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The Ship's Queen 4

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2015 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; D/s; transform; M2f; bodymod; space; scifi; tease; trial; bond; cuffs; hood; strip; naked; search; display; cell; cons; X

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Part Four

I was woken from my slumber by the intercom, it's bell like ding weaving itself into my most unusual dream. In it I was home once again in the company of my young wife on planet, but dressed as a female maid and feeling not all that convincing in my costume. My best friend and her were entertaining at his large house like the couple they now apparently were, she ringing a hand bell with a tone matching the intercom's to call me to service as they sat entwined with each other in casual intimacy. I was serving them as well as their guests whom I knew from my snack tray, it's shinning surface reflecting my appearance back to me and confirming what all present already obviously knew. I was her husband dressed as their maid, and failing terribly at the effort. That in fact seemed the whole point, a commonly known secret on display at the party if you will, with the added implication that this would be the extent of my contribution to our evolved relationship...

I resented the intrusion as I wanted to see how my dream concluded, (although I suspected I already knew), but I rose and answered, hearing the first officer's voice telling me firmly I was to present myself to the captains board formally in one half hour. I knew by the man's tone that it was to be a disciplinary hearing, I suspecting the reason, but not knowing how they found out about things so quickly.

I showered and prepared at a near frantic pace, I actually having enough time to put myself together properly, but to be late just wouldn't do. What to wear was a second problem, I having no proper uniform to fit my female form, so I went with what could be called classic evening wear, although still cut to fit this body of mine like a glove. Matching undergarments completed the look, my lingerie hugging my body in a firm and comforting way. If nothing else I would be showing the captain's court the respect it deserved, while at the same time possibly earning some leniency by reminding the men of the sacrifices I had made personally for the crew's moral to be able to wear such things for them in the first place.

I entered the appointed chamber one minute early after knocking on the closed door, that in itself reminding me of my first female visit to the captains chambers not all that long ago, and the timeless way one asks respectfully to enter a room where one's superiors are waiting. In uniform I would be expected to salute, but while still a member of the crew technically, I wasn't in any recognized uniform of any fleet that I knew of, negating the propriety of such an action. I stood at attention however in the presence of the senior officers with my rather prominent chest thrust out, the ship's chief engineer conspicuously missing and on bridge watch by his own request, telling me this obviously involved him. I had expected different, and prepared myself for the worst.

"Who is in command of this ship?" the captain asked unnecessarily.

"You are sir" I responded in my sultry voice, although I wished it didn't sound quite so provocative as it was out of place at a formal board and seemed disrespectful. I was also confused with his question. Had I done anything to lead him to believe that I didn't understand this already?

"Who then is second in command of the Fortunate" the captain asked next.

"That would be Mr. Cook the first officer sir, seated to your right", and I thought oh boy, here we go.

"Very good. You are of course correct, proving that you do understand the rank structure of every ship in the fleet, or for that matter, every ship's rank structure by naval tradition for all of recorded history. Mr. Cook has earned his station and title, and is in addition to his other duties the ship's official disciplinarian for matters that are best handled 'in house'. He has quite properly recused himself from these proceedings because of a conflict of interest, but will remain in attendance while not passing judgment by my request. Furthermore, our doctor in in much the same situation and will sit in attendance but not vote on the outcome, our chief engineer having the bridge watch by his own request."

"Do you accept these conditions as stated?"

"Yes sir I do" I replied formally.

"Rank has it's privileges, and counter to this, it's responsibilities. It has been made known to this board that after you left my company on the previous watch our doctor escorted you to your new quarters, where you and he collaborated voluntarily to break with established rank privilege in regard to your rather unique services to the crew. The board is inclined to leniency in this case, as without the doctor's extraordinary efforts there could be no such collaboration possible. One could also argue that as he was the senior officer present at the time, he bore the greater burden to prevent the transgression, and as such has voluntarily put the standard one hundred credit fine in the amnesty can, providing a good faith settlement in this matter.

At some time after that you paid a visit to our chief engineer and several of his staff, and there are several witnesses that you then spent some time with him alone in engineering of your own free will, witnesses who can be called to give testimony if necessary. The details are unclear, but the chief engineer in his defense testified privately that he had no knowledge that any improper rank order event had occurred, he assuming that you knew and had attended to the established rules beforehand. The board is inclined to find him without fault as there was no practical way in the heat of the moment to know differently, unless you would like to challenge his testimony on the issue."

"I can't in good conscience challenge your accounting of the events sir" I answered, my courage surprising me.

"So it shall be noted."

"A standard tally of the amnesty can at the start of this watch however shows a two hundred credit surplus, the good doctor only accounting for one hundred of those himself. Here we make no accusations, but the amount of surplus seems suspicious, one hundred credits being the standard fine asked for dallying out of rank order with our ships queen under most circumstances."

"The standard fine sir? Are there others?"

"Yes, one hundred credits for breaking rank order initially, then after that it's pretty much at the discretion of the ship's queen after everybody has gotten their first turn as it were. Five hundred credits for damaging the ship's queen, and five hundred credits per standard day for every day she is unable to perform her duties for the crew due to those injuries. Twenty seven credits fine for being late to duty, thirteen credits for cursing in an officers presence, seven credits for not flushing the commode, and the list goes on..."

"Are you prepared to confess to a third voluntary improper rank order event in less than a standard day? A precedent of record on board the Fortunate I must add, but hardly a surprise in light of your established brief history with us."

"Sir, before I answer, is it not customary that I have council afforded to me at my request?" I channeling both courage and guile from some unknown source, again to my surprise.

"It is indeed, you may select from any of the senior officers who have not by their own actions removed themselves from these proceedings for conflict of interest."

The man smiled, it wasn't often that one so junior got to out maneuver a sitting captain at his own hearing, even one so strange as this one. Still he practically gave me the out if I should wish to take it, I remembering the words of our first conversation in his day room as I reintroduced myself to him formally in female form, paraphrasing them in my mind. "I would just love to be compelled to do all sorts of things in service to the crew that I might, or might not want to do willingly, and properly punished for any failure to exceed expectations."

"Sir, in light of the seriousness of the situation, I wish to afford myself with the most senior and experienced officer on the board to represent me at these proceedings, I therefore choose you as my council."

"So it shall be noted" the man smiling at me with hidden humor although his words sounded gruff. "Please step over here so we can confer in private."

That left two uncompromised officers for the board, the navigational officer, and the cargo officer, preventing a conviction no matter the outcome of the proceedings, unless I should plead guilty. A minimum of three officers were required for a normal board, or possibly alternates if this were a truly serious affair, but I had already deduced by the captain's smile that this wasn't.

The captain approached and we huddled in the corner in intimate closeness, his upper arm rubbing against my sensitive breast playfully. I however spoke first just to make sure I had read things correctly. "Sir, am I in any real trouble?"

"Only as much as you want to be. We have so few disciplinary problems on the Fortunate I thought this would be good practice for all of us. Mr. Cook was a little miffed with your apparent slighting of him, nothing he won't get over in his own rather unique way, but he does deserve the respect of a proper in the flesh visit when you feel up to it. Since you have wisely chosen me as your council I suggest we begin before Mr. Cook gets any more upset, you don't want to be on his bad side. On that note, what exactly did happen to cause the extra deposit in the amnesty can, or do you even know?"

"Is that the source of the 'ship's queen' pool of donations we spoke of in your day room sir?"

"That and others, if you make the whole trip as you are you will leave us, if you so choose, a wealthy, ah... individual." The man couldn't bring himself to say man or woman, he hesitating in search of the right way to express himself, although one couldn't blame him all things considered.

I went on to explain how I ended up in the engineer's gang shower, (not the details out of sensitivity toward the chief engineer), and that I had an unknown visitor there in the dark. I left out the less than voluntary way everything started intentionally, not to mislead the captain, but because it would be disingenuous to say I wasn't a willing participant at some point. I could guess that with the history of the first ship's queen that any such taking against one's will would have rather unpleasant consequences for those involved, I theorizing aloud that my unknown visitor in the shower could be the source of the additional credits. I at the time thought I knew who it was by his voice, but I had not been in the company of the men all that much before the doctor had placed me into his machine, and wasn't feeling as confident as I had been in the shower as to the identity of my rather aggressive lover.

"Was it voluntary, or not?" The captain reading between the lines of my explanation, his demeanor changing in an instant. I rushed to clear things up before some member of the crew found himself on the wrong side of the captain, even though my initial consent was neither asked for, nor given.

"I never said 'no' a single time, and thanked the anonymous man when we parted, so I would have to say 'voluntary' sir."

"I could be to blame for that", the captain confessed sheepishly, "there being a rather wide gray area with your desires as expressed in my presence earlier. There are few secrets on a ship, and I let it be known discreetly your preferences on this matter, perhaps prompting one of the junior men to push the bounds of good judgment in his frustration. I could warn the crew to back off, but would that really be to your liking with your admirable preferences for service to others over self?"

I was in a quandary, how do I tell this man that my time in the shower being essentially taken against my will was the best sex of my life, male or female? It was true that I loved to serve others, but felt like a fraud as my desires were entirely self serving in this one rare instance. There was also the hansom compensation I was earning for basically breaking the rules, a moral dilemma in itself once I knew of it. One hundred credits after taxes could take me several days to earn honestly on planet with my limited job qualifications, and here I earned as much for less that an hours worth of ecstasy that I almost felt obligated to pay for myself.

The captain saw the conflict in my eyes. "Your unique among our ship's queens you know, except for perhaps the original."

"How so sir?"

"You're enjoying this, I see it, and the crew does as well. You are truly a natural, and far more than the sum total of all the doctor's extraordinary efforts, and I think I have a solution that will work for all of us if you can trust me..."

I trusting the captain to have my best interests at heart dismissed him from my council after our brief discussion, he once again sitting in his chair with the others towering over me, the designers of this room wishing to confer the authority over the accused standing lower. The men were there to pass judgment and sentence if necessary, or just sentence if I saved their consciences and declared myself guilty instead.

The power they held over me was exciting for one so submissive as I, and I felt a thrill not unlike when my young wife back on planet compelled me to do some demeaning task, or even when she lent me to her friends to serve for their parties. Instead of the more familiar male responses that I found impossible to hide when in her service, I felt a tingle behind my navel, and my female parts were set to boiling. I was aware of every one of them acutely, the natural female ones, and the ancillary ones the doctor and his conspirators had engineered into my magnificent body. Each likely had an intended purpose for a specific senior members of the crew, but at the moment were instead all conspiring to drive me mad with desire.

I approached the bench to speak, unintentionally crossing my long legs as I stepped to cause the maximum amount of friction in my womanhood, all without even realizing I had done so until I had taken several steps. By then to alter my seductive walk would have looked suspicious, however the self applied friction was still only a tease and didn't lead to where instincts demanded I go. My breasts moved ever so slightly within the confines of the firm fit of my matching bra with each firm step, but that was enough in my high state of arousal to make it feel as if some sadistic fiend were tormenting my over hard buds intentionally. When I spoke my voice sounded husky to me, and I wondered if my modified uvula were swelling and altering my speech, or if that were normal for this relatively new body of mine in it's state of high arousal.

The doctor caught my eye and smiled at me, of all the people present he would likely be the one to know best what I was going through. I thought if there were only another woman on board the Fortunate that I could confer with on these strange feelings all could be explained. Then I caught myself in my epiphany chuckling silently, "another woman indeed", I wondering when exactly my mind had made that internal decision?

"How do you plead?" the captain asked, he once again in charge of the proceedings and pulling me from my conflicted thoughts.

"Sir, on advice of my council I wish to plead guilty to all three counts against me. I gave the doctor little quarter in my room and bear the full burden of that first transgression. As far as the second incident, I again found what I was looking for in direct violation of the rules that I was most certainly aware of. I however respectfully refuse to disclose the specific details of that encounter." (I had no intention of disclosing that we technically didn't have sex in the traditional sense of the word, all to save the man any loss of face with his men, he being rather sweet with me and deserving of such).

"As to the extra credits in the amnesty can, I again respectfully refuse to give specific details, and find it impossible to identify the others involved, except to say that I am obviously guilty of a third transgression and so plead."

I watched the captain confer with the navigation and cargo officers, thinking to myself I had given them as well as myself a gift, one that they could do with whatever they liked. Would the board go easy on me as a first offender, or would the captain steer the other two toward a more memorable form of punishment bearing in mind my preferences. Oddly enough I thought I didn't care which, this like one big play for me, and I in the perfect costume.

The three men turned once again to face me, the captain addressing me directly, his words however having two meanings.

"Is there any word you would like to speak before I pronounce your sentence."

"No sir."

The captain was asking in subtle fashion if I would like to invoke the word he had just given me, the one once spoken that meant this game would come to an immediate end. It wasn't really a word at all, at least in any language I could think of, I getting the feeling it was the same jumbled combination of sounds given to the original ship's queen once. Had she ever used it to save her petite natural female body from that which mine had been specifically designed for? I doubted it, and neither would I.

"Very well. For the first event with the ship's doctor you are sentenced to ten days in the brig."

I stood open mouthed staring, this isn't what I had wanted at all. I couldn't imagine going the next ten minutes without a man, let alone the next ten days.

"For the second and more serious event, ten more days in the brig, and twenty five strokes with the implement of Mr. Cooks choice for misleading a superior officer, as well as for your failure to disclose relative information of the event."

Ten more days and strokes with some mysterious implement, and the term "be careful what you wish for" came to mind. I also couldn't help but to notice that the men were squirming in their seats, clearly my impending punishment at Mr. Cook's hand was something I should be wary of, or at the very least the thought of such was exciting to them. It was as if my desires had been transferred to them in that one instant, I no longer aroused in the least, I left wondering if natural women can turn on and off so quickly.

"For the third event, ten days ship's service at the discretion of Mr. Cook, and twenty five more strokes for failure to disclose."

I stood dumbfounded before the board, ten, ten, and ten, plus fifty strokes sounded pretty harsh to me for a playful violation of the rules, but I still had to say something less I receive any extra for contempt.

"Yes sir" I affirmed respectfully, my husky voice gone along with my desires for any man, fear having replaced both for the moment at least. I conspicuously left out the word sound that could have stopped everything dead in it's tracks, in itself a further affirmation of my harsh sentence.


This was definitely foreign territory to me, and I possibly still in a state of near shock as the men filed out of the hearing room, a hundred different emotions flowing through me at the same instant. I eventually found myself alone in that room with Mr. Cook, he to apparently take charge of me for the next thirty days if I were to believe the captain was serious about his sentence.

At that moment the only thing that did matter was how serious Mr. Cook was, and I courageously made eye contact to see for myself as he approached. His stoic face however gave nothing away, he a somewhat minor legend in the many card games on board the Fortunate. Gambling was strictly against the fleet's rules, but so was having a woman on board, manufactured or genuine.

The man had in his hand a black sack, and I could tell by the way it hung that the sack had something in it. I found myself almost irrationally frightened of what lay inside, the unknown rarely comforting for one like myself.

"Put your hands out in front of you, palms up."

"Yes sir" I answered, my voice wavering. My fear however was overcome by my natural tendency to obey the orders of those in a position over me. Even though I was frightened, there was a familiar comfort in following the man's orders. I knew how to follow the orders of any superior without thought, specifically was trained to long before I ever boarded the Fortunate, all without realizing it.

Mr. Cook took a wide black strap out of the sack he put at his feet, wrapped it around my extended right wrist, and then wrapped his bare hand around my wrist over top of the strap. It glowed blue between his fingers, it obviously being a device rather than the mere strap it appeared. He held his hand in place a moment longer and it turned red, then vibrated violently enough to make me flinch. When he removed his hand however it was seamlessly fused closed about my wrist with no apparent way to remove it.

"What is that sir?" I asked, overcome with curiosity as I had never seen something like it before. The strange device gave me a necessary distraction from all I had been through so far that day, and I welcomed it.

"Level five binding system, well in excess for what should be required for one like you, but I need the practice. We get so few opportunities to practice aboard the Fortunate that I have to be creative with our newer equipment just to stay current."

The man had put a second device on my other wrist in the same manor as the first while he spoke, I at least believing he had some proficiency with the things to be able to do both at the same time.

"Allow me to demonstrate while I search you as per regulations."

The man took my left wrist strap in his hand and positioned it high and left while I offered no resistance, my elbow locking at full extension as he tapped his fingers on the strap like device, it briefly vibrating just as it had before. He then released my wrist and I attempted to lower my arm with the assistance of the artificial gravity of the Fortunate, only to discover that my wrist was pinned in place as if attached firmly to some immovable object. My other arm was placed in a complimentary position, Mr. Cook reaching high and pulling at it until I was up on my toes, my high heeled feet bearing little of my weight. He again tapping his fingers and pinned my other wrist to a fixed point within the compartment.

I felt foolish standing displayed as I was, but at Mr. Cook's insistence I tried to move my arms. I only succeeded in twisting my body about below my shoulders in motions that could only be interpreted as seductive, my feet slipping about the decking until I could regain my footing. My breasts swung as I struggled, my hanging long hair and butt gyrated out of time, and I thought if Mr. Cook were only the least bit opportunistic we could do something wonderful for each other. He instead watched me with his unreadable face, I more frustrated than impressed by his stoic self control at that moment.

My bonds were rigid and firm, and despite my display I found myself fascinated by their technology, my earlier fear replaced once again by my desires for Mr. Cook's attention with frightening speed. I had a flood of emotions that were hard to keep up with, and I wondered how women stayed sane if their natural bodies were anything like my created one. I then thought of the teenage girls I had know while growing up, and their amazingly rapid mood swings, and I wondered if this was what it felt like.

Not that I needed it, but to prove the futility of struggling with my new restraining devices, (or possibly to test them himself), the man placed his left hand around the one on my left wrist and gently hung from it, lifting his feet from the decking briefly as if my thin outstretched arm were supporting his entire body unnaturally. The man stood again once his demonstration was complete.

"These are specifically keyed to me alone, a palm lock allowing for simple commands singularly, or in concert with the others. There is also a control device on my person that I can command all of them with remotely for more complex motions if necessary. Only I can take them off of you, but others can be allowed to move them about as needed, with of course the exception of the wearer."

I moved my legs and body about further while I tested not their resolve, but my own range of flexibility, as this body of mine could do things a gymnast would be proud of. My wide bracelet like straps didn't budge in any direction as I tucked my heels all the way to my butt and allowed myself to be suspended from them fully, but they did rotate about an axis at the center point of my thin wrist less it be broken by the twisting force of my actions.

Mr. Cook then went about searching my helpless self. He was most through, at least as much as one can be while I was still dressed, and once again I was boiling, but this time with a man's touch and restrained. He had to know the effect he was having on me, my temporary fear of this stoic man replaced with a full blown lust for him instead. I thought again in uncharastic selfish fashion that he could do something for me, even while I did something for him, and possibly earn some leniency from him in the application of my sentence at the same time.

"Sir, what would you do different if I were a truly deserving criminal?" I asked, the lust dripping from my mouth as if it were a physical thing.

As if reading from some regulation he had been forced to remember he explained: "First I would employ the other three points of restraint on your body and set them to hold, then I would scan search you for banned objects, then perform a full physical search to find anything the scanner had missed. I might then conduct you to the brig as you were, possibly taking the long way if I were feeling especially sadistic, or were trying to send some kind of message to the crew."

"You mean like 'don't touch until I do' sir?" I asked, my lust and intentions as clear as if I had spoken them directly.

"Yes that one. You do bring up a good point, however you must know what your getting yourself into. The fifth point of restraint will rather limit your abilities to object by design, you not being able to speak any word you may wish to."

"I guess I will just have to trust you then sir, and you did say you needed the practice."

"Indeed I do."

Not surprisingly the third and fourth point of restraint went about my ankles and were locked on in similar fashion, and while Mr. Cook was doing so I asked out of curiosity what powered them. Surely I thought with the energy that they must consume holding someone even as slight as myself nearly suspended that their battery life couldn't be all that long, especially with their thin and light design.

"That is the beauty of their design" he went on, his excitement with his high tech toys evident in his tone. "Their charged initially while in storage, but recharge themselves from the neurological energy expended by their hosts. In other words, the more you struggle with them, the faster you recharge them, and the weaker you get from doing so."

I had no idea something like them existed, and was rather impressed with their clever design, and Mr. Cook's enthusiasm toward his new toys couldn't help but to be infectious.

With the four points of my restraint secure the man's black sack was empty, and I wondered where the fifth point of restraint would come from, and then go. I of course had a clue that it would involve restriction of my ability to use the special word sound the captain had given me, but what was to follow was still a surprise.

The man shook out the empty sack as I watched, I still expecting some device to fall from it's black confines, he instead telling me to take a deep breath as I looked on. I did as told, but once again felt fear creeping in on me, I being especially helpless with my arms and legs pinned in place. Without warring he stepped behind me and pulled the black sack over my head all the way to my neck, encasing me in total darkness and silence. He then placed his hands on my face, and the sack became the fifth point of restraint, complete with blue and red flashes as it formed to my face. It buzzed on my face as it molded itself to my form, I not even able to hear my own heartbeat, my eyes in such total blackness that I couldn't have imagined it only seconds before.

I had yet to take a breath, my mind racing all over the place. Did the man intend to watch me suffocate for his amusement as I twitched about in my bonds? A hundred other irrational thought as well went through my mind in what seemed like minutes, but in reality were only seconds before I heard Mr. Cook's voice with perfect clarity in my ear.

"Exhale through your mouth, inhale through your nose".

The device allowed me to breathe as if it wasn't there, but the idea that something had to allow me to take my next breath seemed quite frightening. This was a level of control that even one as submissive as myself felt too intrusive. The dead silence was once again broken by Mr. Cook's words, and I already found myself longing for his input, the bulk of my other senses being nullified by the device about my head.

"Try to speak to test out the device, but don't worry, it can't do anything to really hurt you."

"The words "really hurt you" gave me pause, but I had little choice but to cooperate.


I thought to speak that word, tried to speak that word to tell Mr. Cook of what I thought of his toying with me as he was, despite my overwhelming dependence on him at the moment. No actual word or sound left my covered lips however, but there was a sharp jolt delivered to all five points of restraint that made me jump.

"Naughty girl" the man said again in perfect clarity. "That was apparently a bad word, but sufficient to demonstrate that the device is working properly."

I felt the man reposition my arms over my head as he stripped me of my dress and undergarments, I on total display but not able to actually see such for myself, the act of having someone else remove my things for me while bound and helpless rather provocative all things considered. With the unnatural silence provided by the hood I could have been in the company of the entire crew and I wouldn't have known about it, my forced display therefore potentially quite public. The man searched me with a scanner first, I felt it's tickling assault as I was helpless to do anything but squirm about, holding in my giggles less I get shocked again. He repeated several areas over and over again, I realizing searching me was no more than an excuse to torment me with his device.

Next was the more intrusive physical search, and after Mr. Cook was apparently satisfied that I hid no objects about my body I was repositioned with my wrists crossed behind my back, overlapping each other and immobile as each was pinned to the other thrusting my bare breasts out.

I was aware of the chill of my exposure, but had little choice but to walk forward when the hood about my head started tugging me along, I finding it impossible not to walk where my head was directed. I also learned in the first few stumbling steps that I was only to take short ones less the restraints about my ankles trip me as if they were antique hobbles with a short chain placed on some ancient prisoner. They only permitted short steps, but with not being able to see my way around that was probably best anyway. After apparently walking out into the corridor and making two turns I was lost, I knowing the general direction of the brig and becoming disorientated after realizing we weren't taking the direct route.

Mr. Cook had left my high heels on me, but other than that I felt the chill associated with my total exposure as I walked about in total darkness, eventually reaching the brig after what felt like a tour of the ship. I felt the sensation of others watching me, or at the very least we walking closely past other warm bodies on our tour of display. To me it was like waving fresh meat in front of a bunch of caged carnivores and expecting them not to get riled up.

With our extended tour apparently completed I was eventually brought to a halt, my arms that were pinned in the small of my bare back were once again positioned spread out, I feeling their movement, but powerless to stop it. I felt my legs similarly placed and held firmly as my body sunk down and pulled at my suspended arms, I not having a secret worth keeping to anybody who cared to notice. I was powerless to resist, and incredibly turned on by the fact, wondering how long it would take for my jailer to become my lover.

Instead of the hood being pulled back over my head, it was handled once again by Mr. Cook, judging at least by the colorful display and vibrations inside of it. It split down the middle of my head and was rolled down over my neck by his hands, and I was momentarily dazzled by the bright lights and faint sounds once again allowed to reach my senses, then fully overwhelmed by the view reflected back at me.

I stood in a room of mirrors, apparently the inside of the brig's holding chamber, I never pondering, nor expecting to see what one looked like from the inside. I somehow expected some medieval jail cell with bars and some huge key of the kind we learned about in school from thousands of years ago. It made sense that such a place would be as modern as the restraints that held me, and it was just as likely that the mirrors weren't just mirrors, but most certainly transparent from the outside of the compartment to allow anybody to see if any prisoners were behaving themselves.

It was a completely narcissistic thought, but I looked perfect stretched out as I was on display, and by moving my eyes about I could see every angle of my perfect form, except where Mr. Cook's reflection occulted my own. Still he fumbled with the black hood now down around my neck, and with his hands joined around it as if strangling me, he moved it about until it formed a wide mass holding my head erect, and neck firmly. He then adjusted my head just a little bit higher as if searching for the perfect position, and I felt the wide mass vibrate when he found it. My hood had been turned into a posture collar, and it forced my head high as if I were looking over the heads of any visitors I may have in haughty superiority.

He stepped back to admire his handy work, then asked me what I thought the other ships queens had done when forced to look at themselves in similar fashion.

"Oh, I like the view sir. Are you going to leave me strung up like this the whole time I'm in here, or are you going to take me down for special occasions?"

"You are a cheeky one, aren't you? My strap will soften your attitude though, maybe even make you scream a little, after all 'if you don't scream, I'm obviously not doing it right!'"

..."So, that was YOU in the shower. Why then this big charade?"

"How else could I get you in here strung up like this but under the pretense of punishing you legitimately?"

"Sir, have you served with the Begorian's as well?"...

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