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A Slight Miscalculation

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M2f; M/f; transform; naked; bond; gag; captive; tease; toys; insert; cons/nc; X

Standing in front of the mirror, Mary decided that today would be the day. She’d been working up the nerve for some time now, and today would see the fruit of that work. She’d even come up with the perfect way to keep herself from backing out if she got cold feet.

Had anyone been able to see Mary at that moment, they would never have guessed that she had been born Marc Reilly. Blessed, or cursed, with the ability to change himself at will, Marc had several years earlier created Mary as his alter ego. He had even arranged for her to have valid identification, and, in an ironic twist, he had even had himself named her legal guardian.

In the years since Mary’s creation, Marc had spent a great deal of time in his new body. Now, whenever he changed to Mary, he became her in all ways. He was a she, with all a young woman’s thoughts, needs and desires.

According to her driver’s license, Mary was now nineteen, well past the age of legal consent. Which mattered a great deal at the moment, considering what it was she had in mind.

Brad, Marc’s neighbor, was supposed to drop over today to return some tools he’d borrowed. Mary planned to be the one to meet him, and in a way he wouldn’t expect.

Now, as she waited for the doorbell to ring, Mary examined herself critically. Created as the perfect Asian girl, Mary was slim and petite, with raven hair brushing the top of her trim ass. Her search for any un-noticed imperfections was interrupted by the doorbell.

Grabbing a robe, Mary threw it on, hastily tying a loose knot in the belt as she rushed to the door. She threw it open, suddenly feeling butterflies in her stomach at the sight of the neighbor standing on the porch.

“Hey, Mary, is Marc home?” Brad wasn’t too surprised to see her shake her head. “Another meeting?”

“Inspection tour,” she replied, hiding her smile. Independently wealthy, Marc’s absences were explained by board meetings and inspection tours with companies he sat on the board of. Mary, according to popular belief, stayed to keep an eye on the house during his trips.

“Well,” Brad said, holding up a small box, “I guess I can leave these with you.” To be honest, Brad didn’t mind at all that Marc was gone so much. It allowed him to ogle his sweet young housemate without any fear of being caught. Today, when Mary stepped back and gestured him inside, he gladly accepted the invitation.

“Did I interrupt a shower or something?” he asked, sinking onto the couch.

“No,” Marry replied, feeling the butterflies start swarming faster. “Not a shower. I was trying to decide something.”

“Like what?” Brad wanted to know.

“Well, it’s kind of personal.” Mary lowered her head, then gazed at him through her lashes. “But you’re a friend. Maybe you could help me.”

“Sure,” Brad replied. “What can I do to help?”

Mary’s hands trembled just a bit as she undid the knot on the robe’s belt, then shrugged to let the robe fall to the floor. Sanding naked in front of her stunned neighbor, she smiled nervously.

“Do you think there’s anything wrong with this body?” she asked innocently, forcing her voice not to quaver.

Brad’s mouth had fallen open, but he managed, after a couple of attempts, to answer. “Wrong? With that body? Mary, you have a perfect body.”

“Really? You don’t think my breasts are too small?”

Brad’s eyes focused on the firm mounds adorning her chest. They were a bit on the small side, but perfect for her body. He said so, adding, “You’ve got a pair of the prettiest breasts I’ve ever seen. And the nicest nipples.”

Mary’s nipples, already hardened under his gaze, hardened even more at the compliment. Mary blushed, then leaned down and took Brad’s hands, placing them on her breasts.

“Do they feel okay?” she asked, then moaned as he lightly pinched both nipples. Mary fought to keep her knees from buckling, wondering if maybe she’d made this body a bit too sensitive.

“They feel fine to me,” Brad replied, smiling. “Let’s see how they taste.” With that, he leaned forward and took one nipple between his lips, sucking gently. Mary’s arms wrapped around his head, as much to hold herself up as to encourage him.

Suddenly, she felt one of his hands slip between her thighs, finding her already wet. The feeling of his fingers stroking her lips made Mary’s head spin. Now was the moment, she knew. It was now or never.

Suddenly, overcome by her nerves, Mary pulled back. Brad looked more than a little surprised by her sudden withdrawal, and maybe a bit angry at what he probably saw as teasing on her part.

“Brad, wait,” Mary pleaded. “I can’t, not this way. Wait here, please.” With that, she rushed into the master bedroom, slamming the door and leaning against it, her breathing ragged from just those few seconds of contact.

“Damn!” she whispered angrily. “Cold feet. Time for plan B.” Reaching under the bed, she withdrew a leather bag, then returned to the living room. She found Brad on his feet, already turning toward the door.

“Brad, wait,” she said again, happy to see him stop and watch her. Dropping the bag onto a chair, she took his hands in hers, gazing up into his eyes.

“I want this,” she said. “I want it more than you could possibly imagine. But I’m also afraid. I can’t make myself go through with it.”

“If that’s true,” Brad replied, “then why did you even start things?”

“Because I have a plan,” Mary replied, smiling nervously. “Brad, you are going to fuck me today, and I’m not going to stop you. In fact, I won’t be able to.”

Reaching into the bag, she took out a folded bandana, which she carefully stuffed into her mouth. Pressing her lips together, she tore a strip of duct tape from a roll taken from the bag, smoothing the tape across her lips, sealing her mouth shut.

“Now I can’t tell you no,” she said, the gag turning her words into muffled humming sounds. Satisfied with her inability to say no, Mary turned back to the bag.

Turning back, she handed Brad a small padlock and key, then wrapped leather cuffs around her wrists. With the cuffs in place, she turned her back toward her startled neighbor, placing her hands together and humming urgently. Evidently, he got the hint, because she soon found the cuffs locked together. Now there was not a thing she could do to stop him.

Hands on her shoulders turned her to face Brad’s inquisitive face. “This is what you want?” he asked. “You want me to fuck you, while you’re helpless to stop me?” At Mary’s emphatic nod, he smiled.

“Well,” he said, leading Mary to stand behind the couch, “never let it be said I refused a lady’s request.” Pushing against her back, he bent her until her chest rested against the back of the couch, her ass jutting out invitingly. Satisfied with her position, he let his hands begin roaming her body.

Bent over the couch, Mary squirmed in delicious helpless arousal. Part of her wanted to stop him, but the simple fact that she was unable to prevent what she knew was coming seemed to make her body even more sensitive to his touch. Soon she lay across the back of the couch, made helpless as much by her own arousal as her bonds, waiting for what she knew had to happen.

He’s going to fuck me, she thought deliriously, spreading her legs in invitation, her eyes closing as she anticipated what was to come. Something hard slipped inside her, and Mary moaned loudly, only slowly realizing that it wasn’t Brad’s cock, but a dildo taken from the bag. Squirming, she glanced down to see him quickly applying a crotch rope to hold the intruder in place, cinching the ropes tightly enough to let her know the thing inside her was not coming out any time soon.

“That’s to keep you in the mood,” he said, smiling, then knelt and pulled her feet together. A leather strap from the bag quickly encircled her ankles, soon joined by another around her knees, holding her legs bound together. Pulling Mary to her feet, Brad quickly lifted her over his shoulder, turning toward the back of the house.

“Good thing both our back yards are fenced,” he said. “Otherwise, someone might see this.”

Stunned, Mary squirmed, fighting her bonds even as she was carried into Brad’s house. Her questions and denials, mere muffled hums, were easily ignored as Brad carried her into his bedroom and lay her on the bed.

“Don’t go away,” he quipped, grinning. “I need to go get that nice toy bag of yours, then we’ll have some real fun. When Marc gets home, I’ll tell him you decided to start a new life somewhere else. He’ll think you’ve left him, so he’ll have no reason to suspect that your new life is as my sex slave. We’re going to have a lot of fun years together, you and me.” With that, he turned and left.

Mary struggled against her bonds, feeling the dildo shift within her at every movement. Somehow, even with the situation she now found herself in, her arousal only continued to grow. She needed to cum so bad, now, she could almost taste it.

Finally, with a massive effort, Mary stopped her struggles and lay still. This was getting her nowhere. She would have to use her ability to get herself out of this. For a moment, she concentrated, her eyes widening when nothing happened.

What was wrong? She’d never had any trouble unbinding herself during her self bondage sessions. Why now? Slowly, the answer became plain.

Arousal. She had never tried to use her ability while horny. Evidently, her need was short-circuiting her ability. Which meant that, until she came, she was stuck here. Furious, she resumed struggling, only to slump in defeat, just as helpless as before.

Damn him, she thought, and damn his betrayal. When she could use her ability again, she would make him the helpless slave. Then she would show him how it felt to be helpless at someone else’s hands. Yes, she would show him.

Just as soon as he let her cum.

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