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The Rubber Woman

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2020 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F2doll; transform; bodymod; blind; gag; latex; bond; extreme; reluct; XXX

“How would you feel if I was made of rubber?”

Martin smiles at that, Tamsin is always saying crazy things.

“I think it would be fabulous.”

They both laugh and carry on making love together.

“Just think, you could bathe me and the water wouldn’t stick, you would be able to put me to bed straight away.”

“It would be great, it’s just a shame it’s not possible.”

“Well I can always dream.”

She doesn’t say anymore she just cuddles up to him and drifts off to sleep.

Tamsin is always up first so she puts a dressing gown on goes downstairs and makes breakfast while he gets ready. After they finish eating he goes off to work, she stays at home, does the washing up and goes back to bed.

Martin works at the main hospital in the next town. He isn’t a doctor he is just one of the managers but he is well thought of by the medical staff and lunches with them most days. They always lunch off site at the local pub, today it’s the main research doctor.

“How’s it going with your research Brian?”

“Really well we are working on a way to stop skin cancer spreading our problem is finding humans to experiment on, the way we need to do it is very extreme and I guess they are scared of that.”

“That’s a shame, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would do it, so long as the price is right.”

“We would be prepared to pay big money to get someone.”

Martin tells the doctor about Tamsin and her mad idea.

“It’s not that mad actually, our new treatment would change her skin to something resembling rubber.”

“Tell me more, this sounds quite interesting.”

“Okay it’s a totally new treatment. What we would do is put her in a water filled plastic tank, with a new chemical in it. Over time her skin would become more like rubber; it’s not actually rubber but very close to it.”

“What would be her payment be if she did this?”

“A million pounds!”

“That is a lot of money. Okay leave it with me, I will tell her about it tonight, if she agrees when do you want to do it?”

“Tomorrow if possible, everything is ready, it just needs someone to agree to do it.”

Martin thinks about the million pounds all afternoon, he will do everything he can to persuade Tamsin.

He drives back home with a plan as to how he will convince her to agree although he is hoping she will do that on her own.

“Hi Tamsin, I hope you have had a good day?”

“Not bad, I did a bit of shopping and spent the rest of the day in the park what about you?”

“Yes I had a good day, I was talking to a research doctor about what you said last night.”

“What, the rubber body thing?”

“Yes, and he is working on a new treatment for skin cancer. He said it’s actually possible to do it.”

“Really? Wow. Does he need anyone to experiment on?”

“He does actually, and the money is amazing.”

“Tell me more?”

“Well first the money you would get would be £200,000 when you have done it.”

“Really? That is amazing. Okay, what would I need to do?”

“Spend a few weeks in a water and chemical-filled tank.”

“Is that all? Sign me up now. When does he want to do it?”

“Tomorrow. I know it’s short notice but at least you will be out by August.”

“I will do it, just tell him that I’m up for it.”

“We don’t need to tell him, we just turn up tomorrow.”

Tamsin is feeling very horny now and she jumps Martin and the sex goes on till late. It continues when they are in bed and it’s not till two before they go to sleep.

She is up as soon as it gets light, showers, cleans her teeth and makes breakfast for Martin. She won’t eat anything just in case. He goes out to his car to warm it up as it’s quite cold and Tamsin is already sitting in it waiting for him. They arrive at the hospital well before the research doctor gets there while they wait for him. They go into the experiment room where the tank already has water in it.

“Okay there is your new home.”

“It doesn’t look much. This is going to be the easiest money I have ever earned.”

At about eight thirty the doctor arrives along with several assistants.

“This is Tamsin and she is your newest experiment.”

“Hello Tamsin, you are quite a looker. I didn’t expect that," says the Doctor.

“Thanks for that!”

“I had better get you to sign disclaimers for me I promise we will look after you.”

“That’s okay, I expected that.” She signs all the forms that are put in front of her without even reading them. “I guess you want me to get undressed?”

“Yes, I do.”

Tamsin takes all her clothes off and stacks them neatly next to Martin.

“Can you take them home for me?”

“Yes of course,” says Martin.

“Okay open wide, I need to glue your mouth closed, we don’t want you swallowing water do we?”

She shakes her head and opens her mouth. He spreads plenty of special glue along both lips and asks her to close her mouth.

“Don’t close your lips too hard, I want you looking as normal as possible in the tank.”

He wipes away the excess glue and waits till it’s set before silicon glueing two plastic pipes up her nostrils. A nurse slides a catheter into a vein on her arm and attaches a food bag to it with a long pipe. An assistant then fills both her ears with wax, and pushes and glues a flexible tube into her bum to remove any waste. The last job is to bond another tube onto her urethra to remove any liquids.

“It’s just warm water in the tank at the moment, we won’t be introducing the chemicals in till tomorrow.”


The doctor’s assistant fits rubber straps to her neck, waist, wrists, elbows, legs, and ankles; then she gets into the tank herself. The doctor’s assistant has put on a frogman’s outfit and climbs into the tank with her. He gets her to lay face down down and clips stainless steel chains onto the straps. As each one goes on she goes lower in the water till she is completely under. The doctor has hold of the feeding bag, the breathing tubes and waste tubes, so he hangs the bag onto its mounting. He tapes the two breathing pipes, next to it the waste tubes, he hangs over the edge of the tank then the guy in the frogman’s outfit gets out.

“That was quick!” said Martin.

“It’s best that way, just in case she changes her mind.”

“There was no danger of that.”

Martin puts his face close to the side of the tank so he can see Tamsin. He waves at her. She does try and wave back but she can’t, so she just blinks her eyes at him. The doctor adds another 200 gallons of warm water to the tank which brings the level up quite a bit; now Tamsin is two foot from the surface.

“When will you add the first batch of chemicals?”

“Tomorrow morning, early.”

“How quick do you think it will be before it starts working?”

“In a few days you should be able to see changes in Tamsin.”

“I won’t visit till I hear from you, can you let me know when you can see any changes?”

“Yes, of course.”

It’s five days before the doctor calls.

“I think you’ll want to see her, she looks quite different now.”

Martin does take the time to visit and the doc is right Tamsin has changed. She looks different but it’s not obvious in what way.

“I actually think she looks even more beautiful doc, but I can’t quantify it.”

“I agree.”

Martin leaves it for another three days before he visits again. The changes on Tamsin are quite subtle. It’s not possible to put into words how she is changing. Over the next few weeks Martin visits Tamsin regularly she doesn’t always acknowledge him though.

She has been in the tank for over five weeks now and has changed big time Martin can’t wait to take her home so he can get a good look at her but the doc has other ideas.

“I know you want to take her home but I need to keep her in there for at least another three weeks, so I can complete the whole experiment.”

“Okay I suppose I will have to leave her then.”

Tamsin has lost all of her hair, it’s just dissolved. She is now completely bald, even her eyebrows, eyelashes and fanny hair have gone. She can’t see very well either, she can make out shadows but nothing is clear. She would like to be able to tell the scientist about not being able to see but she can’t, the supports are obviously designed to keep her under control.

It’s a Friday and as soon as Martin arrives he goes straight into the lab. It’s one day short of nine weeks since Tamsin went into the tank so it’s finally the day the doctor will get her out.

“Okay it’s time, you will soon have Tamsin back.”

He pumps the chemicals out lifts her up and his assistants cut the straps holding her. Martin removes the waste pipes and watches as the assistants lift her out and lays her on a towel. Her body dries almost instantly, she is in every practical way a rubber woman now just how she wanted to be. To the surprise of everyone when they stand her she stays like that without help. The doctor removes the two breathing tubes from her nostrils and the wax from her ears. He uses a chemical to dissolve the glue on her lips but however much he puts on the glue stays firmly in place.


“Yes I can’t remove the glue from her mouth, it’s become impervious to the glue remover.”

“That’s not the only problem all her body hair has gone and she seems to be blind.”

“Yes I noticed that. It’s obvious to me now that we need to do a lot more work on the chemicals. The good thing is that she seems to have changed body wise, her body flesh is now artificial so that’s good.”

Tamsin just stands still exactly where she was put. She is quite frightened, now that she is out of the tank. She had got used to being in there, she felt safe. Martin has brought her clothes in, so he dresses her, she certainly can’t do it herself. She gets obviously randy as he pulls her tights and leather dress on, he has to cut a small hole in the leather so her catheter can come through. She even climaxes when he puts her very high stilettos on her feet and does the straps up. He gets her to stand and walks her round the room with him holding her arm. He is blown away by how confident she is.

“I will have her money for you tomorrow, in cash of course, so hopefully that will help.”

“It will help, but how I’m going to cope with her now is anyone’s guess!”

Martin picks up several food packs as he is going to have to keep the catheter in her arm so he can feed her till he can work out how to open her mouth so he tapes the current container to her neck. He walks her out to his car and sits her in the passenger seat. He does her seat belts up, gets in and drives home.

“It’s great having you home Tamsin. Sit down and I will get you a coffee. Sorry I forgot you can’t drink anything can you?”

Tamsin mmmmphs and nods, she can’t do anything else at the moment. Martin has brought a stand from the hospital so he can hang the food bag up, and the food gradually feeds into Tamsin’s arm.

“You need to stay sat down till the bag is empty, I know you can’t see it, so I will tell you when.”

She smiles and crosses her legs. He gets an instant erection when she does that, her black nylon covered legs look amazing. All that time in the tank seems to have made them much more shapely than they were before, as is her whole body. Any blemishes she had have now gone, she looks almost unreal, but really gorgeous.

Her eyes have gone completely black and it’s obvious that she can’t see anything, so when the food container is empty he removes the pipe from the catheter and puts the bag away.

“Okay all done. I will need to find a way to cover the catheter in your arm so I can take you out. Do you fancy a night out?”

Tamsin nods vigorously and mmmmphs at that.

“Okay let’s go out tonight don’t worry I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Martin is besotted by the look of her now. She doesn’t really look human anymore, she looks just like a very sexy robot, and her eyes add to that.

Tamsin is really missing being strapped into the chemical tank. She was in there for a very long time and got to really like it. She can’t ask Martin but she is hoping he will realise and will find a way to put her back in.

“How did you feel in the tank? Nod if you enjoyed it, and shake your head if you didn’t." She nods very energetically. “Wow I didn’t expect that, I must say.”

What Martin has just said is perfect, Tamsin couldn’t ask for more. He tapes the catheter flat with duct tape and dresses her in another very tight black leather mini dress and very high heels. She knows that she is dressed up sexy so she wiggles her hips for him.

“You really are a stunner Tamsin. With you not being able to see or speak, it’s so erotic. I promise you are going to have an amazing evening.”

Before they go out he gets Tamsin sat down in front of the dressing table and does her make-up. He always did it before all this, but now her face is so plain it takes him longer.

“Now you really look amazing. You are going to be a sensation tonight." He steers her outside and gets her sat down in the car, does her seat belt up and drives to the club.

Everyone in the nightclub is blown away by her. Martin spends the whole evening fielding questions about her. He also gets lots of cash offers for her, two of which are for eye watering amounts of money.

“Do you realize how valuable you are now? I could have sold you for so much money. I would be really rich now.”

Tamsin doesn’t want to be sold, she wants to stay with Martin. If she knew how much he had conned out of her she wouldn’t feel like that.

It’s a Monday and Martin needs to go to work. He hasn’t worked out yet what to do with Tamsin, so he will take her to work with him. Who should be in the entrance to the hospital when he gets to work, but the head scientist.

“Martin, you must be a mind reader.”

“Why is that?”

“You have brought Tamsin in with you. We need her to undergo our new treatment we have great hopes

for this.”

“If it means putting her back in the tank, she has made it plain that she wants to do that, so go ahead.”

Tamsin heard all that she is really excited and nods furiously, so the scientist takes her by the arm and takes her on to the lab. Martin follows them and helps them remove her clothes. Several of the other scientists prepare the tank while others get the straps fitted onto her neck, arms, body, legs, and ankles. The head scientist glues the breathing tubes into her nostrils, fits the waste pipes and fills her ears with wax. A nurse connects the food to the catheter with a tube then they lower her into the tank and strap her in.

“That was quick. How long will she be in there this time?”

“I’m guessing about three months, depending on when she gets her sight back. She won’t get her hair back though, the roots are too damaged.”

“That’s okay I like her without hair. What about the glue on her mouth?”

“We haven’t worked that one out yet.”

“Well I guess we can live with that.”

The scientist tops the tank up with water including the new chemicals. This time he feeds the breathing, waste and feeding tubes through holes in a lid and lowers it on then he bolts it on there is also a small lockable hatch to add water and chemicals.

“What’s with the lid?”

“We think somehow a contaminant got in before so this is the best way to make sure.”


Martin bends down to look at Tamsin but the water is so cloudy from the chemicals he can only see shadows.

“I hope you will pay her for all this?”

“Of course we will, it’s one million in cash if she gets her sight back and two million if she doesn’t.”

“That’s fair. Okay I won’t be visiting her like last time, as I can’t see her, so just let me know when it’s done.”

“Okay come in tomorrow and we will have the cash for you.”

Martin decides he needs to find himself a replacement for Tamsin as it’s obvious to him she is just a sexy rubber doll now. 

Tamsin Is quite relaxed now, even though the straps are tighter than before. She has even less movement now, but she feels really at home where she is. Over the next three months the scientists carry out many tests to see if she can see, all are negative so the boss contacts Martin to tell him.

“I’m afraid Tamsin still can’t see, so I will arrange for another million in cash for you tomorrow. What do you want to do? Shall we get her out for you?”

“That’s a shame, you can keep her in the tank for a bit longer if you want. You never know you might succeed eventually.”

“That would be great, we have lots of other experiments we would like to do, so thanks for that.”

Tamsin’s life is now mostly just sleeping and dreaming. In her fantasies she is just a rubber doll, all she dreams about is being shagged and played with, and she loves it. Martin has a new female partner, a real stunner, in a way he is hoping that Tamsin is kept in the tank permanently.

The next day before he goes to his office he goes into the experiment room where Tamsin is and talks to the head scientist. "I have been thinking, and to me it’s obvious that Tamsin won’t recover her sight. You have admitted that you can’t remove the glue from her mouth, so why don’t you keep her permanently. She indicated to me that she is happy in the tank, so what do you think?”

“Thank you so much for that, yes, I would love to keep her. She is gradually changing into a completely artificial creature, and anyway we don’t actually think she would be able to exist outside the tank. So if I give you another million pounds, would that be ok for you?”

“Yes, that would be fine. Do you need me to sign anything.”

“Just give me a signature when I give you the money later.”

He bends down to look at Tamsin in the tank. The water is clear now so he can see her easily. She doesn’t really look human at all, she looks just like a beautiful doll now and it’s obvious to him that she can’t see him. So he stands up, shakes the hand of the head scientist and goes back to his office.

After several more months the scientists move the tank with Tamsin in it into a store room on a wheeled trolley. They install a new much bigger tank in the main room. This one will take two, the money they are offering has got around, so they have a queue of girls wanting to do it. It’s easy to find a couple who are happy to be experimented on, they still supply air and food to Tamsin’s tank, but otherwise they get on with the two new projects.


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