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Sold to Hollie Stevens

by Jerod666

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© Copyright 2009 - Jerod666 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; cast; transform; bodymod; piercing; she-male; chast; slave; cons; X

This is a work of fiction. Although Hollie Stevens is a real person; she is used as the Mistress in this story only because she is my favorite. I write this in hopes that she’ll be flattered. Please do not bother her with questions regarding the goings on with the fictional her and the slave in this story. She had nothing to do with the writing. Please respect her privacy. The last thing I want is for this story to cause her and annoyance. I wrote it as a fantasy that I have had for a long time. Again, this is a work of fiction. 


I was slowly waking up, but too slowly. What happened last night? Where did I go? Where was Joy? My eyes were not even close to coming in focus. I was dizzy, confused, and my neck was stiff. In fact my whole body was stiff. No not stiff; paralyzed. I couldn’t move I couldn’t see and apparently I was alone.

I kept blinking my eyes trying to focus on something when I heard a click in my ears and a beautiful female voice start to giggle then speak to me. "Well hello slave; I see you’re finally awake."

Now I was really confused. I was a slave, but to my wife Joy. This voice was definitely not Joy.

She continued, "I bet you’re a little dazed and confused. Let me see if I can bring you up to date. You can’t move right now because you’re in a body cast. You’re literally covered from head to toe in plaster. The reason is because of your multiple surgeries. To help catch you up I need to ask you a couple of questions. Blink once for yes and twice for no. OK?"

I blinked once for yes and wished she’d get on with it. Had I been in an accident? What was going on? Why did I feel so strange?

She started the questions. "Can you see clearly yet?"

I blinked twice for no.

She said, "So you can’t see who I am. Fun! Well, we’ll get to that later. My guess is the last thing you remember clearly is having margaritas with Joy. Correct?"

I blinked once for yes.

"Well she drugged yours."

"Do you remember that you are a slave and had a legal ‘Termed Property Agreement’ making you Joy’s slave?"

Again I blinked once for yes.

"So you recall that you were hers to do with as she pleased, heart, mind, body and soul. You must also remember that even though it was unusual she granted you some requests that she was required to do to you and for to keep the contract in force. It was agreed that you psychologically needed these things to make you the complete slave that you were to become. There were some pretty serious changes that were to be done to you, and also some fun bondage because you were only able to meditate while in encasement/mummification bondage."

"You recall that you were to receive several piercings. A frenum for your penis, needed for your pierced on chastity device, both nipples pierced so you could later wear nipple shields, a ring between your balls and asshole so your penis could be locked between your legs, a ring through the septum so you could be led around by a leash attached to your nose, and a ‘D’ ring at the back of your neck again for a leash once your collar was tattooed on. Then there were the hormones. You found the doctors who could truly make you a she-male; and that’s what you were born to be. All your testing proved that you craved humiliation. That you needed to be a cuckold and not just watch but to be used and abused; then made to clean up the cock and cream pies. You were to have body and facial surgery to make you look like a younger, very feminine lady, to be pimped out for parties and as an escort. Also, you would command the highest rate as a pain slut since you’ve never used a safe word, and have never been made to cry."

"Well, Joy had no trouble with the cuckold thing. She loved humiliating you with men abusing her with their big cocks. You know how she loved to beat you and use you for a pin cushion. She was a super sadist. The problem was she loved you as a man, and in the end she couldn’t go through with the whole she-male thing. She loved you enough to get you what you needed and live without your love."

"That’s how I came in. She contacted me about a year and a half ago when she realized your needs had to be met or you would never be complete or really happy. She thought about stalling things because she knew you loved her and you were satisfied serving her. In the end though she knew she could fall in love again, but you had to become what you really were on the inside."

"There was a provision in your contract that said only she had the right to file for divorce. If she did, she had to sell you to someone who would honor the contract and this applied to every person who bought, married then divorced you. That everyone had to abide by every clause of the contract. If not you would be freed and your money and production company would go with you."

"When she first contacted me my initial reaction was ‘NO WAY.’ Then I started to think about and discuss it with my friends. Having a slave would save me a lot of time. Save me money around the house and the parties I throw. Then she showed me how much in love you were with me. I had no idea that a person could really feel that way about someone. Joy knew that she was first in your heart; but she also knew about your fantasies of me. She knew that if you had met me first that you would have offered to be my complete and total slave."

"Can you see any better yet? Have you guessed who I am?"

I blinked twice for no.

She said, "I’m Hollie Stevens, and I own you now. You probably think it’s December 2009. It’s really December 2010. You have been in and out of consciousness for almost a year. Joy finally convinced me I wanted and needed you. I am a sadist, and love humiliating men. To have one who will do anything for me, be a real slave, and become a she-male to boot. In the end I couldn’t pass it up."

"Joy divorced you and left you with the production company and your half of the money. You and I were married here in the hospital after one of your surgeries. We both signed the ‘Termed Property Agreement’ and had it notarized right here in your hospital room. The hospital has notaries on call. Transforming you cost me practically nothing and when I think how much money you’ll save me and make me, I get so damn wet."

"I gave Joy $15,000.00 cash and 5% of the production company for you. I also introduced her to the man she needed. Now she’s happy as his little fuck toy as he fucks and abuses her in front of his wife and friends. Your hormones and surgeries were basically done for free as I know all the best doctors here in San Francisco and they were more than willing to donate or barter their services."

"You’ve been on female hormones for over a year and a half since Joy was good enough to start you on them. Your body and breasts are that of a very sexy woman. Your Adam’s apple has been shaved so it doesn’t show. You’ve also had facial reconstruction surgery to give you that 30 year old beautiful female face you always wanted. You had two ribs removed to help give you that perfect female figure, and the bones in your legs and pelvis were worked on to look more feminine."

I lay there in shock. I could finally see and it was Hollie Stevens. God she was beautiful! Did I hear right she owns me and I’m finally a she-male?

She went on to say, "Once you’re out of here you’ll be one busy little girl. Just FYI all your piercings have been done and your nipple shields are in place. Your breasts are perfect and did not need implants. Your frenum piercing healed perfectly so you are now wearing one of Lori’s wonderful locked on, pierced on, chastity devices. It will stay there and come off once in a while until out fifth anniversary. Then we’ll have the permanent sterling silver one, with the breakaway screws from Centurians put on at our anniversary party in front of everyone. Then you’ll never be able to use you penis for sex of any kind ever again. It will be an occasional prostate milking for you for the rest of your life. Don’t worry though, your asshole and mouth will get more use then I think even you’ll be able to handle."

"You will be my cuckold and clean us all up after sex. You be eating cream pies, cleaning out pussy and asses, and even participating by sucking cock and being ass fucked by both men and women. I’ve made a deal with all my studio’s that you will clean up everybody after every scene and consume all the sperm and juices on the actors and on the set. This will save them a lot of money some of which will go in my pocket as you will also do the final set clean up. You’ll be my latex maid, my whore for hire, my punching bag, and I think even my morning toilet. I also hear that you used to wish to be a human toilet at a party. You know the old saying, ‘be careful what you wish for.’"

"My friends and I have some wonderful bondage and encasement scenes planned for you to keep up the part of your needing to be mummified or encased at least twice a month. You may live to regret that clause as we will encase you for days at a time and we, like you, love to use plaster, cement, and fiberglass. We also have some buried in mud and latex encasements planned for you."

"You’re scheduled to be cut out of your cast tomorrow. Then a few days of rehabilitation before you go home with me and start your new life. Your new name is Robin. Thanks to a court clerk friend of mine it was done legally. I’m going to have so much fun taking you to the DMV and the Social Security office to have your ID’s updated. Although this being San Francisco they’re probably used to things like this."

"At home you will always be in some kind of bondage. You’ll wear your latex maid outfit most of the time.  You’ll notice the slave collar tattooed around your neck, and the ‘Property of Hollie Stevens’ tattooed on both your ass and chest above your breasts. My friends and I think that in the end you’ll have a lot more body art and piercings. Your dreams and fantasies really did come true. You’re a pierced, chastised, she-male slave; owned by me, Hollie Stevens. You’ll serve me until the day you die. I hope you’re pleased as this is not a dream and your transformation cannot be reversed. But let’s be honest this is what we both want. See you tomorrow Robin for the cast removal." Then she left the room.

I was left there to try and absorb everything she said. I really did love Joy with all my heart. I know how much she loved me… or at least I thought I did. She loved me more than I thought; she loved me enough to give me up and put my happiness before hers. Wow! Now I was everything I had always felt I was inside. I was a she-male slave to my dream Mistress. I sat there the rest of the night both excited and scared as to what I had gotten myself into. I had always dreamed about Mistress Hollie sitting on my face for ass worship; but now I’ll be eating cum from her ass and serving her friends.

It dawned on me the words I myself had written in the "Termed Property Agreement:" "Robert, from here on referred to as ‘the property,’ gives up all human rights with exception of life; to become the property of Joy (now Hollie Stevens). Property that has no rights or privileges other than the ones spelled out in this agreement. The property becomes a voluntary slave, with no recourse to break this agreement unless the owner breaks the agreement by action or inaction. In this event the slave and Owner agree to binding arbitration in front of a group of five of their closest friends, preferably Mistress’s in their own right" It was at that point I realized I was the luckiest person in the world.

To be continued in: "Being Mistress Hollies’ slave.

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