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Sister's Mistake

by SparkyMira

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Inanimate TF

If Brian was being honest with himself, this wasn’t even the worst thing that had happened to him since his little sister found out she could use magic.

He clearly remembered the last big fight they had - about him going to college out of state and her not wanting him to leave her alone with their parents because neither of them really got along with them - which ended with him transformed into a lizard and being kept as a pet for a week before she finally forgave him. That was just one of several times he was transformed since their childhood.

This wasn’t on the same level of bad, but it was much more disorienting.

When Hailey had approached him, asking if it was okay for her to throw a party while their parents were out of town - he was all for it. He got along just fine with all of his sister’s friends and he knew they wouldn’t cause any real trouble. She happily ran out of his room after giving him a hug to call her friends while he started planning a nice night of reading and movies for himself.

It was all going very well, he answered the door when Hailey’s best friends Wendy and Carol showed up - chatting briefly with them about what the three girls wanted him to order for dinner. They all agreed on pizza. He called it in, paid for it, and brought the two boxes the girls ordered to them when they arrived while taking his own and a bottle of beer up to his room to begin his own night.

It wasn’t until several hours later the girls would disturb him again - not that he minded the occasional interruption from them.

Hailey knocked on his door. “Hey Bry, mind if I come in?”

He chuckled and placed the bookmark in his latest novel.

“You know you don’t need to knock Hailey, it’s locked whenever I am showering.”

The 18-year old opened the door and stumbled in, giggling as she entered.

Her long brown hair was disheveled and her bright blue eyes - something the siblings shared - were twinkling with excitement. He could practically smell the alcohol from here.

“Which one of the girls brought the fun juice?” he asked as she dropped onto the bed with him, nearly falling onto him.

“Carol… I only had… like a lil bit of vodka. Nothing too bad…” she mumbled into the covers.

“Don’t worry sis, I’m in no position to be the fun police to you guys. Just make sure none of you go out unless you ask me to take you somewhere.”

The girl giggled and turned to face him.

“Yer the best Bry…”

“I know I am, now why are you up here? The girls driving you up the wall about something?”

Her smile turned into pout, making him chuckle.

“No we aren’t Brian! She is just being a brat about using her powers for anything fun!” Wendy declared as she and Carol shoved into the room. Both having the same dopey smile Hailey had when she entered.

“Ah, I can see the alcohol and magic aren’t agreeing with each other here. That is probably a good thing in all honesty.”

Brian made to stand, pulling Hailey up with him as she continued pouting.

“You are always such a responsible stick in the mud Brian! College hasn’t loosened you up at all!”

The girls giggled as Brian grabbed the empty pizza box and bottle, carrying them past the drunks as he led them back to the living room.

“Excuse me, can you not see the bottle here? Clearly I am not straight laced here.”

Wendy scoffed and pointed at the mostly empty bottle of vodka and various other smaller drinks scattered around the coffee table and floor.

“We win big guy. Even with this Hailey won’t just play around with her powers more than usual…”

“That’s cause I don’t know what to do right now! I can’t just do something big and stupid right now… my brain is acting fuzzy when I try.”

Brian tossed the trash in the bin and leaned against the island. Scratching his stubble as he pondered the issue.

“Well if you can’t do something big, just do something that feels natural. You told me once some spells felt more natural than others. Pick one of those.”

The younger sibling gasped as she seemed to find what he was saying helpful. She ran over and gave him a tight hug.

“How are you so good at magical advice!? You can’t even use it…”

He chuckled and patted her head.

“Someone has to make sure you don’t do anything too stupid…”

Her glare and the annoyed “HEY!” made the other three occupants laugh even harder.

“Oh yeah? FIne, you wanted big, here is big!” her mock angry voice cut through their laughter as a slight tingle went up Brian’s spine and a small poof filled the room.

When the smoke finally cleared, the three girls were all looking down over him. Hailey had a smug smirk while the other two looked positively stunned.

“How do you like that ladies?” Hailey said proudly as she backed away from him and grinned at her friends.

The two other girls just looked back and forth between their friend and Brian until Wendy finally broke it with a little giggle.

“Did you really just turn your big brother into the cutest pair of panties I have ever seen?” she asked, bending down and scooping Brian up into her hands.

The feeling of weightlessness overtook his mind as the younger girl lifted him delicately to her face. Her fingers were holding him by what he assumed was his waistband as she brought him closer and smiled.

“Yup! He told me to do what came easiest, and transforming him has always been super easy since we are so close. Apparently siblings make the best familiars for magical beings.”

Yeah, he remembered plenty of times she sprung up and practiced her spells on him since they seemed to work better than on other people or objects. He didn’t mind some of them, but things like this irked him a little more.

“That is so cool…” Carol breathed as she ran a hand over his new cotton body. It felt really good, but he had dealt with this before.

His attention was largely focused on Wendy, seeing she had his form dangling right in front of her face, and he could see something going through her mind.

“Hey! Why don’t we play a little game of truth or dare!” Hailey said as she grabbed the panties that were her brother from Wendy and walked over to the proclaimed ‘drinking area’.

She plopped down, placing her fabric sibling next to her as she drained the last of a bottle. The other two eagerly followed and started drinking too.

Brian just laid there as the girls went through many more drinks and several embarrassing tasks like sending texts to their crushes and taking pictures.

He had eventually just kinda zoned it out until Wendy’s most recent declaration of “Dare me bitch!”.

Carol looked around the room for a few seconds before her eyes settled on the small pink form beside Hailey.

“Yeah? I dare you to wear Brian for the rest of the party!”

Wendy spit up some of her latest beer and Hailey was giggling like a mad woman.

“Wh-but I can’- Hailey tell her that’s wrong!” Wendy sputtered, wiping the spilled liquid from her chin.

Hailey calmed her giggling and looked down to Brian. A playful smirk played on her features.

“Nah it’s fine. I turned him into a pair of sweats when he took me skiing last break and wore him as pyjamas. He’s just panties right now, knock yourself out.”

She casually reaches down and tossed the fabric at Wendy, who caught them. She looked at the object in her hands with wide eyes, but got up regardless.

Standing there, she used her free hand to gently slide her current blue underwear down her legs and stepped out of them. Biting her lip, she grabbed Brian with both hands and stepped into him.

‘Why is it that Hailey gets mischievous only when magic is involved?’ Brian thought as he saw his sister smirking as he was pulled up and under her friend’s skirt.

Getting over her reservations, Wendy made sure the Brian was pulled snugly around her hips, letting his waistband snap against her for good measure. She shook her hips and walked around the room a bit before settling back down in her spot.

“Not gonna lie Hailey, he is about 100 times more comfortable than the pair I just took off.”

Hailey just giggled.

“I know! He was the same way as sweats and a tank top. So comfy…”

The girls talked about him for a few more minutes before continuing their game.

Their little swaray lasted far later into the night than Brian intended and when the girls finally passed out, he was left snugly wrapped around Wendy’s hips.

He was forced to wait and do nothing until the trio sprung awake to one of their phone’s alarms going off, signifying they needed to get up and prepare for school seeing they still had a month left.

Wendy rushed off to the bathroom, grabbing her tote full of clothes and cleaning supplies as she went.

‘I will still not understand how being rubbed against legs like this feels so good in forms like this…’ he though as he was carried along by his wearer.

“Crap! We are going to be late…” the blonde cursed as she started shedding clothes.

First went the socks that landed up against the wall in the bathroom, followed by her skirt, and blouse.

She must have forgotten she had switched panties mid party, because she barely registered Brian as she dropped him to the floor of his sister’s room and was left there as she threw the blue pair on top of her bag against the wall.

He watched the now naked girl enter the bathroom and shut the door - leaving him to sit on the floor.

“Dang it… I knew I should have listened to Brian when he told me to do laundry yesterday... “ he heard his sister sigh as she too entered the room.

She walked to her closet and pulled out a black top and a pair of jeans. She set those down on her bed and frantically tore up her drawers looking for something.

“God I was right… no clean underwear.”

She resigned herself to wearing a used pair, walking towards her laundry bin when she spotted the pink pair lying on the floor.

Brian was hoping to see some spark of recognition in her eyes that would lead to him being changed back and then he could inform her that he did some laundry for her and it was folded up on the dryer, but that didn’t happen.

Instead, the small burst of recognition was killed by the clearly monster hangover his sister was suffering from and he was instead snatched up and thrown on her bed.

“I know for a fact I haven’t worn you yet so yay me!”

Brian just groaned to himself as Hailey waited for Wendy to leave and jumped in the shower herself.

‘This is going to be a long transformation.’

Hailey emerged from the bathroom with freshly dried and styled hair, quickly snatching him up and sliding him on. He was quickly covered by the tight fitting jeans which locked him in darkness - leaving him with only the feel of her body and the sounds around him.

She finished getting ready pretty quickly - she was quite good at that - and hopped in her car to head to school.

He was trapped under her jeans all day, listening to the extremely boring and mundane classes she had to attend - he was extremely glad he never had to attend them again - and her after school club meeting. When she finally got home, he was really ready to turn back.

“Hey Brian! I’m home!” Hailey called happily as she kicked off her shoes and tossed her bag onto the couch. The bottles were still strewn about everywhere and there was no sign of him left in the home.

“Brian!” she called, going up to his room and peaking inside to see nothing.

She walked back downstairs and grabbed a trash bag, beginning the process of cleaning the large mess.

“Odd… he usually tells me when he will be gone and his car is still here.”

Her musing about where he had disappeared to made him laugh hysterically to himself. The fact she was wearing him while looking for him was just too much.

‘Oh I cannot wait to hold this over her head.’

The cleaning came and went, and soon enough, Brian found himself being tossed into the dirty clothes with the rest of her laundry as she started putting the clean clothes he had done for her away.

“Bro is always looking out for me, but I am so teasing him about folding my stuff later!” she giggled.

‘Yeah and it won’t work as well when you literally wore me so…’ he chuckled back silently.

Hours passed and he was growing increasingly bored with his time in the hamper, even going so far as to wish he was still being worn - because at least that is somewhat fun compared to just lying around.

He could just see over the edge of the bin when Hailey had passed out, snoring lightly with the television in her room still on. At least that let him get by with watching reruns of Downton Abbey all night…

He zoned out, watching the portion of the screen he could see until morning, sighing to himself as his sister went about getting ready without a thought towards his current predicament.

In fact, it only got worse when she dragged the hamper down to the laundry room - set to do the rest of her clothes after she got home that day.

And so Brian remained mixed into the hamper of other clothing that belonged to his little sister, barely able to see anything now that other clothes were piled on top of him.


The last period of the day had just wrapped for Hailey and she was walking towards their club meeting along with Wendy and Carol, laughing about a joke they had seen on Twitter as they went.

It wasn’t until they dropped the last of their books in their locker that Wendy spoke up.

“So was Brian mad about what we did to him at the party Sunday?” she asked.

With a raised brow Hailey giggled. “Why would he be mad about us having the party Wendy?”

“No, I mean about the whole turning him into panties thing? I left him in your room without thinking because I was in a rush to make it here since I can’t have another late slip or I get detention…”

Now her mind was whirring as the memories from their drunken escapade came back to her.

“Yeah, I thought it was weird I didn’t see him on my way out since I left with you Hailey, he must have been pretty mad. I don’t think I have ever seen him mad in the like seven years I have known you.”

Then everything clicked.

She had transformed her big brother into a pair of panties to mess with him and show off her powers to her friends. She had meant to change him back before she went to bed.

Instead she had let Wendy wear him and then she had accidentally worn him all of yesterday. She had to get home!

“Uhm… no he was pretty chill about it, though he would prefer not to be worn by my friends again, sorry Wendy.”

Her friend shrugged. “Hey, I understand. He was super comfy though…”

Wendy nodded. “Yeah he always is, now I actually just remembered I have to help him move some stuff at home before our parents come back, can you cover for me at the meeting?”

The girls both nodded, but she was already rushing to her car before she even heard their responses.


Brian was sure he was about to go insane, listening to nothing but the fan in the other room and being unable to see much outside of a bra and shirt. This was getting really old.

He heard the front door open and it slamming shut seconds later. The rapid footsteps approaching his position brought his mood up.


Whenever Hailey had previously transformed him against his will or even by accident, she would always rush and transform him back while being very flustered and upset about it. So when her hands started combing through the basket and a single hand dragged him up to see a mix between a very worried and confused face on his sister, he knew it was the same as before.

“Uh, Brian, is that you? I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to. I just forgot…” she looked on the brink of tears as she finally snapped and he felt himself returning to normal.

He was barely just stabilized on his feet when Hailey tackled him into a hug and they both fell over.

“I am SO SO SO SORRY!” she sobbed, rubbing her face into his chest as he chuckled and patted her back.

“It’s fine Hailey. No one got hurt and I am back to normal. It all worked out.”

He sat there, rubbing the sobbing girl’s back until the sniffling stopped and puffy eyes looked up at him.

“You aren’t mad?” she asked hopefully.

“No, the whole lizard thing was much worse. But we do have a few more rules now.”

She nodded, just happy he wasn’t mad at her.

“No letting your friends - or anyone that isn’t you - use me whenever I am not myself.”

Hailey smiled.

“I told my friends the same thing when I needed to get back here… they thought I changed you back already…”

“Okay, and two. No more using magic when drunk. It was fine this time, but I would prefer not to get stuck as something of yours and left as it for longer than this…”

His sister actually grinned up at him.

“What? Is are your sister’s hips not good enough for you? I could take that as an insult you know. Maybe another week as my panties would change that tone.”

She reached over and grabbed a pair of blue ones from her hamper.

“I’m thinking black this time. And maybe a little more thongy?”

Brian flicked her forehead and the two laughed together at their newest inside joke. Just another thing to add to their growing list of odd situations.

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