but they were by no means rich so Sarah assumed this was just customary for rich people.

“Sarah Savage, may I present to you Rebecca Astor! I’ve flown her all the way from the United Kingdom to be here with us tonight. She will be doing your make-up for tonight’s party, so rest assured you are in good hands! I think you too will get along swell,” laughed Robert as he walked towards the spiral staircase. Midway up the spiral staircase he shouted down “oh Rebecca, if she gives you any trouble let me know and I will deal with her, we have… an understanding,” said Robert with a tone of authority in his voice as he continued up the stairs.

“Get out of the pool darling and let’s see what we are working with,” said Rebecca.

Sarah pulled herself out of the pool and knelt in front of Rebecca and gestured for her to come closer. When Sarah was sure she was within whispering distance she said quietly, “please, you have to help me. This man is a madman – he’s turned me into this big breasted mermaid and he’s keeping me here against my will! Please call the police and get me help!” begged Sarah.

“Oh darling, I’m so sorry but that’s not why I’m here. What you need to understand is that these rich and powerful people all have slaves, I work for them to make their women look outstanding when they want to display their property to the other rich people to show off. I assume you know who I am?”

Sarah nodded her head to show understanding.

“How do you think I can afford to run all those fashion shows full of excess and extravaganza! Those shows or sponsorships don’t pay the bills, this is where I make the bulk of my earnings.”

“But… you are a feminist, my sister always looked up to you, you are a role model to so many women out there! How are you okay with letting this happen to me?” asked Sarah disbelievingly.

“Darling, there’s two types of women in this world: the free and the enslaved. It’s a story that is as old as time. I think you can tell which of those women you are and which of those women I am. I got here by being tough, by recognizing the world as it is, not how I would like it to be. The feminism bullshit I peddle is just what women want to hear: to feel like they are empowered and free. The truth is that people like Robert Castellano run this world and control all the people in it. There is no right and wrong, these are just concepts designed to oppress us. I have no qualms about how I make my money, how I earn my freedom – it comes from stepping on bitches like you!”

Sarah was aghast, she didn’t know how many betrayals and false hopes she could deal with today. She was shocked that this figurehead of femininity and equality was here preaching to her about how it was all bullshit; another route of escape had now been closed to her.

“So, to answer your question, no I will not be helping you escape,” said Rebecca dismissively. “What do I have to work with?” Rebecca examined the kneeling mermaid in front of her taking in all the details before her.

“I’ve seen some wild shit been done to the women I’ve worked on over the years, but never something as extreme as you!” joked Rebecca.

Sarah just glared intently at Rebecca, clearly not amused at her sense of humour.

“Listen Sarah, I know you don’t want my advice – but you have it pretty good here all things considered. Some of the women I’ve worked with are not as fortunate as you, you get to live in a villa for fucks sake!”

“Oh yeah, I have it really good,” said Sarah exasperatedly gesturing to her huge tits and tail. “This is really the way I wanted my life to go.”

“Watch your tone with me, bitch – remember who is in charge here! Now let’s get started.”

Rebecca has one of Robert’s security guards bring Sarah inside into her room where a makeshift saloon has been erected. Sarah is placed into a comfortable leather seat and Rebecca starts to work on her.

Firstly, Rebecca applies shampoo onto Sarah’s hair and positions her head so that it is resting in the small sink that is behind the chair. Then she starts to wash the shampoo out of Sarah’s long blonde hair. There is a smell of sweet strawberries in the air. Sarah guessed that only top of the range cosmetic products were being used on her. Sarah was beginning to enjoy her hair being washed when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her ear.

“Silence mermaid, I’m trying to work,” instructed Rebecca.

She was piercing Sarah’s ears. Sarah had never had her ears pierced before as she never saw the attraction of it. She guessed she didn’t have much of a choice anymore. Rebecca pierced the left earlobe, followed by the right earlobe. Then she placed large shiny earrings in each one of the piercings.

Then Rebecca started to apply makeup to her face, blue eyeshadow to match the colour of her scales and a deep red lipstick onto her lips. Rebecca then begins to wash her breasts, cupping them and washing underneath them. Sarah felt slightly ridiculous. Rebecca then applied a bright red colour to Sarah’s nipples and set about painting her nails a blue colour. Sarah’s ears were still sore from the piercings, but she tried to ignore the pain. The woman applied an adhesive to her nipples and applied two small seashells, one for each nipple. Sarah rolled her eyes at this, the seashells barely covered the nipples, they clearly were not designed with modesty in mind. Then Rebecca started to wash her body and scrubbed down her scales. Rebecca then placed a gold necklace around her neck with a pendant that had a picture of a mermaid and her name “Sarah”. This was truly sickening to Sarah; she knew why she was being prepped. She knew sex was the only likely option for her tonight.

Sarah was then brought back outside and placed on the island in the centre of the pool and instructed to remain there until called for the guests. Sarah lay on her back and stared up at the night sky and wondered if her family or were friends also staring up at the same night sky tonight.

Slowly but surely the guests began to trickle into the villa. Sarah could hear the engines of the cars as they pulled up. Each guest was brought through the password-secured door before being brought up the spiral staircase for drinks. This was so the guests could get a good look at Sarah as they passed through the compound. Sarah for her part was instructed to lay on her side, thrust her chest out and smile and blow kisses at the incoming guests. She found the whole experience extremely humiliating and degrading, she wondered when this whole ordeal would be over for tonight, but she figured there would be worse to come. Some of the male guests seemed to linger too long staring with hungry eyes at her for her liking. Was this all she was reduced to? The once scholarship winning biochemist reduced to a sex toy that lounges all day beside a pool. It certainly appeared to be true.

What Sarah really needed was to be able to see the password that Robert was typing into the keypad each time he left a guest in. That was the key to everything and appeared to be her best route of escape that she could see. Even if she could escape through that door, Sarah made a horrifying realisation. The whole villa seemed to be staffed with a private security force who had surely been instructed that she always remains in the compound.

Eventually Robert gathered all the guests together in front of a large projector screen. A picture of a small rural house was shown. Sarah was confused as to what was happening now, but at least people weren’t looking at her for a change.

“I grew up in a poor family in rural Kansas,” said Robert. “My father worked on farms and my mother raised me and my four brothers as best she could. But I always dreamed of something better, something more for myself. So, when I got accepted into one of the most prestigious science programmes in the country my parents were so proud of me. But that wasn’t enough for me, I still had a desire, a drive that could not be satiated. So, I started a biotechnology company and I worked tirelessly and diligently to ensure that the company thrived. I became one of the biggest employers in my state, and then in the United States. Still, I was not content. I branched out into different sectors and succeeded into whatever I put my mind to. But still, something did not feel right.” The slide changed to a seaside resort.

“For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with mermaids, these creatures of immeasurable beauty. They invaded my dreams firstly, before graduating to invading my every waking thoughts. I concluded as CEO of one of the world’s foremost biotechnology companies who better than me to bring that fantasy to life. And so, I had my dear friend and colleague Dr. Paul Livingston create one for me, after years of research and cutting-edge technological development – I am pleased to announce that I am the owner of the only mermaid!” shouted Robert. The crowd cheered this ambitious announcement.

Sarah gulped as she heard this declaration. These people were all fucking insane, none of them had any compunction about an innocent woman being kidnapped and turned into a big-titted mermaid.

The next slide was a picture of Sarah Robert had taken with her before the operation, when she was still a normal female. She was wearing her favourite pink jumper and blue jeans. She couldn’t believe that that photo had been taken roughly twenty-four hours ago. In that period of time she had lost her humanity and been reduced to a sex-object, nothing more than a mere curiosity for the rich and the powerful.

Sarah shed a single tear as she looked at herself on the projector. Never again would she be able to walk, to look another person in the eye. Instead, she was now restricted to looking up at people. Whereas before she had been an independent woman, now she relied on other people to help her move around on account of the tail. Her heaving bosom was another addition to her body that reminded her she was no longer the same woman that she had been before. She had been robbed of a normal life: the chance of a career, friends, family – to grow old with Hunter and have her own family. Even if she did manage to escape this wretched compound would Hunter still love her for who she was, or would he be repulsed by her new body? As Sarah pondered these things, she was momentarily unaware of the spotlight that had been placed on her. Robert was pointing at her, and the crowd had turned around. Sarah had been warned by Robert on the proper protocol, so she smiled and waved at the guests as she tried to hold back her tears. She guessed the night had begun, and she was the main attraction.

Laura had waited for Sarah at the check in area on the island. She assumed Sarah must have already boarded as she had not seen her friend since the previous evening. Laura had waited patiently at the dock for the smaller boats to ferry her out to the cruise ship. Once aboard she had gone to her cabin and fell asleep. She was wrecked after the night before and just wanted to sleep so she had slept soundly in her bed. She even missed the departure of the cruise ship from Omfori island. She was only awoken by the knocking of someone at her door. It was Hunter.

“Hi Laura, how was the island?” asked Hunter.

“It was amazing, you and the rest of the gang should have come with us, it was really spectacular!” exclaimed Laura.

“We were just too wasted from all the partying and drinking that we did the past week,” laughed Hunter.

“Say have you seen Sarah around, she hasn’t arrived back at our cabin yet. I just haven’t seen her since you two disembarked for the island and I’ve checked with everybody else, and they haven’t seen her either.”

“No, I haven’t seen her yet either, I assumed she had already boarded. I waited for her at the boarding area on the island and she never showed up. I’m sure she’s fine,” said Laura reassuringly. “You know Sarah, she’s probably off exploring the boat somewhere having a great time! She’s a free spirit that one, not like me! Plain boring old me!” laughed Laura nervously.

“You’re not boring, Laura,” said Hunter sincerely. “Actually, there was something I wanted to tell you for a long time,” he said as planted a kiss on Laura’s lips.

“Hunter, you can’t do that! You’re with Sarah, it’s not right.”

“I LOVE you!” declared Hunter. “I always have, I just could never find the time to say it,” he said as he closed the door behind him.

“This is so wrong,” Laura said aloud as Hunter brushed back her black hair. “What if Sarah finds out?”

“It won’t matter soon; I want to break up with her. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time – I know I’m meant to be with you! I can feel it, we are perfect for each other,” said Hunter as he kissed Laura. This time Laura didn’t pull away, she leaned into the kiss and kissed him back. She was getting so wet right now, the fact that it was wrong made it so much hotter!

Hunter removed his shirt and pants as quickly as he could and Laura did the same, fumbling with her bra straps. Hunter helped her with this. Then the two of them quickly started to fuck, Laura’s legs were in the air as Hunter furiously pounded in and out of her pussy like a man who was making up for lost time. Laura had to cover her mouth with her pillow to muffle her cries of ecstasy as she climaxed, afraid that people in the corridor might hear.

Afterwards Hunter and Laura lay in bed enjoying each other’s company, content with the gentle rocking motion of the cruise ship as it traversed the Greek Sea, completely unaware and ignorant of the trials and tribulations that Sarah was about to face on the island.


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