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Thank God for Science

by Agfinders

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Storycodes: M/f; science; dna; drug; bodymod; transform; breasts; enlarge; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Gotta love science

Graduating from UC Berkley in 1982 with a Doctorate in Chemistry and molecular science with a job recruitment offer from a research and development company specializing in human behavioral science.

My first assignment was research in the neurological studies of sexual behaviors, DNA and nerve studies. It was found that the DNA mapping and genomes of the human nerve centers were in a direct pattern in both men and women. In the top secret studies we first developed a DNA enhancing technology that could redirect the brains electric impulses combined with blood flow and nerve sensitivity to help with sexual dysfunction problems. Thus the drugs most commonly found today sprung forth from these studies.

As technology developed we discovered ways to remap and alter the DNA to growth hormones and nerve centers, which enhanced growth, sensitivity and sexual desires. These results ended in cocktails of drugs which could be used to alter ones body and function, due to FDA restrictions this was banned from ever reaching the general population and was only approved to special circumstances only for government and medical studies.

After 15 years I became the managing director over this project and had access to the different drugs and technologies and decided to run secret test of my own.

I was married to my college sweetheart shortly after graduation and moved to a sleepy suburb town just outside Pittsburgh where the lab was easily accessible.

My wife was a total science geek in college and we studied DNA in the early stages and she went on to continue the work on DNA in the medical field. 22 years old, 5’6, blonde with a fairly good body for a nerd. 32B cup and very shapely legs and hips. Our sex life was just ok and never went over the line on experimentation or new experiences. She would rather read a book than have sex. Me 6’0, normal build packing a whopping 5 ½” narrow cock that surely was nothing to brag about.

During the first 3 years of study we discovered the mapping for the female sexual organs and nerve centers along with the ability to modify and enhance the feelings and alter orgasmic intensity levels. We first tested on animals and as development progressed we were able to custom blend for the best results. We finally were able to maximize all the DNA to achieve the ultimate results. We witnessed sexual desire increase, organ growth and higher sensitivity levels and could induce outstanding orgasm intensity levels.

With my almost boring and non-existent sex life at home I decided to blend a series of “cocktails” for my personnel use on my wife to modify her desire, body and orgasmic potential.

The first of the “cocktails” was induced to create breast size and sensitivity which was QYD492. This drug modified the breast growth DNA string and could be used until the desired size was achieved. It consisted of 5 centimeters absorbed through the skin on a daily basis, which this small amount could not be detected or would cause any side effects.

I began the “treatments” by blending the drug into my wife's hand cream that she used on a daily basis. It was about 60 days before any noticeable results to start taking effect. The wife started to mention that her boobs were swelling and her bras were becoming uncomfortable and I noticed her nipples were longer and remained hard and visible through the thin bras she was accustomed to wearing.

After a trip to the bra store she came home complaining she had grown to a full “C” cup. That evening after a few glasses of wine with dinner, I was helping in the kitchen and began flirtatious moves on her. I noticed after snuggling up behind her and planting full kisses on the back of her neck she responded like never before. Her breathing became heavy and she pressed her ass back into my cock and was doing a slow grind. She then turned a met my lips with a full and wanton desire.

After a long intimate kiss I began to take her top off and leaving only her bra, which I then began to fondle and pinch her hard nipples through the fabric which resulted in reactions I have never witnessed from her before. She began moaning and her breathing was the hardest ever. She then reached behind her back and undid the clasp and let her bra fall from her shoulders. I stood back and was amazed at her tits, they were full, heaving and her nipples had grown to about an inch in length and were about a good pencil eraser thick. They were the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. I reached out and gently pinched and manipulated both her nipples causing her to gasp with desire.

I then kissed her solid on the lips before beginning the slow and full decent to her tits. I passionately kissed her neck, earlobes and neck while ending on her nipple. The micro second I encased her nipple in my mouth and began a light sucking and nibbling motion she went crazy and was on the verge of having an orgasm right there. I then switched to the other and began the same motions while reaching up and pinching her other nipple, she then went into convulsions resulting in the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

I then removed her slacks and began fondling her pussy through the panties she was wearing. Her panties were soaked and I have never seen her this wet before, the smell of womanly desire was almost overwhelming, I then kissed my way down to her totally soaked pussy and began cleaning up the mess. I slowly licked the outer lips and her pussy opening, intentionally avoiding her swollen clit. I held back for what seemed like an eternity and reached up and took both nipples and began pinching more forceful than before, while she is bucking like crazy from the feeling of my tongue in her pussy and my fingers pinching her nipples, the slippery fluid was flowing from her pussy, I then planted my tongue on her clit and within 5 seconds she was cumming so hard in waves that caused her to scream in ecstasy.

After about 10 seconds of me continuing the assault on her clit she forced my head away and continued to gasp for air and quiver.

I took the opportunity to then pull my cock out and place on her wet pussy lips and begin stroking from her clit to ass with firm strokes, I was on the verge of blowing my wad from the excitement when she reached down and forced my cock into her pussy and began fucking me like never before.

I then reached up and took possession of her nipples again and as I was fucking her I pulled and squeezed until she again was cumming with my cock buried in her pussy. I could not hold out any longer I let loose with a torrent of cum that felt like my balls were coming out too. The feeling of cumming together was incredible and another first.

After withdrawing my spent cock my wife laid on the table unable to move, the table was wet with pussy juice and my cum was staring to leak out and onto her ass, it was a beautiful sight. When my wife slowly recovered we discussed what had happened and the never before experienced intensity and she was for once truly satisfied.

After cleaning up the table and a joining her for a hot shower in where I again teased her nipples and ate her pussy to another mind blowing orgasm and then off to sleep.

Since that first night my wife has turned into a sexual being and has even traded the granny panties for sexy matching underwear.

With the results I have seen it is now time to ramp it up and start the work on the male enhancement cocktail along with the improved female version. Cumming soon


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