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Storycodes: Solo-M; transform; used; objectify; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 3

Life with Wendy, and Terri in particular, would never be the same again. It was as if Terri enjoyed taunting me about what she would do with me if we were alone together. But life settled down to normality, of sorts, and I hoped that my next adventure would be less obvious.

Around about that time, Wendy got a job far away, and this involved leaving the house early every morning. Terri would get up hours later, and we would flirt, but nothing more. Apart from teaching pottery classes, Terri was an avid reader. Every Thursday, Terri bought a copy of her favourite weekly women's magazine, called Take A Break Magazine. She loved all the gossip it contained, and loved doing the word puzzles in the magazine; crosswords, word search puzzles, sudoku, etc.

Sometimes we would sit and do the puzzles together, and she would tease me, to try to make me blush, for reading her women's magazine. Afterwards, Terri would place the magazine in a large pile of magazines from previous weeks, the pile being somewhat large, as it contained nearly a hundred issues.

I had spoken to Wendy about the possibility of going on another adventure. But I asked her not to mention this to Terri. Firstly, I told Wendy, this was because I might choose to become a pair of Wendy's satin knickers, and I did not want Terri to know that her daughter was wearing her boyfriend.

Secondly, I said to Wendy, because I did not want Terri laughing at me again. Wendy promised not to say anything on one condition. I had to leave Wendy a note so she would know what I had become, in case I got myself into any more difficulties. At least, her new pair of knickers would not end up washed in a washing machine with her underwear, and Terri deciding to iron me!

So the deal was done. A few weeks went passed. Terri had not mentioned anything, so I assumed Wendy had kept her part of the bargain. I kept my part of the bargain too. I wrote a note, or more precisely, I typed one, so no one would question the handwriting of the author. But I decided the note would not be given to Wendy. Instead I would give the note to Terri, or let Terri find it. 

That way I could be sure I would be treated like an object and receive no special treatment as a shapeshifter pretending to be an object. The note read:

Hi mum, I have bought your magazine for you. Enjoy. Love Wendy.

Then after Wendy had gone to work for the day, I crept naked into Terri's bedroom holding my note, that supposedly was from Wendy to her mother. I made sure Terri was sleeping, and I placed the note on her bedside table. Then I climbed onto her bedside table, and transformed myself into this week's latest issue of Take A Break Magazine, that I knew Terri would enjoy.

When Terri woke up, she read the note. She sighed, "Wendy is such a thoughtful daughter." Terri then binned the note, and took me into the lounge to be read and written in. I had told Terri that I was away, so no one knew where I really was. In Terri's arms being read as her magazine. 

Then Terri placed me on the table, got out a pen, and proceeded to spend the next six hours writing in me. Ouch. Did that hurt! Having her write all over my paper body! By the time Wendy came home, I was laying on the top of Terri's magazine pile, just a used Take A Break Magazine.

"Thanks for your note and magazine you left me this morning," said Terri. "You are so thoughtful and kind."

Wendy was just about to ask "What magazine and note?" when she remembered me saying that I would leave a note. Surely he has not turned myself into my mother's weekly women's magazine, thought Wendy.

"May I see the note mum?"

"Sure thing, hun, I put it in the waste paper basket in the bedroom," replied Terri.

Wendy went and got the note and read what I had typed. It was clear, I was now her mother's Take A Break Magazine. "Mum could I also read your magazine?"

"Yes. Not that you are usually interested in it," Terri replied, somewhat bewildered. "It is on top of the pile."

Wendy went and fetched me, and hurried took me to her bedroom. She spoke to her mother's magazine, as she laid me on the bed. "Tell me you did not decide to become my mother's weekly."

I transformed back. There on her bed I lay, still covered in the ink marks and writing from her mother pen that she had used on my body. Terri had even written on my cock. Wendy walked out in a huff.

Unseen by Wendy, when she hurried out the house, Terri was standing listening behind Wendy's bedroom door. She entered. "If you get off being put through a clay mill, or being treated like trash, or being my Take A Break Magazine, that is fine by me. Just give me a good seeing too now, before Wendy comes back!"



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