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The Spell

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2013 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; majick; potion; transform; bodymod; bond; leather; harness; cuffs; bitgag; ponyboy; tail; insert; bdsm; crop; denial; cons/reluct; X

Normally I scoff at anything that has the word ‘Magic’ attached to it, but the word of friends and others had led me to the door of a dusty little shop in a dark back street of the town I really don’t want to tell you about. And when I left I had in my pocket a small brown bottle with a wooden stopper and a wallet far emptier than it had been when I went in.

And now I was in her house. In the house of my beloved Lucy. Tiny, slender Lucy who had made a prisoner of my desires. Not that she ever considered returning them. And even if she did, her being my boss made it both difficult and highly inadvisable. Which was why I went to the shop of that oriental magician. And came away with the contents of that little brown bottle.

According to him I was to swallow the bottle and as the contents took their effect I would become the man of her dreams. I was very careful to specify the man part in case she was a secret lesbian, or worse. I didn’t fancy suddenly finding myself her darkest fantasy featured some mythical beast or animal. And whatever it did to my body my mind would remain the same so I could enjoy the experience. He told me the magic spell would endure for as long as her desires for me remained.

I had let myself in with a key she had given me to allow us to meet in secret. I had spun her some tale of confidential things I had to tell her that could only to be spoken in private. I had expected to find myself in a bar or coffee shop somewhere, but her handing me a spare set of keys was a happening beyond my wildest dreams.

Standing before a full length mirror I took a deep breath and uncorked the bottle. I took a sniff and pulled a face as the potion stank. For a moment I hesitated, then I poured the it down my throat in a single movement. It burned my throat on the way down and settled in my stomach.

For a long minute nothing happened, then I felt it bubbling deep inside. A strange but not painful feeling as it frothed within me. Then, abruptly, I felt my shirt getting tight across my shoulders. I swiftly hauled it over my head and I watched in the mirror in amazement as my shoulders grew broader and I developed an impressive six-pack. Always a hairy man I smiled as the hair spread across my newly acquired muscles in a dense mat I had discovered many ladies found irresistible.

Glancing at the still closed door I cast subtlety to the wind and swiftly shed the rest of my clothes. Before my eyes my legs grew muscles, my waist trimmed down and my pecs filled out as only a body builders should.

I watched a smile dance over my lips as an unexpected breeze played with my hair. Moments later the room was being lashed by an impossible gale and I had my first inkling that maybe the mystic had not told me everything.

I hit the floor with a crash as the wind whipped about me, my hands and knees howling in protest as they hammered into the thick carpet. The wind was still howling around, I could see curtains waving and I could hear cupboard doors slamming open and closed within an enclosed space that should have admitted no wind. On the very edge of my vision I saw a cloud form above my head and burst open, spilling a pile of curly leather and chrome onto the carpet.

Something flew through the air and moments later I felt a thick leather collar snapping closed about my throat, the rasp of the tongue whispering through the hasp of the buckle making me shiver as it pulled itself tight. Enough was enough, and I make a grab for the black collar that had made my neck it’s prisoner.

As I hauled at it I felt leather manacles sprout from the collar and I swore as I felt them snap closed about my wrists, fastening them to the collar. I toppled forwards and as my elbows hit the carpet I felt long straps dance about my upper arms, pulled my wrists tight against my upper arms taking both my arms and hands from me.

I looked up at the picture I presented in the mirror. Down on elbows and knees with black leather straps keeping me in place. And as I watched I saw another bundle of straps come whirling towards me, tumbling over and over in the air. It hit me on top of my head before unfurling about my face, thin straps whipping about my face in the unnatural wind. Something touched my lips and before I could stop myself I had allowed a thick rubber bit between my lips. The moment my lips closed about it the straps leapt towards each other and pulled themselves tight, digging my teeth into the pliable rubber and pulling big steel rings tight against the sides of my face.

I took in the look of my imprisoned face in the mirror and I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as a muzzle started to grow from the harness. A long, equine muzzle that flowed out over my face until only my eyes were visible, and leather equine ears sprouted from above my human ears and I saw myself become a leathery horsey toy.

As I blinked backed the tears I saw a tail flying through the air and I barely had a moment to brace before it embedded itself hard into my poor upturned arsehole, spooling out straps that grabbed me about the waist, hauling it tight into place so there was no way I could expel it without outside help. More straps lopped themselves about my trailing ankles and zipped themselves tight, hauling them up against my thighs, ensuring sure I never had a chance to rise again. At least, not until Lucy tired of me and the spell wore off.

I looked up at the mirror again and was horrified by what I saw. Cruel black leather straps encircled my limbs, my wrists and ankles all tightly held their prisoners. A long dark tail hanging from my poor aching anus, and every movement made it sway in a terrifyingly lifelike way.

The front door crashed open, snapping me out of my reverie, and I both felt and saw myself blushing all over as the lovely Lucy came into the room. I could feel her eyes running over every inch of my bondaged body with a professional coldness that made me fear for my future.

“Well well” I heard her say “Just look what I’ve been left. And aren’t we going to have some fun my love ?”

She loves me alright. Hours have gone past and she still loves me. And the spell is still holding strong. Holding strong in every leather strap that holds me their prisoner and there is absolutely no sign of the magic weakening.

She had vanished into a bedroom and I could hear sounds of frantic movement from within. And when she emerged I had my first terrifying intimation that things might not end any way that I had intended.

I heard the crack of the whip before she emerged and I made a desperate attempt to split the leather straps before I felt my body growing still as she emerged. I stood transfixed as I took in the image that stood before me. Jodhpurs clung to her glorious legs as if applied with a paintbrush, and a cunning cut-out left her shaven womanhood in full view. Gleaming knee-high boots with spindly high heels gave her walk a sway both terrifying and arousing as she walked towards me. I could hear a faint rattling as she walked, and I almost cried out when I saw the tiny pinwheel spurs she wore at each ankle.

Her white shirt was knotted beneath her magnificent breasts, and I could see them swinging gently as the silk of the blouse caressed their unfettered softness.

The image of sensual sexiness was topped off with an immaculate riding hat, and smart black gloves clothed both her hands. But my eyes never left the long buggy whip she was swinging in her right hand, and I felt goosebumps rising on my flesh as I heard the swish it made as it swept back and forth. In spite of myself I felt my manhood spring to attention, and I gave a tiny whimper as tiny leather straps sprang out and twined themselves along the entire length of my erection in a wickedly tight grip.

Momentarily distracted by the sudden lust in my loins I heard rather than felt the reins snapped on the end of my bit and I let out a yowl as that wicked whip slashed across my upturned arse. I found myself lurching forwards on my hands and knees, unsteadily at first then swiftly improving as she tugged at the lunge rein she had fitted to my bit.

She retreated into the middle of the room and again the whipped slashed across my arse. She used it to move me around her in an uneven circle. Lunging me just as if I were a real horse, and all the time I could feel my throbbing, lust-filled manhood bobbing beneath me. Knowing full well she could see my condition I desperately hoped against hope that she would choose to make use of those soft leather gloves on it. And also dreading the moment she might take exception to it and strike it with the end of that terrible whip.

Uttering a tiny squeal of delight at my efforts she did what I could only call a little dance, and as she span I saw her tight buttock also peeped out from the jodhpurs through strategically arranged holes in the pale material and once again I felt my manhood lurch at the very thought of making love between them, but no sooner had the thought bubbled up in my mind I knew it was a fantasy that would to remain unfulfilled.

I had a fleeting view of her magnificent womanhood as she threw her legs across my back and I groaned as she settled those gloriously warm buttocks onto my bare back. I felt my back bow as she lifted her feet from the ground and tucked them against my flanks, but my new magically enhanced muscles flexed in ways I had never been able to do before and I felt my back straighten under her weight.

I heard her give a soft sigh as she felt my muscles rippled under her bare sex, and she lent forwards and gave the reins a gentle tug before glazing my flanks with her spurs and I moved swiftly forwards.

Her laugher of delight was music to my ears as I started to walk across the carpeted floor, and for a moment I wished we were outside in a field or in a proper stable with sawdust on the floor beneath my limbs.

Once, twice, three times I circled the room with Lucy rocking back and forth on my broad back, those spurs occasionally brushing my flanks to spur me on. And suddenly I didn’t want to spell to end. A part of me was happy there beneath her bare buttocks and never wanted to have to return to the world of reality. I had no idea if that was part of the magic spell of whether it was something that had always dwelt within me. But for a long moment I was suddenly happy and I thought I was where I truly wanted to be. Beneath the tight buttocks of that magnificent woman, gripped by her thighs and controlled by her reins and her whip. I never wanted the spell of end. And from the way she is sighing up there on my back now I don’t think she wants it to end either.

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