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The Org

by Albarez9

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The Convergence

The fluorescent lights of the underground car park were ominous, Joy thought as she stood waiting impatiently for her contact. Joy shifted her weight from foot to foot and stroked her hands together as she waited.

Although Joy Joyce was a medical doctor, you would never know it from the clothing she wore or the vehicle she drove. She was wearing a black conservative dress that came to her knees, and a white shirt underneath that. She was wearing a black pair of high heels and she had her nails painted black to match her black hair. At age twenty-five, Joy still was in touch with her goth roots. Her clothing was cheap, and her vehicle was an old petrol engine car from the early twenty-first century. There were very few of these cars left on the road in the year two thousand and twenty-five.

Joy saw car high beams in the distance, showing that someone was approaching. Joy blew into her hands for warmth as she waited. Although Joy had taken the Hippocratic Oath and sworn to do no harm, she was buried under a mountain of college debt that she was still repaying.

Approximately a year ago, an elderly gentleman approached Joy in her clinic. Joy found the man unusual as he refused to give his name to her secretary, instead insisting that he speak with the physician himself. Joy should have insisted on recording her patient’s name, but as a doctor, she found no genuine love for her work. She merely went through the motions, counting down the minutes on her watch until she could go home for the day.

The gentleman was balding, with a short white beard and white hair. He wore a small pair of spectacle glasses on his nose and seemed to Joy to be extremely inquisitive. Joy carried out diagnostic tests on him, including his blood work, heart rate, etc. She was satisfied that he was in good health.

The gentleman then stood up to leave, but before he left, he placed a card on her desk and told her to call him if she was interested in making considerable money on the side. Joy had picked up the card, and there was a mobile phone number in white text on a black background with no other identifiable information.

A year later and Joy did not know how the man knew that she was in financial difficulty, but his approach had been successful. Joy had kept the card, and a month later she had called the number out of curiosity. She had recognized the gentleman’s voice on the other end of the line. He arranged to meet her at a public park for a discussion about the type of work that she would get involved in.

The man explained to her he worked for a powerful organization that operated a slavery business for the wealthy. This wasn’t just any slavery business, the man had explained to her. The organization created human hybrids by genetically modifying suitable individuals and sold them to the wealthy and influential. The man who told Joy to refer to him as ‘Chip’ would be her handler. She would be responsible for selecting suitable candidates through her practice, and she would inject them with the transformation serum and contact Chip to collect them for delivery.

To her surprise, Joy had agreed there and then to work for Chip, once he had told her about the lucrative financial terms. Once a month, she would receive a description regarding the type of person that he was looking for and Joy would examine her patient’s history to see if she had a match. She had their details on file and would then stalk their houses and workplaces to track their movements. Once Joy memorized their routine by stalking their houses and workplaces, she would contact Chip for the serum.

She had proved surprisingly adept at her new line of work as a slave trader, and soon she was making serious money. She was making inroads on paying off her student debt, and she could move to a more spacious apartment.

However, this month was proving difficult for Joy. The job should have been relatively easy and straightforward. They had given her an extremely vague specification that the customer wanted: a woman. There was no restriction on age, ethnicity, sexuality, etc., which should have made her life a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, this task was proving extremely arduous. Joy had been getting her victims from the Iowa area where she lived. Over the course of the past twelve months, there had been a noticeable increase in missing person cases, and she was finding it increasingly burdensome to track and find suitable candidates for the buyer.

The car was fast approaching, and it parked in a vacant parking space. The lights were turned off and the car door opened, and Chip stepped out of the vehicle. Chip was wearing black trousers and a smart, brown jacket with a yellow shirt underneath. He closed the car door and locked it and approached her. Joy blew a strand of her long black hair out of her eyes as she stood with her arms folded across her chest.

“Cold night, eh,” said Chip with a wily smile as he stood in front of her, a black briefcase in his right hand.

“I hate this fucking cold,” replied Joy with a smile. “Once I’ve made enough money to pay off my student loans, I’m moving my practice to California or Florida, somewhere where it’s warm and sunny.”

“Wouldn’t you miss your patients?” asked Chip with a smirk on his face, fully knowing the answer to the question that he had just posed.

“Fuck my patients,” laughed Joy, “whatever enthusiasm I once had for the medical profession has been snuffed out by the size of the debt that I owe,” said Joy as she once again blew a strand of her hair out of her eyes.

“You might just be the worst doctor I have ever met,” said Chip jokingly, “but you are one of my best operatives.”

“You have others?” asked Joy, which surprised her. It made sense that Chip would have other employees working for him, given the apparent scale of the enterprise that he was involved in. It had just never occurred to her till now.

“Of course!” replied Chip, “does that make you jealous?” he said leaning forward with a smile on his face.

“Fuck you,” laughed Joy. “Alright, let’s get down to business. Where is the serum?”

“Ah yes, the real reason we have met here tonight,” replied Chip as he placed the briefcase on the bonnet of a nearby car and carefully opened the case. He took a plastic container out of the briefcase, through which she could see the syringe and the vial in separate pieces.

“Any idea what this serum does?” asked Joy as her breath froze because of the winter cold.

“Of course I do, but as usual, that is for me to know and you to find out once you inject the target. The less you know, the better,” said Chip.

Joy nodded her head in agreement and picked up the plastic case with the serum and syringe and held it in her right hand.

“One more thing before you go,” said Chip. “It is imperative that you inject and capture this target tonight, we have deadlines to meet and if we come home empty handed tonight then my boss will be deeply unhappy, and that won’t end well for either of us.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve planned for this,” said Joy.

“What’s the subject’s name? You’ve told me before, but I cannot remember?”

“Her name is Nancy, and trust me, this is as good as done already,” replied Joy.

“Well alright then,” said Chip, “I’ll be down here in the car park waiting, give me a ring if you need anything.”

Joy nodded at him and walked back inside the building. She was met with a blast of warm air, and she was extremely grateful for it. It took her a moment to adjust her eyes to the bright lights of the interior of the building.

Joy felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, and she fished it out and stopped walking momentarily. It was her boyfriend, Anthony. They had been dating for the past few months, but Joy was confident that he was the one for her. She was deeply in love with him.

She checked her phone and read the message that he had sent. Anthony was wondering what time she would be home and what he should get for their dinner. Joy messaged him back, informing him she would be home late tonight and that he shouldn’t wait up for her. Anthony sent a reply with a smiley face, saying that he loved her. Joy felt a warmth in her heart.

Anthony brought out the best in her, which was saying something because Joy knew perfectly that she was an awful human being. She had forsaken her medical vows, despised her patients, was obsessed with money, and she also actively took part in the kidnapping of her said patients. However, Joy had no moral qualms about how she made her money. She only cared for herself and Anthony, and she would not let ethics impede her living her best life.

Joy made her way to the elevator and called it. She watched as the elevator moved down from the top floor of the building all the way down to the car park basement. Her office was on the eighth floor of the building, so the elevator ride should be relatively quick.

While she was taking care of the job, she wondered what Chip would be doing. She couldn’t imagine him listening to music or reading a book. She had never seen him do anything remotely human before.

Joy was determined to renegotiate her fee after this job. It wasn’t fair that she had to take all the risk in identifying the target, tailing the target, injecting the target and then arranging for the target to be collected whilst Chip just relaxed and did nothing. If she ever got a chance to meet Chip’s boss, she would definitely question his necessity. Joy was confident that she could run the entire operation more efficiently and effectively than Chip ever could.

That was an issue for another day, she supposed. She watched as the elevator got closer and closer to the basement and readied herself in case there was anyone inside the elevator. She adjusted her dress so that she looked prim and proper.

The elevator reached the basement, and the doors opened, and a colleague stepped out, Doctor Smith.

“Hello Joy, what a surprise seeing you here at this hour. You rarely work back this late,” continued her colleague. Doctor Smith was a jovial man, and he was excellent with his patients. He had a love for his profession, and this bothered Joy endlessly.

“Oh, I just forgot my phone,” lied Joy. “I just need to run back upstairs to my office and collect it,”continued Joy.

“Well, don’t let me keep you then,” said Doctor Smith with a courteous smile. He had black curly hair, and deep brown eyes. For an elderly man, if he wasn’t so damn self-important, she might have even found him attractive.

Joy watched as Doctor Smith left the building and made his way to his expensive Tesla car on the other side of the car park. Joy also felt resentment at the amount of money that he possessed; he had paid off all his student loans and could not afford to do whatever he wanted with his income. For a second Joy wondered if she should jab him with the serum, but she remembered that this serum was specifically developed for women and not men, so it would have no effect on him. Joy stepped into the elevator and pressed the eighth floor button and watched as the doors closed.

The Necessity for Ethics? 

Joy had arranged for her secretary to stay behind tonight late at work. Her secretary’s name was Nancy, and Joy had grown to know her quite well over the past year since she had hired her.

Nancy was in her early twenties, a beautiful-looking woman with long blonde hair. She had green eyes and an athletic frame, similar to Joy’s. Nancy was from rural Iowa, her family were farmers, and Nancy had come to the city looking for work. She wasn’t particularly close with her family, so it would be quite a while before anyone would notice her disappearance.

When Nancy was young, her mother died, and her father became an alcoholic, leaving her alone to raise her siblings on a small rural farm in Iowa. Eventually, when she was old enough she took the chance to move away from the rural life and into the city where she was hoping to make a life for herself. Too bad that the life she had made for herself was going to revolve around sucking cocks as some sort of weird human animal hybrid creature.

Joy wondered why she didn’t feel awful about what she was about to do to Nancy. Not only was she going to sell her into a life of slavery, she was going to turn her into some human hybrid creature, a curiosity and a pet. However, Joy felt nothing for Nancy. She knew this was just part of the job. Maybe she would inquire with Chip about where Nancy was to end up and see if she could make sure she went to a good owner.

The elevator reached its destination, and the doors slid open. Joy’s office was down a long corridor, followed by a turn to the left and another, shorter corridor. Joy figured that she should prepare the serum now so that she could deliver it quickly and efficiently to Nancy as soon as she walked into the office. She knew where Nancy sat, she would just casually walk into the office and jab Nancy with the serum and inject her, and then the job would be complete, and she could go home to Anthony.

 Joy placed the plastic container on a table that was set up a few feet from the elevator and began her work. She carefully opened the container and received the vial and picked it up and examined it. The vial had a luminous green color to it. She then placed the vial on the table. Next up, she retrieved the syringe and placed it on the table next to the serum. Joy then retrieved stab proof gloves from her jeans pocket and placed them on.

Joy gently picked up the syringe and perforated the stopper of the vial with the needle. She then drew up a full allotment of the serum, which had an ominous green glow. She then placed the needle down on the table and removed her gloves, and placed them on the table.

Joy wondered what type of transformation this serum would cause. The last woman she had injected with the serum had a rather unexpected transformation. Joy had watched as the woman’s confusion at being jabbed went to anger, then pure terror as she was wracked with terrible pain. Her ass had grown huge and an extra pair of legs had spurted out, and her rear grew outwards. Her breasts also grew exponentially, shredding her shirt. Eventually the woman screamed as she found out that she had the lower body of a dairy cow, and the upper body of a woman. Joy found out later that the woman was being sold to a dairy farmer to keep his ailing dairy business afloat.

Joy then took out her phone and searched her contacts to find Nancy, and she dialed her number. After a few seconds, Nancy’s soft voice answered.

“Hello, this is the Joyce Medical Clinic. How can I be of help?”

“Hey Nance, it’s just me,” said Joy. “I’ve just forgotten my purse, so I will be in the office in a few minutes to collect it. How is the work going? Sorry for asking you to stay back tonight. It’s just we have a backlog of patient information that needs to be sorted and filed away,” lied Joy.

“Don’t worry about it, Ms. Joyce. I don’t mind staying back. I like to help,” replied Nancy warmly.

“You’re so sweet,” replied Joy. She still felt absolutely no remorse for the fate she was about to sentence Nancy to as she hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, in the car park, Chip was leaning on the bonnet of his car and smoking a cigar. The car park was completely empty, devoid of life, save for one man who looked like he could have been a Doctor that exited the building recently.

Chip was not a fan of being seen, and he hoped the man had taken little notice of his face. Chip had averted his gaze as the man had passed, pretending to be examining something on his phone. The next time he worked with Joy, he planned to bring up the issue of being too exposed.

Chip felt a vibration in his pocket, and he retrieved his mobile. It was from a contact called ‘Becks’, a person he knew all too well, she was his boss! Chip took a deep breath and answered the phone.

“Hello Becks,” answered Chip.

“Chip,” replied the female voice with a heavy North English accent. “How is the operation going? Have you located and got a suitable target yet?”

“I’m working on it right now,” replied Chip, “I have my best operative on it. We should have our target within the next fifteen minutes.”

“That is good news,” replied Becks, “as I will personally oversee the delivery of this shipment. We are behind schedule in providing the merchandise to the buyer, and I want to ensure that this gets done tonight. So, to that end, I will arrive soon with a large truck from a haulage company that I have rented for this week. We will get the merchandise into the truck, prep her for transport, and get her to the nearest port city, where she will be shipped abroad to our client.”

“That sounds wonderful, Becks,” replied Chip, as he ended the call.

Chip then took another long drag out of his cigar. If Joy managed to pull off this operation tonight, then he figured it would be time to start discussing a promotion for her.

Chip saw the headlights of a vehicle entering the underground car park, interrupting his thoughts. A massive truck had just entered the car park, pulling a white, long trailer behind it.

The truck pulled up beside Chip and Becks climbed out of the driver side door and walked around the truck and threw him the keys to the truck.

“You’re driving tonight,” instructed Becks as she rubbed her hands together in an attempt to generate heat. Becks was an older woman, with graying hair and a wrinkled face, and she was wearing a long black jacket to keep her warm.

“That was fast,” replied Chip as he caught the keys in his right hand.

“I already said, this gets done tonight. I have to report to my boss who is even less lenient than I am, if you can believe it,” said Becks.

“Jesus, just how bureaucratic can a slavery company be,” joked Chips as he puffed on his cigar.

“It may surprise you,” replied Becks. “Are we sure the area is secure? Will we have any visits from security?”

“Nope,” replied Chips with certainty. “According to Joy, there are actually no cameras down here in the car park basement. The building’s owners were too cheap to have them installed. As for security, Joy assures me they have already left the building for the day and that there is no night security that operates on the premises.”

“Good,” said Becks as she checked her watch impatiently.

“Relax, Joy will ring me in a few minutes to tell me that the job is done, and we can collect our bounty and be on our way,” replied Chips.

The Jab

Joy disposed of the plastic container in a nearby recycling bin. She had left the syringe on the table. Joy carefully picked up the syringe in her right hand, pointing the needle away from her body. The next step was easy. She had done it countless times before. She just needed to approach Nancy, inject her with the serum, and the job would be complete.

Suddenly Joy felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and she retrieved it. It was Anthony calling her, which was unusual for him to ring her. They primarily communicated via messages, so Joy figured she should answer him. She absentmindedly stowed the syringe in her front dress pocket and sat on a nearby seat, experiencing a momentary stinging sensation in her right leg.

“Anthony,” said Joy into the phone, “is something wrong?”

“Hey babe, nothing’s wrong, just wanted to ask if you wanted to go out for a meal tonight? It’s our half year anniversary today,” said Anthony happily.

“Anthony, that’s so sweet of you. Yes, of course I want to go out for a meal with you. Let me just finish my business at work and I will come straight home to the apartment,” replied Joy.

Do you want me to reserve the Italian restaurant that you love?” inquired Anthony.

“Of course, I would love that,” said Joy. “See you later, honey.”

Joy ended the call and placed her phone on the armchair and sank back into the chair. She was a lucky woman to have found a man so loving and caring as Anthony. She knew deep down that she didn’t deserve him, not after all the horrific shit that she had done in her life. The day they first met was remembered by her fondly. Joy was attending a medical conference, and the guest speaker incredibly bored her. She found herself dozing off, and before she knew it, she was asleep.

She had woken up to find her head resting on the shoulder of the gentleman next to her. Joy sat up abruptly and apologized profusely to the man, who merely laughed and told her he found the conference dreary as well. He introduced himself as Doctor Anthony Lincoln. He was from Iowa, just like Joy, except he was a cardiologist instead of the general practitioner that Joy was.

They took their lunch together and gossiped about mutual acquaintances in the medical field. Joy was stricken with his deep blue eyes, long black hair and muscular physique. After the conference had ended, Anthony had asked for her number so that they could go for a coffee sometime, and Joy had eagerly agreed, and the rest was history.

However, Joy’s happy remembrance was soon about to turn to ghastly horror. Joy stood up from the seat, and as she did so, she saw the syringe drop on the floor. She immediately picked it up and noticed that it was empty. She remembered the sharp pain she had experienced prior to the call with Anthony, and she came to a terrifying conclusion: when she had sat on the seat, the syringe had been injected into her.

“No, no, no, no …” whimpered Joy. “This can’t be happening to me.”

She examined the empty syringe again. She didn’t feel any different, and she was not experiencing any effects from the serum. Joy reasoned that maybe this dose of the serum had been a dud.

Joy nearly jumped in fright as her phone rang again. This time, it was Chip. Joy hesitantly answered the call, and placed the phone to her ear.

“Joy, what’s taking so long? I thought you had this planned out? Is everything okay?” asked Chip.

“Everything is fine, trust me,” replied Joy. “Just give me a few more minutes.”

“Sorry Joy, you’re out of time. I’m coming up to see what’s happening.”

“No, don’t,” insisted Joy, but the call had already ended.

Joy quickly formulated a plan in her head. The serum clearly hadn’t worked on her as she was still a human, so someone had fucked up along the way. If she could blame the empty syringe on Chip, she could convince him to just kidnap Nancy tonight and get the dose at a later date. It wasn’t an ideal solution, as it would mean delivering a woman to the client instead of whatever hybrid creature they had been looking for, and she was sure there would be repercussions for missing the deadline, but this was the best course of action that she could see at the moment.

Joy watched as the elevator was called to the basement and then began its descent upwards. Eventually the elevator reached her floor, and the door opened and Chip stepped out.

“Joy, what the fuck is going on?” asked Chip apprehensively. “You are busting my balls here.”

“I could ask you the same question,” snapped back Joy. “Look at this.” Joy handed the syringe over to Chip for his inspection. Chip carefully took the device and examined it, coming to the same conclusion that Joy did.

“It’s empty,” said Chip. “I could have sworn this was full with the serum,” said Chip.

“Yes, well, it’s not,” replied Joy curtly.

“We’re fucked,” replied Chip as he leaned against the blue painted walls of the corridor.

“I have a plan,” said Joy. “We proceed as planned. We bag Nancy and we inject her at a later date. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best that we have at the moment.”

Joy was feeling increasingly warm for some reason. She walked halfway down the hallway and checked the thermostat. It was set to room temperature, so there was no reason she should be feeling such heat.

“You’re right,” said Chip as he removed his spectacles to clean them. “We have little of a choice now, I suppose.”

“You can go back to the car park. I can subdue Nancy easily enough myself,” said Joy. Joy dabbed at her forehead. Beads of sweat had formed there and were running into her eyes, stinging them.

“Are you alright?” asked Chip as he placed his spectacles back on the bridge of his nose. “Your cheeks have gone red, and your eyes look terribly bloodshot,” continued Chip.

“I’m fine,” replied Joy dismissively. “Just let me do my job.”

Joy was feeling incredibly weak and dizzy as well. She leaned against the wall to steady herself. She wiped her forehead to remove the sheen of sweat that had formed, to stop it from running into her eyes.

“Joy, I think you should go down to the car park. You don’t look very well at the moment. Let me take it from here,” offered Chip.

Joy felt her legs go weak, and she couldn’t help but bring her legs together so that her calves were touching each other. She felt awful, and she supposed she was having some sort of allergic reaction to the serum.

“Joy, I think you should …” something caused Chip to lose his train of thought. Joy was incredibly confused. She watched as Chip looked down at her legs, and then at the syringe he was still holding in his right hand and he moved away from the wall.

Joy looked down at her legs and saw something that horrified her. Her calves had seemed to merge. Nothing but severe pain awaited her when she tried to pull her legs apart.

“Joy, you didn’t inject yourself, did you?” asked Chip.

“It … it … was an accident,” replied Joy with tears in her eyes and her voice breaking. “Please, Chip, help me! Can’t you get me an antidote for whatever is happening to me?” begged Joy.

“Sorry kid,” said Chip sadly, “I truly am sorry. These serums are irreversible. I can’t do anything to reverse what is about to happen.”

Joy screamed in pain as her legs merged and her feet were forced apart in opposite directions to each other, connected only by the heels. She had discarded her high heels and now stood bare footed. She roared in agony as she felt the bones in her leg rearrange themselves into some new configuration.

“Chip, help me please,” cried Joy.

Chip stepped forward, placed the syringe into his jacket pocket and surveyed the room. He took out his phone and dialed a number. After a few seconds, someone on the other end of the phone picked up.

“Becks, start the truck. I have the merchandise,” said Chip.

Joy cried in horror, as it was clear that she was the merchandise and that Chip meant to sell into a life of slavery. Joy leaned against the nearest table as her body continued its changes. She heard a ripping noise from underneath her dress as her panties were ripped, and the fabric of the destroyed undergarments fell to the floor.

Chip had put away his phone and was now approaching her.

“Stay the fuck away from me, you bastard,” screamed Joy as she pushed over the table she had been leaning on to throw an object in between herself and Chip. Joy then hopped down the corridor, desperate to escape Chip.

“Come now Joy, you know how this has to go,” said Chip as he easily scaled the table. “This isn’t personal, it’s just business. You, of all people, should know that.”

Joy hopped as fast as she could down the corridor and turned down into the corridor on the left. She heard Chip catching up behind her. Because of his age, he wasn’t running but walking after her. He knew he would catch up to her, eventually.

Joy had to stop to rest against a wall as the changes to her body continued at a fast pace. She felt an immense pain emanating from her vagina, and she could feel her dress riding up her ass. She touched her ass and screamed as she felt it growing outwards. Her rear was now absolutely huge. Joy turned to continue hopping, but she felt a hand grab her wrist.

Joy immediately pivoted and landed a punch that connected with Chip’s chin. Chip stumbled backwards, allowing Joy just enough time to make down the hall to the fire doors. She unhooked the doors and closed them, and she grabbed a nearby fire axe that she used to block the door from opening.

Joy leaned against the doors, and slowly slid down till she was sitting on the floor. She examined the damage to her body. Now, Joy’s legs had fused together completely and her feet faced in different directions, almost 180 degrees apart. Joy watched in horror as her toenails fell out one by one, and her feet fanned out into what looked like a tail fin.

“No, it can’t be, I’m turning into a …” stuttered Joy.

“A mermaid,” said Chip from the other side of the door. “I’m afraid so. That’s what the serum was. Can’t we just dispense with all this nonsense? You know what is going to happen, Joy. You played a good game and tried to escape. I applaud that, but it’s only a matter of time before I get through this door. You are going to be a slave, kid. No other way out, I’m afraid.”

“Fuck you, I will not let you take me and live out the rest of my life as some freak show exhibit,” screamed Joy in frustration. Joy decided she needed to regain her composure if she was going to get out of this situation. She needed to get into the office. That door was much more secure, and she could phone the cops once inside. Joy just needed to get there and convince Nancy to let her in.

Joy felt a sharp pain in her lower leg, and she saw a green spot appear. She then felt another pain and saw another green dot appear. This continued with increasing frequency until they covered her entire tail with green scales from just below her belly button to the tip of her new tail fin.

Joy started sobbing as the full realization of what had happened to her sunk in. She would never walk again, she would be reduced to crawling or swimming for the rest of her life.

Joy felt a tightness in her chest and watched in horror at what was unfolding. In front of her eyes, her chest was growing in size. Her pert B cups were growing exponentially right in front of her. She could feel her bra growing tight, and then she heard the clasp snap, as the bra gave up on trying to contain her ever-growing breasts. Joy ripped off her dress in a panic, leaving her entirely nude, and she grasped at her breasts, trying to stop them from growing. Eventually they did, although they were now the size of huge natural melons on her chest. They jiggled with each sob that racked her body.

Joy felt the changes cease finally, and she examined her newly changed body. She now had a green mermaid’s tail from her bellybutton to her tail fin, and she had an enormous pair of what she guessed were O-cup sized breasts hanging off her chest.

Joy crawled along the floor towards the door to her office, a process which was now painstakingly slow now because of the presence of her tail. Tears streamed down her youthful face as she crawled closer and closer to the door.

Joy looked behind her and saw that Chip was kicking the door with all his might, he had worked out what she was doing and was desperately trying to stop her. She watched in horror as the fire axe moved with each bang of the doors.

“Come on now Joy, there is no use in running - not that you can run anymore, I suppose,” laughed Chip.

Joy reached her office and banged on the red wooden door while her breasts moved rapidly. Joy reached for the doorknob and turned it frantically, hoping to gain access to the office.

Joy looked behind her and saw that the axe was barely holding the doors closed, and was about to be dislodged at any second. She turned her attention back to the office door and screamed at the top of her voice.

“Nancy! Nancy! Please open the fucking door!” shrieked Joy, her voice breaking in terror.

The sound of Chip’s onslaught against the doors behind her continued, and the doors were very close to giving way. Chip attempted to gain entry to the hallway where Joy was trapped by running towards the doors and throwing his entire body weight at them.

“Nancy, Nancy!” screamed Joy as tears were running down her face. If Chip managed to breach those doors, then she would have no chance of escaping from him and she would be his captive.

“Please, please, open the door,” sobbed Joy as she banged against it uselessly. Chip was going to break through the double doors any second now, and that was game over for her. Joy’s hands were numb from her continued banging against the door.

Joy sat with her back to the door and turned her attention back to Chip who was extremely close to breaking through the doors. Terror and regret filled Joy as she turned her attention back to Chip who was extremely close to breaking through the doors. She had never been especially close with her parents, but she knew that once Chip got hold of her, she would never see them again. She closed her eyes and cried, feeling her hot tears fall upon her expansive and huge chest. If her stupid boyfriend hadn’t called her, Joy wouldn’t have become a mermaid sex toy, and she felt distraught and angry. Joy felt time slow as she waited for the inevitable.

An Unexpected Opening 

Joy turned around when she heard the door open and saw Nancy standing there in disbelief. Her eyes were wide open in shock and confusion and what was unfolding in the hallway: there was a man desperately trying to break through the barred double-doors and a busty mermaid was sitting on the floor sobbing.

 “Joy, oh my God, is that you?” screamed Nancy.

“Yes! Please let me inside the office. This man is trying to kidnap me,” replied Joy urgently.

Nancy stared down the hallway at the man and then it seemed to make sense to her what was transpiring. Nancy bent down, placed her arms under Joy’s armpits and dragged the mermaid into the safety of the office. Joy shrieked as she the fire axe came loose and fell to the floor with a thump. The doors burst open and Chip came hurtling through. He had clearly applied too much force as he lost his balance and fell to the floor, clearly winded.

“Nancy hurry!” screamed Joy as she thrashed her tail uselessly to move faster. Joy watched as Chip slowly stood up after his fall and readjusted his glasses. By now Joy was just inside the office, and Chip sprinted down the hall. Nancy got back to the door just as Chip was about to reach it. She closed it in his face and activated the electronic locking mechanism. Joy heard Chip crashing into the door outside, and the sound of his curses, but after that, all was silent.

“Joy, what the fuck is happening? Why do you look like a mermaid? I don’t understand,” said Nancy, regaining her breath from the exertion of dragging the mermaid into the office. Nancy was dressed in her usual attire: a floral white shirt and black skirt. She examined Joy with her moving green eyes and her blonde hair was disheveled from sprinting to the door.

Joy sat on her ass and used her arms to cover her newly enhanced chest. She hesitated before answering Nancy’s question. How could she admit that she had come to turn her into a mermaid with big breasts and sell her, but the plan went horribly wrong? Joy decided her best course of action was to feign ignorance and pretend that she didn’t know what was happening.

“That man out there followed me into the building from the car park. He took out a syringe and injected me with it. I got free from his grasp, but before I knew what was happening, my body was changing, and I ended up with a mermaid’s tail and these enormous knockers,” lied Joy. “I think he wants to capture me and sell me.”

“That’s terrible,” said Nancy. “I can’t believe it’s possible. Mermaids aren’t real, but here you are in front of me with a green tail,” she said in disbelief.

“Thank God you were here at the office,” said Joy appreciatively. “Otherwise he would have made off with me.”

“Aren’t you worried about the door holding?” asked Nancy apprehensively.

“That door was installed when I started working here, it can keep out any intruders. There is no way he can get through that door,” said Joy confidently.

Nancy sat, went over to the receptionist desk and sat down, regaining her composure. Joy crawled over to her desk and pulled herself up into the chair in an attempt to gain some of her dignity back. Joy examined her office, the walls were made of a solid red brick, and there were two desks, one against each wall. Across from the entrance were windows that provided a view of the city below.

“Fuck,” said Nancy angrily, “the phone is not working.”

Joy picked up her landline phone, and it too was dead. Joy slammed the phone down onto her desk in anger.

“He must have cut the phone lines outside,” reasoned Joy, as she looked at Nancy worriedly.

Joy logged into her computer, and miraculously, she was still connected to the Internet. Chip must have been unable to cut the Internet cables from outside.

“Nancy, we still have the Internet!” said Joy. “If I can just navigate to the 911 service page, I can try to log a call with the police!” Joy was about to search for the 911 website when she heard Chip speaking from outside.

“Nancy Claire Austin, isn’t it? Nice to finally meet you Nancy,” said Chip from behind the door. Nancy glanced at Joy in terror.

“How the fuck does he know my name?” wailed Nancy. “Is he trying to kidnap me too?”

“No Nancy, I’m not here for you anymore,” replied Chip, who could hear Nancy from outside the office.

“Listen Nance,” said Joy, suddenly feeling fear. If Chip told Nancy the truth, there was no telling what could happen. “Ignore him. He’s just trying to get in our heads.”

“How does he know my name though?” said Nancy, clearly frightened now.

“I know everything about you, Nancy,” Chip added. “You come from a small rural town in Iowa, and your family are farmers. You came to the big city looking for work.”

“Shut the fuck up Chip,” screamed Joy.

“Chip?” asked Nancy, standing up from her desk in shock. “I thought you didn’t know this guy? Joy, why do you know his name?”

“The truth is Nancy, me and Joy are colleagues of a sort. She was a spotter if you will, she identified suitable targets to be turned into hybrid animals to be sold to the highest bidder. You were to be turned into a mermaid tonight, and I was here to collect you,” said Chip.

“Joy, what the fuck?” said Nancy in an accusatory tone. “Is this true?”

Before Joy could respond, Chip dropped his biggest bombshell.

“Nancy, have you wondered why you were asked to stay late tonight even though there was no work for you to do?” said Chip.

“Nancy, please don’t believe him, it’s not true!” wailed Joy.

Nancy stared at Joy in shock, then went to the office door and rested her head on it, thinking about her next move while Joy kept begging.

“If I open the door, what happens to me? Will I also be turned into some big titted mermaid freak as well?” asked Joy.

“No,” confirmed Chip. “I only had one syringe full of serum, and Joy accidentally injected herself with it. If you open the door, you can leave here with no recourse.

Nancy typed the pass code into the door, and Joy heard the sound of the door unlock and it slowly opened with Chip standing on the other side smiling.

“Hello again, Joy,” said Chip as he entered the office.

“Please, Nancy, don’t let him take me! I’m sorry, please, you can’t do this,” begged Joy.

“You brought this on yourself, bitch,” replied Nancy, with venom in her voice.

Chip walked over to Joy and, with one smooth movement, he scooped her up and placed her over his shoulder. He then pivoted and began to walk towards the door leaving Nancy alone in the office.

“You bitch,” screamed Joy at the top of her lungs, “I’ll ruin you for this,” promised Joy.

“Oh, you won’t be ruining anyone anytime soon little fish,” laughed Chip as he walked down the hallway with the mermaid over his shoulder. She was desperately punching his back, and she was rewarded with a sharp smack to her exposed rear end which brought an end to her struggles.

Chip made his way to the elevator and pressed the ground floor option. Joy heard the doors slide shut, and felt the elevator lurch as it started its descent downwards.

“Chip,” started Joy, “we can come to some sort of arrangement, it doesn’t have to be like this.”

“Sorry Joy, you fucked up and injected yourself with the serum. That had nothing to do with me.”

“Fuck!” screamed Joy at the top of her voice, hoping beyond hope that someone would hear her. Joy received another sharp slap on the ass, which caused her to cease her screaming.

The elevator had reached its destination, and the doors slip open. Joy watched from her position over Chip’s shoulder as he walked along the pavement. Tears were streaming from Joy’s eyes as she was carried further and further away from the safety of her office. They passed Joy’s car, and Joy could hear an idling truck engine nearby. They passed the white cab of the truck and moved along beside the light blue color of the trailer.

Joy could hear Chip fumbling with the lock of the doors, and heard the click of the doors open. Chip climbed into the back of the truck carrying Joy. She felt herself being thrown down onto a seat, sending her massive boobs bouncing wildly. Joy had to grab her massive bosom in an attempt to steady the uncontrollable jiggling flesh.

Joy struggled to examine the interior of the truck, given the low lighting. After a few seconds, her eyes adjusted, and Joy could see her environment. She was sitting on a red leather bench that ran the entire length of the truck, with one bench on either side of the truck. There was a dim blue LED light overheard, which provided the barest of illumination. Joy glanced down at the bare floor and wailed as her vision was obstructed by her newly enhanced breasts that now stood firmly atop her chest.

Chip got out of the truck and locked the doors. She heard Chip’s footsteps as he walked around the truck and opened the door of the driver’s seat. The door was closed with a slam, and she heard the engine roar as the truck lurched forward.

“You must be Joy,” said an elderly woman, making her way from the front cabinet of the truck. “I’ve heard so much about you from Chip,” said the woman wearing a black jacket as she sat across from Joy on the opposite bench.

“Listen, I don’t know who you are, but I’m begging you, please, let me leave. I won’t say anything. I’ll leave the city. Fuck, I’ll leave the country if that’s what it takes. Just let me be free!” pleaded Joy.

“Oh dear, that will not happen, we can’t allow a mermaid to be wandering around in the public, it might raise some questions that our organization would rather not answer. You’ve enslaved enough people to know how this works, little fish,” said the woman.

“To answer your question as to who I am, my name is Beck’s and I am Chip’s boss,” continued Becks.

Joy realized that her position was hopeless. Becks and Chip had no intention of letting her go, they couldn’t. Joy’s existence as a mermaid was a direct threat to the continuation of the organization. Joy wiped away her tears and confronted the reality of the situation: her days as a free woman were over, she would spend the rest of her life as a helpless, big titted mermaid sex slave in captivity and bondage.

“What will happen to me?” asked Joy, sniffling.

“You are heading to the middle east,” said Becks matter-of-factually.

“Where in the middle east?” asked Joy.

“Does it matter to you?” laughed Becks. Joy shook her head to signal that it did not.

“Oh, don’t look so glum. Your life isn’t over. If I was your age and looked like you, I’d be thrilled! You’re going to spend the rest of your life fucking and sucking, being an object of desire!” said Becks. “Now strap in,” said Becks, “we have quite the journey ahead of us.”


Six Months Later - Somewhere in the Middle East

Chip exited the car and thanked the driver. The temperature was excoriating, and Chip dabbed at his brow to wipe away some of the sweat. He was standing outside a large and impressive mansion. He walked over to the front gate and pressed the buzzer to introduce himself to security.

“Hi-ya, this Chip to see Mr. Habib,” said Chip into the intercom embedded into the wall beside the gate.

After a brief pause, there was a buzzing sound and the gate opened. Chip walked into the compound of the mansion and began to walk up the hill towards the house. Part of the organization’s services included Chip checking on new slaves. If their owners weren’t satisfied, the slaves would be disciplined and made even more subservient before being returned. Chip walked past a group of security guards who ushered him through another set of security doors before he finally reached the backyard, and what an area of beauty it was.

The ground was covered in pristine artificial grass, with tall palm trees overhead that blocked out the worst of the sun. There were a series of tiled steps that led to a beige tiled area of the garden, beside which there was a pool. Chip saw Mr. Habib relaxing in one of the lounge chairs beside the pool and he made his way over to him.

“Mr. Chip, it is a pleasure to see you again, my brother,” said Mr. Habib as he stood up from his chair and greeted Chip with a warm hug. “I trust you had a comfortable flight? You like the weather, eh? I suppose not. You Americans aren’t accustomed to this heat in the States, no?” said Habib, clapping Chip on the back.

“I had a pleasant flight, Mr Habib, and no, we don’t have the luxury of getting this incredible heat in the US, at least not from the part of the country that I live in anyway,” said Chip.

Chip and Mr. Habib exchanged some more small talk between them before Chip broached the purpose of his visit. Mr. Habib insisted Chip take a seat next to him, and the two men began their discussion.

“As you may or may not know,” started Chip, “as part of our customer services, the Organization conducts a six-month check-up on our merchandise to ensure that you are happy with our product.”

“I am aware of this,” replied Mr. Habib, pouring himself a drink from a decanter that was beside him on the table.

“Can I inquire as to the subservience of your purchase?” asked Chip, careful to use his corporate language.

This elicited a chuckle from Mr. Habib, who then took another swig of his drink.

“The first two months she was a feisty bitch,” laughed Mr. Habib. “I enjoyed breaking her though, so it was no trouble for me.”

“I see,” said Chip, “and is she still giving you trouble?”

“Why don’t you see for yourself,” said Mr Habib with a grin on his face. “Joy,” roared Mr Habib, “get over here.”

Chip looked at the adjacent pool and saw Joy, sitting on the opposite end of the pool glaring at him. Her impressive breasts were visible as she dipped into the water and began to swim towards them. Chip felt a bulge form in his pants as he watched his former colleague swim.

Joy made it to their side of the pool and pulled herself out of the water and looked at Mr. Habib with her deep brown eyes. She looked exactly as Chip remembered her looking: green mermaid tail that ended just below her bellybutton and enormous breasts that protruded proudly from her chest. The only thing that had changed about her was her skin was more tanned, presumably due to all the time she was spending outside beside the pool, and her hair had grown much longer.

“Joy, come here sweetie,” instructed Mr. Habib. Joy crawled along the floor and pulled herself up and sat on the chair next to Mr. Habib. He pulled her closer and into his embrace.

“Look at the fucking melons on this one,” laughed Mr Habib as he grabbed her breasts and mauled them with his large hands. “I remember the first time I saw them. I thought her back would break from hauling these tits around! But she proved me wrong. This one is stronger than she looks!” said Mr. Habib, once again laughing.

Joy smiled seductively at Mr. Habib as he groped her ample bosom, and then he placed a wet, sloppy kiss against her mouth.

“Now, I will need to attend to some business. I shall be back momentarily. In the meantime Mr. Chip, you are free to talk with the mermaid all you like. Maybe you two can catch up, I’m told there is some history between you two.”

There was an awkward silence between them as Mr. Habib stood up and walked back towards the house. Joy continued to smile seductively at Chip, glancing furtively toward the house. Once Mr. Habib was out of sight, Joy’s expression changed to one of terror.

“Chip, please, I’m begging you - take me back with you! I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll be your sex slave! You can't leave me here, this man is absolutely crazy. He fucks me constantly, and I can never leave the pool. I’ve tried to escape a few times, but I never make it out of the yard. The guards always find me. Even if I could escape this place, I’d die from the heat - we are hundreds of miles from the nearest city for help.”

Chip leaned forward in his chair and looked at Joy, trying not to sexualize her.

“Joy, there is nothing I can do for you, you know that,” started Chip. “My advice is don’t disobey your master, or try to escape. Trust me, the rehabilitation programs can be quite horrific. You think sucking his dick is bad? Come back and talk to me after you have sucked the hundreds of cocks that the Organization will make you suck to beat you into submission. Honestly, you could have had it a lot worse,” continued Chip, “I mean look at this place - it’s practically a palace! Just imagine that you are some fantastical princess, and Mr. Habib is your Prince Charming.”

Joy curled up her tail hiding her massive breasts, and looked back towards the pool.

“You were my last hope,” said Joy sadly. “I guess I’m going to live the rest of my life as nothing more than a mermaid sex toy, subject to the whims of this man.”

There was nothing more that needed to be said between the two former colleagues then. Chip felt a deep sense of sadness, but knew that there was nothing he could do for her.

“Now, where were we?” said the booming voice of Mr Habib. He sat down on the lounge chair and pulled Joy back into his embrace again, and played with her large nipples.

“So I take it you are happy with your merchandise?” asked Chip.

“Absolutely brother,” replied Mr. Habib as he continued to stroke her nipples in a circular motion. “She is exactly what I wanted: a real life mermaid with huge titties, the perfect slave, aren’t you sweetie?” asked Mr Habib.

“Yes master,” said Joy seductively, although her voice quivered slightly as she spoke. Chip figured it was probably because of her last chance of escape having vanished.

“Why don’t you get your ass back into the pool,” ordered Mr. Habib. Joy obeyed and slid off the chair, not looking at Chip as she crawled back to the edge of the pool. Chip watched as she sat on the edge of the pool for a moment, her large breasts visible from behind, before she plummeted into the depths of the pool. She resurfaced a moment later, and swam towards the far end of the pool and pulled herself out of the water and lay on her back beside the pool, clearly defeated and depressed.

Joy watched as Chip and Mr Habib shook hands, and Chip took his leave off the backyard. She knew she would never see Chip again in her life. He would go back to the States and continue with his evil work and never think of his former partner again.

Joy on the other hand, was going to spend the rest of her life as a mermaid sex toy for this Middle Eastern businessman. She would never see her boyfriend again, or her family. She was sure that the Organization had already faked her death and covered up her disappearance.

Joy stared up at the sky, and shifted uncomfortably on her back. The huge tits made sleeping exceedingly difficult for her. She stared down at her massive mammaries and wished that they weren’t there, they made her feel like such a slut. She flapped her green tail uselessly as she lay on her back. They could have at least given her a bra, thought Joy, as she felt herself drifting off into a deep sleep.

“Wakey-wakey,” said Mr Habib. Joy opened her eyes to see the business man completely naked, his bulging stomach wobbling as he held his enormous dick in his right hand and stroked it. Joy went to sit up, afraid of what would happen if she didn’t obey his command.

Instead she was instructed to lay still, she could go back to sleep. Joy closed her eyes, but she could hear the flapping of his skin as he continued to masturbate over her body. Eventually she felt a hot liquid spray all over massive chest, and she laid still. Mr. Habib laughed and told her to clean up, and she felt herself being kicked into the pool beside her. As Joy sank in the water, she knew deep down that she deserved this for what she had done to all those women that she had enslaved in the past. She knew she was not a good person, and that she would get no redemption. This was her life from now until her death, and she had to make peace with that. She was now a creature of myth - a mermaid. A mermaid called Joy.


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