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The Mermaid

by Albarez9

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© Copyright 2022 - Albarez9 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bodymod; transform; mermaid; slave; kidnap; drug; gag; force; bond; armbinder; clamps; hood; nc; XX

Continues from

Act 4 – The Journey

Nine months later

“Beep, beep, beep, beep,” Sarah’s alarm clock went off to wake her up. It was eight o’clock in the morning and as usual Sarah woke up, went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, showered, and waited patiently for Robert to come and pick her up and take her upstairs where she was supposed to cook breakfast for Robert. Her cooking skills had improved drastically over the past few months. She now jokingly said she had the cooking skills of a MILF but the body of a twenty-one-year-old.

After breakfast she was given her sports bra and taken to the gym where she was made to exercise as was customary for her to do each day. She made progress over the past few months and was able to lift more weights than she had before. Robert wouldn’t let her lift weights that were too heavy though, he liked her to have a toned body but not so much that she packed on muscle. Her biceps were not big, and her stomach was flat and smooth.

She was then allowed to game with her clan for a few hours. She had grown close with them, especially Will. In the past nine months Will had been accepted into a video-game design course in his local university. Sarah was thrilled for him, but also a little jealous as she was supposed to be attending her university but instead was being held captive by a mad man as his pet. Brian was moving from London to move in with his girlfriend in a place called Surrey. She also had a fondness for karaoke so the two of them were a good match. Even Bruce had managed to get laid, as he excitedly told the clan a few weeks ago. He was a virgin no more. Sarah was happy for her virtual friends, but she also felt a deep sadness. As her friends moved on with their lives, Sarah was stuck in this artificial statis, every day was the same for her. There was the occasional party that Robert held where Sarah had been made to perform sexual acts for the guests. There was even another Slave Games where Sarah met Anna again, and unfortunately, she lost that one. Robert was furious and starved her for a week and kept her on the blowjob machine almost continuously for the week, her only break was for sleeping. Her jaw had been sore that week, she remembered bitterly.

After her gaming session she usually went for a swim and watched the local villagers go about their daily lives. She had given each specific house a backstory and imagined what life was like in each of the houses. It wasn’t ideal but it would pass the time.

At around five o’clock each day Robert would strap her into the blowjob trainer for an hour or two, depending on his humour on that particular day. Sarah never got used to the blowjob trainer, she hated that part of the day. However, she soon learned to try and drown out the experience. She usually went into a rhythmic trance as her head was moved forwards and backwards along the white rubber cock that she had grown so accustomed to.

After her blowjob training, she was then brought to her room where herself and Robert would watch either a movie or TV show from a streaming service: movies at the weekend and television shows during the week. Then Robert, each night without fail would fuck her. He would fuck her penetratively, orally or just a plain old tit fuck depending on his mood.

Sarah had asked Robert for a calendar, and he had bought her a mini-desk calendar that she used to track the passage of time. On the first day of each month, when Robert was fast asleep at around five o’clock in the morning, Sarah would sneak out to his jacket that he usually left on one of the loungers outside and take a sleeping bill. She would then store the sleeping bill under the fold of her massive right breast and crawl back into bed and pretend to be asleep. Robert usually left at around a quarter past seven, and shortly after Sarah would store the tablet under a loose floorboard that she had found. She reckoned she had collected enough tablets to render Robert unconscious by spiking his morning coffee.

Sarah had started smuggling the tablets upstairs by carrying them under her breasts and removing them as she was making breakfast. Robert never paid any attention to her as she cooked him his food. She was storing them at the back of the utensils press, behind a jar of coffee. It was a risky strategy, but she had no other choice.

And so, Sarah found herself on the day of her twenty-second birthday planning her escape attempt. It was eight o’clock and her alarm rang out and Sarah immediately silenced it. She had hardly slept the night before on account of her nervousness. She knew if she blew this chance, she would never get another one, Robert would clamp down even more on what little freedom she did have. She watched him sleep all night as she plotted her course of action: it was a simple plan, slip the sleeping tablets into his morning coffee and render him unconscious. Then she would command that one of his security guards take her into town to go shopping for new clothes at Robert’s behest. There was one security guard in particular that Robert had hired that was not the sharpest tool in the box and Sarah planned to exploit that fact. Once in town, Sarah would then make her way to the police station and tell them that she was Sarah Savage, and finally her nightmare would be at an end. Sarah knew that Robert kept a wheelchair upstairs in the case of an emergency and he needed to move her quickly, so Sarah could use that to aid in her escape. Sarah knew that Robert was aware of her birthday and would probably try to use it as an opportunity to humiliate her. Robert would, therefore, have his guard down more so than usual and Sarah planned to exploit this gap and use it to her advantage.

“Good morning birthday girl,” said Robert as he entered the room. “Happy twenty-second birthday Sarah! Ah to be young again,” laughed Robert. “I have a surprise for you today, come.”

Robert picked Sarah up in his arms and exited her room. It was a particularly warm day, even by Greek standards. Sarah could immediately feel herself start to perspire as Robert walked towards the spiral staircase.

“Look away, birthday girl,” said Robert as he entered the code. Sarah complied and averted her gaze as he typed the password into the keypad, and she heard the customary buzz of the door indicating that it was unlocked. Robert carried her up the staircase and stopped at the very top. There was a jacuzzi that stood standalone at the top of the staircase, just a few feet to the right. Robert placed Sarah in the hot, bubbling water of the jacuzzi and Sarah had to admit it felt nice. The water was up to her neck and the water jets were working wonders on her sore back. Robert changed into a pair of swimming trunks and sat beside her in the tub.

From up here in the hot tub Sarah had an even better view of the surrounding forest and village. She also peered over the edge of the tub and could see her swimming pool was directly below her. She could also see over the walls that surrounded the compound and saw there was a black van that was parked outside. That vehicle would be perfect to house her and the wheelchair during the escape she decided.

“I wanted to celebrate this very important day,” said Robert. “This is your birthday, so I thought we could take a trip down memory lane and revisit your past.”

Robert had a remote in his hand and he pressed it. A flatscreen TV descended from the roof and stopped just above the centre of the jacuzzi. Robert placed an arm around Sarah as he pressed buttons on the remote and the screen turned on.

A picture of Sarah appeared on the screen, but not of Sarah as she was now – a mermaid. The picture was of Sarah nine months ago the day she met Robert in the nightclub. Sarah remembered taking this photo: Hunter had been behind the camera and Sarah and Laura were posing together. Sarah was wearing a pink jumper and blue jeans in the photograph. Sarah and Laura had their arms around one another, and they were smiling. They were still on the cruise ship, getting ready to disembark and travel to Omfori island.

“Nine months ago today I met you Sarah,” said Robert gesturing to the photo on the screen. “I saw your true potential and you made my visions come true. I wouldn’t have chosen any other woman to be my mermaid,” said Robert as he reached across and kissed her on the lips. Sarah felt a deep pang of regret seeing her old body, she missed the basic things: being able to walk, stand, run – not feeling helpless the whole time.

“You made my dream come true Sarah, and for that I am eternally grateful. On your twenty-second birthday I feel it is important for you to understand what you truly are. You need to see yourself as I see you.” Robert pressed the button and there was a picture of Sarah before she was a mermaid, unconscious in an operating theatre. Sarah leaned forward to see the image more clearly.

“This was it, wasn’t it? This was the surgery where I was turned into a mermaid,” asked Sarah.

“Indeed, it is,” said Robert. “And this is you after,” he said, pressing another button. An image of Sarah in her mermaid form unconscious appeared on the TV after the surgery had been performed. It almost didn’t feel real to Sarah but seeing herself on the operating table drove home to her just how real it really was. And maybe that was the point, maybe Robert was trying to show her how she was made so would understand that the change was permanent. It is one thing to be told she was stuck like this, but it was another thing to see the surgery that had changed her. He was trying to break her spirit, Sarah decided.

“You adapted to your new body and overcame all sorts of challenges, here are some photos I took of you at your first Slave Games,” Robert said as the screen showed a montage of Sarah performing a series of lewd sexual acts causing Sarah to blush. She couldn’t believe the graphic sexual activities she had been involved in during the last year, from orgies to blowjobs, you name it and she had been made to do it. Her innocence was completely taken from her.

“But there is something I want you to see,” said Robert seriously. He pressed another button on his remote and a video started to play. Robert turned off the water jets of the jacuzzi so that they could hear the TV speakers clearly.

It was a newsreel from her local news broadcasting station back home in Arizona. A woman who Sarah recognised was talking on the screen, the broadcast was from nine months ago judging from the date on the screen.

“And in other news,” the woman continued, “local woman Sarah Savage has gone missing in Greece. Authorities believe her last known location was Omfori island off the coast of Greece. She was a passenger of the cruise ship “Ocean’s Hope” and had disembarked to visit the island. Currently local police and the cruise ship company are working diligently to find Sarah. From all of us here at the network, we hope she is found alive and well. Back to you in the studio, Chris.”

Sarah’s heart raced slightly at the thought of the police looking for her, maybe there was hope that they would find her after all. But why has it taken them nine months, and why was Robert showing this to her. Surely, he must realise it would embolden a possible escape attempt on her behalf if she was convinced that the authorities were out looking for her. Sarah gave Robert a quizzical look. He pressed the remote again and another clip played. This was five weeks after the first clip that they had watched a moment ago.

“Breaking news in the Sarah Savage investigation,” said the newswoman. “Sarah, twenty-one, has been declared dead by local authorities investigating the case. It was believed that Sarah may have been on Omfori island, but our sources have told us that police are working under the assumption that Sarah fell overboard and drowned somewhere between Omfori island and the Greek mainland. A tragic conclusion to the Savage case.”

“No, no, no, no,” Sarah said fearfully. “They think I’m dead, that’s why the police haven’t been looking for me – they weren’t searching the island!” Sarah screamed. “Why are you doing this to me,” cried Sarah.

Sarah tried to pull away from Robert, but he caught both of her arms and dragged her onto his lap. The mermaid was crying. Robert pulled her close into his chest and began to gently comb her long blonde hair.

“I’m showing you this because I can see the pain living two lives is causing you. You still believe that there is a chance that you will be rescued, there is no chance of that happening. The woman you were is dead, she has been reborn into a mermaid. You need to accept that this is your life, I am your only family – we are all each other has got,” said Robert as he cradled Sarah.

Sarah was crying but her tears turned to rage. She pulled away from Robert and wiped away her tears. She couldn’t afford to be emotional, not now – there was no one coming to rescue her. The only person she could rely on to save her was herself.

“I am truly sorry, Sarah. But you needed to hear this to truly understand that there is no hope, no knight in shining armour coming to save you. Your family, friends, everyone you have ever known thinks that you are dead, no one is looking for you.”

“I know, I know,” replied Sarah as she dried her eyes. She needed to play this extremely carefully. She needed to make Robert convinced that she was a broken woman, that she had given up hope otherwise he may continue to suspect that she will attempt to escape from the villa.

“It’s just not easy to hear that I have been declared legally dead, I… I… I guess I thought there was a hope that there was someone out there looking for me and that they would eventually find me. I see that was a foolish thought,” replied Sarah. “I see that now; I am destined to live out the remainder of my life with you here as your mermaid.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Sarah, this was never going to be easy adjusting to this new way of life. But I hope that by seeing this video that it may help you realise that this really is your way of life now, there are no do overs or last-minute rescues, you are my mermaid and the sooner you accept this as fact, the sooner you can begin to create a life for yourself here, a life for both of us,” said Robert.

Robert carried Sarah into the kitchen and dried her off with a towel and gave her a reassuring smile.

“I have to do some work while you make us breakfast, my little fish,” said Robert as he gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead. He walked towards the table and sat down and opened up his laptop and immediately began to scroll and type.

Sarah gathered the ingredients for an omelette and laid them out on the counter in front of her. She grabbed a cup from the press and placed a spoon of coffee into the cup. She leaned over and filled the kettle with water and flicked the switch to boil. She reached over to the utensils pressed and carefully retrieved the handful of sleeping tablets. She felt sweat begin to form on her forehead as she tried to keep the tablets hidden from Robert’s view. One wrong move and this whole plan would be over before it even began.

Sarah glanced over at Robert, and he glanced back at her with a wide smile and then looked back to his laptop and continued to work. Sarah wiped the sweat from her brow. She cracked the eggs and placed them in a bowl along with the other ingredients and began to whisk them. She waited till the kettle began to boil and it made a whistling noise. Sarah then quickly grabbed a spatula and began to crush the tablets into a fine white powder and then scooped it carefully and placed it into Robert’s cup of coffee. She glanced furtively behind her, but Robert was engrossed in his work. Sarah then waited for the kettle to boil, if Robert came over now and looked in his cup, he would see the white powder alongside the coffee granules. Sweat began to form on her chest and she could feel her heart rate increase.

After what felt like forever, she heard the familiar click of the kettle indicating that the kettle was boiled. She picked up the kettle and poured the boiling water into his mug, carefully stirring the mixture so that the white powder was completely dissolved in the cup. Sarah was a biochemistry student and therefore she had calculated, based on an estimate of Robert’s body weight, how many tablets would be required to render him unconscious. Sarah then served up the eggs and placed them on two plates and placed them beside the coffee.

“Breakfast is served,” said Sarah to Robert.

“Fantastic, I am starving today,” said Robert as he walked over and smelled the omelette and coffee. “Nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning,” laughed Robert as he picked up his coffee and plate and took them over to the table. Then he returned and carried Sarah over to the table and placed her in a seat.

Robert devoured the omelette and washed it down with big chugs of coffee. He spoke to her in between mouthfuls of omelette.

“I was thinking we might skip the blowjob trainer, just for today on account of it being your birthday. We will watch a movie or TV show of your choice, what do you think?” asked Robert as he took a swig of coffee.

“Sounds good to me master, thank you for celebrating my birthday. It means a lot to me that you remembered my birthday,” said Sarah as sincerely as she could.

“My pleasure, we are family after all now. I… I… Sorry excuse me, I feel awfully tired suddenly. I’m not sure what’s come over me, I… I …” there was a loud smashing noise as Robert’s head crashed against the porcelain plate that contained his omelette. Sarah couldn’t quite believe her plan had actually worked, she just stared at Robert’s unconscious body as she watched his body rise and fall which indicated that he was still alive. Sarah sat momentarily still, convinced that Robert was about to wake up at any second. After an entire minute had lapsed Sarah decided that she needed to move, time was of the essence now.

Sarah lowered herself down from the chair and crawled towards the atrium. She knew that Robert had a room full of clothes and a wheelchair for her in the case of an emergency, he had accidently left that slip one night after a particularly vigorous session of sex. Sarah checked the first door, but it just contained an office. She tried to check the second door but it was locked. The third door opened and she saw a wardrobe and a wheelchair and nothing else save for some flat-packed boxes strewn around the floor.

“Third time’s a charm,” she muttered as she crawled across the floor. She pulled the clothing down from the rack and began to get dressed. Firstly, there was a black skirt that was extremely long, it was custom made. It went all the way down past her tailfin, it was designed to hide her tail in the event that there was a house fire and Robert needed to move her out of the house. She slipped the skirt over her tail and up to her waist. The clothing was clearly custom-made for her exact proportions. Sarah then found an extremely large pink bra and pulled her breasts inside the cups and took the two band ends of the bra and clasped them behind using the loosest possible hook that she could find. Sarah missed wearing bras, for the first time in nine months she finally had proper support for her puppies. Sarah then found a yellow baggy jumper and pulled it over her head. The jumper was baggy enough to cover her enormous cleavage. Then she pulled herself into the wheelchair and grabbed the wheels, turning her forwards.

Sarah through the atrium and to the front door of the villa. She opened the front door and expected to see the newest security guard hire on front lawn duty today. Patrick was the security guard's name and if he wasn’t on duty today her plan was over. She had been watching the rostering of the guards for the past few months and determined that Patrick was due to be on duty today.

She wheeled herself outside and approached Patrick. He nearly collapsed at the sight of her outside the compound. She was supposed to be there at all times, except when she was accompanied upstairs by Robert. It was common knowledge and specifically told to them by Robert, Sarah had eavesdropped on a few security guard induction as they were given tours of the villa.

“Sarah, you can’t be out here! Get back inside,” said Patrick worriedly.

“Oh relax, Patrick, isn’t it?” joked Sarah. “Robert wants you to drive me into town so that I can buy some new lingerie.”

“I don’t think you are supposed to be outside of your compound, maybe I should go inside and ask him?” replied Patrick.

Sarah grabbed Patrick firmly by the arm.

“My master is a very busy man, if you want to disturb him and contradict a direct order, he has given you, by all means be my guest. I just hope you are ready to find a new job with another employer after Patrick.”

This was the moment of truth. If Patrick called her bluff and went inside, he would find Robert unconscious slumped over his breakfast and her plan would be sunk. Sarah kept her face as emotionless as possible as Patrick considered.

“I guess if that is what Robert wants. Hop in the van and I will drive you into the village,” said Patrick.

He lifted Sarah out of her wheelchair and placed her into the passenger seat and buckled her seatbelt as if she were a delicate porcelain statue that could break at the slightest knock or brush. Patrick then folded her wheelchair and placed it in the back of the van and then just like that they were off. For the first time in nine months Sarah was out of her compound and back into the real world. She felt elated and scared at the same time. Patrick turned the keys in the ignition and the engine of the van roared into life and Patrick pulled out of the driveway and started to drive towards the town. And finally, after nine months of planning Sarah had escaped the villa and was on her way towards her salvation.

After a few minutes they finally reached the city centre. Sarah knew exactly where she was going, she had spent the last few weeks searching the layout of the village on the internet. She knew that there was a lingerie shop right across the road from the local island police station. She instructed Patrick to drive her there. He pulled up in a free parking spot right next to the store. Patrick went around the back of the van and took out her wheelchair and unfolded it and brought it around to the passenger seat and then placed Sarah into the seat of the wheelchair.

“I’ll meet you back here in half an hour, Patrick,” instructed Sarah. “In the meantime, could you drive to the hardware store a few blocks away? Robert needed some grease to use on my door as it is a bit stiff at the moment.”

“Sarah, I should probably accompany you around the shop, you are Robert’s pet, what happens if something happens to you?”

“Patrick, this is a lingerie store, how do you think it will look to Robert if you are following me around as I am trying on new bras and corsets?” said Sarah.

Patrick blushed and immediately apologised to her.

“I’m sorry, please don’t tell Robert, I need this job!”

“I won’t tell him, but you should probably go to the hardware store and pick up the grease immediately. I need that door fixed as soon as possible, I haven’t been able to sleep for the past week with the squeaking that it is making,” said Sarah.

“On it,” said Patrick as he got into the driver’s seat of the car and drove off. Sarah waited for a few minutes until she was sure he was gone and then quickly wheeled herself across the street and up the disabled ramp entrance of the police station and opened the doors and approached the reception desk. There was a young woman sitting there behind the desk.

“Hello miss, how can I help you today,” said the woman politely.

“I need to speak to the detective in charge of the Sarah Savage case immediately,” said Sarah.

The woman picked up the receiver of the phone on her desk and dialled a number.

“And who should I say is here to see him?”

“Tell him Sarah Savage is here,” Sarah said.

Sarah was taken to a room in the police station, there was nothing in the room except for a table and a solitary chair opposite Sarah. Sarah was given a cup of coffee and she sipped on it as she waited for the detective to arrive. She was told his name was detective Andino and that he was fluent in English which was a relief for Sarah so she could explain her story fully and completely to him.

The door behind Sarah opened and a ruggedly handsome man walked into the room and sat down in the chair opposite Sarah and reached out to shake her hand. Sarah reached out and they shook hands as he introduced himself.

“My name is detective Andino, and I work for the Omfori police department, and I was the lead investigator on the Sarah Savage case,” he said. “What new information have you got about the case?” asked the detective.

Sarah left out a startled laugh and smiled at him. She pointed towards her face with both hands.

“It’s me, I’m Sarah Savage,” said Sarah incredulously. “Do you not see the resemblance?”

“Listen, I can’t begin to tell you how many women have reached out to me pretending to be Sarah Savage in an attempt to get fame and attention. Sure, you look a little like her, but I’ve studied everything about this case for months and there is one glaring inconsistency in your story: Sarah Savage was not a wheelchair user,” said the detective, clearly not impressed with her.

“Wait,” said Sarah, “I promise I can explain – I don’t usually use the wheelchair. I- “

“So, you are saying that you can walk?”

“No, I can’t walk but I’m not paralysed, I”

“Are you aware that it is a criminal offence to waste a police officer's time in Greece?” asked the detective.

“Please detective, let me explain myself!”

“You have five minutes,” said Andino.

“I came to Omfori island with my friend Laura,” said Sarah.

“That’s public knowledge, everyone and their mother knows that detail about the case.”

“Please, just hear me out, detective,” implored Sarah. “I came to the island, and I met Robert Castellano in a night club. We talked for a while and Robert invited me back to his villa where he drugged me.”

“You mean to tell me, you met Robert Castellano, an upstanding member of the community on this island and a benefactor of the Omfori police department in a night club and he took you back to his villa? I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Castellano on several occasions, and he is a quiet and reserved man, the last place I would expect to find him is at a nightclub,” chuckled Andino.

“Wait, there is more! After he drugged me, he had surgery performed on me that changed me into a mermaid!” said Sarah.

“Do you know how batshit insane these accusations sound to me,” said Andino irately.

“He turned me into a mermaid, and he kept me at his villa for the past nine-months where he has been training me as a sex slave.”

Andino sighed in exasperation.

“Right, we are done here.”

“Wait please, I can prove my story!” pleaded Sarah.

Andino sat back down in his chair.

“You mean that you can prove to me beyond any reasonable doubt that Robert Castellano, the billionaire turned you into a mermaid and kept you as a sex slave?” asked the detective incredulously.

“Yes, I can,” said Sarah.

She desperately tried to pull her skirt off and Andino laughed from across the table.

“Are you stripping right now?” asked Andino.

“Please just trust me,” said Sarah.

She pulled down the skirt exposing her blue mermaid’s tail for the detective to see. Sarah knew that this was her ace in the hole, there was no arguing with this evidence, surely the detective would have to believe her now.

“The tail is one of the better ones I’ve seen, where did you buy it? It looks custom made?” said the detective.

“Excuse me? How do you not believe me? Look at my tail!” Sarah said as she flopped her tailfin angrily against the floor.

“You do realise that mermaids are a celebrated part of the culture on this island, right? The sex workers dress up as mermaids and lounge around the beaches of the island during the summer hoping to get some action with the male tourists that frequent the area. I’ve busted nineteen prostitutes dressed up as mermaids alone in the past year – granted your costume is one of the best I’ve seen. My guess is you are a local sex worker who is trying to get rich off the back of a tragedy,” said the detective accusingly.

Sarah could not believe what was happening right now. She had planned for every eventuality for her escape, every factor, every permutation of events she had planned for in her head, but she had not for one second believed that the police would not believe her story. She thought that she would just stroll up to the station and be saved. Sarah had another idea.

“Please, just feel my tail. It will change your mind if you just touch it,” begged Sarah.

“You’re a sly one,” he said. “You want me to touch you so that you can sue me for sexual assault and get me fired. Sorry honey, not falling for it.”

Sarah desperately was thinking of anything she could to try and convince him.

“Robert also had my breasts augmented during the surgery, I was an A-cup before and now I am an O-cup, and I can prove it!” said Sarah as she quickly pulled her jumper off over her head. She then reached around and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing her enormous breasts for the detective to see.

“Do these look natural to you,” screamed Sarah as she swayed her breasts from side to side letting them jiggle and bounce for the detective to see. Sarah was getting desperate now, this was her last hope to convince the detective.

Andino raised his eyebrows and sat back into his chair and sipped on his coffee.

“Well, we’ve established that you certainly have a nice rack,” said the detective.

“You asshole!” screamed Sarah. “You were my only hope, how can you do this to me!”

“Alright, we’re done here,” said Andino as he stood up. “I’m putting an end to this. I’m charging you with indecent exposure and wasting police time,” he said as he forced Sarah against the table and cuffed her hands behind her back.

“And for the record, I think what you are doing is describable. Trying to profit off a tragedy. Let me tell you something, I investigated this case for the past nine-months, I scoured every inch of this island. I found nothing. I met with Sarah’s family and had to explain to them that we had no answers regarding their daughter’s disappearance. After researching this case for months, I came to the logical and fact-based conclusion that Sarah Savage died somewhere in the Aegean Sea,” he said furiously.

“Please,” cried Sarah through floods of tears, “I am her! I am Sarah Savage, she’s not dead – she is right in front of you right now!”

The detective wheeled the cuffed Sarah out of the interrogation room and down a narrow hallway towards the holding cells.

“I can see that you are a very ill woman, and for your sake I hope that you get the help you need,” said the detective as he draped her yellow jumper over her expansive chest.

Sarah had nothing left to lose, she kicked the detective with all her might straight into the balls. The detective immediately went down crying in pain. The jumper fell off Sarah’s heaving chest. She used her tailfin to hit the floor causing the wheelchair to move backwards. Luckily for Sarah the hallway was on a slant, and she picked up speed and began moving backwards rapidly. The wheelchair smashed against a wall with such force that it bent the wheels. Sarah was thrown from the chair landing flat on her face, her massive hooters taking the majority of the impact. Sarah desperately tried to move along the corridor like a worm. She was so close to the door, if she could just get out of the police station then perhaps someone would help her.

Sarah slowly but surely made her way along the corridor. She was so near the door. She was wheezing as she continued her push forward due to the impact of the wheelchair as it hit the wall. That didn’t matter to Sarah though, her freedom was at stake here. She was almost there.

“Ouch,” screamed Sarah as she felt a sharp pain radiating from her tailfin.

“You little bitch,” said Andino as he stood on her tail. He roughly picked her up in his arms and walked back towards the holding cells. He was too angry or stupid to notice how “real” her tail felt.

“Assault of a police officer,” said Andino angrily. “You won’t be leaving here anytime soon so get used to these cells,” he said as he opened one of the cells and threw her into it, Sarah landing flat on her back.

“Just great,” she thought. “Now I’m in jail.”

Sarah sat up and desperately tried to remove her cuffs.

“Fuck,” she said exasperatedly.

“Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged,” said a woman sitting on a chair directly across from her. Sarah looked around and counted two women in the cell with her: one had short cropped black hair and the other was a ginger. Sarah did not like the way these women were looking at her.

“Help, please!” screamed Sarah.

“Oh honey, the police only watch these cells between nine o’clock and ten o’clock each day, something about the police being understaffed on the island, and oh look at that it just turned ten o’clock,” the woman said gesturing at the clock.

“The cells are monitored by CCTV, but we found out they don’t work, so guess what!? Your pretty little ass belongs to us,” laughed the black-haired woman.

“Gag her,” said the black hair woman.

The ginger woman came up behind her with a piece of cloth and cleave gagged her and then spread her legs either side of Sarah and sat down, forcing Sarah to lean back into the ginger woman’s chest.

“Mmmmpppffff,” Sarah screamed into her gag. She desperately tried to get away from these two women.

The black-haired woman crouched down in front of Sarah.

“My name is Cindy, and the woman behind you is Alice,” said Cindy. “And we are going to get mighty comfortable with you. See, we overheard a conversation through our cell: you really managed to piss off the wrong people – your bail is set at fifty-thousand euros,” said Cindy as she whistled, “which means you will be staying in here with us for a while!”

Sarah tried to scream; she had no money! How was she supposed to pay a fifty-thousand-euro bail! She had escaped Robert’s prison only to end up in an actual prison; she had gone from the frying-pan into the fire.

“You understand English?” asked Cindy.

Sarah nodded her head.

“Good. We are Americans, both from the good old state of Texas, we got caught on drug smuggling charges, and unfortunately for you – we are raging lesbians!”

Cindy tilted her head and looked Sarah up and down as if she was examining a new toy. She wolf-whistled as she drank in every minute detail of Sarah’s body. She seemed almost transfixed by her. Alice was gently messaging and kissing Sarah’s shoulders.

“I have to ask this, because your tits are way out of proportion on your body, are they natural?”

Sarah could only nod her head to say that they were.

“Bullshit,” declared Cindy. Cindy then leaned in and groped Sarah’s tits. She kneaded them hard between her hands, pulling and tugging on her nipples as well.

“Well holy shit, there doesn’t seem to be any silicone or saline within a mile of those great big udders of yours! I’ve never seen boobies this big before in my life!” declared Cindy. “We are going to have some real fun with you.”

“What’s the situation with the mermaid’s tail,” asked Alice from behind.

“She’s probably just into some kinky shit, isn’t that right,” said Cindy as she started to lick Sarah’s breasts. Sarah leaned back and stared down at Cindy in disgust as she ran her tongue along Sarah’s right tit.

Cindy then began gently slapping Sarah’s tits. Sarah emitted a soft involuntary groan through her gag.

“You like that girl, don’t you,” asked Cindy.

Sarah shook her head to say no.

“Aww you’re adorable,” said Cindy as she pinched Sarah’s check.

Cindy then started to pull on Sarah’s nipples causing her to moan quite loudly.

“Holy shit, she is getting aroused so quickly,” laughed Alice.

Cindy continued to pull and tug and Sarah’s nipples causing her immense pleasure. Sarah could not help it; she was about to have an orgasm. A wave of pleasure shot threw her body and she started to thrash about uncontrollably.

“Holy shit, this woman is having an orgasm purely from nipple play,” laughed Cindy. “Let’s see how many we can give her,” said Cindy.

“Horny bitch,” laughed Alice as she started to grope her breasts while Cindy played with her nipples.

Sarah experienced another orgasm as the two women continued to pull and tug at her extra-sensitive breasts. Sarah was screaming into her gag as wave after wave of uncontrollable pleasure washed over. Eventually the continued orgasms were too much for Sarah and she passed out.

“Wake up, wake up,” said a man standing over her. Sarah sat up bolt upright and stared up at the man and saw that he was a police officer. Sarah looked nervously around to see where the other two women were. Cindy was laying back in a chair reading a lingerie magazine whilst Alice was doing push-ups in another corner. The gag had been removed from her mouth.

“Are you Katie Harrison,” asked the police officer trying to avert his gaze from the naked woman below him.

“No, my name is Sarah Savage,” said Sarah confused.

“Look, I heard about your crazy, wacky story from the other officers this morning. Please don’t make this harder than it is. Someone has posted bail for a Katie Harrison. There are three women in this cell: Cindy, Alice and an unknown woman who refuses to tell us her real name. I’m not a genius but I can tell that your real name is Katie,” said the officer.

“Who posted my bail?” asked Sarah curiously. “I don’t know anyone here.”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” replied the officer as he placed her into a wheelchair and wheeled her out of the cell. Cindy blew Sarah a kiss as she left.

“Your benefactor requested to meet you alone in a private cell, whoever he is, he must have some serious sway with the commissioner,” said the officer.

He opened a door and wheeled Sarah into the cell in the wheelchair and closed the door and locked it. Your benefactor will be with you soon I am told.”

A few minutes later Sarah heard the door open, and someone walked in behind her.

“Hello little fish,” said the voice. Sarah immediately knew who it was, and all sense of fight left her. She was a defeated woman, or mermaid. She looked up at the ceiling and blew a stand of hair out of her eye.

“Robert,” Sarah said, acknowledging his presence.

Robert walked in front of Sarah and sat on a nearby bunk bed and leaned against the wall.

“You know I’m impressed,” said Robert chuckling. “Stealing my sleeping pills, a pill here and a pill there so I wouldn’t notice, that was genius. And then waiting till your birthday when you knew I would be more distracted was an ingenious tactic. Slipping it into my coffee, as I trusted you to make me breakfast was an inspired choice. In the future, I am planning to hire a chief to cook for us, so you won’t get away with that one again. In fact, I’m going to crack down on your freedom so much you won’t be able to piss without my say so,” spat Robert.

“You don’t need to worry about me escaping ever again, I had my chance, and I blew it,” said Sarah sadly. She looked up at the ceiling holding back her tears. She knew this meant she was heading back to the compound. Robert seemed to be able to read her mind.

“Before I take you home, we need to fix something. The police commissioner is on my payroll, that is how I found out that you were here. He saw someone matching your description on the CCTV cameras in the foyer, purely by accident I might add. He has squashed all charges against you and deleted all footage of you ever being here. It was like you never even entered the building.”

Sarah grimaced and looked Robert in the eye.

“So, it was all for nothing,” said Sarah.

“I warned you about living two lives Sarah, I tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen to me. The only thing you achieved was getting Patrick fired from my employment. The only loose end to be tied up is detective Andino, I’m told you left quite the impression on him,” said Robert as he unlocked her handcuffs. Sarah rubbed her sore wrists.

“Put your clothes back on,” instructed Robert.

Sarah slipped back into her black skirt. She then put back on her pink bra and finally put back on her yellow, baggy jumper. It felt good to be clothed once more.

“Sarah, you let me do the talking and follow my lead. When the detective is here, pretend that you are my estranged daughter. If you don’t help me sell this then the detective will have to die. I will be forced to order a hit on him, do you understand,” asked Robert.

“I understand,” said Sarah meekly.

Robert placed his hands on her wheelchair and wheeled Sarah out of the cell and down the corridor where she had caused such a fracas earlier on in the day. Robert steered Sarah down another few corridors before reaching a room with Andino’s name engraved on a brass plaque on the door. Sarah figured this must be the detective’s office. Robert knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said Andino.

Robert opened the door and wheeled Sarah inside the office. The detective raised his eyebrows at the sight of Robert Castellano and the crazy woman who he had interviewed earlier appearing in his office.

“And what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from the famous Mr. Castellano,” asked the detective.

“Well, I’m afraid it is a bit of a sensitive subject,” said Robert. “I believe you interviewed Katie earlier on today?”

“That is correct, yes,” said the detective. “She claimed that you had turned her into a mermaid and were keeping her captive,” laughed the detective dismissively.

“I am so sorry that happened, detective. You see Katie here is my daughter. I’m afraid that she was just lashing out and seeking attention. We had an argument recently over her… Profession if you know what I am saying,” said Robert carefully.

“You are referring to her as a sex-worker, correct?” asked the detective.

“Precisely. I told her of my disapproval of her activities, and she didn’t take my criticism very well. I fear as an act of retaliation she tried to incriminate me in the disappearance of that poor woman Sarah Savage,” said Robert.

The detective looked from Robert over to Sarah and raised his eyebrows.

“Is what your father said true, Katie?” questioned the detective.

“It is true, and I am deeply very sorry for wasting your time and assaulting you. I’m not sure what came over me, I guess I was just angry and bitter with my father,” lied Sarah.

“Well then, I consider the matter closed and not warranting any further investigation. But, if I ever catch you out on the beach dressed as a mermaid prostituting yourself in the future, I will charge you and next time you won’t be so lucky,” warned Andino.

“Understood detective, and I am very sorry again for any trouble I caused you today,” said Sarah.

Andino nodded his head showing that he was satisfied that the matter was closed.

“Mr. Castellano, one thing before you go. Will you be attending this year’s policeman’s charity ball? I’d love to catch up with you and discuss how we can better utilize your generous charitable donations to best help the citizens of the village,” asked the detective.

“Of course, I will be attending – I love helping my local community,” said Robert as he wheeled Sarah out of the office. Robert wheeled Sarah out of the police building and then threw her in the back of the waiting van and he got in the passenger seat and instructed his security guard to drive. Sarah was heading home.

Sarah felt the van come to a halt and she heard the passenger and driver doors open and close. Then the back doors of the van were opened, and Robert picked her up and carried her over to the security gate, entered the password and just like that Sarah was back in the compound. All her efforts were for nothing. Sarah was placed kneeling in front of the pool and Robert disappeared upstairs and returned with a jerry can of petrol.

“Take off your skirt,” instructed Robert.

Sarah slipped her tail out of the skirt and placed it in a neat pile in front of her.

“Now the jumper,” said Robert.

Sarah pulled the jumper over her head and placed it on top of the skirt in front of her.

“And lastly the bra, but before you remove it know this – I promise you; you will never wear another bra for the rest of your entire life,” said Robert.

Tears began to well up in Sarah’s eyes; she had lost the right to even wear a bra forever. It was another small encroachment on the few remaining freedoms that she still had left that caused her such pain and sadness. Sarah slowly reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall into the pile of clothes that had built up in front of her. Her colossal breasts were once again free for the world to enjoy, devoid of their brief support.

Robert knelt in front of her and looked her in the eyes.

“How could you betray my trust, after everything I’ve done for you!” said Robert. “I gave you food, water, protection – everything you could ever want, or need was provided for you and in return I just asked for you to submit to me and love me singularly and completely.”

“Please Robert, I promise I will never try and escape ever again!” pleased Sarah.

“I think you need to be taught a lesson, Sarah. You can’t drug me and expect that to go unpunished,” said Robert as he clicked his fingers and a security guard approached. “Grab her arms and restrain them behind her back,” ordered Robert. The security guard grabbed both of Sarah’s arms and roughly restricted her arms behind her.

“Get the fuck off of me, creep,” screamed Sarah. “You like attacking helpless women,” said Sarah to the security guard. Her hefty chest was thrust out as the man held her arms together. Robert produced a rucksack and began fishing through it.

“You remember Sergei, right Sarah?” asked Robert. Sarah’s blood ran cold. That was the man who owned the pony girls. “He gifted me some bondage gear in the event that you were ever uncooperative, and trying to escape definitely falls under that category,” said Robert laughing.

“Please master, I’ve learned my lesson – it won’t happen again, I swear I will never try and escape ever again! You can leave the security gate open, and I would never use it,” pleased Sarah. But her pleas fell on deaf ears as Robert took out an object from the bag. Sarah knew what it was immediately, she had seen the pony girl wearing it. It was a shiny, bright red, armbinder. Robert walked behind Sarah and began to place her arms into the armbinder.

“Please! Master please!” begged Sarah. Sarah knew that if she was placed in bondage gear then her chances of escaping became infinitesimally small. She desperately thrashed about trying to avoid the armbinder being placed onto her body. She could feel her arms being bound together and hear Robert strapping the armbinder shut.

Sarah brought the armbinder around her left side and stared at it. Both of her hands were stuck inside of it, rendering her hands completely useless.

“We’re still not done,” said Robert as he stood in front of Sarah. He knelt in front of Sarah produced nipple clamps with large bells attached to them. With the armbinder on there was nothing Sarah could do to defend herself.

“Please, no – ARRGGHHH!” screamed Sarah as Robert placed the nipple clamp on her left nipple. He then proceeded to attach the other nipple clamp to the right nipple clamp. Tears were rolling down Sarah’s checks, a mixture of pain and involuntary pleasure from the nipple stimulation. Sarah heard the ringing of the bells as she writhed in pain. Each movement caused the bells that were attached to her nipples to make a ringing sound.

Robert then produced a black penis gag from the bag and held it in front of Sarah so she could see it. The penis was huge, a thick black rubber cock attached to a strap that was designed to wrap around her head holding the gag in place.

“You are going to regret crossing me in a minute,” Robert laughed maniacally.

“I’m sorry, please – “Sarah’s sentence was cut off as Robert stuffed the penis gag into her open mouth and then proceeded to secure the gag behind her head.

“MMMPPPPFFFH,” was all Sarah was able to say, a muffled scream as the rubber cock filled every inch of her mouth.

“This gag also contains food for you, and it will automatically dispense the food straight down your throat so you can wear the gag for extended periods of time without removing it,” said Robert nonchalantly. Sarah’s eyes widened at the dissemination of this information, how long was he planning to keep her like this?!

Then Robert produced a black rubber hood and proceeded to place it over Sarah’s face. After it was put on the only visible parts of her face were her blue eyes and her nose. Sarah’s long blonde hair was fed through a hole at the top of the hood, creating a single ponytail of hair that cascaded down her back.

“You did this to yourself,” said Robert. “I reckon a month like this will teach you a lesson,” said Robert. Sarah’s eyes widened at the suggestion. One whole month like this was a horrific thought, her nipples were in constant pain, and she was incredibly helpless in her bondage. Robert and the security guard left Sarah alone beside the pool in her newfound bondage.

“Beep, beep, beep,” rang out Sarah’s alarm. Sarah sat up in bed and used her forehead to discontinue the alarm. She hadn’t been able to get much sleep last night as her arms were cramping in the armbinder and she had to sleep on her side. Sarah sat on the edge of her bed. She needed to pee badly, which was not ideal given her current predicament. Sarah rolled off the bed and onto the floor, she crawled like a worm along the floor and reached the toilet and pulled herself up and relieved herself.

After that Sarah crawled along the floor and out to the pavement outside the sun was beginning to rise. Sarah heard a whooshing noise, and her penis gag began to dispense food straight down into her throat nearly causing her to be sick. Suddenly she couldn’t catch her breath, she was having a fully fledged panic attack. Her nostrils flared furiously as she desperately tried to suck in as much air as was possible. She needed Robert's help. She began to sway her monumental tits causing the bells on her nipples to start ringing. At the same time, she began screaming into her gag.

“MMMMFFFPPPH,” she screamed as loud as she could. But it was no use, the gag gad silenced her. Sarah then crawled back into her room and decided she needed to call for help. She turned on her console using her nose and watched it boot up. She then used her nose to operate the joystick and open the clan chat, great she thought to herself they are all online. She needed to get help. She painstakingly typed a message into the group chat and was about so hit the send button when Robert appeared in her room. She looked up to explain herself to him. He bent down and read the message: “HELP ME, I’M IN DANGER.”

“You were trying to escape again,” said Robert sternly. Sarah desperately shook her head trying to deny his accusation. “You do realise that the AI filter would have stopped this message going through? It doesn’t matter, the intent was there, and you need to be punished.”

Robert looked thoughtfully at the console. Then he coughed to clear his throat.

“Computer, this is Robert Castellano, authorize me full access to this console.”

“Access granted,” said the AI.

“Computer, type the following message into the group chat, ‘fuck you nerds, you are a bunch of virgin creeps, stay away from me and do not contact me ever again,’” said Robert in an avuncular voice.

Sarah watched as the audio was processed into text and the words appeared on the screen. She looked up at Robert with pleading eyes, these were her only friends in the world, her only semblance of normality.

“Computer, send message and leave the chat and blacklist any new messages from the member of that chat,” said Robert.

A steady stream of tears cascaded down Sarah’s face as she cried. Of all the cruel punishments she had endured this was by far the most malicious one that Robert had inflicted upon her. Sarah watched as the group chat was deleted and her friends list deleted. Robert sat on the floor beside her and placed an arm over her shoulder.

“There, there, little fish. I know that must be hard on you, but you’ve let go of people before: your mother, your father, your sister, your boyfriend – heck this should be like second-nature to you by now,” joked Robert.

Sarah was defeated in every sense of the word. She looked down at her massive bosom and rested her chin on her chest dejectedly. She thought at least there was no further cruelty that Robert could inflict upon her, but she knew that wasn’t true. If there was one thing that she had learned, it was that men are capable of incalculable cruelty.

“I suggest,” said Robert, “that you forget these fanciful notions of escape. I’m smarter than you and have more resources than you. Trust me, your life will be much easier if you just accept that you are my slave and stop resisting.”

Sarah spent the rest of the day lying on the floor of her bedroom, just staring aimlessly at the ceiling as if there were answers to be found there. Sarah wondered about how the pony girls could spend years in bondage, she wondered if it would drive them mad. It was certainly driving Sarah mad, and she had only been bound for less than a full day. Sarah managed to fall asleep on the floor, awakening that evening as the sun set. She could see some of the village houses from her position on the floor. If only detective Andino had believed her she could have been rescued and at home safe and sound by now she thought to herself. She ran through her escape scenario over and over in her head wishing she could have done things differently. Why hadn’t she gone straight to a public phone booth and rang her parents or friends and asked for help? Why hadn’t she just gone to the beach and have taken her chances in the open water of the Aegean Sea? These questions continued to haunt Sarah as she sat alone on the floor in her bondage. She found herself sucking on the penis gag out of pure anger as she replayed the events of yesterday. She couldn’t believe that things had gone wrong so quickly, she had trusted authority and the establishment had betrayed her: the commissioner was in cahoots with Robert – she never stood a chance of escape, that was the most bitter pill to swallow. Sarah attempted to go back to sleep as she had nothing else to do. She couldn’t wait for this month to end so she could escape her bondage.


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