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A Suitable Arrangement

by ConvolutedPlot

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Storycodes: F/m+; superhero; rescue; costume; F/m; transform; skinsuit; stretch; envelop; cocoon; rom; hug; cons; X

WHAM! Smash! Kapow! Both muggers fell to the pavement, clutching their aching heads and rattled ribs. 

"Oh... oh my god, thank you!" With a wheeze, the lanky victim they'd been terrorising staggered to his feet, gratefully accepting his rucksack from her hands. "You came just in time... I-I'm gonna call the police, but... thank you so much!"

His saviour nodded, flashing him a trademark winning smile. Muscular limbs (though not brutish or bulky) and a confident stance announced her strength without having to say a word. Oh, and the fact that she'd just tossed a couple of burly men around without breaking a sweat. That was something of a giveaway too. 

"Anytime. Just watch where you wander late at night, okay?" 

"Y-yes ma'am..." 

She was very pretty, a charming wink accompanied by a vague wave at the two would-be thieves. 

"Hopefully these two will see the error of their ways in the back of a cop car. As for me..." She shrugged, her short gold-blonde hair swinging as she did. "I better be on my way. Stay safe!"

Before the befuddled citizen can reply, she takes a running start and leaps into the air... several stories into the air, springing impossibly high into the night sky as her cape flutters. He just watched her go with utter bewilderment, halfway to pinching himself in case it was all a dream.



Her enormous strides slowed, having skimmed across several blocks and through a menagerie of neon and smoke. Few people would look up in time to see what the noise was, to catch a glimpse of her ludicrously quick traversal of the city. And even if they did... who'd believe them?  

"Yeah, I know... I'm exhausted too." 

She thought aloud, coming to a heavy halt on an apartment rooftop. Her boots skidded on gravel, and she took a few moments to stand and catch her breath.

"Ah... that took longer than expected, sorry." Mumbling away to herself, she dusted off her form-fitting leotard and began wriggling both hands free from her gloves, pulling parts of her costume off before she'd even reached the stairway door. Retrieving a key from between her generous cleavage (where else?) she crept inside, taking care not to slam the door or make any unnecessary noise. She'd already had a close shave with the landlord last week, and noise complaints were the last thing she needed as a secret super alter-ego going about her business.

Nobody lingering on the stairs, at least. No witnesses to see her shapely form squeezed into lycra and latex, muscles rippling as she scampered downstairs to her secret lair. Also known as her apartment, which was in dire need of some tidying up after this weekend.

"Finally... phew..." With the door shut at last, her shoulders slumped and her eyes closed. "Easy-peasy. Nobody spotted us at all..."

"Mmm..." A faint humming lingered in her throat, an apparent reply to her reassurances. In acknowledgement, she shuffled into the room and started kicking off her boots, unzipping her scandalously revealing one-piece suit and letting it loosen around her arms. With only a little wriggling, she pulled it over her broad hips and set about doing the same to the stretchy leggings that completed her superheroine ensemble. 

"Ahhhh.... I swear that thing rides up my ass so bad sometimes, we gotta see about trading it in for something less... unf, assertive."

Her remarks were accompanied by a yawn, and a glance down at her naked body in all its splendour. 

"Not that I mind seeing more of you, of course. Heh." Those hands of hers wandered, stroking her thighs up and down, brushing her hair gently away from her eyes. "As much as I'd love to spend the night, I better not show up to work tomorrow looking like this... people will ask questions, get turned on, get jealous, you know how it is..."

"Mmnnnnn..." an embarrassed squirm overtakes her for a moment, and her cheeks tinge with red even as she smiles. "Mmh..."

"I know, I know... I don't want to leave either, so you can quit squeezing me so tight in here, mmf... C'mon, I can snuggle with you if you lemme out~"

"Mmnn." Her fingers pinched at those cheeks, gently tugging at the reluctant skin stubbornly holding itself in place.

"I'll, ah, I'll make you dinner... I'm starving, so I know you must be too. I won't run off into the wilderness if you open up, I promise!" 

After a few more minutes of quiet humming and squeezing, her body relaxes at last. Tension eases from every muscle, like soft fabric going slack, and with a grimace she pinches her own tongue and begins to pull. It's slow and awkward, but out comes her soft palate, her gums peeling away as her entire face begins to stretch. As the saliva-coated protrusion is tugged free from deep inside, her back begins to shift apart - like a pair of curtains drawing open, skin splits along a perfect seam and shifts forward, peeling away from a person hidden within. Arms, legs, her audacious chest all come loose and limp

With one last lurch, she manages to untangle herself from the guy she'd been clinging to for the best part of an evening. She gulps down several breaths, laying beside him on the sofa, coils of skin slowly morphing itself into a person-shaped state. 

"Mmmmmnnhhh.... You're a jerk..." Were the first words from her reformed mouth, lightly shoving against his shoulder once she could sit up enough to reach. "I'm gonna be coooold.... baaaaabe, mmnnnhhh..." 

"Mmpf, hey, I won't be long..." He stretched, acclimatising to moving his own limbs unassisted at last. Spending so much time being subconsciously powered-up by his girlfriend left his arms and legs feeling like concrete, gravity suddenly such a harsh mistress. "Mmmalright. Stay here, wrap up warm, while I go make us dinner..."

Her fingers slip away from their clutch around his arm, reluctantly allowing him to stagger to the kitchen. She was hungry, yes, but it was never a fantastic feeling when she gave up the warmth and closeness they enjoyed whilst sharing her body. Stretchy powers were fine on their own, but without a solid foundation beneath she fell afoul of that damn conservation of mass business. On her own she still pretty tough, flexing and ensnaring any wrongdoers trying to escape, but she often struggled against more brute-strength obstacles in her way. 


She'd come across a solution: Take her boyfriend with her. Use her powers in an unorthodox way to deform herself, shifting mass around in just the right way and hollowing out space to pull him inside, let him wear her like a suit. Truth was, it wasn't just to bulk up and focus on being super-strong, but to keep him close as well. To feel him there, as close as they could ever be. To employ the metaphor of a 'human shield' in the most literal way she knew, and be an impenetrable barrier against any attack.
He'd taken to it remarkably well, even better than the time she'd first revealed he was dating a weirdo with superpowers. At the time she'd been a nervous wreck, trying desperately to maintain the masquerade and avoid the horrible reality where he would find her secret and be repulsed, unable to reconcile with the two lives she lead. But as it turned out, he reacted to her tearful admission with an enormous hug and many reassurances that, no, he wasn't mad or grossed out or upset, and that he wasn't going to freak out about what she was. 

"That's... awesome." Once all their mushy feelings had finally settled (it took a lot of cuddling, after all) his response was one of utter amazement. She endured a mixture of embarrassment and relief at finally being able to flaunt her stretchy abilities around the apartment, demonstrating impossible feats of flexibility and crawling through ridiculously tight spaces - her preferred method of sneaking around places she shouldn't be, of course. All of it he accepted and marvelled at, in particular her ability to pull him into a hug from across the room and wrap him up in her seemingly endless arms 'till she was satisfied. Indeed, she spent a lot of time hugging him, even more so after her big reveal. When she got home from work, when they were watching TV, when they went to bed... 

"Heyyyyyyyy..." Her voice muffled by the cushions, she stared at him longingly. Was it maybe worth reaching a snakelike hand over to the next room and reeling him in again? Ahh, too lazy. He'll be back soon anyway. "Mmmmm..."

Their present arrangement came about almost by accident. A particularly chilly night made her cling extra tightly as he slept, unconsciously spreading over him like a creeping vine desperate to have as much surface in contact with his warm body as it could. The next morning, he woke, crawled out of bed, and found his girlfriend stuck to him. Her drooling head still perched on his shoulder, her limbs all but completely wrapped around his. He let her snooze like that for several minutes, stroking her hair and smiling as her eyes fluttered at last - and promptly freaked out, not knowing how she got there, or why she couldn't untangle her stretchy extremities... 

As it turns out, it's awesome being a superheroine. After bringing up the idea to go all-in, he reassured her it wouldn't be too weird that she liked the feeling of someone's body wrapped up inside of her. He didn't bat an eye being made to slip inside her stretchy form, gazing into the mirror once she'd closed up around him... so maybe stuffing things down his throat and into his orifices was a little discomforting at first, yeah, but the results were something to behold. All the mass she'd usually have to maintain inside could now be used to pad out generous curves and bulk up her arms and legs to a mighty strength. She looked hot, and they had acquired the outfit to emphasise as such... 


"Alright, it's comin'..." After an eternity of waiting (like eight minutes at least) he returned, carrying with him two plates of scrambled eggs and toast. He couldn't tell if her hungry gaze was fixated on the food or him, so he didn't tarry setting it down and snuggling up beside her. "Here we go. Gah, if I'd known you were so hungry I would've wriggled out of you three muggings ago..."

She shot him a frown, replying in-between mouthfuls. "Hey! We helped those people, justice is the only nourishment I need!"

"Pff." He watched her scarf down a huge gulp, smiling. "As I can see."

"And anyway... You did most of the work. I was just there to help, keep you safe, and all..."

He glanced at the superhero tights discarded across from them, their 'uniform'. Surprisingly, she'd suggested it... perhaps it was intended to make him squirm, showing off that much of her curvy body once she'd engulfed him, but instead he revelled in the opportunity to flaunt such sex appeal and kick ass while doing it. That ass-kicking was very much a joint effort, their movements tightly coordinated and kept in rhythm to maximise their combined strength - though she was the one with powers, and she did most of the work. He rolled his eyes, sneaking an arm underneath her precious blanket and looping it around her waist. "Heyhy. You did way more than just help. You know you do such amazing things, and I am but your humble sidekick, right? I do the talkin', and you do the amazing feats of heroism!"

"...Hm." Not totally convinced, but all the same she reciprocated his squeeze and leaned against him, full up and drowsy. "I s'pose..."

"That's right. And even your mild-mannered alter ego is the most incredible, wonderful girl I could ever ask for...." Trailing his fingers through her blonde hair, he was never more cosy than when she was in his arms. Listening to her slow breaths, feeling her worries drain away as they lay entwined and sleepy. He needed these moments of blissful calm together as much as she did...

"Mmrnnnhh.." Exhausted of words, she just buried her embarrassment against his chest and mumbled, a vague and muffled threat of wrapping him up inside again if he kept teasing.

"Mm, it's okay..." Best keep hugging her tightly, keep her warm and safe, lest he wake up stuck inside of her needy cocoon the next morning... Not that he'd mind awfully. What a terrible fate indeed, forced to take the day off work and spend it with his girlfriend, oh no. Horrifying. So much so he was considering doing it anyway just to let her sleep in tomorrow... she's certainly earned it.

"... Mmmh, promise me one thing?" Her voice rose from his torso. "No more puns, they're so bad I wanted to punch myself just to hit you..."

"Heh. I know some jokes just don't suit the situation, or they're some ridiculous stretch..."


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