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Shared Existence

by earlofnexus

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Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; F/f+; enclosed; entomb; objectify; scifi; catheter; bodymod; mast; enema; transform; bond; sex; clamps; chastity; force-feed; cons; nc; XXX

There's a certain pattern to these stories sometimes. A brilliant scientist, a kinky couple, a shared interest in extreme bondage.

It just so happens that this is another of those tales.

The brilliant scientist with the kink was Dr Kayleigh Maddox. She was a leading expert in the field of brain patterns. Young, beautiful and sexy. She'd been working for years now on a way to transfer human consciousness. She'd succeeded with other animals but she was now ready to go with a human brain.

She and her boyfriend Joe were into all kinds of extreme bondage, too. Weekends would be spent tied up, locked away, gagged, blindfolded ... there was little they hadn't tried in the pursuit of being totally immobilised. Kayleigh was an absolute addict for it though, craving immobilisation.

Kayleigh had an idea that had been turning her on for weeks now. She wanted to experience the ultimate bondage, without the restraints that would cover her body and spoil her look. She had a scientist friend (of course she did!) who had developed a viscous transparent liquid which once mixed with a few drops of an activating agent would harden to the same strength as diamond, but also had properties to it that allowed skin to breathe. Her idea was to be placed within a mould, intubated so that she could still breathe, receive nutrients, and have waste expelled … but otherwise be completely naked. In her mind, she wanted to appear like a beautiful young woman trapped in amber, like a prehistoric moth from Jurassic times, preserved for eternity. She and Joe had spoken about her fantasy and agreed she would be placed on display in their home.

She had spent weeks visiting a clinic to have all her hair removed, as once set in the material, she didn’t want the problem of hair growth. However she would wear a wig that matched her hairstyle, so that when sealed in, she would retain her beautiful look.

However, whilst she wanted to have this fantasy, she wanted her boyfriend to give her occasional escape, so that she could admire her predicament and also so that she didn’t go completely mad from the situation. This is where the brain pattern transfer she’d masterminded came in. She would wear a chip at the base of her brain stem on her neck, this would serve as an interface for any brain pattern transfer. When her boyfriend was ready to swap places, he would press a button on the nearby computer, and the two would swap bodies. Joe would be in Kayleigh’s trapped body, and she would be free to use Joe’s body until ready to swap back.

This arrangement relied heavily on mutual trust, but Kayleigh was confident he was up for it. She’d programmed everything, and the computer would handle any transfer. She also had spare chips, in case one was damaged.

When the day came for them to make her dream come true, she took Joe to the bedroom and they fucked for what felt like hours. She showered and then got ready for her new life.

She had asked Joe if they could swap in advance, so that she could be the one to entomb her own body, and then swap once she was able to see the results. He was nervous, but agreed. She placed a chip on his neck, showing him how it was done, then tapped some buttons on the computer. Seconds later, she was looking at herself through Joe’s eyes, and she was staring back at herself. Very surreal, she thought. She led herself to the waiting mould, placing her in one half. Tubes were then inserted into her nose to assure breathing, and into her mouth to supply water and a liquid nutrient. The mouth tubes sat in a mouthguard that her lips would close around, it was rather large and oversized to purposefully fill her mouth up. Tubes were also placed in her urethra and her backside to allow waste to flow away. They were all transparent and cleverly attached to her body so that they didn’t detract from the shape of the body. She didn't want to look like an extra on a hospital drama, tubes everywhere.

Lastly she wanted to be able to see, and clearly the viscous liquid would cause issues if she got it in her eyes. She'd removed all her eyelashes and lubricated her lids with a little petroleum jelly. She would keep them closed during the curing, then the jelly would stop the lids being sealed shut.

Once this was done, Joe told Kayleigh to strike a sexy pose and hold it. She put her hands on her hips, stuck her arse out, and looked over her shoulder with a slight pout. Joe then arranged the other half of the mould so it was closed with the tubes leading out of a hole at the bottom. In the base of the mould was a plinth which the finished item would sit on, hiding the machinery and storage of things keeping her alive. 

The delivery of liquid diamond had arrived, three large oil drums of it. One drum at a time, Joe pumped the liquid into the mould until it was full. As it approached her eyes and covered her head she closed them. It was thick and sticky but not restrictive in any way.

Finally, to activate it, Joe squirted a syringe into the top. This both coloured the liquid a slight shade of amber, and triggered the reaction to set it. After around ten minutes, the agent had infiltrated all the liquid and the liquid had become hard. Her body was now trapped inside.

Joe removed the moulds, one at a time, which left Kayleigh standing, striking her pose, frozen in time. She opened her eyes slowly, having a little difficulty at first, but thankfully the lubrication had worked. The only thing she could do was blink and move her eyes around. 

Joe tapped on the transparent material and it sounded solid as a rock. It was also about 10 inches thick all around her, the overall shape of the mould being a lozenge shape. She looked like a piece of modern art stood atop her plinth. 

Joe, with Kayleigh’s brain pattern still inside him, just stood admiring her old body, how sexy it looked, but also how helpless. The new super-hard material she was encased in couldn’t be blunted by even the sharpest tools. She knew that her body would never again be free. She rubbed the microchip on Joe’s neck, building up her anticipation for transferring her brain pattern back into her now trapped body. She knew once she was in there, there was a chance she would never get out again, as she was entirely in Joe’s hands, just as he was now.

Not wanting to miss a possible last orgasm, she took her borrowed penis and masturbated in front of the statue. It took mere moments for her to reach orgasm, and she fired her load onto the diamond hard surface. 

She contemplated what she would do once she was inside, and decided to point her statue self towards the TV. She then switched on the TV and turned it onto the porn channel. Satisfied this would keep her horny inside, she decided now it was time.

Joe made sure the tubes were hooked up to the right places in the plinth before the transfer; the catheter drained into a large bag out of site; the enema tube connected to a machine that would flush her out each day; and the feeding and water tubes she hooked up to supplies. If these weren't set up right she would soon perish inside.

Joe commanded the computer to transfer their brain patterns, and with a beep, her world shifted from outside the diamond prison to inside it. Wow, it was exquisite. She couldn’t move one tiny bit. As her hands were on her hips, she could feel her own waist, but not move in any way. As she’d witnessed from outside, all she could do was move her eyes and blink, breathing through her nasal tubes. She looked at Joe and watched him as he analysed her new home. The diamond liquid had filled her ear canals and she couldn't hear anything but her own breathing. 

She looked out and on the TV she could make out the sex going on. Why had she been so cruel to herself, she would never experience that again.

She was able to draw water and food through the tubes now fixed into her sealed mouth. She had a good drink and feeling a slight rumble in her stomach, she sucked in a few mouthfuls of the liquid nutrient. The nutrient was designed to hold her current weight; if she lost weight, she would have limited movement inside her tomb. If she gained weight, her body would be under pressure.

Joe, now outside and back in his own body, circled his trapped girlfriend. She looked utterly sexy and utterly unattainable. He stroked the smooth exterior of her new home, it was smooth like glass. Tapping it felt like tapping solid rock. He felt the chip on his neck, knowing this was her only way to experience freedom again. However he felt very claustrophobic inside the diamond shell, more so than their usual bondage sessions, and didn’t want to go back in any time soon. He knew this might upset Kayleigh, but it was her choice to an extent to be cast like this.

He decided to go take a shower, and left Kayleigh to enjoy her new predicament. He removed the chip, placing it on the table top in front of her. She knew he wouldn’t be swapping again any time soon.

She loved the feel of her new prison, but she started to consider that she hadn’t thought through the fact that she couldn’t touch herself, and hadn’t thought about including a vibrator or any stimulation to help pass the time. Minutes turned into hours which turned into days. Joe was around the house, he spent time in the room with her, but ultimately didn’t choose to swap places. Kayleigh knew this was a risk and was prepared for it. Her daily enema was shaping up to be her only highlight. The feeling of it filling her up to an uncomfortable level for twenty minutes or so before emptying her out was turning from an initial torture to something she longed for.

She drifted in and out of slumber, dreams were her escape, she found that she retreated more readily into her subconscious, blocking out the world outside. In her dreams she was free, she could imagine anything and go anywhere. She would inevitably awake and drift back to reality and would try and instinctively move or stretch only for every inch of her surface to be pinned fast. 

A week passed and Joe held the chip up in front of Kayleigh. Their cat had just followed him into the room. He pointed at its neck and shrugged his shoulders, as if to say did she want to swap with it? She couldn’t make any indications, but of course she had never tried inter-species brain pattern transfers, she had no idea if she would end up brain damaged. She had no choice as Joe had the controls. She also figured it was at least a way to get out and stretch, even if just briefly. 

Joe planted the chip onto the cat's neck, and then initiated the transfer. Kayleigh felt her world shift and moments later she was on all fours padding around their lounge. She looked up at Joe, who patted her on the head, and asked if she was okay. She meowed once, which he took to mean yes. He explained he didn’t want to return to the diamond cell, but that he was happy to transfer her into the cat for short periods so she didn’t go stir crazy, but that he didn’t want to distress the cat too much by having the swap last too long. She had little choice, and meowed once.

Joe led her to the kitchen and a bowl of cat food was on the floor. He suggested she might like to eat something solid. She felt this was a bit of a shit deal, but nevertheless, obliged and ate the food presented. Joe was getting a boner from the power he had over Kayleigh. His sexy girlfriend was inhabiting a cat, forced to eat cat food, and he could transfer her back at any time.

Kayleigh's new view as a cat was strange. She never imagined being in an animal body. She still had no fingers or toes of use, she couldn't talk, she was here in the moment but it was all overwhelming. As she ate her food and Joe looked down at her she felt submissive. She lapped some water from a bowl and in the reflection she saw her tag, 'Tiger'. She'd never considered moving to an animal body. All her thoughts and feelings were there; the body just wasn't designed to allow talking. Meow was about all she could do after several attempts to form words.

After a few minutes, he led her back to the diamond prison and tapped the computer. Kayleigh meowed a few times as if to say no, please don’t do that, but before she knew it she was trapped again, staring out as the cat scampered away. Damn.

Another week passed without escape, when Joe decided to bring back a girl he’d met at the bar. She was a bit drunk. They fondled and kissed on the sofa in front of Kayleigh though the girl hadn't noticed her yet. When she glanced up she jumped a little asking what she was looking at. Joe explained his last girlfriend had a fetish to be an immovable statue held in place forever. He showed the girl around the human statue, and she was really impressed. So much so that she suggested she’d love to feel what it’s like to be inside. Joe explained that she'd been in there a while now without a single orgasm and had forced herself to watch porn on the TV most of the day as a sadistic reminder of her loss of sex.

The girl stood in front of Kayleigh's face and watched her blinking back. She couldn't believe how kinky that was. She giggled and started to lick the surface in front of Kayleigh's face, big wet slobbers, then started to French kiss near her mouth. Damn, Kayleigh thought, this girl was hot as fuck and presently unattainable. She wasn't usually into girls but she'd make an exception here. The girl moved down the statue to study Kayleigh's pussy. Totally bald, damn. She tapped on the surface and it was so hard. She again simulated oral sex inches away from the trapped pussy. Kayleigh could only see peripheral vision but imagined what the girl was doing. Fuck, Keylight thought, I never expected a hot young girl to be practically worshiping my trapped pussy and body with her tongue.

Stepping back, the girl decided to undress until she was completely naked. She asked Joe if the trapped girl was aware of her surroundings, and he nodded, saying that she was 100% aware of her predicament, and had spent a few months trapped in there.

She asked Joe to pass her something to stand on, like small step-ladders, she wanted to do something. He rummaged in a cupboard nearby and produced a set. She opened them up in front of Kayleigh then climbed up several steps until her pussy was level with Kayleigh's face. Next she started to rub herself right in her eyeline, only a few inches from her face. Kayleigh was watching, desperate to join in but clearly unable. She was feeling so horny right about now she felt she could explode. The girl started to rub her juices on the surface in front of Kayleigh's face, then started rubbing her clit on the surface. Joe was rock hard and pulled out his cock, masturbating to the hot scene in front of him. After a few minutes of rubbing her clit, the girl exploded into orgasm and squirted on the glass-like surface right by Kayleigh's face. She descended the ladder and Joe decided to top it off, moving up to Kayleigh's face too and wanking away right in her face. After a few more moments he emptied his balls right across her face, thick semen clouding Kayleigh's view. 

The girl moved in front of Kayleigh and licked up some of the juices, licking her lips. 

She asked if the trapped woman could orgasm, and Joe said no, she hadn't included a vibrator, so was denied pleasure, only the daily enema offering any stimulation.

Kayleigh could only stare out with her fixed gaze, seeing the drying remnants of the girl's saliva, juice and her final squirt slowly running down her diamond hard enclosure, mixed with Joe's seed. This all reminded her what she had no way to experience any more.

As the girl recovered, Joe asked if she'd like to try it out. She didn't look convinced it was possible even though she'd find it wild to try it. Going with the flow she nodded, feeling giddy from the alcohol still, and she took the chip from Joe placing it on her neck. 

She smiled and looked at Joe as if to say yeah, nice practical joke. She stood in front of the trapped woman and again started liberally kissing the glass. Out of sight Joe tapped at the computer. Kayleigh was praying for the swap, it had been so long. She watched the horny girl french kissing in front of her face again, the glass affording her a view of her mouth, lips and tongue pressed into the glass. The mouth in front of her was like a washing machine, tongue and saliva swirling around. Sexy lips pressed to the glass like suckers. Her breath fogged up the outside of her prison. Suddenly her world shifted and she swapped bodies. She suddenly inhabited Joe’s new beautiful acquaintance. 

Her new view was an instant reflection and she stood inches away from her own face, lips pressed to the diamond surface, feeling horny and breathy, tonguing her enclosure. She could suddenly taste the sex on the surface, and lapped it up even more. On the other side of the glass, a terrified pair of eyes stared back at her. In her new naked body, she felt so wild, and threw her hand between her legs. Continuing to kiss the glass from her new perspective he fingered herself hard and fast, moaning into the outer diamond hard surface. "Oh my god oh my god," was next and she felt the orgasm rush through every synapse of her brain, every nerve cell. She felt weak for a moment. She finished kissing the glass, licking it all clean, then planted a final kiss, "mwah" right in the trapped girl's eyeline.

Joe said “I wasn’t sure if you were enjoying it in there, and it felt cruel using the cat, animal welfare and all that… but this felt more above board and consensual.”

Kayleigh smiled back at Joe and kissed him. “If it’s okay with you, I might keep this body and see how it goes”. She removed the chip and placed it on the table, removing any possibility of accidentally slipping back. She looked at her old body again and the panicked eyes now occupying it. “Such a beautiful piece of artwork. I look forward to seeing it every day!”

Joe had his clever girlfriend back, looking different admittedly, but he enjoyed fucking her brains out having had little relief himself for a long while.

She continued her research, and she had a new pretty body to boot. The pair of them got to perv over her old body. He felt a little guilty, but she did ask to know what it felt like, and he was happy to oblige.

Kayleigh meanwhile enjoyed her new body; she still wanted to experience the diamond prison from time to time, and in those cases, she had Joe tie up her new body in inescapable bondage, gagged and locked somewhere safe; she would then transfer back to her old body for a holiday; and would return to her new body some time later. She loved her new body, it was younger, even prettier than she was, and the previous owner had embellished it with piercings and some sexy tattoos in some very intimate places. 

The girl who’d been body robbed spent every day in despair. She had no idea how she’d gotten into this mess, regretting the flippant suggestion of wanting to try this experience. Admittedly, it felt undeniably sexy, but she didn’t expect to live out her life in this way. She had not orgasmed for months now.

A twist occurred after a few months, and Kayleigh was getting set for a weekend as a statue. Joe secured her and gagged her and placed the chip on her neck. He set the computer on a timer that would transfer her consciousness just as the enema was due for her old body. They planned to time her climax with the transfer. 

Kayleigh's old body had been sealed and denied for 6 months now and she knew her pussy was desperate for release and if she could enable it, a massive earth shattering orgasm was possible. 

Joe fucked Kayleigh, the plan being to orgasm as the transfer took place and to carry that energy over. Just as she reached that crescendo and the computer beeped she came hard, "Fucckkkkkkkkkkk yesssss" she cried and Joe shot his load deep inside her. A second later she transferred into her old cocooned body, while the girl transferred back into her own body. The girl had been denied, arriving in a totally spent body, limp and utterly exhausted from the action. She wriggled in her bonds but knew she couldn't escape and gave up. She was sweating and merely got to experience the final moment as Joe removed his shrunken and spent member from her now satisfied pussy.

However Kayleigh took the orgasm into her prison with her, she couldn't make a sound in there, her old body convulsing in an immovable sense, a guttural ‘Mmmmmmm’ about all she could convey to herself. She had now effectively orgasmed twice. Joe watched the lifeless form from outside, the only indication of activity being her eyes tight shut and flickering with an overpowering orgasm. 

Gulping air through her nasal tubes at frantic pace, she felt the enema process begin and her anus filled to the brim, tipping her current orgasm into a third which she held onto until she had been drained again, the process of which left her completely limp in her moulded prison. She was thankful she was pre-slumped in her mould. Joe moved round the front and gave a thumbs up, and she slowly blinked to agree. She was parched, taking a long drink through her mouthpiece tube. She actually fell asleep in peaceful absolute bliss. Many orgasms in half an hour, her brain felt frazzled.

When she woke some time later, her surroundings had changed, and she was somewhere else. She was still in her diamond prison. Joe appeared in front of her, holding a note up to her face.

"Kayleigh, I love you. But I've been talking to some kink collectors and they are really interested in you. I've been offered millions of dollars for your piece, and the computer that controls your mind transfer. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist, and you aren't in a position to disagree. I hope you enjoyed your last orgasm in a long time. I'm assured they will look after you." 

She would have screamed if she could but other than shooting him a stare that read as ‘fuck you’, she could do nothing else.

Joe walked away and what she realised was now a removal van's door was closed shut. After a few hours she reached a destination and was unloaded into the basement dungeon of some kinkster. Her view was limited as always but she made out the girl she'd body-robbed hanging from manacles opposite her and her machine nearby.

A female dressed in severe dominatrix clothing tapped the buttons on the computer and she transferred into the girl, hanging limply.

"Welcome to your new life Kayleigh. You and the unknown girl will forever be locked in my dungeon, away from prying eyes, where you will spend equal time being tortured and held in various bondage. Of course between torturing, one of you will recuperate mentally in that diamond prison, watching the other being tormented, transferred regularly back and forth in a constant state of pain from one body, and a lack of feeling anything in the other. I will not permit either of you to orgasm again."

Kayleigh couldn't process the situation, part of her felt submissive and this played right into that. But forever?

At that moment she felt nipple clamps being attached causing her to scream. She was promptly gagged and a chastity belt was being clamped around her waist, plugs back and front, sealing off her intimate areas. Her nipples burned. Ow. Ow. Ow! Then without warning she was back in her diamond prison, looking out at the girl now exquisitely in bondage. Ofcourse she couldn't hear anything in her solid cocoon.

Recovering a little she took a sip of water, and yuck! What was that? Then a sip of nutrient feed, yuck! Surely not … her water tasted like piss and her feed tasted like cum. She swallowed, as she had no way to spit it out. She was so thirsty though … eventually relenting, gulping down the salty water. Outside her view she noticed two jugs of liquid on IV stands had been set up, presumably linked to her food intake. One was light yellow and the other was creamy coloured, so that must be it. Her world shifted again and she was suddenly in pain again in the girl's body.

"You've noticed your new nutritious diet I presume? My large mansion hosts sex parties, and naturally a lot of cum is produced. I will top up your supply as you consume it. Occasionally I will revert to your original feed but certainly this will be your main source of nourishment. High in protein, fresh from the balls and prostates of the many men who frequent this place. Plus you can just imagine, as you're trapped orgasmless, in both bodies, that at least your food source is produced from someone else's explosion of passion".

Kayleigh was feeling mixed emotions here. True, she felt incredibly turned on, but spending her life moving between the pleasure and safety of her diamond hard tomb and the pain and torture the girl's body was set to endure blew her mind.

"There's another option too. Let's call it the trio of second chances. If you ever get to the point you want out of this, you have only three routes out. One way trips. One is that we transfer your mind once and for all into a newborn; it will essentially be blank, but you will have to work through life from day one again, it will be a long time before your new brain develops to the point you can articulate yourself again. Alternatively, my other offer is via old age. You give a kinky old woman a turn at this game, but you end up in a body that is old, frail, and ready for the scrapheap. Or you can stay here with me and endure this kinky life. But rest assured you're not fleeing to another hot body, you've abused two of those already and look at you now. No."

The dominatrix hovered over the computer with her latex clad hand. "You have a think. Back in you go".

She shifted back into her tomb, this was her new life now. Clearly she had taken one too many chances with her mind swapping, and this one had finally bitten her on the ass. However she was currently safe and secretly felt this existence would be amazing, if not extreme. She sucked on her nutrients and watched the level on the container opposite slowly drop. She was getting a taste for it, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all …

… then she noticed someone tied up just in view. It was Joe. He seemed to be attached to a milking machine with probes up his rear and a collection device on his penis. No doubt he wasn't cumming from orgasm, more like from prostate massages, with his body oozing the cum out one drop at a time like a machine. He was one of a few men tied up. Then she realised he had been double crossed, now in a similar plight to herself. He and the others were being used to provide contributions to her nutrient feed. Kayleigh felt that was a fitting conclusion after how he'd treated her. 

Would she take one of the routes offered? She wasn't sure yet. For now she was going to dream her dreams, gulp down as much nutritious semen as she could to ensure Joe was milked for all he was worth, and consider her future one day at a time.


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