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We had played role games many times. Both of us as boys, or both of us as girls, and once, we both tried being cats. Being a girl wasn't so bad and I looked okay, but I was really to tall. I was her dog once, which was okay, but I did not like it much. But when she became the dog she discovered that she loved it and quickly became enchanted with the idea of being a house pet, and had asked me to let her try it for a longer period of time. We bought the best dog suit that we could find, and spent several hours getting her into it. She did not look to bad, a few changes would make her look better, but not bad, and she loved it. I wrapped the collar around her neck, attached a leash, and promptly took her outside for an unexpected walkie.

She did not like being in the public like that, but she was my dog, and I told her that as my dog, I was her owner, and simply did not care what she liked. I walked around for about an hour, then took her home. I filled the two bowls on the kitchen floor with dog food and water, then went to watch the football game. She hated the dog food, but ate some of it anyway, because there wasn't anything else. I kept her like that for an entire week, with walkies every day, food twice a day, and elimination outside of course. By the time I took her out of the suit she had become used to being a dog, and strangely, and surprisingly, she very quickly asked me how soon she could do it again!

As a dog, using the suit we had, she looked a bit like an Irish setter. Long reddish brown hair, big floppy ears, and a nice tail. That was her choice. I preferred a dog that looked more like a Lab, but since she was the one in the suit, I let her have her way. And the added benefit of the longer hair is that it hid the more obvious signs of her humanity. She became my dog twice more, each time she insisted that it last longer. We arranged a signal that she could use to get changed back, but the last time she became a dog, it was almost six months! She never gave me the signal, but I thought it was long enough. She never once fought it, and always asked for more time, so she and I started looking for a way to accommodate her wishes. That took me into some very dark places on the Internet, but eventually I found someone. I told her what I had found, asked her if she was certain that this is what she wanted, and after she told me to do it, she and I got her changed to her dog persona, then I clipped on her leash, led her to the car, and once she was in her crate I took her to the clinic.

The doctor knew right away that my dog was a human.    

After we got her out of the dog suit.....

“You will have to make a video tape my dear. Documents can be forged, although you will have to sign those as well, but with the whole thing on video tape, there will be no doubt about your wishes. I will explain in great detail what can, and will, if you agree, be done to give you what you want, then I want you, in your own words, to tell me what it is that you want, and I want you to say it clearly and in as great a detail as you can manage."

After we took her completely out of the suit, let her dress in a skirt and blouse, the doctor started the tape, focused the camera, then began a very long and detailed explanation of her options. Shelly did not cringe at all, and in fact started smiling, and I wasn't sure why. What she wanted to do was so far outside of what I knew that I didn't understand it, but I'll admit that I found it oddly intriguing. When the doctor was done, Shelly faced the camera, stated her full name and age, then went into a lot of detail about what she wanted done, some I had not heard before and some way out there! Like having a womb from a real female dog transplanted into her! Then she named me as her owner. As soon as she was done, the doctor reached over as if to pat her arm, but stuck a needle in Shelly's arm, and I watched as she keeled over.

"This will take a while as she has to heal up between the surgeries before I can continue with the next part of her transformation. I urge you to come see her as often as possible, but plan on nearly a year before I am done and she can be returned to you."

I paid the money, then left. What follows was taken from the doctors own notes so that I could explain all this.

Shelly was moved immediately to my surgery where I did every test I would need, measuring every bone I would have to alter, using x-rays to confirm everything. Since she is a small woman, her bone structure would be easier to change, and I set about researching, then deciding, my options. That took the rest of the day, then I very carefully mapped out the changes. Turning a human into a canine is not easy, but I have studied and researched what is needed to accomplish this, and while Shelly will be my third transformation, I am certain she will be my very best. She presents every indication that she sincerely wants this, so I do not feel that we will experience any excess mental trauma.

I kept her sedated for her own well being, but I will wake her, and ask her once again if she agrees to the changes. I will also record that last final request on tape as well. If she agrees, I will begin shortly after that. In her own voice she once again agreed, and once again I put her out. The very first thing I would have to do is restructure her bones to fit the new reality, and I started on her right arm. After the initial cut, I shortened the bone from her shoulder to her elbow by a third, then reattached the arm. Three days later I did the same to her left arm. The shoulder joint is the hardest, but using a small grinder I made sure the joint worked easily. I waited a week, checking on her every day, until she had healed enough for me to begin the hardest portion of her transformation. I had to break her pelvis and reset it into a slightly wider position. Shortening the upper thigh bone, I moved to her shin bones. I had to keep her in proportion, and was very careful about that cut, but it went well, and once again, each leg had been shortened. Turning a biped into a quadruped is very difficult, but once I had finished her limbs, I would let her completely heal up before I went on with the rest.

Her face could not be naturally extended far enough to look normal for a dog her size, and to have a snout she needed I used the excess bone and tissue from her arms and legs, to form her upper and lower jaws into a proper snout. It was a protruding yet narrow form, just as long and wide as any dog her size would have. She would not quite be an all new breed because of the other two I have done, but still, she will look just like any other dog of her supposed breed .  In order for her to walk correctly, I had to amputate all of her fingers, then I reattached the tip of the fingers to the first joint. If her owner feeds her correctly, her own nails will grow out and look very natural as her own claws, which will wear down as she walks. About a month after I began, I helped her out of her cage and set her on the floor. She was still very shaky at first, and it took almost an hour for her to learn how to walk on all fours. She tried to stand up a few times, like a human, but like most quadrupeds her joints would not allow it for very long, and without pain, so she settled back to all fours.

By making her face more extended, she was able to eat a lot better, but she needed her dental work done, so I put her into the framework and strapped her down. A friend of mine had done this same thing for his own wife, who is now his dog, and since I also did her work, he now does all of my other clients as well. He showed up, and began to make the molds of her mouth, then selected the right teeth from a full set of canine models he carried with him. After a lot of grinding, he first made, then attached the new teeth, both upper and lower fangs, then used his grinder to sharpen the rest of her teeth. He also extended her tongue, using a donor pig. He spliced that piece into her own tongue in the middle, which allowed her to keep her sense of taste. He had her try to open and close her mouth before he said he was done. I was impressed at the way she adapted to everything, including having a tongue that lolled out of her mouth! When he left, and since she was already in the frame, I opened her ears and inserted the extensions, attached them to the natural cartilage, then grafted on the skin I had saved from her thighs. When she healed up her ears would be long and floppy. In other words, perfect. I put her back in her cage, and went to dinner.

A week later Shelly was sufficiently healed up for me to start her training. The first thing was for her to learn how to use those new teeth, and I gave her a small steak to work on. She bit down, and sliced right through the meat and gobbled the meat down. I watched as she ate every bit of it, then I let her play out in the yard. That night I gave her another sedative, and when she was out, I set her on the table and clamped her head down. Her nose and lips would have to be black, and I began to tattoo them in the correct manner. I also made a full body cast of latex by dipping her into it completely. Only the straws in her nose and eye coverings protected her. When it was dry I carefully made the slit up her belly, peeled it off, and packaged it for mailing.

It took two months to return, but my guy sent back the finished product plus the original casting. Today is the day Shelly becomes complete. I sat her on the table and told her to be very still, then, starting with her head, I fitted the entire suit to her. As always, it was very tight, but a masterpiece. Her now stubby fingers were each covered, just as a dogs are, as were her ears. The legs fit tightly as did the rest of the suit, including around her vagina. The tail was controlled by the sensor I had set into her spine, and that was the last thing I attached before I flipped her over and glued the seam shut. Silk lining would protect her skin while the thicker hide would protect her from the elements. When I was done I put the cheap collar around her neck and attached the leash, then woke her.

Since she no longer could talk because of the shape of her face, she could only let me know what she wanted, by gesture, like any animal. But she could still understand me, so I told her to follow, and I took her outside the building for a short walk around the block. I held her leash loosely, and she obeyed my every whim, just like she should have. When I returned I let her see herself in the mirror, then called her owner and told him to come get her. I let her loose in the yard while I waited.

When I first saw Shelly I was stunned. There was no sign that she had ever been a human being! She looked exactly like a dog! Medium in size with a beautiful yet soft reddish brown coat, just like the setter she wanted to be. I called to her, and at the sound of my voice she ran to me, her tail wagging back and forth, signaling that she eagerly waited for my first command. I removed the cheap collar and slipped the new one around her neck, attached the leash, and led her out to the car. She even sat like a dog! When I pulled into the driveway I let her loose, waiting, then, when she stepped on the sidewalk, I zapped her. Her collar has a built in transmitter for training, and she just found that out. I tied her to the porch, then sat down to read the instruction sheet that the doctor sent along. I was to feed her meat once a day, and dry food after that. She could have all the water she wanted. I left her tied to the porch and went to get some dog food.

That night I put a bowl of dry food out, waiting to see if she would eat it. Shelly smelled it, ate a bit of it, then shied away. But I told her that was it, and unless she wanted to go hungry, she better eat. She ate some more of it, but it was clear that she didn't like it. I gave her a small steak which she devoured, and I kept her inside that night, but let her loose in the yard the next day. I had a date. When I brought Mary home, Shelly was still outside and did not know that while she was lounging in the yard, Mary was busy cleaning my pipes for me. I had refused to give Shelly any meat until she became used to the dry food, but she had not touched it that morning.

When I called the doctor he cautioned me not to do that. Shelly is actually a human being, and needs the meat. The dry food is only for when she has nothing else. He was very angry that I was withholding her meat, and said that I would not do that again. When I looked for her, I saw her with a mouse in her teeth, diligently tearing it to shreds and eating it! Her need for meat became crystal clear. When Mary stepped out on the back porch, wearing one of my shirts and nothing else. Shelly saw her and growled, bared her teeth, and looked like she was going to charge us, but I whisked Mary inside, then went back out to have a talk with Shelly.

"Just what the hell are you doing? You're a dog now, not a person, and since I have zero intention of having sex with a dog, I have every right to have some adult female companionship. You wanted this so bad that you detailed what you wanted on video tape!  Now you got exactly what you wanted! You named me as your owner, so you belong to me now, and I'll look after you, but if you ever growl at Mary again I'll have you on a short leash tied to the tree for a few days before I send you to the pound, understand?"

Of course, she couldn't answer, but she put her head down and just laid there. My point had been made. Shelly was a pet. A dog that I owned and could do with as I wished with. To make my point, I took her to the vet and she got a rabies shot and a dog license! As time went on, Mary and I got married, but I never told her the truth about Shelly. When Mary and I had our first child however, Shelly was very protective of the boy, and Mary finally accepted her as our pet. I knew that not having sex for a very long time had to be hard on Shelly, especially after almost two years, so I arranged to have a male dog try and breed with her. I explained it to Shelly, and she pulled away from me, which gave me no choice but to fix it so she had no choice.

When I let the male loose in the yard, she suddenly became very attentive and alert to him, which surprised me since she seemed so against it. Needless to say, he quickly found her. I was surprised to see that Shelly let him sniff her a few times, then became very still as he mounted her. I saw her squirm as he penetrated her, then, when he was done, she played with him in the yard. To my very great surprise, she sniffed the male, then spread herself out, and put her head down. She wanted the male to mount her again, and he did. Shelly did not move as those huge paws of his held her down and he pumped her full of his seed.

I let the male visit her once a month after that, and she settled into the role of our pet, which is the ultimate submission. Eventually she got pregnant, which shocked me, but the doctor explained that the transplant was working, and it was very possible that Shelly would be able to have many litters! I was shocked when her first litter was six healthy puppies! She now likes to lay in the sun watching our son playing on the swings nearby. As I think back to our journey to this point, I am not so sure that I would do it again, but I know that Shelly would do it in a heart beat. She loves being a dog, my friend, and our protector. And I know that she loves being a mother. After so many litters it's obvious. She even lets Mary pet her now. Shelly is, as the doctor told us, his very best transformation, because Shelly wanted it so much. It's true that she is my dog, but she is also the dog she wants to be. 


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