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The Salon Fantasy

by Joanne Marie Andrews

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© Copyright 2009 - Joanne Marie Andrews - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM; F/mm; fem; transform; M2f; chemical; machine; cons; X

I had just landed a job as a programmer in Denver. I needed a place to stay pretty quick and I saw one that was low rent, in a nice area. I quickly phoned the number listed, and talked to the person renting the apartment, his name was Dan. He then invited me over to see the place; he seemed like a nice guy so I wasn't too scared that he was a mass murderer of freak of somewhat. After getting to his place I quickly fell in love with the apartment, spacious, nice furniture, great atmosphere, and of course low rent. So I signed the tenant agreement and moved in that day.

Things then started to go smoothly over the weeks; my job was great with high pay, and since I did all of my work at home I only had to go to the office once every two months for a meeting. Otherwise I would simply send my work to them via the Internet, or modem. Dan worked at home as a computer consultant making a fairly good income, not as much as mine mind you, but not a bad salary. Since Dan and I both worked at home, we got to spend a lot of time together, either watching TV, going out to movies, or just talking. Dan and I quickly became friends and hung around a lot together. The months quickly flew by and we soon became best friends, doing everything together.

Time kept passing as I settled into my new life, it was October and Dan and I were invited to a Halloween party by one his friends. Both of us weren't sure exactly what we we're going to go as. After seeing some transvestites on the Jerry Springer show last night, we both decided to go as Women since we thought that it would be something different and exciting. Since Dan had a friend who worked in a beauty salon he made an appointment for us the following day, plus since tomorrow was Sunday the place would be closed so we could have it all to ourselves.

I said to him "Why should we go tomorrow, the party isn't until two weeks from now?"

"Come on Jason, it'll be fun, imagine spending two weeks as a woman, to see what life is like on the other side!" he replied.

I thought about it and finally agreed, it would be interesting to see what life as a woman is like. We both ate dinner, then went to bed for a good nights sleep since we were going to have a big day tomorrow.

The next day we both got up around 8:00, showered, ate, and left for the beauty salon. Upon arriving there I met his friend Julie, she was extremely kind and just about the most beautiful woman that I had ever lied my eyes on, she told us that she had even bought us clothes to start out with. Dan said that we would buy more after the "transformation". I was still uneasy about this so-called transformation, but Dan said that it would be fun, and exciting, so I simply went along with it.

The first thing that she did was have us each strip down nude. Since Dan and I had already seen each other naked walking around the house and coming from the shower at home, we didn't have a problem with this. Then she immediately soaped us up with nair to remove all of the hair below our heads. After waiting for about twenty minutes, we we're let into the shower to rinse off. I was surprised to see all of my body hair go down the shower drain with the water. She then dried both of us off, and led us back into the other room.

She then brought out a bottle of some strange smelling liquid, a bottle of what looked like some kind of glue, and what looked like fake vaginas and breasts. I thought to myself, that Dan is going for the works here, but I went along with everything since I knew that it would just upset Dan if I quit now.

Julie then put the strange smelling stuff on both mine and Dan's penis's and balls, and before our eyes they shrunk to little tiny stumps of what they were before. Both Dan and I gasped, but Julie calmed us down saying that the effect was only temporary and would last no longer then a month or two.

"A MONTH OR TWO" I gasped, and Dan told me to calm down and that it's no big deal.

I agreed since I didn't have a girlfriend at the moment, and wasn't in much need of a penis. I then saw her wink at Dan but thought nothing of it, think that it was an inside joke or something. She then applied the "glue" around my pubic area, and pressed the fake vagina on it. After holding a blowdryer to it for about one minute, she repeated the same procedure on Dan. I was amazed at how life like it was; it even had a hole that you could put your finger into. However I refrained from doing that, since I was still kind of in shock from everything else happening.

She then repeated the same basic procedure on our chests, while attaching the fake breasts to us. They were so lifelike, they bounced and swayed and it even seemed as though I could feel them as if they were part of my body. However I simply put that thought aside thinking that it was some kind of "phantom" senses due to what I was thinking at the time.

Julie then proceeded to do our fingernails, and toenails, I was first of course. She filed my toenails making them nice, round, and smooth. Then she painted my toenails a purple-violet color that I just loved, it was really shiny. She did a base coat and then a topcoat with the nail polish; she then proceeded to do my fingernails. First she filed my current nails really short, and made them all nice and smooth like she did to my toenails. Then she used the same type of glue that she had used for our breasts and vaginas on my nails. She spread some glue on one of my nails, and then attached a longer fake nail to it. She then repeated the process to every one of my fingernails.

After they were dry, she painted them the same color as she painted my toenails. The gorgeous violet-purple color that I loved so much. After my nails were all done I looked at them; they were at least one and a half inches long! But were they ever beautiful! She then repeated the same process of Dan, but instead of using the nail polish that she used on me she instead used a dark purple-red on his nails. His looked just as, if not more beautiful than my nails, both his and my fingernails were about one and a half inches long.

She then started to work on our hair, Dan being the patient one, let me once again go first. She brought out some kind of machine that looked like one of those hair dryers that you see in salons. Except she explained that this one was much different than those dryers. She explained that this machine would remove all of the hair follicles on my head, and replace them with longer hair, whichever color I choose, I could even choose to have curly, straight, or wavy hair. She also explained that this procedure was permanent and could only be done once. I was in the mood for a little adventure so I told her to choose for me. She smiled and laughed saying that I wouldn't regret this.

Next she put the machine on top of my head, and I felt severe pulling on my hair. She said that it would only hurt for a split second, I then felt a sharp pain as if my head was being pulled off of my body, and then a more intensive pain like a million needles jabbing into my head. Then it was all over, she lifted the machine off of my head and I looked into the mirror, "OH MY GOD" I said, as I looked at the beautiful red wavy curls of hair cascading off of my head.

"Do you like it?" Julie asked me.

"I love it, I can't believe that it's my own hair". I responded.

I kept on staring at my hair and didn't even notice that she was doing the same procedure on Dan. Next thing I know, I looked over at him and he's got the most beautiful head of blond curls that I have ever seen. We both admired our hair for awhile and then proceeded to what Julie called the "next phase". She brought out another piece of equipment that looked like some sort of mask. I asked what it was for and she replied that it was to make our faces look more feminine. She then put the mask on me, adjusted a few of the switches on the mask, waited for about five minutes, and then removed the mask. I then looked in the mirror in disbelief, as the face of a beautiful woman stared back at me.

I must have been staring for awhile since Dan had to tap me on the shoulder to snap me back into reality. When I looked over at him I once again stared in amazement at a beautiful woman staring back at me. It was Dan, he was just as beautiful as Julie and me, I was amazed at what this beauty salon could to. Julie said that there were a few more things left, and then we could get dressed and leave. First she made us both put on a type of flesh colored unitard, kind of like the one's that aerobic people use. We both put them on, and before our very eyes, they completely reshaped our bodies shape into that of a supermodel. We now had wide hips, a skinny waist, and a firm tummy. Then the unitard simply disappeared; it was as if it was absorbed into our bodies.

She then styled our hair into the current styles that a lot of the models, and woman had. She then proceeded to do our makeup, applying lipstick, blush, mascara, and eye shadow, namely the works!

We then got dressed into the clothes that she had provided for us, I put on the most beautiful mini-dress that I had ever seen, and it matched my makeup and nail polish. Dan put on a skirt, blouse combination, which looked simply beautiful on him. We both wore three and half-inch pumps that matched our outfits perfectly, mine had ankle straps that I simply loved.

We were already to leave when Julie came into the room with some kind of spray bottle. She told both of us to open our mouths, and then she sprayed the contents into our mouths. We both gagged, and I started to say what was that for during which my voice changed into a higher pitch. My voice was now a beautiful soprano that sounded like a professional woman's voice. I simply loved it! Dan's sounded pretty much the same, like the voice from a confident professional, beautiful woman. Both our voices matched the faces and bodies exactly.

We then both looked into the large wall mirror, and simply gasped! We were both the absolute most beautiful women on the entire planet! We couldn't believe ourselves, however Dan didn't seem as surprised as I was for some reason. Dan then started to explain something to me. He said that Julie was once a man just as we were, and she invented all of the machines that she used to transform us.

He explained that he had fallen in love with me since I moved in. And that he had always wanted to become a woman, and wanted me to become one too, so that we could live forever being lesbian lovers, therefore he made up the Halloween party. He told me that Julie is 100% real woman, as we have just become, and that the transformations are permanent.

I was in a bit of shock with all of this coming to me at once. But I quickly put those thoughts aside, and kissed him, making it a long and passionate kiss. He responded by kissing me back in a longer more passionate kiss. After fixing up our lipstick, we all smiled at each other and then Julie said, "So Dan and Jason, what should I call you now?"

I replied that I would like to be called Joanne, and Dan replied that he would like to be called Dana.

So making a long story short, we later got married, and had Julie as our maid of honor and witness to the marriage.

And of course lived happily ever after!


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