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The Spandex Touch

by Rubberbando

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© Copyright 2014 - Rubberbando - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/m; M/fm+; majick; wizard; transform; material; spandex; orgasm; cons; X

In a time and place outside our own, there lived a mighty King and a beautiful Queen who resided over a great Kingdom. The King was just, and his lovely wife, the Queen spent most of her time looking for new ways to improve her already amazing beauty. The Queen had long raven hair with the brightest of shine and the fairest skin to seemed to glow, even in the darkest of night.

One day, the royal wizard presented to her his newest creation. It was a shimmery fabric that had an amazing stretch to it. The wizard named it Lycra, after her royal highness to honor her. The Queen was astonished by this smooth, silky, stretchy fabric. Never before had she laid her eyes or hands upon such a wonderful substance. She soon found herself so infatuated with it, she had the royal tailor remake all of her garments out of it.

Months went by and her obsession with the fabric grew. She had the royal wizard worKing day and night, maKing more and more of the fabric. He made it in every known color as well as many patterns / prints and yet the Queen still wanted more. In the end, the wizard had worked himself to his own death. Suddenly, the Queen realized that she would have to find a new source of this wonderful fabric.

During the following months, Queen Lycra sent out messengers around the world in search of more of this fabric but to no avail. She even had counsel with some of the greatest sages in all the land and yet none of them had any clue as to how to reproduce the fabric.

Late one evening, Queen Lycra had grown so desperate for answers, she broke into the wizard's abandoned lab and began to search for the formula. She tore into several books on magic and alchemy and still didn't have any luck finding the formula. She had about given up and noticed a small jar on one of the shelves labeled 'Lycra'.

Carefully, she brushed off the jar and opened it. A rubber-like odor came forth and made her nose tingle. Inside was a black goo that looked like tar. She placed a cotton handkerchief, she had in her pocket, onto a nearby table and proceeded to pour a few drops of the substance onto it. Queen Lycra watched in amazement as the ooze was quickly absorbed into the cloth. Moments later, the cloth began to smooth out and become very shiny. Overjoyed, the Queen picked up the handkerchief and began to stretch it and rub it against her face. She had found the old wizard's formula and now she could make all the Lycra fabric she wanted!

Suddenly, she heard somebody coming. 'Oh no!' she thought, 'Someone of her stature, shouldn't be caught breaking into the old wizard's chambers, especially since the King ordered them forbidden territory.' Quickly, she turned around to grab the jar, but in her haste, she accidentally knocked over the jar and spilled the formula all over her hands. "Is someone down there?" a guard's voice called out. Scared, the Queen, left the jar behind and quickly slipped into the secret exit and made her way to her own private chambers.

When she arrived to her chambers, she suddenly remembered that she had spilled the formula on her hands. Looking down at them, she noticed that the formula was gone. "It must have absorbed into my skin," she whispered to herself. She did notice that her hands did feel much smoother and had a slight sheen to them, but shrugged it off when she pulled on her hands' skin and it did not stretch. The Queen yawned and decided that she should get some sleep as the sun would be rising soon. She proceeded to grab the woollen curtains to pull them shut and felt her hands tingle.

Startled, the Queen let go of the curtains and watched in awe as the rough woollen fabric began to smooth out and become shiny. She reached out curiously and touched the curtains and to her amazement, it had become stretchy and silky like the 'Lycra' fabric. It only took her a moment, for further curiosity to set in as she proceeded to grab a nearby pillow from a chair. As with the curtains, the fabric on the pillow instantly changed into 'Lycra'. Giddy, over her new powers, the Queen rummaged through her wardrobe, turning everything into 'Lycra'.

Hours went by as Queen Lycra continued changing everything into 'Lycra' fabric, whether it was clothing, bedding, or even a tapestry. Before she knew it, the sun had risen and her stomach was growling. She stopped and sat down on a 'Lycra' covered chair and grabbed an apple from a bowl of fruit sitting on a nearby table. To her horror, the apple's skin seemed to smooth out and become silky and the apple itself felt soft and rubbery. Shocked, she dropped the apple and watched it bounce across the floor.

She started to cry. "What am I to do?" she thought to herself as she realized that her new gift of power had become a curse. Then without warning, the answer came to her. Quickly, she rummaged through some clothing she had transformed and found a pair of arm length gloves and put them on. Nervously, she reached for another apple from the basket of fruit. This time, the apple did not change. Relieved, she ate the wonderfully juicy apple and proceeded to ready herself for the day.

Many years went by after that fateful night. Strangely, nobody questioned that fact that the Queen always wore gloves. Perhaps people were too infatuated with the amazing fabric her clothing was made of. The way it shimmered in the light, the way it clung so nicely to her shapely body, did keep all the people in the land in awe of its beauty. However, things were about to change drastically for them all.

It was the royal couple's 25th anniversary, Queen Lycra was wearing one of her trademark black gowns with matching elbow length gloves. The King did his annual ritual of asking the Queen for the first dance. He bowed and clutched her hand and kissed it softly, all the while grinning widely. Suddenly, his grin turned to a look of shock as he stood there frozen. The Queen felt that all too familiar tingle in her hand as he kissed it.

The Queen peeled off her gloves and examined them, noticing a small hole had worn into one of them. Worried, she looked up to see her husband transforming before her eyes. A smooth sheen began to spread over the King's face and over his body. His skin began to shimmer and become golden in appearance. "Witch! What have you done to King Zentai?" a guard shouted out and quickly grabbed the Queen by the wrists. The guard's anger quickly changed to fear as he felt his skin tightening and smoothing out.

It started in his hands as the skin changed into a silver metallic 'Lycra' fabric. The Lycra spread across his body, smoothing out most of his features, including his face. His face was blank with only a small bump where is nose was. He appeared to be looking over his body in shock and took off his clothes to reveal that his crotch had become smooth and genderless as well. This was too much for him and he fainted.

Looking back at her husband, Queen Lycra noticed that King Zentai had finished transforming. However, his transformation was quite different than that of the guard's. The King had become a golden metallic Lycra and instead of his features being smoothed out, his were still quite intact. The lords and ladies of the party could do nothing but stare in awe at their new golden King.

The King smiled and reached out to his wife and brushed her face with a silky, golden hand. Queen Lycra felt her face tingle and suddenly noticed that she was being transformed as her skin took on that familiar sheen. Her skin began to shine and glow as it became that same golden metallic material. The tingling feeling across her body brought Queen Lycra to orgasm.

She kneeled before her husband and he reached down to help her up. "Rise my love." he said, "Thank you for such a great gift. I wish to share this with all the people of the land. Come forth each of you to receive your gift."

One by one, each of the people came forth to their King's calling to be transformed. For each person, the transformation came differently. Those of royal blood usually became golden metallic in appearance, and others became a color or pattern based on their interests or personality as well as gain special abilities based on their transformation. Also, servants or lower class usually became featureless and genderless. For example, the royal gardener became bright green with the ability to control plants and being a servant, he became featureless and genderless.

Within weeks, the entire Kingdom had been transformed into this immortal race of Zentai people, each with his or her own special abilities. Anyone who entered the Zentai domain would be transformed and eventually, the entire planet was transformed.



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