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by 64Fordman

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Storycodes: MF; other/f; fair; prize; toy; bond; ropes; gag; sex; oral; climax; transform; object; group; wash; cons/reluct; X

Jenna’s hands gripped the head board as Ben worked his hips, kissing and biting her neck and shoulder. Her frustration was growing with each thrust, as Ben moved close to his own release Jenna let go of the bars and let out a big sigh stopping him cold.

“What’s wrong?” Ben said.

Jenna put her hands on Ben’s shoulders, pushed him off and got up.

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Jenna said, “at least you could tie my hands to the bed.”

“We tried that Baby, you know it didn’t work for me.” Ben said.

“Forget it, let’s get ready to go.” Jenna said.

The carnival was in town and this was the last night. It always came in early September and marked the beginning of the holiday season starting with Halloween and ending with Valentine’s Day, but Jenna felt a dark cloud hanging over her usual enthusiasm. They spent the evening going on rides, playing games, eating and having a good time. Jenna always had a good time with Ben, except in the bedroom.

“Another game and we’ll go, I gotta win you something.” Ben said.

“Go for it.” Jenna said.

Ben led Jenna to the shooting booth where a round Gypsy woman smiled at them. She wore a multicolor dress that appeared to have been made from the remains of many other dresses and a red scarf tied over gray hair streaked with the coal black strands from her youth that hung down her back in long coils.

“Try your luck big guy?” The woman said.

Ben laid a bill on the counter and she handed him a rifle.

“Shoot well, impress your lady friend you might.” She said.

Drawing a bead on the first target Ben squeezed the trigger. Ping. He swung the barrel a few inches to the right. Ping. Dropping the barrel to the remaining targets. Ping. Ping. Ping.

“An expert we have, your lady friend may choose any prize she desires.” The Gypsy said.

Jenna scanned the display on the side of the counter, eyeing a pair of toy handcuffs.

“Maybe these would work for you.” Jenna said, touching the corner of the package.

“No,” the woman said, “your man has earned you a good prize.”

The woman turned around, picked up a large bear and handed it to Jenna.

“It’s so adorable.” Jenna said.

“And you will be much happier my dear, trust me.” The Gypsy said.

The bear was the same size as Jenna and Ben had to carry it over his shoulder as they walked back to his truck so it wouldn’t drag on the ground. It was covered in golden brown fur with darker ears and paws, a short snout with a black nose extended below two sparkling dark brown eyes.

“I can’t get over how soft it is, like real fur,” Jenna said rubbing the leg, “I’m gonna call it Berry.”

“Berry The Bear.” Ben said.

“Berry Big Bear.” Jenna said.

Berry sat in a chair in the corner of the bedroom, it’s usual place unless Ben was gone and she spent the night snuggling with it. Jenna was attaching ropes to the four posts. Ben had called an hour ago and would be home shortly. She stripped naked, placed several strips of duct tape over her mouth and got on the bed.

After tying her ankles with her feet spread to the corners of the double bed, she fashioned a slip knot in the rope attached to the left bedpost and tied her right wrist to the opposite side. When she heard Ben’s truck pull up to the house she slipped her hand through the loop and pulled the knot snug around her wrist.

When Ben walked in the bedroom she gave him her best doe eyed look and raised her hips off the mattress to give him a better angle on her moistening sex.

“I’m beat Baby, I need a bath, a beer, and a bunk.” Ben said.

Ben entered the bathroom and Jenna heard the shower start. Can’t squeeze a bang in there somewhere she thought. The water stopped and Ben entered the bedroom wearing a towel.

“Can’t get out by yourself?” Ben said.

Jenna grunted and shook her left wrist. Ben untied the rope from the post and opened a dresser drawer to get some clothes. Later Ben sat in the living room drinking a beer when Jenna came in.

“I gotta go out west for a while on a job.” Ben said.

“Last time was three months.” Jenna said.

“Could be six.” Ben said.

“I think we should take a break,” Jenna said, “see what happens.”

“You know I don’t care what you do when I’m gone Baby.” Ben said.

“I know,” Jenna said, “the break would start when you get back.”

“Can I at least leave my stuff here while I’m on the road?” Ben said.

“You have a big truck.” Jenna said.

Several days later Ben and his stuff were gone. Jenna wandered around the house which seemed much bigger now, but the cloud was much smaller. The full moon that night was so bright she didn’t need the lights on to get ready for bed. She brought Berry in to cuddle with, the nights were getting cooler but the bear was so soft and warm she slept naked.

Jenna opened her eyes, she tried to get up but her arms were tied to the corners of the bed and her mouth was taped shut. Her legs were spread and tied to the posts. Her first thought was Ben was back, or maybe she was robbed. She looked around but the only thing missing was her bear. Checking her bonds she found a half dozen turns of rope snug around each wrist with knots nowhere in sight. Her ankles were tied identically, no knots to work with her toes. She fought as hard as she could for a couple of seconds with no effect, at least there was a burglar who knew how to treat her.

“Good morning Jenna.”

The strange deep voice startled Jenna, she grunted and jerked on the bed. It was Berry.

“I know, a thousand questions,” Berry said from the doorway, “For now, just know that I’m here as much for you as you are here for me. I’ll explain everything you need to know later, let’s get properly acquainted.”

Berry approached the bed walking like a man. Jenna fought her bonds when she saw the organ between his legs, and big wasn’t the word for it. The furry creature got on top of Jenna and began slowly pushing into her in a pumping motion, splitting her open, going deeper each time until she felt her entire body was being filled. Then a steady rhythm pulling out almost all the way and pushing in until Jenna felt the soft fur against her skin.

Her fear was drowning in a sea of lust as her body was brought slowly, excruciatingly to a peak. She felt as though she were suspended from a rope, when finally allowed to orgasm it was as if the rope was suddenly cut sending her into free fall, a great moan traveled through her throat and out her nostrils as she strained against the ropes. When she felt the hot cum filling her Jenna exploded into another orgasm. Berry got up and left the room.

Thirty minutes later Jenna had recovered from the sex and was waiting to be released when Berry returned. This time he got between her legs with his snout in her crotch and began licking her pussy with a very unhuman-like tongue that could reach far inside. While the tongue played with her sex the fur on his snout tickled driving her mad until he finally allowed her to release her passion.

He mounted her and again pumped his member in a slow rhythm inside her. Jenna thought she would suffer death by sex but her body responded and she reached another violent orgasm. Once again Berry was gone.

Jenna had two more sessions with Berry and was completely spent, when she felt herself rising from the bed in her half-conscious state she thought her spirit was leaving her lifeless body. Berry carried her to the kitchen and tied her to a chair at the table, took a plate from the oven and placed it in front of her. Herb seasoned chicken breast with roasted red skin potatoes and asparagus, Jenna didn’t realize how hungry she was until she smelled the delicious food nor did she know it was mid-afternoon. Berry pealed the tape from her mouth and the ravenous girl allowed him to feed her.

Jenna consumed every morsel of the meal, Berry didn’t need food. The dishes were cleared and Berry sat next to her.

“What are you doing to me?” Jenna said.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Berry said.

“Yes, but . . .”

“Then don’t look a gift bear in the snout.” Berry said.

The bear brought the phone to the table and began scrolling through Jenna’s contact list.

“You’re going to ask your boss for a leave of absence.” Berry said, pressed dial and placed the phone next to Jenna’s ear.

Jenna stumbled through some lame excuse about a sick relative, unsure why she wasn’t asking her boss to call the cops, but a voice inside her head told her to go along.

For the next three days Jenna was bound constantly and gagged when not being fed. Berry took care of her daily needs, including multiple sexual sessions, each bringing her to multiple mind altering orgasms.

After that Berry began to untie her as needed to bathe. She went out for supplies a couple of times and allowed herself to be bound when she returned. Jenna was hooked, the shock of being dominated by a giant plush toy had dissipated into the reality of experiencing the life she wanted, and she was always ready for the next high. Berry kept the highs coming, using her body like an instrument, pushing past her limits and taking her mind on a tour of the sexual cosmos.

Jenna’s experience so far was extraordinary and she had long ago lost track of the days. Not only was she sexually satisfied beyond her dreams, she was being handled in a tender and considerate way, and Jenna questioned her feelings for her plush captor. Berry wasn’t just dominating her, he was caring for her. But even things this good must end, Jenna was worried about her bank account balance, it wasn’t likely Berry would get a job other than warning people about forest fires and that job was taken, but Berry had one more request.

“You want to what?” Jenna said.

“It’s a Halloween party, the only time you can go out in public with me,” Berry said, “come on, it will be fun.”

“All right,” Jenna said, “no point in missing out.”

“All you need now is a costume.” Berry said.

“I could be Goldie Locks.” Jenna said.

“Perfect,” Berry said, “and I’ll wear a pair of your boxers.”

Jenna had no idea where she was as she followed Berry’s directions into the country. It was dark when they approached a large group of people around a bon fire, trucks and campers sat at the edge of the fire light. The people were dressed in strange clothing, not typical Halloween costumes and Jenna felt out of place, but there was music and couples dancing. Berry was very attentive and made sure Jenna was having fun, and drinking beer. It was a welcome change for her and she took advantage of it.

After a couple of hours Berry disappeared into the crowd leaving Jenna alone sitting on a log. A woman stared at her before disappearing into the shadows, Jenna’s eyes were glazed over from the alcohol, she look familiar but who . . . the Gypsy.It was the Gypsy woman from the carnival.

Jenna wasn’t sure how they got home.

“My head.” Jenna said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Drink this, it will help you feel better.” Berry said, holding a glass to her lips.

“That’s horrible, what is it?” Jenna said.

“Just some herbs, drink up.” Berry said.

Jenna slowly returned to conciseness, she couldn’t move and decided Berry must have tied her up again. Her mind was clear, those herbs must have cleansed the alcohol from her body. She felt as if she were . . . actually she didn’t feel anything. A man about thirty leaned over the bed and into her field of view, he was good looking with dark eyes and short curly black hair. He began talking to Jenna. It was Berry’s voice.

“You’re a wonderful girl Jenna, I want to thank you for helping me out.” Berry said.

Berry held a mirror over Jenna’s face and the bear was staring back.

“I was trapped in this stuffed bear for a long time,” Berry said, “tricked by the family of the Gypsy woman from the carnival many years ago to free her, and she decided to keep me. Sadly I can’t make the same commitment. Being a woman you have the appropriate genitalia, as well as the bear tongue suitable for retrieving honey from the hive or the woman.”

Berry continued, “In time you will learn things, because I like you I will give you a head start. You will hear, see, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. You have the ability to come to life as I did once per year, from the full moon in September through Halloween night, but it will take many years to learn to talk and move your body in order to take advantage of this. When I reached that point the Gypsy agreed to help me. I hope you can find a similar alliance. On Halloween night with the right conditions, and with someone to take your place, you can escape the spell. Failure will mean an eleven month wait to try again. Until your time comes I will see you are in a place you can be happy. You don’t need to eat, sleep, or breath, and the only thing you will feel is sexual contact.”

Berry looked at himself in the mirror, “The Gypsy was very beautiful, now she is an old woman. I have not aged a day since I was trapped, nor will you.”

Berry sat Jenna against the house, rang the bell and disappeared. A young woman opened the door and brought the bear inside. There was a number of young men and women in the room.

“Someone left this.” The woman said.

“There’s a tag around the arm.” A man said.

“The greatest sex toy ever, enjoy.” The woman said, reading the tag.

Jenna, remembering Berry’s words about alliances, decided there was nothing she could do about her situation and better earn her keep.

The woman stuck her fingers in the bear’s pussy. “It’s very realistic, at least the guys will have fun.”

“Then it can’t be the greatest, but it is cute.” Another woman said, taking the bear and pretending to kiss it. When she pressed the snout against her lips the bear’s tongue filled her mouth. She screamed and pulled away.

“Come on.” The woman holding the bear said and pulled the first woman by the arm upstairs to a bedroom. She got on the bed, pushed off her sweats and panties and placed the snout to her pussy. Jenna began using her tongue on the woman, bringing her to an orgasm very quickly.

It was the next woman’s turn and Jenna’s response was the same. She could feel the woman with her tongue, the heat of her body, the taste of her juices, and her enlarging bud as her skill improved. Jenna gave this one an even better ride.

The two women returned downstairs with the bear announcing, “No lie, this is the greatest.”

That night the house mates had their biggest orgy ever, doing each other and the bear. Jenna couldn’t remember how many orgasms she had or gave, often servicing and being serviced at the same time. When it was over her mind was a fog.

Jenna was lying on the floor staring at the ceiling. She heard someone mention football and thought it must be Sunday afternoon. Two woman wearing only t-shirts and panties were walking around picking up cans, chip bags, and finally clothes.

“My god, look at that thing, it’s trashed.” One woman said with both standing over her.

“What a night,” the other said, “get a bag.”

One woman picked Jenna up and folded her in half, stuffing her butt first into a large black plastic trash bag while the other woman held it, then the top was tied closed.

That’s it, Jenna thought, their throwing her away, used up in one glorious night and covered with the dried remains of a sex marathon. She must look hideous.

Jenna heard outside sounds, then the sound of a car engine. She understood why they wouldn’t want to leave the evidence of their activity on the curb, might as well go straight to the dump.

“Are you sure this will work?” Jenna heard, then the bag was opened.

“Worth a try.”

Jenna was pulled from the bag. They were in a Laundromat. It was better than a trash heap, but they couldn’t come up with a lint roller, some Febreze maybe. The door opened and she was stuffed head first into the biggest front loader they had. The door closed, soap, some coins, and the machine began filling with water.

She couldn’t feel anything physically other than the taste of the soapy water on her tongue, but she also couldn’t close her eyes and could see the room tumbling one way, then the other as the machine ran through its wash and rinse cycles. The spin cycle was the worst, the room was still spinning after the machine stopped.

Next was the dryer, the women decided to take advantage of the much larger machine and save some money by putting Jenna in with their delicate items. She tumbled around with bras, panties and socks. If she had a stomach everything would need washing again.

Finally she sat propped up in a laundry cart watching the women sort and fold clothes, thinking this is what life will be like most of the time, seemingly endless days of boredom staring at empty rooms or watching people do boring tasks waiting for the next time they use her. After loading their clean laundry in the car they came back for Jenna.

“See, soft and snuggly.” One said picking up Jenna.

“Good as new for next weekend.” Said the other.

“Screw that, I can’t wait to get home.”


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