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Transformations Ball

by Vaughan

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Storycodes: Solo-F; Solo-M; transform; box; succubus; wings; tail; magic; cons; X

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Heidi Seeque

The blacked out limousine pulled up at the entrance of the venue for the Transformations Ball, a charity event that took the form of a secret weekend sex and costume party; money raised being donated to other charities to help transform the lives of people for the better. The reason for the secrecy was the generally high media profile of the participants, who came to have fun and let their hair down in ways that might damage their standing if known to the public. The woman who emerged from the car was not worried about that, as this was exactly the kind of behaviour she was known for.

The footman who opened the car door recognised Heidi Seeque, but as with all the guests this weekend he made sure that the recognition did not show. He took the small suitcase that she handed to him and showed her to the main door, passing on the suitcase to another footman who showed her to the reception desk. She signed the register with her screen name, rather than the name she had been given as a child; the receptionist looked at the name and realised why she seemed familiar to him; he blushed.

Heidi turned to find a footman to guide her the next part of the journey before she would be reunited with her case in her room. She was astounded to see a genie floating towards her offering a hand to be shaken.

"Welcome to The Transformations Ball, Miss Seeque," said the apparition.

"Who are you? And where is Connor; I had such fun with him last year."

"My name is Jenny. Connor impressed enough people with the organisation of last year's ball that he got promoted. I am his replacement in that role. If you wish to have Connor's number, I can see if I can get it for you."

"Nah, I heard he had a wife; I may have a bit of a reputation as a marriage-wrecker, but I don't want to bother; he wasn't that good a lay anyway. Speaking of that; how are you going to get laid without the parts below the belt?"

"I was not planning on getting involved in that part of the activities, even before Mike removed my lower half and turned me into a Genie. He may be a pain in the arse, but his work is excellent from the examples I've seen, but you won't meet him unless you fail costume inspection."

The genie opened a door marked 'Costume Inspection' and ushered the surprised pornstar in.

The costume inspection panel sat at the table and welcomed Miss Seeque and then requested that she remove her cloak that they may assess her costume this year for originality and quality. It has been a tradition of the ball that those attendees that arrive wearing unoriginal or poor quality costumes are fined a donation to the Transformations Trust and supplied with a more original or better quality costume. It has also become a frequent occurrence that ball-goers arrive with deliberately poor costumes in order that they may make a substantial donation allowing them to spend more time enjoying themselves and their fellow attendees, without so much need to look for opportunities to donate.

Heidi fiddled with the buttons on her cloak then dropped it, before turning to show off her costume. This costume consisted of three key elements; a headdress looking like a pair of rams horns (big and almost turning in on themselves to form a spiral, a set of leathery bat-wings held on by a pair of straps over her shoulders and, finally a coat of red paint.

The chairman of the panel said, "I see you have come as a she-demon this year."

"Specifically, a succubus," pointed out Heidi.

"For which we give you credit, and it seems to suit your character, from what I've seen. Unfortunately, the oversized horns do not appear to be properly attached and the paint job already needs some touching up and the straps for the wings are far too visible, perhaps if they had been red to match the paint or clear they would not stick out so much. The judgement of this panel is that you be fined and then taken hence to the transformation room, where your costume will be replaced or upgraded. Have a good weekend."

Heidi left the room and was a little disappointed not to find the genie still floating around. The footman that was waiting guided her a few doors down the corridor to a door marked 'Transformations Room' and opened the door to allow her to enter.

Inside Heidi saw all the familiar paraphernalia of a costume and make-up room. The only unfamiliar thing was the area in the middle which was clear, except for a young man in his early- to mid-twenties, who appeared to be dressed as stereotypical slouching teenager, sat astride a chair.

She heard the door close behind her; evidently the footman was not going to announce her. For a moment she felt a self-consciousness that she had not felt since her early days at school in gym class.

"Well, if it isn't the finest free-fall fuck in the world," commented the young man. The two women turned from their busy-work and looked and recognised her.

Heidi, not for the first time, wished she had not been a part of the famous sky-diving sex scene. "So, you know who I am, but who are you?" She found that attack was often the best form of defence when faced with people that did not show the respect she felt she deserved.

"I am Mike, I will be coordinating the improvement of your costume for this weekend's festivities; in this task I will be assisted by Hannah, my sister and my mother, Mary." He indicated the younger and older women respectively. Heidi noted that they did resemble each other. "So, you decided to come as a sex demon, which I applaud as a display of self-knowledge. I take it the inspection panel did not like the horns, the wings or the paint."

"Exactly, so what are you going to do about it?"

"Well, once you have removed the horns and wings, I will make sure you get a far better set of each, and Hannah is a whizz with the air brush, so I'll leave it to her to enhance the painting with the existing coat as a base." Hannah was already moving to the bodypainting equipment. "But I think we have a few other things that need to be added to."

"Such as?" Heidi enquired.

"Well, my vision of a succubus has a tail and hooves too."

"Of course, it does, but hooves would have been very uncomfortable, being on tip-toe all the time. And as to a tail, I just didn't want to wear a butt-plug all weekend and I couldn't think of any other way, especially as I planned to fail costume inspection."

"So, you're okay with a tail and hooves, so long as they aren't uncomfortable. In that case I can help you; it would be a shame to have what little effort you put into your costume go to waste."

"Jenny said you were a pain in the arse." Mike did not even have the decency to look mildly irritated. Heidi wondered whether to add the next bit, but decided on balance that she should, if only to challenge Mike to produce his best work for her. "She also said you did very good work; I don't know what kind of work you do, but Jenny as a genie is very impressive and a high standard to live up to."

"Alright, Hannah will look after you, while I get things together for horns, wings, a tail and hooves." Mike rose and shuffled in to the next room dragging the chair with him.

With Mike barely out of sight round the doorway, Heidi commented, "He speaks his mind, doesn't he?"

Hannah replied, "He does have a tendency toward honesty of the most brutal kind; no sugar coating with our Mike. But then you are probably the person he has been most polite with so far. I don't know if you breaking at least some of the normal pornstar mould has anything to do with it or if Jenny's warning that he may get penalised if she receives more complaints has finally started to get through, but it is a bit of a change. Well, let's get you touched up before he is ready for you, shall we?"

The next ten minutes saw Hannah applying corrections and enhancements to Heidi's paint-job and Mary covering her brunette hair with a crimson wig with a page-boy cut. During this period, Mike slouched in a few times to deposit items in the middle of the room. The first items were two cages with cloth covers; the first was rectangular about three foot long and two wide and high, the second was about two feet in diameter and three foot tall.

The third item he moved into the room was a person-sized cabinet set beside and hinged to a central pillar on the platform it was wheeled in on.

Coinciding with Hannah's declaration she had done all she could from Miss Seeque, Mike returned to the room with a surprisingly cooperative goat. Despite the goat's biddability being remarkable, the transformation in the magician was more jaw-dropping. It might have been appropriate to wear jeans and T-shirt to lead a goat, but the Mike was wearing a suit and shoes that made you consider that the top-hat was not out of place and his posture was the opposite of a slouch.

"I gather you are ready for the culmination of your transformation, whereas it took me slightly longer than anticipated to gather up the required elements for your alteration into the vision of your true sex-demoness self. Would you like to help with the final preparations?"

Heidi looked round at the other women in the room, in the hope that they would give some indication whether she would be better helping or just observing. Mary and Hannah just shrugged. No help there.

"Alright, what do I do?" asked Heidi, never having been one to shy away from any sort of action.

"You see the cabinet; it has five small doors on the side; I would like you to open them and should you want to check it out, you would be most welcome."

Heidi approached the cabinet and discovered that it seemed to build of seven ten inch high sections stacked on top of each other and held in place by a couple of rails on the pillar side of the cabinet. The doors to which Mike had referred were as deep as each section and as nearly as long as the cabinet was deep; just enough fixed parts at the front for catch and at the back for a hinge. Each section, other than the top and bottom had a door. Heidi twisted the catch on the bottom most door and pulled the door open; the inside was dark and painted a dull black. She continued up the cabinet until all five doors were open; the inside was better lit, but did not reveal anything except holes in the front of the top, bottom and middle sections, each hole being covered by a piece of black fabric that had cuts down it so that a hand or foot could be pushed through without allowing sight into the cabinet from outside.

Heidi turned to ask Mike what she should do next. She was expecting to be asked to enter the cabinet; an idea that unsettled her, as she had no idea what the cabinet was for. Suddenly, she was further unsettled to see that Mike had moved the rectangular cage to a table and removed the cover to reveal a largish lizard; this was not what shocked, but the fact that as she turned round he was reaching into the cage and seemed to snap off the lizard's tail; admittedly the lizard after an initial hiss at Mike's intrusion into its cage was unperturbed by the magician pulling off its tail. Heidi's shock was compounded by the magician saying "Oh good you've done that; hold this for me!" as he handed her the detached tail, which she could feel moving in her hand. Mike nodded with approval when it was obvious that Heidi was not going to shriek or drop the tail, even if she did look horrified.

Mike moved the cage along the table, picked up the circular cage and removed its cover as he placed it down on the table. Hanging from a perch high in the cage was a bat; it blinked in the sudden light and Heidi saw it shuffle slightly on the stick of the perch. Mike opened the cage's door and thrust in both hands, which engulfed the hanging rodent. Heidi felt sure that she heard a ripping sound and then the magician passed her two leathery pieces that resembled bat wings, before turning to reclose the cage. The creature hanging from the perch now more resembled a mouse than a bat. Heidi looked down at the leathery pieces in her hand and could see some delicate bone structure embedded in each piece. She fervently hoped that what she had just witnessed was a trick, but feared that she had just been handed the wings ripped from a bat in front of her.

It occurred to Heidi that if she had been handed the tail and wings, then the goat was about to have a very rough time. This was apparently confirmed when Mike pulled a carrot from inside his jacket and the goat trotted up to him and began nibbling on the carrot. While the goat was distracted, Mike gripped one of its horns and with a twist-and-pull action removed it and handed it to Heidi. He quickly handed her the second. The goat was more interested in the food rather than the blank patches of skin where its horns had been.

"I don't suppose you noticed, but inside the cabinet there are some elastic straps; they are not easy to see, because they are black on the black of the interior." Mike's tone was more in the manner of pointing out a hard to see detail, than mocking Heidi for not spotting it, which she felt sure that Mike's juvenile persona would have taken. "Would you put the horns through the straps at the front of the second section down, the wings go in the back of section three and the tail should fit in section five."

"Do these things need to be in a particular orientation?" she asked, trying not to acknowledge that they had been removed from living animals before her eyes.

"Good question," commented Mike. "You're not just a pretty body. The horns will need to be pointing upwards, but whether you have them parallel or pointing slightly inward or outwards is up to you; personally, I would recommend parallel. The wings you'll want to have so that the roots are downward and inward and symmetrical; you don't want to be a succubus with a dodgy wing. As for the tail, up or down is up to you, but I think you will have less trouble with down."

"And the hooves? You said there would be hooves."

"Please don't be impatient. I will organise them once the transformation is underway."

Heidi took care in placing the animal parts into the straps. "OK, they're in now. What's next?"

"You get into the cabinet and face forward."

"And after that?"

"There is a little more prep-work and then the magic happens."

"And you expect me to go for that with no further explanation, do you?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. You have a sense of adventure that might move a mountain if harnessed correctly, plus a streak of curiosity you could see from space. I am guessing, but I reckon that you realised that you were going to be inside the cabinet as soon you saw it and rather than worry, you were trying to guess what it was for. Besides, it would be a waste of the inconvenience we have already put these animals to, if you did not go through with it."

Heidi that she could not argue with Mike's assessment of her thoughts and motivations, so she stepped onto the platform and then put her foot inside the cabinet. As she entered the cabinet, taking care not to knock the parts she had previously installed in there, she commented, "It seems a bit snug. Does it have to be so tight?"

"While it is not made-to-measure, it turns out you are near-enough the perfect size. It needs to be tight enough that you don't slop around in there; otherwise things could end up connected in places that weren't designed for, which could well be a problem. You may find it more comfortable if you reach up to the top hole with your right hand and the middle hole with your left hand and shuffle your feet forward until your toes stick out of the holes at the bottom."

Heidi followed Mike's advice, which led, not only to her fingers and toes appearing through the holes in the front of the cabinet, but her bottom resting against the back of the cabinet, making contact with the back wall either side of the lizard tail. Most disconcerting of all was feeling the broken off end of the tail resting against the base of her spine.

Mike glanced at Heidi's position and gave an approving nod. "Mum, could you do the honours and close the cabinet doors. Miss Seeque if you would just hold that pose for a while, please. And Hannah, please keep the nanny interested, while I get the last pieces from the other room."

Mary moved to begin her assigned tasked, while Hannah looked surprised to find a carrot in her hand. The goat finished chewing the last of Mike's carrot then moved over to Hannah who presented the carrot and nervously scratched a spot behind the goat's ear.

"What am I supposed to do next?" Heidi asked Mary.

"If Mike has not told you, I'm not supposed to tell you either, but I can advise that you hold that pose as best you can."

There was a rattling as Mike returned with a trolley stacked with blades and a wooden tray the size of the cabinet's base and rising ten inches at the sides. Heidi only glimpsed this, because Mary shut the final door at that point. While the sight of the blades wandered about her consciousness looking for somewhere to hook up, she was more worried to realise that not only was it dark inside the cabinet, but that the doors had no means of opening them from the inside; she felt trapped, but not alarmed.

Heidi's calm almost faded when she felt the cabinet pivot to being horizontal; she assumed, correctly, that the cabinet had been rotated so that it was balanced on the top of the pillar to which it was attached; based on that assumption, she froze in place, fearing to move more than was necessary to breathe, in case any movement caused the cabinet to move suddenly and hurt her. She did not know that Mike had inserted a pin to hold the cabinet in the horizontal position.

Outside the cabinet, Mike placed a chair and mounted it, with Mary beside the trolley passing him the blades one at a time. Each blade that Mike received he inserted swiftly between the sections of the cabinet until there were two blades between each section, a total of a dozen blades.

The first that Heidi knew of this was when she felt a chill through her waist. She looked down her body and could not see passed the metal plate that her waist seemed to pass through, before coming to the conclusion that the metal passed through her, convinced by a blade that was thrust in next to it. The next few minutes was punctuate by chilly sensations passing through various parts of her body, but soon her limited view of her body was cut off (as was her body) by a pair of blades that went through her neck and another pair that went through right forearm just above her head.

"What's happening?" called Heidi.

"Nothing much," replied Mike. "We've just sliced you into seven sections. There's a little more to do before we can let you out in your weekend costume. Although we ought to confirm that this stage of the process is working correctly. So, first I need you to wriggle your toes and your fingers and let me know when you feel someone touching them. Ok?"

While the idea of being sliced into seven sections would have terrified her, Heidi mentally acknowledge that if that was what had happened, it was not as bad as she would have anticipated. She did not feel any pain, but her, already restricted, situation did feel more restricted, although some of the bondage shoots she had participated in had prevented more movement than she was currently deprived of. She wriggled her fingers and toes and as they were touched in turn reported which had been touched.

"You seem to be okay," stated Mike. "The next move may feel weird, but I must emphasise that it is essential to your transformation. Hannah, are you ready? Good. Pull!"

The next few seconds were very disorienting for Heidi, as she felt her seven sections moving differently. She wondered for the briefest of moments if she was being stretched but the section of cabinet that contained her head did not seem to have grown. The truth of the matter was that the rail that support the cabinet in its position on top of the column had been expanded causing the sections of the cabinet to be separated from each other by about the same distance as each section was wide.

"You're doing great," congratulated Mike.

"But I'm not doing anything," protested the sliced and separated porn actress.

"That's just the way it's supposed to be. Now we need to check you again so more finger and toe wriggling please."

Despite feeling out of control of any aspect of her predicament, Heidi complied with the request and responded to each touch.

"Now we need to get the costume elements attached to you properly," announced Mike, swiftly he picked up a hammer and nails began to hammer the nails into the apparatus; two into the front of the second section, a further into the rear of the third section and a final one into the back of the fourth section. Heidi was alarmed by the racket and at the end of each burst of hammering she felt a pricking sensation, in her forehead, her back at the base of her shoulder blades and lastly at the base of her spine.

"Just, one last bit to go, Miss Seeque, then we can let you out and you can see what kind of job we've done."

Heidi shouted out, "Okay." She pondered why she was assenting to something she had no control over and what might happen next. She heard a bleating and remembered that the magician had promised to 'sort out' hooves and feared what kind of indignities Mike could be forcing on the goat, beyond ripping its horns off.

In the room Mike placed the open topped box behind the goat and then lifted its hind legs so that it stood in the box; this was the point when the goat bleated in protest, but was soon silenced with another carrot. Quickly he slid in a pair of covers for the box so that the goat's legs were not able to move. The next operation was to slide a blade in under the leg stocks and severing the goat's legs; the goat seemed to pay this no attention. It seemed more concerned when Mike reached under its belly to clip something to the edge of the box under there. With Mary's help Mike pulled the box, complete with blade, directly backward, leaving the stock on place until the section in front of stock fell to the floor, when it was no longer supported by the box. A further few inches later, the box was clear of the goat's legs, which no longer had hooves, but a pair of bright metal appendages. The goat continued to be more interested in the carrot than the other things that were happening around it.

Mike picked up the box containing the goat's hind legs and said, "Time for another round of checks, Miss Seeque. Please your fingers and toes again." As he walked passed he stroked her fingers sticking out of the well separated narrow sections of the cabinet. When he reached her toes he laid the goat box across the top of the blade handles and then pulled a pin and removed the section of box from which Heidi's toes wriggled. Heidi felt the movement and stopped moving her toes, as the magician placed the box of disembodied toes on the table. The pin was soon returned to its former place, but now it secured the goat box where Heidi's toes had been.

Returning to the centre of the spread out portion of Heidi, Mike had his sister and mother push the sections of Heidi back together before he pulled the pin that held the apparatus horizontal and rotated it back a vertical orientation. The magician made short work of removing the blades from bottom to top; handing them to Hannah to stack on the trolley. He then began to open the doors.

Heidi's main feeling as the blades were pulling from their places through her body was relief, but she also sensed that there was something not quite right about how her body felt, although she was sure that it did not feel totally wrong; she certainly felt more restricted than she had before the doors had been shut. It did not take her long to realise that somehow her forehead, mid back and bottom seemed to be attached firmly, but not rigidly, to the faces of the cabinet.

"You may now exit the cabinet. You will probably find it easier if you release the catches holding the elastic straps in place."

Heidi tried to move her head back to see the catches Mike was referring to, but found that something held her head in place. It was a few moments to realise that she would have to feel for the catches. She lowered her right hand and raise her left to find and release the catches. She had a surprise when she touched her forehead, where the resistance to her moving seemed to originate. Her hands found horns attached to her forehead just below her hairline. Close to the base of the horns was an elastic strap. She followed the strap to its ends and pulled free a press-stud, which allowed her to move her head. She disentangled the strap from the horns before investigating further.

Heidi felt the horns up and down before applying some pressure to find out how securely they were attached; she immediately stopped, because she felt a sensation that was more like the need not to hurt yourself by bending a finger backwards, than the strain from pulling a plaster. I trickled into her consciousness that Heidi now had goat horns sprouting from her forehead. The horns went up and back finishing in not particularly sharp points a few inches above the top of her head.

If there are horns, she thought, might there also be wings, a tail and hooves? Reaching behind her back, she encountered some leathery stuff that she could tell was part of her body, because not only could she feel it with her fingers, but she could feel her fingers with it. It took a short while to find the elasticated straps holding the wings and detached them from the back of the cabinet; somehow the cabinet seemed smaller than it had when she entered it.

She allowed a finger to trace her spine downward from the small of her back and met the base of a tail fleshly attached at the top of her buttocks. As if in response to the flash of emotion at finding she had a tail, she felt the tail move and hit against the inside of the cabinet. It took a little longer to find and release the strap. With the last constraint gone she stood up straight in the cabinet and heard some taps on the base.

It occurred to Heidi that all the promised transformations or additions had been performed; she wanted to get out to see if this was as real as it felt. If she had felt it was more of a task to exit the cabinet; she had hooves that she was not totally sure of the grip of. If she had given more thought she would have remembered goats were known for climbing. Her horns caught on the edge of the top, doorless, section of the cabinet and her wings and tail seemed to get in the way too.

Once she had extracted herself from the cabinet, the first thing that grabbed her attention was the cabinet section with her toes sticking out of it. "What's going to happen to my feet?" she asked.

"Oh, those?" said Mike. "We store them - quite carefully - until you are ready to return the parts you have borrowed from the animals; and they'll be well taken care of too. I just have one more task before we can release you to enjoy the event; so, if you wouldn't mind sitting on this stool and presenting one of your feet, we can finish you off."

Heidi perched on the stool indicated, discovering in the process that she could twitch her tail so that it was not in the way when she sat. She lifted her right foot towards Mike and he sprayed with something from a small spray can. "You'll need to hold it up for about a minute, while it dries and then we'll do the other one."

The actress had the sense to cross her legs, thus supporting her hoof off the floor. Curiosity took over. "What was that stuff?"

"That is clear silicon rubber; I need to apply it to your feet so that you don't damage the hotels floors; I've got enough black marks against me, that there seems no point in attracting more if I can avoid them. Well that seems to have dried already, let's do the other one."

Heidi switched legs and raise her left foot, noticing that she made less noise in putting her right foot down. As the magician squirted her hoof, she asked, "The hooves seem very real and surprisingly comfortable, is the rest of the costume as real?" She tried to turn to look down her back saw that the bat-like wings emerging from either side of her spine below her shoulder blades and at the base of her spine the tail, which was initially about an inch in diameter tapering to about a quarter of that as it reached the floor where it had a diamond shaped flat section.

"Oh, the wings are real; I'm guessing you'll have a wingspan of about six feet. Once your brain gets used to the idea of having wings, they will unfurl and you can use them. If you were to flap them you might be able to take off, but it is unlikely that you will gain the control or strength needed to fly, so I recommend against jumping off anything you might not normally jump off. The horns are simply decorative, so don't get into any fights; you'll only get them damaged for our goat. And finally, your tail is already under your subconscious control and will respond to your emotions."

Mike looked at Heidi's raised hoof and added, "Well, that's done. I wish you a good weekend."

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