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Storycodes: F/m; M/f; transform; M2f; F2furry; bodymod; majck; potion; bimbo; amputee; objectify; toys; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Vignette: Weekend body swap (Transformation, Body Swap, Mind Control, Romantic, Sex Change)
MF; transform; M2f; FF; mind-control; lesbian; desire; rom; cons; X

As he came down from the pleasure of the transformation from his male body to a female body he looked into his wife’s eyes for approval, according to their deal she was to transform herself into a man and they would spend the weekend as lovers. “Oh honey, you’re not done yet, explore your body for a moment before the next changes begin.” He wondered what 'next changes' meant as he roamed his body with his hands, pleased at the sensitivity of this tiny female body. Just as he was about to explore his sex for the first time as a woman his vision spun and he could feel his mind changing. Thoughts of his love of pussy were being replaced by a lust for cock, he could almost see the changes in his mind as memories of fucking women rushed through and out and thoughts of cock flooded in to fill in the new new gaps in his mind. As the changes finished he found that not all of his thoughts of pussy had been replaced, it seemed this body still found women attractive, so when he felt the warm touch of his wife’s hands on his body he knew what he wanted. He reached out and pulled her close for a kiss. “I thought you might enjoy spending some ‘girl time’ with me before I transform into a man, let’s explore each others bodies, then we’ll go out and pick up some mega-hunk and get the two of us some fresh cock. What do you think about that?”
- Baubleheadz - 

Vignette: SluttyMcSlutface (Body Swap, Lesbian, Mind Control, Sex Change, Transformation)
Solo-M; shower; shampoo; transform; M2f; bodymod; bimbofication; mast; F/f; discovery; cons/nc; X

Peter was suddenly VERY disappointed with himself, or maybe this was not HIS fault. The effect of the potion he had added to his girlfriend’s shampoo was designed to cause slow changes to her mind and body over months and months that might go unnoticed until too late, but what had happened to him had happened all at once! Only 10 minutes earlier, Peter had been taking a shower, shampooing his hair, soaping and rinsing his body and private parts. Everything was going just like it normally would. Normal, that is, until he was cleaning his asshole and felt a tingling pleasure surging from where his fingers touched. Before he consciously realized what was happening he had two fingers buried in his ass, finger fucking himself, and enjoying it immensely, something he would have NEVER done, NEVER! This should have sent alarm bells off in his head but he was too distracted by the surprising and unexpected pleasure of it. It didn't take him long before he came hard, but it felt really weird, unlike any pleasure and orgasm he had ever felt before.

By the time he had snapped out of the post-mind-blowing-orgasmic-daze, everything about him had changed! He realized immediately that his chest felt very heavy; he reached up and touched his overly enormous breasts, his new long fingernails scratched his sensitive nipples and his knees almost gave way to the sudden intense pleasure and pain. Peter gasped in a high pitch sexy voice as he noticed all the changes he had planned for his girlfriend, but they had happened to him! His body was shorter, small and light, with wide hips and a tiny waist. His manly muscles were all gone, replaced by the well-toned build of a very healthy 20 year old. His overly sensitive breasts were enormous and ridiculously ridged like the fresh breast implants of porn star! His lips were puffy and his new long hair was a light soft silken platinum blond. He didn’t even want to see what was between his legs… and what wasn’t.

Every once in a while Peter would catch his hands wandering his shapely body, distracting him from thinking about much of anything, then he would snap out of it and remember the mind numbing effect the shampoo was designed to cause. He knew that only a strong orgasm could clear his head, after all he had designed it to work this way! The potion was made to increase the intelligence of his girlfriend, normally, but at the same time she would be cursed with an increasingly stupid bimbo brain, unless she had an orgasm. Slowly, over time, her mind would learn to associate his cock with a clear mind. He would have a HOT bimbo girlfriend, a slave to his cock in the bedroom, but an intelligent, fun, sexy woman to spend the rest of his day with! What a perfect combination!

Now Peter’s mind was getting foggy again, he could not control his urges now. His hands had a mind of their own and they lathered up his body and teased his new senses. Finally, his finger tentatively explored his new pussy, this time his knees did give out and he quickly found himself on the floor of the shower, he fetched and started fucking himself with a skinny shampoo bottle. (He had always secretly enjoyed the fact that so many women's shampoo bottles were OBVIOUSLY designed to resemble a cock, and many of them would obviously be a good fit if one every wanted to try one out.) After the shampoo bottle orgasm subsided Peter found himself sitting with his ass flat on the floor with an enormously full feeling stretching his pussy as he realized that the shampoo bottle was still deep in him. Try as he might, for the next 30 minutes he could not muster up the mental power to leave the shower, he kept finding himself on the floor of the shower, panting after another orgasm, usually with something shoved up one or both of his holes.

Eventually though, his girlfriend came home, found him in the shower, and made him stand up. His girlfriend didn’t say anything she simply hooked her finger into his hot wet cunt and pulled him forward obediently into the bedroom, still soaking wet. By now he had completely forgotten that masturbation could not cause the mind clearing orgasm, only an orgasm achieved from another could do that. And she could surely help clear his mind... She would make him apologise directly to all of her body-parts that he had meant to change on her. A little “lip service” could go a long way she mused. Maybe after he had learned his lesson she would turn him back to normal, and maybe she would use the shampoo on herself, she had no plans to leave Peter any time soon. Maybe she would make Peter take her ex-boyfriend's overly enormous cock. Her old boyfriend would not mind coming to fuck two hot bombshell platinum blonds that looked almost like twins, and Peter would come to love a cock before turning back into a man. He would know deep down how embarrassing it was to enjoy a cock so much, all while enjoying a cock... so much!
- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Magically Quad Amputee (Potion, Quad Amputee, Transformation, Voyeurism)
M/f; escort; dinner; potion; transform; quad-amputee; objectify; desires; fantasies; chocolate; cons; X

Dinner was going exactly right! It was the most odd and strange thing she had ever experienced. It was also the most terrifically terrifying exhilarating thing she could have never dreamed up on her own. Typically she was one of the most beautiful women, long slender legs and arms; the body of a model and the face of an angel. Right now though she was strapped to a chair in the most lavish enormous dining hall she had ever seen with her arms and legs gone. They had disappeared into her body while her other features had grown. She was now a VERY buxom thick assed torso with a head; a quad-amputee.

It was also exciting that she was now completely mute, unable to communicate with her voice she now had to use her expressions and body. The process was temporary, yes, she didn't know how it worked, but it didn't matter, this job was paying really, really well. Strange and impossible, yes. But thrilling and kind of sexy in practice. She had known what would happen to her, but to actually experience it was surreal to say the least!

This was the kind of kinky stuff that could only be accomplished by the most lavish spender, the help of a genius scientist, and willing beauty. The beauty was her; a very sexy escort willing to do some of the more "strange" requests. For this private dinner date in her 'John's' mansion her “appetizer” had been a horrible tasting potion, thankfully a glass of wine had already chased it down. By the time her wine had been refilled by one of the staff waiting on them her hands had already dissolved into her wrists.
Soon after that, her slowly shrinking arms lay limp at her sides uselessly as she watched the mass of her arms reduce while the mass of her ass and breasts grew slightly (even in fringe physics there was conservation of mass/energy). She watched her date eat his meal, slowly enjoying the sumptuous foods placed before him. He had INSISTED that he eat first, then he would come and feed her once her transformation was complete. When her arms had gone she had felt her legs beginning to shrink and she had been thankful for the steel brace around her stomach hidden discreetly beneath her silky black evening dress. This steel brace kept her upright and allowed her to keep a tiny bit of dignity as she watched him over the long table.

She maintained a poised posture trying to look irresistible, trying to see if she could break his calm. Her date seemed to enjoy each bite of his food as much as he was enjoying watching her transform as she smiled back at him silently. No doubt he could see the excitement and lust in her eyes, but he didn’t give himself away, he just calmly savored each bite and each stolen glance. As the lavishly catered meal progressed it was strange to have the food courses laid in front of her and just ignoring them. Without arms she simple could do nothing more than look at the wonderfully prepared dishes and let her mouth water as she sadly watched each plate go uneaten. She kept her piercing gaze on her date only looking away to nodded politely at the staff when they came to serve her or take her food away.

Finally, after desert was served the staff excused themselves for the evening. Now they were alone. Still, her date, seeming oblivious to her newly felt vulnerability, enjoyed each nibble of his various deserts. Now she was getting impatient. Her panties were soaked; she was feeling less and less like a lady now, and more and more like she was ready to be his evening’s entertainment. After all, the entire point of this event was so that he could experience her deepest fantasy with her, her desire to be treated as a thing, as a loved and cherished item, like a jewel or a porcelain doll.

As an escort she was sometimes treated like she had little value. Most of the time that was because her “John's” didn't truly appreciate or respect her, after all that's what they hired her for. This evening was going to be an entirely new thing, and it excited her! She wanted to be treated with apathy, yet also feel like a prized possession. She wanted to feel like she was a closely kept secret, brought out of her display case solely for the pleasure of her owner when their need for her arose. Then cleaned and placed back in storage when they were sated.

As he started working on his last small desert sample she shrugged and sighed (soundlessly) making her dress “accidentally” slip off of one shoulder exposing her right breast. She wanted to be sure he noticed her newly full and pert features. Eventually, he came over and pressed her wine glass to her mouth, allowing her to drink. He didn’t remove the glass until she drank the whole thing, then he delicately fed her most of her deserts, saving some for last. He sliced the strawberry and used a ring of it to adorn her hard sensitive nipple on her already exposed breast. He pulled her dress down on the other side and did the same before gently eating them off of her chest. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back exposing her neck to him as he dribbled chocolate sauce on her lips, down her neck, and across her breasts. She dared not lick it off her lips, that was his job.

She expected him to start working on cleaning her up, but instead he pulled her dress up around her waist, unclasped the steel brace that held her upright, lifted her from her chair, letting the light silky dress slither down her torso and fall away below her. He laid her on the table. She could do nothing with her limbless form except let him have his way with her. Her voice was gone so she could not tell him what she wanted, nor tell him what she didn’t want. She was a passenger in her own body!
She felt more of the warm chocolate landing in spiraling, stringy patterns across her stomach. Then he pulled her pussy lips apart pouring the warm sauce right on her clit and allowed the thickening chocolate to glide warmly through her sex down under her ass to pool on the table. She was giddy with delight, she could not have asked for a better evening, and he was far from done with her! She knew that, for now, he was playing with her, but soon his lust would take over and he would sate himself inside of her body, what a pleasure it would be to be his toy!

She also knew that this potion was not supposed to start wearing off for at least a few days! She only hoped that he would store her in that empty bare glass display case she had noticed out in the dance area of the great hall they had been having dinner in. Honestly she had no idea what he planned to do with her while she was transformed, her contract had some stipulations, but as far as he was allowed there was almost nothing he could not do with her. She could just imagine him hosting a gala to show off his most stunning piece of art. Had there been some means of holding her up in there? Another steel belt to pin her to the display case's back wall? or maybe small holes in the base that he could screw huge dildos into that he could then place her on for safe keeping. Would the case be closed? Locked? or would she get to enjoy the touches and exploratory prods of his guests?
- Baubleheadz -


Vignette: Distractions (Sex Change, Body Swap, Mind Control, Transformation)
Solo-M; transform; M2f; majick; idol; shower; denial; mast; climax; stuck; cons; X

What are cold showers for anyways? OH, how desperately George was trying to keep dirty thoughts out of his mind! With his wife away on a business trip, George had secretly spent the last two days transformed magically into a woman; the most intense days of his entire life, but it HAD to end NOW! He only needed to go about 15 minutes more without having an orgasm, otherwise…. George pushed the thought out of his mind, trying to think only clean thoughts and keep his hands off of his sex. What would his wife think if she came home to find a smoking HOT beauty rampaging around the house, fucking everything! It would take some explaining, that was for sure!!!

George had not believed in magic until the idol had worked, but how was he supposed to prove to his wife that he was himself without her seeing it for herself first hand? Oh but how much fun could they have, if only he could convince his wife that he was her husband, just transformed. OH, this body had wanted nothing but cock all weekend, but suddenly this body was thinking along a whole new line: lesbianism!!! George envisioned his wife kneeling below him in the shower while he spread his knees to give her better access to his sensitive places!

Realizing just in time, George forced himself to pull his fingers out of his soaking pussy and he put his hands on the wall in front of him tilting his head back into the freezing cold water, but his body was SO hot with lust that this was not even helping anymore! George wondered; it must only be a few more minutes until the magic wore off, then he could masturbate all he wanted as man without fear. When his wife came home he would use his new-found first-hand knowledge of the female body to blow his wife’s mind! He would have her cumming for HOURS! Then he could SHOW her his transformation into a woman and she would KNOW it was him and they could fuck as women, fingers, toys, vegetables, anything...

What if they went out together and picked up a man, a man to fuck them both, then George could really experience his first real cock as a woman. Then George dropped to his knees as his body tightened and his breathing quickened, again his hands had found their way to his pussy, and again he was only moments from cumming! As he caught his breath he sat back on his ankles and his left foot slipped out from under him. As his body fell slightly his sore aching pussy landed squarely on his right calf splitting his pussy lips right around the hard strong muscle. The sudden pressure of his strained calf muscle on his clit was all George needed to break over the edge of an intense orgasm and he leaned forward against the cold shower wall, cooling the side of his face on the tile as he allowed his defeated body to take control. One hand found his pussy and the other found one of his erect nipples as he realized he would be stuck in this body for another day, but immediately found himself distracted by his newest desire, his wife’s pussy.
- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Pussy Cat Girlfriend (Sex Magik, Transformation, Furry, Mind Control)
Solo-F; sybian; majick; transform; furry; discovery; M/f; desire; cons; X

When you walked into your bedroom you didn't notice what was wrong right away. At first you just heard something unfamiliar until you looked down at your naked (as usual) witch girlfriend on your bed, except she had transformed slightly. She still looked quite normal, except for a long, long cat tail that had sprouted out of her coccyx, AND... she had too many nipples. Her eyes looked more cat like than normal, which was also weird. Kara had a blissful yet lusty look in her eyes and you knew there was going to be trouble. She had obviously been working sex majick again; a formerly lost art that was becoming more popular among the “gifted” girls of her age. The art was enormously boosted by modern easy to obtain sex toys like the Sybian Kara had obviously been using. The thing was sitting on the floor, still vibrating, and the little attached cock was still spinning slightly, abandoned by the very distracted girl now laying on the bed.

The fact that she had a tail was a good bit disconcerting, the way her SIX nipples quickly hardened as soon as she saw you was a bad sign, but what really worried you was how she was cooing and writhing her small body in a seductive fashion like some kind of animal in heat. Being a “sex majick clueless boyfriend” you had NO idea what she had been doing or what had happened to her but if it was anything like last time you would need to make an embarrassing call to her tutor again. (Oh that tutor though… how HOT was that girl… if only your girlfriend AND her tutor needed some cock to help them on a lesson or something…. oh well… a boy can dream). Well first things first, experience dictated that you would need to fuck her stupid then she would curl up in a corner of the room for a nap, you hoped... Last time this happened it took 3 hard fuckings before she could be sated, and last time there wasn’t a tail!
- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Ex-Girlfriend Experience(Body Modification, Body Swap, Futa, Sex Change, Transformation)
F/m; bond; rope; oral; denial; device; bodymod; transform; sex-change; futa; tease; stuck; cons; X

He woke, arms and legs tied to his own ottoman, his ex girlfriend Mercedes Grabowski was kneeling between his legs with his soft cock in her mouth. It felt wonderful, but why the hell was she even in his house, and why the FUCK was he tied down, and why was his cock in her mouth?! Her makeup was done up like he had always asked her to do special for him sometimes; like a porn star. She had even imitated the makeup of a famous porn star, August Ames, so she looked strikingly like her, but he knew it was his ex by the way she smiled.

“Oh hey, you are awake. Let me finish up here and then you'll get the entire story.”

By now his cock was at half mast and her mouth was back on it. She was an expert at oral, something he had never known when they were dating, she had only ever wanted vanilla sex with lots and lots of kissing. When he got hard she kept going, getting him closer and closer to cuming, but slowly, in stages, she would take him deep in her throat giving him intense pleasure, then she would back off and just lick up and down his shaft or around the head of his cock letting his pleasure wane. Then back to deep throating again, then back to licking. She was stare stepping his pleasure, bringing him closer and closer to cuming. When he thought he was just about as hard as he had ever been, almost painfully hard, she reached under the ottoman and grabbed a black cylinder with a red vagina at one end and sunk it down over his cock. He thought she was going to fuck him with it but she just held it still. Even without the movement though his pleasure continued to grow, very very slowly.

“So, you know how you always told me I looked just like August Ames? Well that IS me, I'm her. I realize I was not completely fair with you, I should have just told you what I wanted, who I was, and what you were doing wrong. All I ever wanted was for you to make love to me like a girlfriend, but I always felt like you were thinking of August Ames and not me. I know that's not fair, but if you had just made love to me once, and blown my mind with passionate real sex, I would have been yours forever! But it seemed like once you got the porn star idea in your head that was all you wanted from me until you had it, and I held out from you. If I had just felt that you were making love to me, Mercedes, and not August, I would have been your cum slut fuck toy porn star whenever you wanted, if you had just made me feel like a normal girl every now and then. Well I'm here to give you a second chance... kind of. You think about whether or not you loved me while I'll borrow something from you for a while. The day I return it I'll want an answer from you. Now, I need to borrow something because I don't have one, and well, if I did I could make some serious money. Everyone would think it was the best fake in the world, but me and you would know it was real! Ahh almost done”

Mercedes had pulled up slightly on the tube and it felt funny. Then it came free. At first he just didn't understand, he couldn't see his cock so he thought it must be somehow being held down where he could not see it. Then he realized the impossible truth; he had no cock, it was gone! The skin there was smooth as a babies butt, he could feel his balls still, and he could still even feel his cock pressed deep inside that tight container, but it was gone from his body! Mercedes shook the tube up and down until a cock popped out of the container. She held it in her hands lovingly and dropped the tube. She stoked it up and down and put half of it down her throat testing it out. Amazingly he could feel all of it happening, even considering it was detached!

“Now look, I'll come put this back in a little while... like a week or so, don't worry I won't lose it, and as an added bonus you'll feel everything that happens to it so you'll know it's safe... and warm... and sometimes wet.”

Mercedes pushed the cock back inside of the tube and stood up. She sat down on his chest straddling him facing him. She leaned back then pressed the base of the tube into her perfectly shaved pubic bone. After a few moments she pulled the tube off and there before him was her shaved pussy below and HIS cock above! She played with it experimentally masturbating herself, then pinching the tip. Both of them squeaked “Oww” at the same time.

"Now look, I'll use a condom when I'm using your cock, so don't worry, but you are gonna get a lot of action this week. I've got a few jobs lined up already. Then if you are a good boy I might even bring a girl back here for you to play with... you wont be able to fuck her, but you'll feel me fucking her and that will have to do. If you are a bad boy, I know all your favorite porn stars, I'll go fuck all of them with your cock and you'll be at home wondering who you are missing out on.. so be a good boy. Don't bother trying to get your cock back either, these tubes only work once, and I'll have to acquire another one to give your cock back. So, I'm going to untie you and leave, I'll be back soon enough though and you can give me your answer then, and it better be a good answer. Oh and be glad once it's hard it stays hard, or you would have to suck me off to get it hard when I go to give it back!” With a final smirk she untied one of his hands and left. 
- Baubleheadz

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