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The Vacuum in my Life

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; D/s; kidnap; trunk; bond; bdsm; slave; bodymod; nc; XX

Chapter 1

As I sat in a bar after work on Friday evening, I reflected that it had been a good week. I had applied several months earlier for a job at a major Stockbroker in London and had started on Monday. I knew the tales of how the Financial World was male orientated and women were classed as little more than sex objects, not to be trusted with anything too serious. Well that suited me fine as I was only looking for the "right man" i.e. loads of money and if possible good looking, that bit would be as may be, money was the first thing. It had been said that I had an arrogant manner but the truth was I knew what I wanted and would do anything to get it.

As I finished my second drink I noticed a woman about two tables away, she was looking at me. She did not look away as I turn to look at her, she just smiled at me. I then realised that she had been in our office that afternoon, with my boss and by the way all the men were acting, she must have been one of the firm’s big clients. She got up and came over to my table and said, "Excuse me but do you work at RGS, as I think I saw you there today".

Thinking that this could be good for me if I got in with one of the firms best clients, I quickly got to my feet and said yes. She appeared impressed with my polite manner and asked if she could join me. She introduced herself as Lady Charlotte Tammlen-Brown. We had chatted for about half an hour when she said that she had come up to town to see Gerald, my boss, but after the meeting had decided not to go back to her house in the country as she was too tired and instead had booked into the Grand Hotel. I was impressed as the place was the best in town.

She said it occurred to her that if she rang friends and told them she was in town it would result in a boring night and wondered if I would join her for bit of fun. It was soon agreed that I would go home, shower and change and meet her in her Hotel room at about 8.

As I soaped my body in the shower, many thoughts flashed through my mind. Was she a lesbian and if so what would I do. Well I will cross that bridge if we get there. If the price was right anything was possible.

The lift stopped at the top floor and I walked down the corridor looking for the room number. The door was at the end of the corridor and I pressed the doorbell. Lady Charlotte opened the door and invited me in, as I entered my mouth dropped open at its size. Without noticing the look on my face she offered me a drink and we sat and talked. After some time I started to feel cold and as I tried to move the glassed dropped from my hand and I fell back on the sofa. On hearing the glass drop a man dressed as a Chauffeur entered the room and proceeded to give me an injection in the arm. I realised that I could hear and see but could not move, however much I tried to.

He left the room and came back with a large trunk on wheels. The side was opened and he lifted me up and sat me in the trunk. Straps were placed around my waist and upper chest holding me firmly against the back of the box. A ball gag was placed into my mouth and he finished strapping me in. Despite not being able to move from the drug it was obvious that even if I were not drugged, movement would be impossible. The side was shut and I could hear Lady Charlotte telling him to take the trunk down to the car and she would see him back at the House.

The full horror of my situation hit me as the trunk was being moved, no one knew were I was. I would just disappear, work would think I was not able to take the jokes aimed at women and my rent was paid by standing order so it would be months before any one noticed I was no longer around. I started to cry.

The journey seemed to take forever and the trunk was becoming stuffy, as it had not been modified in any way. My hopes built as I heard the engine being turned off. I had been trying to move and noticed that the effects of the drugs were wearing off. If I could surprise them when they got me out of the trunk may be I could escape.

As the trunk was opened a new face looked in, he smiled and held a syringe up to my face and said, "Welcome to Hell" and injected me with a paralysing drug. As my body went cold and stiff I knew the chances of escape were nil.

He was a short guy and liked to talk, I later learned his name was Jimmy. It transpired that, as he was only 4 feet 11. He had been bullied at school, which had resulted in him not getting the required grades to enter medical school. He had studied medicine on his own, until by chance he meet Lady Charlotte and she offered him a job modifying girls she kept at her estate.

He undid the straps that held me in the trunk and pulled me out and put me onto a stainless steel trolley. In a matter of moments he cut off my clothes and put them in a dustbin. I felt myself going red all over my body as he gave me a ‘very’ through inspection and removed the few items of jewellery I was wearing, this only added to my embarrassment. Why should I be embarrassed I though I may be only 5 feet 1 but had a very firm but petite body with small breasts 36B.

"Right we're off to my office now" he said and pushed the trolley down a corridor to another room. He stopped the trolley in the middle of the room and put on the brakes. As I could not move all I could see was the ceiling, which was, covered all over with a mirror, allowing me to see the whole room abet from the top down. .

Lady Charlotte entered the room and gave Jimmy instructions that I was to be fitted with a collar, shoes, ankle cuffs with chains, wrist and arms in normal place. "The usual gags and insertions please. Send her to my room when you are finished". She smiled at me and left.

"Well if that’s what the Lady wants" he said. He measured my throat and from a drawer removed several steel collars till he found the right size. When placed around my throat I was sure it was too small as it made swallowing difficult. "To small?" he enquired, "well most things will be too small or too big, that’s part of the fun, not for you but her Ladyship". The same procedure was followed at my ankles and wrists. My ankles had a 12-inch chain connecting them. My wrist and elbows pulled together behind my back and then joined with metal pins. An inflatable gag was put into my mouth and pumped to the point that I though by jaw would break.

A large dildo was inserted into my arse and pussy, both pumped to their fullest extent and to make matters a bit more uncomfortable via the Butt plug water was pumped into me making my bowels swollen and painful, then they started to cramp from the water. 5-inch heel shoes were fitted and strapped to my feet. By now the effect of the drug was fading.

Despite his size Jimmy was a strong guy and lifted me from the table and stood me on the floor. Without the use of my arm I found it difficult to balance in the high heels, but a few cuts from a cane across my arse soon gave me the incentive to master the problem. He attached a lead to my neck collar and led me through the house to Lady Charlotte's room. She was lying on the bed naked watching television as we entered. "Oh good, not much on tonight, you will make up for that Vicky". Jimmy removed the lead and left the room.

"Come here", she said, I did not move, no one talked to me like that. "Oh good a stubborn one, they are always the best to train" she said. Her hand came over her body so fast I did not see the whip until the end landed on my left breast making a very long red mark. I tried to step back but the short chain between my ankles tripped me and I fell heavily on to my back crushing my arms under my body. I lay there in pain with the wind knocked out off me. "Do I have to tell you again?" I heard her say. I had lost the will to fight and crawled on my knees to the bed. "That’s better", she said. "Perhaps you will remember this, next time I give you an order". I just stared, with tears running down my face.

"Let me explain your position," said Lady Charlotte. "I keep slave’s here to operate the house or for my pleasure. Some of them have requested to be slaves, some like you, have not but the end result is the same if you don’t do as you’re told you get punished. Come closer". I was quick to obey this time and she removed the gag from my mouth. "Have I made my self-clear?" I quickly answered yes and received a hard slap to the face. "You know that I am a Lady and should be address as such, also any person who speaks to you is addressed as either Master or Mistress".

"Yes My Lady" I was quick to say. "Good, see how quick your training can take".

"Have you ever had sex with a women" she asked.

"No My Lady" I said.

"You are to lick my pussy she commanded". As I started to crawl on to the bed, her foot kicked out and landed in my stomach, again I fell backwards but this time my head caught the bedside cabinet and knocked me out. I came too with ringing in my ears and my legs on fire. As I opened my eyes her Ladyship was caning my thighs. "Never get on to my bed unless I tell you to!" she said. As I scrambled back I was angry and said, "Yes you did it’s not my fault if you can’t make your mind up". She stopped and a smile came to her lips but her eyes were cold.

She came off the bed and pushed me fully to the floor. In a sweet voice she explained that I had been told to lick her pussy not get on the bed. She tied a rope from my ankle chain to my wrist chain and pulled the two together making me arch my back in a most uncomfortable position. To complete it she tied a rope around my forehead and down my back to the wrist chain. My neck, back arms and legs were in agony as I knelt on my knees and the ball gag replaced, it was hard to breathe.

With a cane she whipped the soles of my feet and my arms but mostly my breast and belly. After about 5 minutes I passed out from the pain.

The next day I had a large bruise to the side of my face and sported a black eye. My legs and arms were covered with red strips from the cane. My feet were badly swollen and I found it very difficult to walk. Each time I fell to my knees to relieve the pain my head was pulled back and my breasts caned. I pleaded for her to stop, promising to do any thing. "Anything?" she said.

"Yes anything" I said.

"In that case you will sweep the floor in the corridor, you can only hold the brush with your teeth".

On my knees with the brush head held in my mouth and my arms bound behind me I swept the floor. About two hours later she returned with another girl who was introduced as Maryclean. "Maryclean is responsible for keeping the house clean she is also a slave but is here by choice and therefore you will do anything she tells you as though it came from me. Is that clear?"

"Yes My Lady" I said. I had taken an instant dislike to Maryclean. She was dressed form head to toe in yellow latex rubber, very shinny. She wore black 7-inch high heel shoes and a black French maids dress over the latex. The latex was even up to the edges of her eyes, even the eyelids were covered, when she opened her mouth and I could see the inside was also covered.

I later learned that 10 men had raped her and after she recovered kept having desires to repeat the experience, which so revolted her she had requested to have her breasts removed along with her ovaries, womb, and clitoris. Her pussy had been sown up and her bladder diverted to come out her arse. She hoped that by having no sex equipment that would end the desire, but it had not done so completely therefore she took it out on other slaves.

"What do you think Maryclean?" said her Ladyship.

"The floor needs washing My Lady" was all she said.

"Good idea, fetch a bucket and ensure she washes every bit in the usual way".

"Yes My Lady" said Maryclean and curtsied. 5 minutes later I am knelling next to a bucket. "Wash floor" she said.

"How do I get the water out and onto the floor" I said in a tarty voice.

"Use your mouth, you're good at that". A cut from the cane in her hand persuaded me not to argue any more. So I sucked up a mouth full of soapy water, dropped it on the floor and holding the scrubbing brush in my teeth scrubbed an area of floor. I looked up and Maryclean, "That’s right use your mouth". I groaned as I licked up the dirty water. I was just about to spit it back in the bucket when she caned me across the arse and said, "No swallow it". Nearly throwing up I managed to swallow the water.

Again and again I repeated the process as I worked down the corridor. Maryclean left me to get on with her job and came back ever so often to check on the amount done. About half way down the corridor she brought a fresh bucket of hot soapy water. I needed to go for a pee badly. "Please Mistress can I go to the toilet"? I asked.

"No", she said and walked off. I was bursting but the thought of what would happen if I peed on the floor made me cross my legs so to speak. Half an hour later I let slip some urine on to the floor. With out thinking, as I was so frightened I licked it up and swallowed it. Moments later I realised what I had done and cried at how low they had made me go.

Maryclean returned and lead me to a room, the door had a toilet sign on it but it was empty except a girl on her back with a funnel in her mouth. Maryclean instructed me to squat over the funnel and pee into it, warning that if any missed I would have to clean it up. I could hear the girl groan as I relieved myself, without a care for her misery. She led me back to the lounge where Lady Charlotte was informed that I had completed my task.

Lady Charlotte though for a while and said, "Maryclean would you like to have Vicky as your floor slave, we could call her Vickyvac to show her duties. You would be totally responsible for her punishment if she did not perform to the highest standards".

I could see her eyes light up with the thought of all the horrible things she could do to me. "Can I have her modified as I please?" she asked.

"Yes" said her Ladyship, "you don’t have to ask my permission just get Master Jimmy to do what every you require".

With that Maryclean lead me away to storage room where the cleaning materials were kept. I noticed her bed in the corner. She opened a small cupboard door under a worktop and pushed me in, it was only just large enough for me to crawl into. It was too narrow to turn around in so I would have to remain in the same position until the door was opened and I could back out. She locked the door.

At 5 o’clock the next morning the door opened and she set me to work cleaning the floors. I had to go round the house on my knees as I had been banned from walking, she also had my arms clamped behind me. I became quite good at picking up things with my teeth or lips. But my lips and tongue were sore from the work. My legs, breast and arse were black with bruises from the caning she gave me every time something was not perfect.

One afternoon, about a week later, she was about to feed me in the bowel on the floor as normal when she pulled it away and said, "Report to Master Jimmy’s office for modification". No indication of what was to happen was given and I knew not to ask if you did not want a beating. Naked and on my own I crawled down the corridor to the Office and banged on the door with my head. Jimmy opened the door.

"Ah Vickyvac I was expecting you" he said. "Lay on you back and lift up your ankles", he removed the ankle cuffs and shoes.

"Stand-up and turn around", he said. He released the clamps holding my arms together and removed the armbands he also removed the neck collar. For the first time since entering the house I had no straps, bands claps etc. I would have enjoyed it if the calves of my legs and the muscles of my shoulders and arms were not screaming in pain.

"Get on the table and lay down", he said. "I see Maryclean has taken a likening to you by the amount of bruising on your body".

"First we must ensure that you are kept under control", and he inserted an IV in to my arm and taped it down it to ensure that it would not come out. "The drugs now flowing into you will immobilise you while I carry out the modifications Maryclean has requested".

The other end of the tube ran to a very impressive machine with a large control panel. This he explained would be the means by which he could control the drugs and nutrients my body required, your other functions I will deal with later.

He went to a small trolley covered with instruments and drawers, this and a chair he placed next to me and said, "This will hurt but then so will most things I will be doing to you over the months to get you up to specification". He smiled and said, "This is going to be fun, I am going to place rings in your shoulders and hips to allow me to suspend you from wires, that way we don’t have problems with access to different parts of your body or pressure sores".

He picks up a threaded rode and inserted it into an attachment in the electric drill. Feeling the hip nearest to him he probed for a moment then place the screw against me and drilled it through my flesh into the bone until the top was level with my skin, a small trickle of blood ran down me, which he cleaned away with a surgical wipe. Tears flowed down my face with the pain and the vibrations that went though me. He quickly repeated this on my other hip and two more rods were inserted into the top of my shoulders.

From a drawer of his table he picked up four bolts with stainless steel rings attached. He was at pains to show me that the rings could move about even if the threaded part was held. He inserted the rod into the holes inside the screw he had placed in my hips and shoulders. As I lay there I could see the rings hanging down the side of my body, which in a perverse way turned me on. He rolled me on to my stomach and attached thin wires hanging from the roof.

Walking over to a bench that ran the length of one of the walls, he picking up a remote control and pressed a button. I could hear motors as the cables attached to me lifted my body off the table. In my paralysed state my arms, legs and head hung down like some old sack. Once I was clear of the trolley he stopped the hoist and moved the trolley to a corner of the room. Retuning to his seat he picked up a set of steel bracelets, which he attached to my wrists and ankles. He then lowered me till my body was a comfortable height for him to work on and chained my legs and arms to the floor via the rings set into the cuffs and the floor.

"Good news" he said, "we do not need to use the paralysing drug for the time being as you can’t move from the position you’re in and that will allow us to talk to each other. I should warn you that if you start screaming or make too much noise I would take measures that you will not like".

As the drug wore off I was able to lift my head and close my mouth that had been hanging open. "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked him.

"It’s my job", he said "and I do enjoy my work so I would suggest that we make an agreement that I will try not to hurt you too much and give you pain killers etc if you co-operate with me, that way both our lives will be easer. What do you say?" Realising the impossibility of my position I said I would try to do as I was told. Good he said.

He next inserted a tube up each nostril, and down into my lungs. "This will insure that you are able to breath and stop you choking etc. I will insert a catheter into your bladder to get rid of your pee and we will give you a quick enema to clean out your bowels and I will say good night". Ten minutes later I was alone but he had left the lights on so sleep came slowly.




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