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Test Subjects Wanted

by Laurie

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© Copyright 2017 - Laurie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; knockout; captive; bond; gag; mast; forced; milked; conveyor; transform; M2leotard; washed; pressed; tricked; F2lingerie; worn; used; sex; messy; cons/nc; X

The sign outside the office said. "Test Subjects Wanted."  He looked nervously at the door, glancing up and down the street, seeing no one he knew, he turned the knob and entered.

The first thing David noticed was her blond short hair and glasses. She was sitting behind a desk, reading her People Magazine, obviously not interested in who just came through the door. David cleared his throat

She looked up over the magazine and her glasses at him, " Yesss?" she said, clearly annoyed at being interrupted from her reading.

“I’m here...ummm for the, ah, job offered…. for testing?"

She nodded “Mmm hmm” and sighed as she took a piece of gum out of her mouth, wrapped it in a piece of paper, and then leaned forward. She pressed an intercom button, "Doctor, we got another one in here who wants ‘the treatment’ ”

The intercom buzzed and a static laden voice came over the metal box “Ahhh ok well, have him fill out the usual forms, and make sure he signs and dates them this time. Then send him back.”

She handed David a clipboard and pen. “Here, sign here date there.”  He tried to read it document but she slapped his hand. “No, you idiot! Just sign and date it. Sheesh...”

Snatching the clipboard from him she pointed, with her garish red nails, “Through THAT door!", shaking her head. "God, they get dumber and dumber each applicant..." she mumbled as she picked up her magazine.

As he walked through the doorway he was greeted by a tall woman made taller by her 6" stiletto spiked heels.  She was a striking red head, green eyes, wearing a white lab coat over her grey wool suit. The badge on her lab coat said “Doctor Catherine.”

She looked him up and down.  He thought he detected a small smirk on her face,

“Ok, well let’s begin with the basics, strip!”

David was taken back at her commanding tone. “Ex.. excuse me? I, I mean I thought this was some kind of like, psychological testing, or something...”

She laughed, looking straight through his blue grey eyes, “You poor little pet! You didn’t read the fine print.”

She thought to herself, “It’s a shame, at least they should know what they’re getting into. Oh well, they never do.”

David decided right there that he was not going to have any part of this job. “I um just remembered I have to be somewhere else.”

He looked into her eyes, but his gazed was returned by her cold black stare.

“Oh well, have it your way then,” the doctor said as she pulled a small spray device out of her lab coat pocket. It looked like pepper spray, David squinted his eyes and raised his hand up in defence as she sprayed a lavender smelling mist towards him.

He felt his knees buckle a little, everything seemed pleasant and warm, and then he felt very dizzy. He stumbled and collapsed. The last thing he remembered hearing was her laughter.

He slowly came to consciousness, he was laying on a cold rubbery surface, completely naked. He struggled to get up, but his wrists and ankles had been bound. He looked to the side and to see that he was bound to some sort of conveyor belt.

“Hey...hey get me out of here!!" he yelled into the darkness that surrounded him.  No one answered.

The belt slowly moved forward, carrying him through a set of plastic strips into a brightly lit sterile white room. The door opened, and David recognized the receptionist.  “Candace” was the name on her badge, but she was now dressed in a standard white nurse’s uniform.

“Relax hun, this won’t take long, its Doctor’s orders after all.  A little sissy boy like you! We should be done in no time!”  She mocked him while she was snapping white latex examination gloves on her hands. She was then fiddling about with something out of David’s view and suddenly she pinched his nose shut, forcing him to open his mouth to breathe. A large red ball gag was promptly placed in his open mouth and strapped behind his head. “You’re gonna like this part, I promise!” she said as she opened a large tub of Vaseline, and scooped a large dollop of the greasy goo.

She began slowly, teasingly bringing David’s member to full attention. “That’s it, that’s my good little sissy boy, or do you prefer girl?” she giggled as stroked his prick up and down slowly and softly. David felt himself straining for more pressure but she kept a light touch going. “Aww is that a big as it gets?”  mocking his modest size. And then she reached under the conveyor belt, flipped a switch. David heard an electric motor come to life. She then produced a shiny metal cylinder, attached to a long black rubber hose that lead off somewhere out of his view.

“Here you go, you little sissy, she said as she brought the tube up to his greasy member. The tube slid down the tip of his penis, and then he felt the suction.  The motor was suctioning the tube, it greedily gobbled the entire length of his rigid tool. He gasped and panted as she explained, “That’s it, little girl, you see the Doctor insists that we remove all traces of your semen before we begin the procedure. She adapted this cow milking device, to get out alllll of the nasty juices inside your balls. I have all different sizes of milking tubes, the smallest one here is a perfect fit.” She lifted the black hose to hook so that the steel tube was supported directly above him.

The milker was rhythmically chugging away, and David, terrified, somehow resisted. Cachunk up, cachunk down it pumped and pumped away, massaging up and down along the entire length of his shaft, sucking persistently.

Candace was becoming annoyed, “C’mon sissy, I don’t have all day for this!” But David would not yield his precious seed.

“OK if you won’t cooperate, then…” and with that he felt Candace slide something into his butt. It was cold, hard, and slippery, yet it slipped easily into passage. “There you go little sissy boy!”

She said as she held a remote control switch inches in front of his face. With an exaggerated movement and a big smirk on her face, she looked directly into David’s horrified eyes, popped her gum loudly and pushed the button. A buzzing tingling sensation shot through him, and within seconds he was spurting and spurting his load into the needy receptacle.

He groaned, screamed, biting down on the red ball as his hips bucked in rhythm to the up and down movement of the milker.  His orgasm seemed to go on forever, the machine made sure of that. 

“Ohh good girl!” Candace smiled as she finally turned the switch off.  David’s body relaxed a little as the milkier sucked up the last of his juices.  His chest was still heaving from the exertion, he tried to calm himself down, but the milker painfully droned on.

“Now ready!” she said as she popped her gum again, “Ten, nine, eight,” she counted off slowly as he pleadingly looked into her eyes, a bewildered expression across his gagged face. “Three, two, one!” and she pushed the button again. Now his bucking was frantic, the second orgasm was painful, he thrashed about as if he was suffering from a seizure. Frantic, thrashing, twisting and turning he finally passed out.

After a long darkness, he was brought to by a click in an overhead speaker. Over a microphone he heard the Doctor’s voice "Ahhh you’re awake pet.  Good, we can begin." The doctor pressed a button and the belt under him slowly began to move again.  The belt clumsily jerked and moved forwards until his body was positioned directly under a pair of stainless steel nozzles. They began to spray him with a very fine micro mist. It smelled acrid, it clung to his skin. David began to feel a tingling sensation all over. It was like his skin was being turned inside out.

He heard the Doctor’s laughter from the tinny sounding speaker. " Ohhh I love to watch this part, it’s my favorite thing to see the fear in their eyes when they see the transformation begin. You are going to love your new life, my pet. It’s not many men who come to my clinic wearing such a cute bra and panties! Is that why you didn’t want to undress for me? You didn’t want anyone seeing your frillies, did you? Mmmm, well, you’ll have plenty of time now to think about it now.”

Suddenly he felt like his body was dissolving, transforming. His legs felt like rubber, his arms could barely move as he pulled against the restraints. Then he screamed as he saw his body turn a bright shade of PINK!  His body was beginning to flatten out. His arms and legs were first. And then his legs seem to almost disappear, he could somehow sense they were retracting in his body. And then the same happened with his arms, and then painlessly his head disappeared as well, sinking down into the pinkness. Remarkably, David could still see, he could still hear.

The machine moved him forward on the belt, an overhead mirror allowed him to see himself.  To his terror he had been transformed into a pink leotard!

The Doctor’s voice crackled again over the intercom, “Yes pet, you see now, we are working on nano-transformation, for the future of garment manufacturing industry.  We need subjects, like you to test our new technologies. You might have noticed Candace’s top she was wearing?  That used to be… oh I can’t remember her name, but she was once human, like you, only a few days ago.” She cackled with laughter but he could only moan silently.

The belt lurched forward again, as the Doctor’s maniacal laughing faded in the distance. The belt stopped and David saw a mechanical hand holding a strange implement. There was a beep, and then the hand descended towards him he felt a buzzing sensation; he can see in the mirror that the device was a tattoo gun. The machine was very carefully inking a barcode label on the inside of his collar. He could feel the buzzing, a slight stinging sensation as he was inked. He saw another machine run a red laser scan over the ink another beep. His new identity was confirmed. An iron applied warm heat to the new ink on his "skin" making it dry permanently.

The belt advanced once more and then, suddenly, he felt himself in a free fall. He was tumbled off the end of the belt. The garment that was David, just a few moments ago, slowly fluttered and flopped down into an open stainless steel vat. He landed, and immediately felt the cold and thick soapy water. He wished that he could flail his hands to swim, but he was powerless as he slowly sunk into the depths of the washing machine. The churning agitator grabbed and pulled him down deeper and deeper. Afraid that he would drown, David quickly realized he no longer need to breathe. He felt the other garments coming over him, around underneath, and behind. He was swishing in a load of delicates. He could see and feel the stockings, bras, panties, panty hose, body suits and tights as they swished and swirled around him in a dizzying sensation of colors and textures.

“I'm sure you’ll love your new playmates pet.” Dr Catherine’s voice came over the loudspeaker, “I've been waiting to have them all washed up.” He could catch snippets of the Doctors mocking giggles, as her new leotard would churn and roil, occasionally rising to the surface, only to be pulled back down again. The soft sensation of his silky fellow “wash mates” made him feel horny.  He imagined the other clothing in the machine with each piece a former living being, now subjected to this terrible treatment.  He was increasingly sexually charged, but alas he no longer was capable of being satisfied.

Then, just when it seemed as though every pair of panties in the wash were conspiring to molest him, his entire world began to spin. The spinning became faster and faster, whizzing around at high speed he was packed in against the outside edge of the tub. Her felt himself squeezed, compressed, the soapy water leaving his body. Finally, the drum stopped spinning, as his consciousness continued to swirl, he felt something lifting him up, extracting his body from the matted tangle of silks and satins. And then he felt and heard the slap of his wet body as it slapped down onto the conveyor belt.

The belt lurched forward, until he saw the large red rollers. The rollers were positioned along the belt and as each piece of wash advanced, it was squeezed through, the last bits of moisture wrung out. David Braced himself mentally for the experience. He realized his “crotch” the lower part of the leotard would succumb first. Bracing himself for the pain, he felt himself stretch a bit as the roller began to swallow him. The pressure was incredible, although not painful, David felt every last drop of water squeeze out. He was flattened, just an ordinary object, defeated. The process had been long and slow, but finally it was over.

The conveyor belt ended, and the now dry leotard flopped off the end onto another waiting conveyor belt that took him it in another direction. He felt new rubber hands as they grabbed him, stretched, him and generally fussed with his new” body” until he was laying perfectly flat on the belt.

The belt moved forward until he was positioned under a big green felt press. He could hear the hissing of stream. The press suddenly dropped down on his prone shape. It was extremely hot, steam shot out at the edges. And just a rapidly the press was lifted. David sighed mentally relieved that the stream press was over. Then her felt the hands again, they were folding him over in half! Terrified he heard, PSSSSHT WOOOSH as he was steam pressed again. The hands were on him again folding once more. PSSSSSSHT WOOOOSH. Folded once more. PSSSSSSHT WOOOOSH

With the last bit done, the hands picked him up, and placed the folded garment in a plastic bag, then in a vacuum delivery tube. He was sucked up and delivered in to the Doctor’s control room. They Doctor unpackaged and inspected her newest leotard. He could feel her warm hands roam over his nylon body.

“Ohh I love the color, I can’t wait to wear you!” the Doctor exclaimed as her finger lingered dreamily on the exposed crotch of the leotard   The Doctor’s revelry was broken by the sound of a knock at the control room door. “Come in.” she said. It was Candace.

“Doctor Catherine, there’s another test subject here.” Candace said.

“Candace, how many times do I have to remind you? You know the procedure. Get them to sign the consent release form and send them back.”

“There’s no need for them to sign the release form, Doctor.” Candace said with a sly smile.

“Of course they need to sign the form! Can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours?”

“Oh no Doctor, there’s no need for the form, the test subject is right here!”

“Where, I don’t see him?”

“Right here, BITCH!” Candace yelled as she sprayed the Doctor with the knock out formula.


Candace was getting ready for her big date. She primped in front of the mirror. Flipping her short blond hair this way and that, she admired her new underwear. She had a hot body and she knew it. Her pert C cup breasts barely needed the support of her new red bra. And the matching thong panties framed her perfectly formed ass.

“Mmm, Dr. Catherine you look so nice on me!” she said looking directly into the mirror. “I hope you enjoyed the procedure! Was it a little different this time for you?  Oh, you poor thing, being processed like that, turned into this beautiful, pink lacy bra and matching panties?” she said mockingly. “Did it feel good?” she continued as she lightly fingered her pussy through the crotch of her new panties. “Oooooh it feels so good right now, doesn’t it? Bitch!”

Candace giggled and then continued getting ready. She stepped into the new pink leotard that the Doctor had so kindly “handed” to her as she passed out. “MMM oh yes this so hot! I wonder who this leotard is… or was?” she laughed out loud to herself. “I’ll bet you were that little panty wearing faggot I milked yesterday, weren’t you?”

Candace pulled on her tightest sexiest black jeans and fuck me heels. Admiring herself in the mirror, one last time, she could see the outline of the lace bra through the tight leotard top. It was a little slutty looking, but she was on the prowl tonight, determined to get laid.

Later that evening back at her apartment, she let her new beau have his way with her. After a hot and heavy petting session on the sofa, she stripped down to her bra and panties. David was carelessly tossed to the floor. Her latest conquest then reached around to unhook her bra, but she stopped him. “Oh no lover boy, I want you to fuck, fuck me hard wearing my new bra and panties.”

Of course, he was in no position to argue, as she pulled his fuck tool out of his boxers. “ Mmmm that’s it give it to me.” she said as she sat in his lap facing him, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, and impaled her wet box on his eager member.

Dr. Catherine had no choice but to feel his rigid member slide past her, she could actually feel his slippery penis, up and down as it moved past her. As Candace became more and more agitated, the Doctor became increasing soaked with her slutty assistant’s pussy juice. The man was now fingering and pinching Candace’s breasts, much to the Doctors’ consternation as she could feel every little squeeze. Candace’s bouncing breasts caused Catherine to gently rebound with each thrust as she tightly embraced the blond’s milk bags.

The man finally exploded inside of Candace, as he bit at her nipples through the bra cup. The Doctor was now soaked in the combination of semen and pussy juice. Candace was sated, she pulled herself off his spent cock, and with practiced efficiency, dispatched her lover back into the night.

“Oh god you are so wet and sticky!” she said to her new underwear as she peeled off the thong and the bra and threw them in the laundry hamper, the pink leotard and the rest of her clothes were piled on top, plunging the Doctor into humid aromatic darkness. “Good night, Doctor.” were her last words of the evening as she turned off the lights and went to bed.

The following morning Catherine felt the laundry hamper being moved and jostled around carelessly.  Catherine felt the basket dropped, placed on the floor. Gradually the morning light hit her as one by one, the other clothing items were lifted out of the basket. As soon it was Catherine’s turn, Candace picked her up, and with a curt dismissal, “Pheww” she was dropped into the Candace’s washing machine, landing directly on top of the pink leotard, the very last victim of the evil Doctor’s scheme. Catherine let out a silent scream of agony as Candace dumped the detergent on her.   Her world faded to darkness as the lid closed and she felt the warm water running over her as the washing machine started.



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