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Storycodes: M/f; transform; mc; bodymod; cons; X

I was never a fan of strip clubs but not for the usual reasons. I really didn’t have a problem with other women taking their clothing off for money, and if my boyfriend visited one from time to time that was his issue not mine. Really by problem with strip clubs was simply that they were pretty ugly places. The lights were too dark, the drinks were mostly water and the women were unimpressive but none of that was going to change.

Even so I didn’t object to strongly when Steven said I should come with him to a new club outside of town. Apparently he had been going there fairly often since he had left his last girlfriend and through that most of the men there were of the okay sort. The silly dalmatian thought that if I went to the club with him I could find a boyfriend, or at least a one night stand.

It might have been over a year since I had broken up with Richard, but I wasn’t that desperate for a good time.

Still, Steven was a good friend, and it couldn’t hurt all that much. The club offered a few male strippers early in the evening so it wouldn’t be a total loss. I made sure to swing by the ATM to pick up enough cash to tease a few guys.

The club was on the edge of town, officially in the county, and looked like a strip club always looked. The parking lot was dark, a few lights scattered about. The majority of the illumination came from the sign over on the roof promising nude dancing and a dozen different species to look at, plus huge tits. You couldn’t miss that as it declared it in neon letters ten feet tall and bright purple.

We parked in the back of the lot and we climbed out of his car. “This doesn’t look too thrilling,” I said.

Steven shrugged and tucked his keys into his pocket. “It’s better inside,” he said.

I didn’t say anything in response; instead I just followed him across the full parking lot. I tried not to look around too much, but I still heard the gasping of the occasional fuck in the darkness between the cars. I pulled my tail closer to myself, frowning a bit. I trusted my friend, but it was hardly someplace I wanted to be at night.

A large wolf was at the door of the club. He smiled to Steven as he paid for both of our admissions then motioned us inside. The darkness started around the first corner, only black light showing the way. My glasses glowed a soft blue that matched the carpet but not enough to be a bother. Music started to swell around us and as we rounded another turn we were in the club proper.

The place looked cheap; there was a large stage in the back with a dirty red curtain hiding the wall. The only white light in the room were focused on the stage showing of a female skunk which a great deal of surgical enhancement. She was shaking her ass out of time to the music, but the men around the stage didn’t seem to care.

Two raised platforms ran down the edge of the room with seats wrapping around them. On each one a couple more women danced, the only thing on was thongs so small they might not have existed. They had also been under the knife, but that didn’t matter when they shoved some guys face into their cleavage.

We walked over to a booth along one wall positioned so we could see the main stage. The vital that covered the seats were torn up by dug in claws and the floor was sticky under my shoes, and not from the drinks. A moment later a waitress came up to the table and gave us each a glass of beer and left without saying a word.

Steven smiled at me as he took a long drink. “Isn’t this great?” he said with a smile from across the table.

I shrugged and took a drink of my beer. It wasn’t bad, a bit of an aftertaste and definitely watered down, but still not the worse I have had. “It has its charm,” I replied, raising my voice to be heard over the music.

“They don’t have any mice here,” he said a moment later, trying to make conversation.

Looking around I saw that he was correct, not a single male in the place was of my species. “That’s okay, I don’t limit myself,” I said.

The dalmatian looked at me for a moment then laughed. “No, I mean performers,” he said in reply.

“Mores the pity,” I said then took another drink of my beer.

The skunk on the stage finished her set and slipped back stage only to be replaced by a bear. A few moments later the skunk came back into the club, dressed only in panties, bra and stockings, and started making her way around the men in the bar. Soon she slipped into a booth with one, pushing the table away to start a lap dance.

“Lucky sod, it’s hard to get the girls if you can’t get up front,” Steven said.

“I guess you have to get here early to get up close,” I mused, finished my beer. I frowned a bit as I felt pressure in my bladder. “If you’ll excuse me,” I said as I slipped out of the booth and glanced around the club. I could see a restroom sign on the far side of the room and I made my way towards it, but I had to go through the largest concentration of men to do so. I was surprised that I only had four guys gab at my ass along the way.

The hallway with the restroom was light normally as was the bathroom itself. I finished up what I had to do and started back to the table but as I stepped out of bathroom I came face to face with the skunk girl. Well, chest to chest as her enhanced breasts ran into me long before I ran into her.

“I’m sorry,” I said, trying to slip past her.

She smiled at me and gently grabbed me by the shoulders. “Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m just--" I started to say, only to be cut off.

“You must be the new girl! You’re late, you’re supposed to go on soon,” she said, grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me down the hallway. I tried to protest and pull free but her grip was surprisingly strong, a few moments later I found myself pulled into an office to face a middle age fox who smiled as he saw me.

“You must be the new girl,” he said as he leaned back. He glanced down at his lap and smiled, a moment later a wolf female stood up, whipping her muzzle, and hurried out of the room.

I grimaced at this. “I’m not the new girl, in fact I think I should be going,” I said, pulling free of the skunk.

“What was that?” he asked.

“I said: I’m the new girl and I should be going on stage.” I let out a gasp as I realized what I was saying.

The fox smiled and looked me over. “Are you sure?”

I tried to protest that I wasn’t, but all that came out was: “Of course I’m sure.”

He nodded again and folded his hands on top of his desk, his ears twisting a bit in amusement. “I want to see what you’ll be offering. Strip off that ugly clothing and tell me why you want to be a stripper.”

My first reaction was to turn and storm out of the room, instead I felt my hands reach up and grab my t-shirt, pulling it over my head. “I’ve always wanted to be a stripper, even since I dropped out of high-school. I love to tease men and turn them on, and getting paid for it is even better,” I said, giggling a bit at the end. None of that was true; I had a four year degree in… I couldn’t remember, but I knew I had flunked out of college.

The fox nodded and watched me as I stripped out of my clothing. “Well, high-school is hard, but I bet you the boys loved you.”

“Oh yes, they all tried to get into my panties,” I said, giggling again. That wasn’t true! I never slept around in high-school, even after I dropped out. Well I guess there were a few times, but only three and they really didn’t count.

Smirking he nodded watching intently as I kicked my panties to the side and stood nude in front of him. I wanted to cover myself instead I placed my hands on my hips and swayed my tail in a way that always turned men on.

“How big are your breasts?” he asked.

“I’m a C-cup,” I said, that much was the truth, and I was very happy with them. “But I’ve always wanted to be lots bigger, like her,” I added, pointing to the skunk. Once again I didn’t have control over what I was saying, even if it was true.

“That’s good then, this is the place for that. Trixi, could you get my kit,” he said.

The skunk girl nodded and slipped out of the room.

“Now, how badly do you want to be one of my girls?” he asked as he pushed myself back away from the desk.

Without saying I word I hurried around to his side, smiling as I saw his erection jutting from between his legs. I sank down next to him and took his shaft into my muzzle, wrapping my tongue around it and starting to suck. I tried to fight it, I might have wanted the job, but not so badly that I had to give him a blow job.

Above me the fox chuckled and placed a hand on my head. “You are eager to please. You know exactly what you’re doing,” he said.

Of course I knew what I was doing, I sucked off half the teachers in school, at least until I got run out by the principle. Damn bitch couldn’t take the competition. I focused all of my skill on the cock in front of me, wanting to please my future employer. My fingers rolled over his balls, stroking and teasing them as my head started to bounce up and down over the thin shaft.

He let out a pleased sound, rubbing his fingers through my hair and over my ears. “You are very good at this, you’re going to be perfect here,” he said.

I let out a pleased squeak at this news and looked up at him with eager eyes.

The fox smiled and nodded his head. “Yep, you got the job,” he said, pressing his hand back down over my head.

My tail flicked in excitement as I worked over his lovely cock, by tongue teasing oven the length of it as I rubbed my teeth over the shaft. This seemed to be exactly the right thing to do as he grunted and set out a bitter spurt of cum into my muzzle. It wasn’t much but I didn’t care, he had given me a new job.

He let my head go and I lifted my head up, smiling at him and swallowing the small amount of cum. “Thank you, this is my first job,” I said, a little bit of me wanting to protest, but it was the truth.

The fox smiled and nodded, rubbing my ears. “You’ll be perfect,” he said.

I nodded and stood up, walking back around his desk. “Thank you, I’ve practiced a lot in the mirror,” I said

“I can tell,” he said, zipping himself up as the door opened and Trixi came back in carrying a large bag in one hand with a black panty and bra set in the other. She walked over to the desk and dropped the bag on top of it.

The fox stood up and opened the bag, digging through it and talking to himself. A moment later he lifted up to large bags of silicon. It took me a moment to realize that they were breast implants. He walked over to me and pressed them to my own small breasts.

“Are those for me?” I asked in a soft voice, looking down at them. They would make my small breasts the perfect size.

“Yes they are,” he said, pressing them closer to my flesh.

I giggled happily. “When do I get them put in?” I asked, so very excited at having proper breasts.

The fox smiled at me and leaned it close. “Right now,” he said, pressing firmly on the implants.

I felt a jolt of pain run through my breasts right around my nipples. I looked down and watched in shock and surprise as the implants were starting to slide into my breasts through clean slits in my breasts. As the bags of silicon pressed inside my skin stretched out, swelling out and growing tight.

Reaching up I cupped by breast, holding them as they grew tighter, the implants stretching out the skin, making them jut out from my chest. I flicked my tail in excitement as the last of the implants were sucked under my skin, the cuts closing with heavy scars around each nipple.

“How did you do that?” I asked, feeling his hands rubbing over my breasts. The skin moved over the implants.

“Do what, you’ve had them for years,” he said.

I thought for a moment then nodded his head. He was right, I had got them done when I was eighteen using the money that should have gone to college, but that was never going to happen. “Aren’t they perfect?” I asked, jigging them in his face.

He nodded and threw me the black panties and bra. I grabbed them and pulled them over my body, enjoying how the bra cupped by perfectly spherical breasts, the small nipples poking at the fabric. “Trixi, take Gigi out so she can put on a show.”

The skunk grabbed my hand in hers and escorted me out of the room. I followed her, my tail swishing happily behind me. She took me into a small room filled with costumes and started to dig around them. “Oh, this is perfect,” she said, handing me a bundle of clothing.

I didn’t even look at it I just pulled the clothing on, what little of it there was. Once it was in placed I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled to see I was in a secretary outfit. It went well with my glasses.

Trixi took my hand again and lead me around backstage. “Ready?” she asked.

I nodded as the music started to change.

“Have fun,” she said pushed me out.

I walked out onto the stage, stepping along in my high heels as my tail swept under my microskirt. I shook my body in time with the music at cat calls filled the air around me. I walked to the end of the stage, bending over to let the guys around me look down my shirt.

Spinning around I tugged at the buttons on my shirt, pulling at them, hinting a bit before ripping them open and pulling my shirt off my shoulders. I worked the shirt free and spun it around, throwing it behind me.

I bent down a bit and smiled to the guys around me. Hands reached up to rub my breasts, money slipping into my bra and into the garters. I smiled at them and took a few steps back, licking my lips. I could see the bulging in their pants and it turned me on.

Spinning around I bent over to show my ass to the men then teased at my skirt. With a few well place pulls I pulled the snaps on the skirt free and threw it away.

This brought another cry from the men and I smirked at them all. I pressed a hand against my breasts as my other hand reached down to rub at my crotch. Spinning around I teased my tail at them and started to unhook my large bra. Each hook I slipped free brought a new cry from the men in the club and made me even hotter.

Finally I pulled my bra free and threw it back stage. I came up to the edge of the stage and shook my bare breasts at the men around me. Hands reached up, teasing my body and stroking me all over. It felt so perfect at right.

The music fell quiet around me and I walked back off stage. As soon as the curtain closed around me I pulled my bra back on and collected the money stuffed into my clothing. I dropped the cash off into the box and smiled at Trixi. “How did I do?”

“You did great!” The skunk girl said and gave me a hug. “You want to work the floor?”

I nodded my head. “Yes, I do!”

She nodded and escorted me back to the club floor. As soon as I was out in the music the men looked at me, many of them motioning for me to come over to them. I just smiled at them and walked around towards the back of the club. I saw a dalmatian sitting in the back, a smile on his face.

I walked over to him and gave him a smile. “Hello hon,” I said.

He leaned back and smiled at me. “You are a sexy one. I didn’t think this place had any mice.”

“I’m new,” I said, pushing the table back and smiling at him.

He grinned and leaned back in the seat, his pants tight. I straddled him and pressed my chest up against his face, rubbing them over his muzzle as I started to grind against him crotch. I could feel his cock through the fabric, feeling it throbbing and pressing against me. I wrapped my arms around him and used my tail to tease the inside of his legs.

The dalmatian leaned his head back and moaned, reaching out to rub at my sides as my breasts rubbed against his chest. “God, you are perfect,” he moaned.

I giggled and kissed at his nose. “You come alone?” I asked, not sure why I felt I needed to ask the question.

“Ya, just myself tonight,” he said as his cock twitched under me.

That statement sent a jolt through me as a small part of myself wanted to protest but was quickly silenced. I ground at him more, rubbing my ass over his crotch, feeling his precum soaking through the fabric. “I get off in an hour; want to go home with me?” I asked.

He smiled and licked his lips. “I would love to,” he said.

Letting out a pleased sigh I kissed him as I slipped of his lap. “Then wait for me, and then we can fuck,” I said, taking his money for the lap dance and giving him a wink. He smiled to me as I walked away my tail sweeping at him and making sure he saw the wet spot on my ass. I loved my job.


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