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To Save a Dragon

by Trashmouse

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© Copyright 2009 - Trashmouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; MF; furry; bond; damsel; rescue; transform; magic; oral; sex; cons; X

I stood at the edge of the cave, looking out over the long rolling hill and the hardly visible path that ran up from the valley floor to the ground under my feet. In the distance I could see a man in armor riding his horse along the trail, being very careful on the tangled path, yet never looking away from where I stood. I couldn't see what species he was, but judging by the shape of the armor is was a feline of some sort.

The chains around my wrists and ankles were starting to chafe at my fur, the weight of them were pulling me closer to the ground. The short chains gave me very little leeway to move around the cave, but I didn't mind. I was meant to be on display.

I did shift from foot to foot; the thin dress I was in did not give me any protection from the brisk wind. The thin hem fluttered around my legs and billowing back around my tail. The front was ripped open enticingly to show off my cleavage, not that the man in his armor could see it just yet.

A shiver ran through me as the knight pulled his horse to a stop. "Damn it, get up here," I hissed.

"Relax little one, he'll be here soon," my friend and mentor said from inside the darkness of the cave.

I cast my eyes to the side, looking into the darkness. I could see his eyes glowing with a light blue, not enough to be seen from outside the cave, but enough to know that he was there. "He's taking hours to get up here. It shouldn't take this long," I said through clenched teeth, pulling my arms as close to my body as I could.

"He's too close; he would see any fire I made."

"Brighteye, he's miles away," I replied.

"Other species have better eyesight then some. I could see a fire in this cave from fifty miles away," he replied.

I snorted softly and flicked my tail, trying to hold the back of my dress down. "Fine then, but next time I'm wearing underwear. I'm not going to stand out here in the cold while I wait for some hero reject to figure out the path is safer then it looks. It's not even that steep!"

My lover and mentored snorted a bit before he pulled himself further back into the darkness. "I believe he has finally worked that fact out for himself. I'll be in my chambers, you know what to do," he said. I could hear him moving through the cave for a few moments, and then there was silence.

I looked back down at the trail and the knight ridding up it. He was pushing his horse as fast as he could, and the beast didn't look happy about it. I hoped he would arrive soon; the sun was getting low on the horizon. The days were getting short and the cold was coming fast, I wanted to go back in the cave where it was warm.

It was another half an hour before he got close enough that I could make out his species from behind the armor. It was a cougar, the shape of the muzzle and his ears gave it away. His armor was fine but not very well put on and I could see some tarnish in places. His father's more than likely, and he had ridden the whole way wearing it so he had come alone. He must have been from a small kingdom. Either that or he was some farm boy trying to save the princess so I would fall madly in love with him. Guess he didn't know I was a mouse.

I hoped that it wasn't a farm boy. I always had to break their hearts and send them away. They were just a waste of my time and of Brighteye's. A prince was worth far more to us both.

As he grew nearer I could see him looking me over. I relaxed a bit, letting up tail up so my dress would flair out around my legs and pressed out my chest slightly to show off. I wanted to distract him and give him a show.

When he was close enough he slipped off his horse, tying it to a well worn stump and started the short distance up to me. As he grew near he drew his sword, looking around with a wary eye.

"Hurry, free me before the dragon wakes up," I said in my best damsel in distress voice.

The knight shifted a bit then lifted up his visor, looking at me with his eyes. "My dear lady, I will have you free in just a moment," he said, hint of an accent in his voice.

I tried to hide my sigh. He was trying to be the brave hero, but I could he his tail shaking under his armor. Still, he hid it well otherwise. I smiled at him and leaned forward slightly, my red hair falling over my face as I lifted my chained arms. "I'm not sure where the key is."

He glanced into the cave then back at me, then finally slid his sword back into the sheath. Not a smart move, he should slay the dragon then save the girl. Of course Brighteyes would be ready, only one person had slain him, and that was me.

A smile crossed over my face as the memory came back. It wasn't everyday that one gets to kill a dragon and see it coming back to life. Of course it was an accident, and I kind saved his life after I caused it, but still. That was a couple years back, since then he had taken me under his purple wing and was teaching me his arts and magic.

The cougar was the tenth knight who had come up to save me, and looked like he was going to be an easy one to deal with.

He came up to me and looked at the chains around my wrists. A small smirk crossed his wide muzzle as he shook his head. "These locks are simple to remove," he said, reaching behind his back. He pulled out a simple wooden wand with a few leaves still at the tip. I could feel the magic in it, hardly much at all, but it was a spell to open the locks.

I held my wrists out to him as he brought the wand down on my shackles. There was a small snap as the spell on his wand broke on the basic wards around my wrists. Wards that were simply for show. I tried to hide my amusement and simply released the wards, and the locks, with my own magic.

As the locking spell broke the chains fell away from my wrists and legs. I rubbed at the matted fur and smiled at my 'hero'. "Thank you," I said.

He smiled and took my hands in his, the gloves scratching at my fur. He lifted one hand up and kissed it softly. "You are a beauty my dear," he said.

Damn it, he was already smitten with me. What was the point of a learning a love spell if I couldn't use it! "We must go," I said, turning away, and then letting out a gasp as the wind caught my dress and lifted it high around me, showing him my nude ass.

The cougar let out a laugh and pulled his sword. "First I must slay the dragon. Show him to me?" he asked.

I pushed my dress down and hurried into the cave. Just inside thou mouth I picked up a torch and offered it to him. Without a word he took out a small fire stone and pressed it to the end of the torch. The wood sputtered and flamed to life.

Holding the torch above my head I started into the cave. I tried to look unsure of myself, but I knew the way even in the dark, of course I could now see in the dark, but he didn't need to know that. The knight followed after me as I lead him deeper into the cave, around the twists and turns and finally into the large chamber where Brighteye's kept his hoard. The collection of treasure glittered, even in the flicking tight of my small fire. It made the whole room glow around us and highlighted the sleeping from of the dragon.

"Stay here, I will kill the beast," he said, dropping his visor and walking across the half light room. High above us, over the top of the treasure, I could see my mentor's blue eyes glowing, watching the knight from a safe vantage.

I watched the cougar as he moved towards the decoy dragon we had made. It was a simple transformation of a dear to look like a dragon. Hardly the real thing, that sort of change took a great deal more work. Still, it would fool my hero.

He moved up to the fake dragon, being very carefully not to wake the fake beast. Slowly he moved closer and closer, nearly slipping on the treasure before getting close enough to strike. The sword came down and landed with a sick flump and the fake dragon shook and expired as the spells keeping it alive were dismissed by my mentor.

He looked down at the dead beast then threw his head back, laughing hard. Reaching up he pulled off his helmet and threw it to the side, still laughing.

I walked over to him and shook my head. I was supposed to complement him on how heroic he was, but the laughing was just breaking the mood. "What are you doing?" I asked.

Turning to look at me he smiled, the black markings around his muzzle nearly vanishing in the faint light of the torch still in my hand. "I didn't think it would be that easy."

With a shake of my head I bent down and stuck the torch in the treasure pile, near an old piece of armor. Turning back I smiled to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. "Now that the danger is over, you should remove the armor." I said.

He shook his head. "I don't think it's the time."

Reaching up I pulled the knot on my dress. It fluttered and slide over by body, raining down over my legs and gathering around my feet on the floor. I stood in front of him in all my nakedness, my tail swinging happily behind me.

"I think it is," I told him, taking a step forward to take his face in my hands. He was surprised, and froze up as I leaned in and kissed him firmly on the lips. It took a moment but he finally melted, returning the kiss and wrapping has arms around me, pulling me to his armored chest. We continued kissing as I pulled him away from the fake dragon, moving him along until we both fell onto the lose pile of gold.

He let out a gasp as we landed, but I smiled and stretched out on my back, feeling the gold shift under me in the most delightful way. "Get out of that armor before you break it," I said, reaching down to rub the curved metal over his groin.

The cougar blushed a bit though his tan fur. "It would take an hour."

I smirked and reached around him, my hand slipping into the pouch on the back of his belt. I took out the little wand with the broken spell, and then touched it against his chest as I cast a real lock breaking spell. The magic shined for a moment then his armor fell away, leaving him in his padding and cotton underclothing.

He pulled back in surprise, looking down at himself, then back at me, his pants starting to bulge.

I wasn't about to give him a chance to think about it. I leaned forward, grabbed the edge of his pant and pulled them. His cock bounced free with enough force to slap at his tight belly before settling down to jut out from his crotch in a high arch. He was an impressive sample of manhood, his cock longer than normal with a fat head and taunt veins along the length. His balls were larger as well, his sack pulling up to his body from the slight chill of the cave.

"That is a lovely cock," I said, then slurped the length into my muzzle. He let out a soft cry of surprise at this but didn't pull back. Instead his hands dropped down to stroke at my ears as my nose pressed down against his crotch. The head of his cock teased the back of my throat, but it didn't bother me. Brighteyes had helped me remove my gag reflex after we tricked our first knight.

I held him in my muzzle, using my tongue to tease around the shaft, and then slowly pulled it past my lips. I could taste his precum, sharp and spicy, with a hint of the power held inside of him. I let my eyes close partway, looking up at him with lust that I truly felt. He was going to make me feel very good.

The cougar let out a small moan and humped a bit into my muzzle. "You're excellent," he whispered.

Flicking my tail against the gold behind me I started to pick up my pace. I let one hand slip down to cup and tease at his ball, rolling and stroking them in his tight sack, while my other hand stroked over his cock, teasing around the end of his sheath and pushing at the skin.

He tensed for a moment, and I worried I had pushed him too far, but it wasn't him time just yet. Instead he dropped his hands from my head and arched his back, his tail flicking quickly behind him.

I decided it was best not to push my luck and slowly let his shaft slide free of my lips. I licked at the head a couple more times, lapping up the thick precum before I allowed his shaft to go free. "You taste wonderful," I said, running my arm over my muzzle.

With a blush he tried to strike a manly pose, but his pants, still around his knees, tangling him up. He let out a yelp and tried to balance himself as he fell face first into the gold of Brighteye's hoard. Some of the coins flew out around him and rained down on his back.

Holding back a laugh I reached down and grabbed his pants, pulling them off his legs along with his boots. He struggled a bit in the gold, trying to get enough purchase to turn himself over, and I took advantage of it. Taking a step back, still holding his pants, I relaxed and let the nictitating membranes slide over my eyes, looking at him with my magical sight.

I had to suppress a gasp. He glowed brightly with the yellow flames of his bloodline. Stronger then I had ever seen it in anyone. He must have been a direct decedent of the old king. This was unexpected and more then I had ever hoped for. He might be the last knight I needed to trick into my home.

With a shake of my head I opened my eyes and glanced back into the darkness at my mentor. "Did you see?" I whispered, knowing that he would hear.

"I saw," he replied at the same volume, my sensitive ears picking the words out of the silence.

Bending down I teased the knight's tail with one hand, the other taking his shoulder. Bracing myself on the hoard I pulled him over and rolled him onto his back. He looked up at me with a smile on his face, a few pieces of gold sticking to his fur and a silver bracelet hanging from erect shaft.

I giggled at this. "For me?" I asked, bending down and taking the bracelet off of his cock and slipped it around my wrist.

"Anything for you," he replied.

Straddling his body I lowered myself down to be just above his cock, my knees sinking into the treasure. "Then fuck me," I told him.

He reached up and grabbed my hips firmly in his hands. With a single move he pulled me down onto his shaft while at the same time thrusting into me. I let out a cry as the long shaft penetrated the folds of my sex and slammed deep inside of me.

I bent over, placing my hands under his arms and kissing him full on the lips as I started to ride him. We shared the work, his cock sometimes slamming in while other times I pressed myself down against him. Our tongues teased around each other, muzzled locked firmly together as he used each other.

It was an amazing experience, each thrust sending a wave of pleasure though out the whole of my body. I could feel the power inside of him, the strength of his arms as the held me to him and his cock as it filled me to the brink, the head teasing ever so softly deep inside of my pussy.

We found a rhythm with each other, moving in time and in sync, and our gasps filling the large room. Our exertions were sending small slides of gold and gems around us, burying my hands and his back, but we didn't care. The burring fire between us was all that we were focused on as his trusting increased in pace.

I broke the kiss, looking deep into his eyes. My body was starting to tense in anticipation of the moment that was to come. Every muscle growing tight and my wet cleft clenched down around his pounding shaft.

This seemed to be the last he could take. He threw his head back, spearing himself into me and crying out as he came. The force of his seed entering me and the amazing jolt of power that came with it pushed me past the point of no return. My body joined his in the wonderers of the orgasm.

We shook together for a good minute, our bodies acting on their own as his seed filled my sex. When it was finally over I fell against him, panting hard and licking the fur at his face.

"That was incredible," he whispered.

I nodded, feeling the magic inside of me swirling and growing in strength. "Oh, it was. I didn't know you were so pure!"

He chuckled a bit in embarrassment and tried to hide the blush. "Can I get up, this gold is started to hurt my back."

"I don't mind it. I find it comfortable," I told him as I stood up, his cock falling out of me with a wet sound and falling against the fur of his belly.

The cougar nodded and started to stand up. "We had better get going, it must be night already."

"I think we should stay," I said, a smile crossing my face as Brighteye started to climb over the top of the hoard, his purple wings glittering in the torch light.


"Because my lover would be so mad if I left without him," I said, pointing over the young knight's shoulder.

He looked confused, then slowly turned around to come face to face with Brighteye. The dragon smiled a bit, then lifting his head sent out a blast of fire that rolled over the roof of the cave and light the oil lanterns that ringed the top to the room. Light filled the cave, blinding the cougar for a moment.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around him. "I don't like making him mad," I said.

The cougar struggled under my grip, but I held him firmly in place.

"What is going on? I killed the dragon!" he finally cried out.

Letting out a snort I pulled him off the hoard. "No, you killed a fake dragon."

"No real dragon would die that easy," Brighteye said as he climbed down the treasure to look at the knight. "What you killed was a beast made to look like a dragon."

He looked up at Brighteye, and then tried to turn his head to look back at me. "Why? Why did you do this?"

"Because of the power you hold inside of you," I explained feeling a chill run over my body. "All the nobles have some of the bloodline of the old king. I have to gather enough power from that line to cast the spell."

"Spell, what spell?" he asked, struggling against me. I shrugged and let him go. He wasn't going anywhere now.

"You need the power of the old king to turn someone into a true dragon," my mate said, his wings fanning out a bit as he moved over the uneven hoard.

The knight looked back at me, and I smiled back to him feeling a new set of teeth filing my muzzle, the changes starting already. "And I want to be a true dragon."

He fell to the ground, wrapping his arms around himself and shivering slightly. "You're going to kill me, aren't you?"

Brighteye moved forward and gently placed a large forepaw on his back. "No, we're not going to kill you. Nor can we let you go. We will send you to another land, across the sea. You cannot harm us there and the people there need heroes."

The cougar shook his head, his ears pulling back as he started to cry. "I failed you father," he whispered.

I turned away. Sometimes I hated what we had to do. Without a word I lifted my hand and felt my dragon's paw settled into it. I brought my magic forward, allowing him to aid my casting as I opened the gateway. There was a momentary red glow inside the cave then it flared away.

Turning back I saw that he was gone, as was in armor.

"I hope he'll be okay in his new home," Brighteye said.

I kicked slightly at the ground and then moved over to lay on the hoard, feeling the comfortable treasure against my back as my muscles twitched. I could see my toes starting to grow talons. "I think this is enough. No more tricking people, no more sending them away, no more being half a dragon and half a mouse."

He nodded and settled down, pressing close to me. "I love you my dear princess, never forget that."

Placing my hands around his large muzzle I moved his lips until they touched mine. We kissed for a few seconds before pulling apart. "I love you too my dragon," I said as I curled up with him.

As I fell into a deep slumber I dreamed of my life to come. I would be my lovers mate in all ways. We would own the sky and the land, and no one would stand in our way. I owned so much to my nameless cougar. Maybe we could even visit the land across the sea and see how the knights were doing.

I fell asleep a happy dragoness to be.



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