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The Vacuum in my Life

by Jar

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© Copyright 2010 - Jar - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; slave; susp; surgery; bodymod; transform; machine; nc; XX

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Chapter 3

The wheels did make the vacuuming easer as Maryclean set the height of the chest pole so that the hover head was just off the ground. She also made me carry heaver loads on my back, at one point she even sat on me and I got my first feel of the rubber suit she wore. As the weeks went on the wounds in my legs healed nicely so I was not surprised to be told to report to Master Jimmy for some more modifications. With a heavy heart I set off for his office.

Jimmy inspected my legs and said the wounds had healed completely but the muscle in my bum and thighs had wasted a bit. "You also have some loss on your calves, I will speak to Maryclean about making you use your feet to move along with and to only chain them up after work".

He made some modification to the axle and several brackets etc were added. He then inserted a dildo up my pussy and ordered me to move about. He had installed a crank so that as the wheels turned the dildo fucked me. I was red in the face and felt so humiliated but managed to say nothing, as I knew that it would make no difference other than a beating. "The faster you go the faster it will go", he said "and don’t tell me that by the end of the week you will not be enjoying it". He then fitted a rack to the hip sockets to replace the chains. "Use these to rest your arms in and push your self along with your feet. Right off you go and I will see you next week".

Maryclean thought the dildo very funny and proceeded to tie my arms into the rack. With the chain attached to my collar she ran up and down the corridor pulling me along to see how fast the dildo would go. My problem was that after a short time I had nothing to lubricate the thing with so it begin to hurt and I cried out.

At this point Lady Charlotte and Katikitchen came out to see what the noise was about. Good I though Maryclean will get a beating when her Lady Ship sees what they had done to me. To my horror she made them run even faster and had them do a relay so that I did not stop.

Jimmy came into the corridor and pointed out that I would end up with bad friction burns and may never recover any feeling if they carried on without lubricating me. A dollop of KJ Jelly was put on and off they went again. It was an hour and 4 orgasms before they stopped and I was allowed go back to my post by pushing myself along with my feet. Jimmy called Maryclean over and said some thing to her, which I could not hear.

The hoovering was very slow to do using just my feet so she released my arms for that task. I also found that if I used my arms to go back and forth to vacuum an area of carpet then the dildo would move in and out slowly and I could have an orgasm. By making sure that no one was around I could get about 9 in a day. My life now had a purpose. But of course Maryclean was not stupid and let me get to the point were I could think of nothing but getting on my own to have a fix. She would remove the dildo and would not put it back unless I sucked her arse. She also told me that for each orgasm I had during the day I would get 20 strokes of the cane. At the end of the days work she would ask me the total and if I lied about the total number, the amount would be doubled.

The next day I managed not to have any orgasms by stopping before I got too worked up, but that got me a beating for being too slow. What’s the point of a caning for being slow when I could have the same beating for having an orgasm? The next day I ended up with 6 but said 5 for some reason. "That’s not what the meter said, so I make that 20 times 6 is 120 and double for lying makes 240! I am going to be tired and sore tonight but not as sore as you!" she laughed. Up and down, back and front, top of feet, soles of feet and my pussy all got her attention. As she had inserted a gag all I could do was lay on the floor and accept it. I did not sleep that night as I was in so much pain.

The next day I was washing the floor in Jimmy office when he came in. He took one look at my body and called for Maryclean. "Look" he said "I know that Her Ladyship allows you’re to punish how ever you want but if you want me to carry on with the modification then you will have to stop beating her for the next 2 weeks to allow the wounds to heal".

"Ok" she said brightly, "I will keep a record and save it up until you have finished then give it to her".

"All right," he said and I groaned at the though of the beatings to come.

Two weeks later I was back in Jimmy ‘Office’ for more modifications. Again the wires were attached to my hips and shoulders and I was lifted off the floor

As the ‘machine’ had put me back into the normal upright position it occurred to me that he would be working on my head end, which filled me with dread as I racked my mind as to what he could do next. Of course the list was endless to these people, just beyond my understanding.

With his normal joke he answered my unspoken question when he returned. "Eye, Eye Captain!" was the remarks that I did not at first understand and the frown on my face made him explain. "We have developed some very special new eyes for you and will be fitting them over the next days, the procedure is not very complicated so you will know every thing that is going".

"First we are going to cut and peal back the muscles around your eye socket. With no eye lid we will put a special plastic covers over your eye balls, as you know the surface of the eye must remain damp, if it dried out it would be damaged which we do not want to happen. Then we attach the new lens to the bone around the socket and at the same time with a special glue attach them to the covers over your eyeballs. You will not be able to move your eyeballs to look in different directions. I need you to be awake so that I can line up your eyes or you will find things out of shape and not able to judge distances".

"When you see the new shape and look I think you will be pleased". Four hours later and in much pain despite the painkiller he had given me via the IV he had finished one eye. "That's it for today I will do the other in the morning. I have programmed the ‘machine’ to put you to sleep in two hours time. That should give you enough time to look at the work I have done".

One side of my face looked normal despite the tears from the pain I was in. The other side now had this pointed oval shape lens were my eye should be. The skin had been pulled up tight to the lens so it looked like one continuous surface. It reminded me of the face of those grey aliens I had seen in films. As I fell asleep from the drug I knew that my tomorrow both eyes would look like that and I would never cry again. Sleep that night was a relief from this horror.

"Now for you mouth. First I will remove all your teeth, as we do not want to spend time cleaning them, it will also stop gum disorders when the gums are sewed shut. The jawbone will be removed from your lower jaw and again the gums sewed shut. Then a band will be attached just behind your lips and attached to a small servo fixed to the roof your mouth. This will give a pursed look when fully closed but allow us to open your mouth fully. With no teeth the size of the object we can insert will be very large and you will still have the use of your tongue"

"You will have no control of this function, we will be able to turn on or off your hearing and eyesight or open or close your mouth, as we require. No control is what your life will be about dear girl," said Jimmy. "Next I will inflate your lips with chemicals to about 4 times their normal size".

He made some carefully measurements to the top of my head and made a mark. "I am going to insert some reinforcing straps under you skull and then fit a stainless steel ring to the top of your head. The reinforcing will allow it to take your full body weight without pulling the top off your head".

"I have here a very special hood for you. It is made of a special material that breaths like skin but is very shinny. The problem from your point of view is that it is glued to the skin and cannot be removed without cutting off the skin underneath. We though British Racing Green would look good on you. I won’t fit it yet but wait for you to heal first".

"Early day today", he said. "I am going to put you on auto pilot for a couple of days to allow the work done so far to heal before we start the next more complicated work. I have set it so much of the time you will only just be aware of your surroundings and Lady Charlotte’s little toy will also make life a little better". As he left the lights went out and I floated in and out of consciousness for the next four days.

"Well did you have a nice rest?" he said smiling at me. My head felt like ants were crawling all over it. "The surgery I performed is healing well," he said as my mouth was opened by remote control and he looked inside. "Um very good no sign of infection anywhere".

He said, "Look at your nipples, the breasts have grown but the nipples are stuck to the washers and are folded inwards". With that he pulled them down and out the centre hole. "At this rate you will be a 38HHH at the end of the month. Excellent".

During the time he was inserting my other eye lens the informed me of another fact. If a muscle is kept immobile for any length of time the muscle withers away and it could be impossible to get it back, however much physiotherapy was applied. "We intend to keep parts of your arms in this state so that we end up with just the bone with a small amount of flesh around it".

"For god sake why?" I said, "I will never be able to use them again".

"Exactly", he said.

"I am also feeding you a drug that will make your tits produce milk, which should come on line in next day or two. It will also help increase the size. Now you understand why I put in the wires to make them stand out rather than sag down. Also we will attach a cap to the washer to stop the milk dripping out on to the carpets etc. We plan to be able to milk you 4 times a day. Isn’t life a cow!" he said and laughed.

The days dragged by each one bring some more loss of control and more sever body modifications.

"I am going to free your left arm, it has been held captive now for two weeks and I would like you move it".

As it hung down I tried to lift it up but could get no movement from my upper arm.

"I said if you immobilised muscles over time, complete loss would occur". He released the other arm. "We are going to graft both arms down to the elbow to the side of your body and attach the elbow joint to your hipbone. To do this I will remove the skin from the inside area of your arms and the side of the body where they meet and with a metal strap attach the arm bone to your hip. When I sew the flesh together they will heal making a permanent fixture. Your lower arm and fingers I will leave unattached to allow operation of the controls we are fitting".

By the end of the week my head had healed and I was informed that the new latex rubber skin would be added all over my body. "First we will do your head". The hood was stretched over a frame. My head was painted with a special glue which I was informed would permanently attach the hood. The latex was a breathable membrane but at the cost that it could not be removed without surgery. When the hood was in place they cut away the latex from my lips. "What about my eyes?" I asked.

"Those are to be kept covered. The lens we fitted will transmit to your eyeballs like TV screens that way we can turn them off along with your hearing and voice. Like I said total control". Fitting the latex to my legs was somewhat easy, but my body was a bit of trouble so they had to do a bit at a time. When they had finished the joints between sheets was not noticeable at all.

"I will use a new substance that I have been working on to give you back the shape to your upper body". He explained that this substance was a sort of liquid flesh and would grow inside my skin staying firm. It was not muscle so it did not need excise to stay firm. He would inject me many times with this fluid all over by upper body and head. I could feel the skin/latex stretch as the size of my head, shoulders chest and arms were made much bigger that before. I felt like a pincushion. He had increased my chest size from 38 to 46. When he did my head it was like being injected with liquid fire.

When he switched on the eye screens and I was able to look at my new self for the first time I let out a long wale of despair. "What’s the matter?" he said, "don’t you like your new look?"

"I look like a freak," I said. My head was just a dark green round ball with on one side a mouth with a steel pipe sticking out just above it, no other features on it at all.

Around my neck was a metal collar with rings on it. The cameras were mounted on stalks from the collar. One was also mounted between my legs, up against the metal tube from my arse. A pad covered with buttons had been added to the heal of each hand.

My upper arms had disappeared and my chest just ran around in a smooth surface over my upper arms except for the metal plate on my chest at the base of my tits. My tits were enormous and had a metal washer attached around the nipple, which was not covered in the latex, and glass bowls to contain the leakage of milk covered the nipples.

My bum had been pumped up and stuck out at the back. On my feet were pointed shoes so that I could only walk on my toes. Over the next two day I was instructed in how to use the controls and cleaning equipment attachments. "Right that’s the end of the modifications that have been requested and I am going to show you one last thing, which I am sure you will hate".

"Stand with your legs apart", he said as he inserted a rod into the holes just above my knees. It was locked off and wheels and motor added. The dildo and crank mechanism were then added as before. I knew that as I moved I would get fucked. A vacuum head was inserted into the nose socket on my head via a flexible hose, it stuck out about 6 inches and was about a foot round and had castors to allow it to move over the floor. I was lowered to the kneeing position and then I had to bend at the waist till my headpiece touched the ground. A rod was attached from my chest plate to my axle. My feet were attached by chain to my hip socket.

"This is the bit you will hate!" he said and laughed. With that my eyes and voice were turned off. "I will send you to Maryclean by remote control. We have programmed the computer to clean several areas without you being in control. Enjoy!" and off I went. It was a very unnerving feeling to have no control and not to be able to see as I went down the corridor to her room. Luckily the door was a swing door as I did not stop and banged the door open with my head. Maryclean was there and said, "Vickyvac you're back just as I wanted. What do you think of my modifications?" I could not say anything and she caned me 5 times before she realised that she had to turn on my voice.

Realising she was looking for any excuse to hurt me I said she had made a very good machine. In a huff she punched several key on a control panel and my voice and hearing disappeared. The next thing I am off again and I banged my head as I left her office for a day of cleaning directed by the computer. At first the quiet and darkness were welcoming but several times I bumped into walls etc and I begin to panic. It took every ounce of control not to freak out big time. The only bonus was the dildo as that gave my several orgasms during the day and helped me focus.

Suddenly I stopped and a clamp was attached to the ring at the top of my head and I was lifted off the ground. I could feel hands removing the rod to my chest and the chains to my feet. Although my legs now hung down below me I could not touch the ground. My eye, voice and hearing came on and I realised I was in the dinning room. Her Ladyship, Jimmy and several other men were eating. Her Ladyship look up and said to me, "You remember when we had that drink the first time we meet and you said there was a vacuum in your life, well you must agree that is no longer true", they all laughed.

A voice said remove the glass covers to your nipples. I realised that it was the computer talking to me, I did as I was told. Large tubes slid over my breasts and smaller tubes clamped over my nipples. I felt pedals, like on a bicycle, come up under my feet and the voice said "pedal". As I moved the pedals up and down the dildo went in and out, the suction increased on my nipples and a constricting tube started to squeeze my tits helping to pump the milk out. Lady Charlotte looked up and said, "I want a pint of milk by the time I finish dinner, don’t let me down". I started to pedal faster which increased the suction and squeeze effects but it made the dildo go faster which started to get me going.

"Oh by the way" said her Ladyship, "don’t have an orgasm, you will not like the punishment". I tried to think of other things as I watched the bottle filling up with milk. They were on desert and I still had some way to go. The pain in my breast, from being crushed by the bands around them was horrible but I knew I could not fail or the pain would be worse.

I managed to get there without the orgasm. The pedals and breast equipment were removed and a tube was connected to my chest plate to feed me. I was allowed to just hang there in peace as my breasts and nipples recovered. This turned out to be a nightly occurrence.

One night after being milked and feed I was order to give one of her guests a blowjob, at other times I was sent to a room for sex with a guest both male and female. Some times Maryclean took great delight in leading me around, with me walking, my eyes turned off and a flexible hose from my nose nozzle. Some days I would have to vacuum by using the nose nozzle on my hands and knees the next time it would be on wheels.

The next year was one of constant pain from beatings and other forms of punishment from Maryclean, Her Ladyship or her guests, till one day a guest broke my thighbone. Jimmy plated it but the wound got infected. In the end the infection got to the point were it would kill me if the leg was not removed.

When I had recovered, Jimmy told me what had happened and as my eyes were switched on I saw this one legged horror in the mirror. Jimmy had removed all of the leg bone so that there was no stump at all, just a sort of continuation of the roundness of my bum. We have not yet made up our minds if we will remove the other leg. We are going to see how you get on with just the one.

Just over a week later I was strapped down on Jimmy’s couch in panic, as he got ready to remove the other leg. They had turned off my voice so that my pleas for them not to do this to me went unheard. I was only mildly sedated so could feel the knife cut into me and hear and feel the saw as bones were cut. I drifted in and out of consciousness and the dream like state carried on for an eternity. I think I must have passed out as it was much later that I found my self-hanging by the hook in the top of my head with a throbbing pain in my foot.

I tried to lift my foot so that I could rub it with my hand but as tied to feel around with my hands could not feel anything, I could not feel my leg nor I could not feel my hands. My eyes, ears and voice were off and all I could do was hang there with this throbbing pain in every part of my body.

I jumped as a voice said, "How are your Jenny?" A metallic robotic sounding voice came out as I said "what have you done to me now".

"Jenny, Jenny we talked it over with Her Ladyship and felt that you were getting used to the modifications that had been made and a completed reconfiguration was required to make you uncomfortable again. We know that you enjoy the things that are done to you". Before I could answer he went on to describe the modifications he had made.

"We have completely upgraded your mechanical parts so there is now no fear of a break down. I have removed your legs and arms completely including all the bones and tissue. I have also removed the Pelvic bone, the bone around your spine, your ribs and shoulder bones and skull so in fact you have no bones in your body at all".

"We have given you a hard shell of rubber to keep you in your new shape". With this he switched on my eyes and a camera pointing at me showed me the full horror of what he had done. I was now made up of two Bright Shinny green balls. My neck had been stretched to about 2 feet long but was only about 3 inches across and had a sort of flexible pipe on the outside. The round ball that was my head was still the same size as my old head. My lips had been made bigger and covered in thin red latex, as had the inside of my mouth.

The lower ball that was my chest/upper body had two hatches on the front that covered my breasts and that would give access to the nipples beneath. The nipples had also been covered in latex. "We have removed most of your internal organs. You have retained your womb and I have reconfigured it so that the dirt from the vacuum is now collected in it. When the vacuum is turned on air will inflate it and cause you considerable pain, in should also look quite good. The embarrassing thing from your point of view is it will sound like your farting. Don’t worry I have left your clit in place and it is encased in a special container that will allow me to give you both pain and pleasure as I please".

"I have fitted an electric stimulant to your heart, which will control the rate that it pumps at or not if we wish to, also your diaphragm muscles have been fitted with same electric control so you have lost control of your lung function. Your blood will be cleaned and filtered by another machine. All very small All the mechanical parts of the vacuum cleaner are now housed in the area that was your arse. As you can see the base of the ball is flat with motorised wheels for movement".

"The neck tube can be bent as we wish and can be locked into that position. The only muscle that works is your tongue. I will fit from time to time different control boxes into your mouth, which will give you limited control of a function via your tongue. Other than that your body is totally controlled by this computer. I will give you a demonstration".

Suddenly I felt my lungs sucking in air faster and faster till it started to hurt and I became giddy from over ventilation. Then they stopped I tried to breath but nothing happened. Panic griped me as the time passed and I heard him say 2 minutes, as we got to four minutes a grey mist was starting to descend on me and I felt my heart beat increase then that too stopped. I was glad in away to die as I would no longer be a plaything to these people was on my mind before blackness embraced me. "You did not think we would let you escape did you?" said Jimmy as I came too.

"Next the rubber of your shell covers every part of your body so you will no longer be able to feel anything of the outside world if we do not wish you too. The bad news from your point of view is that the inside of the of the shell is connected to the nerves all over the remains of your body which means that the computer can cause you excruciating pain and you are unable to flinch or move away from it. In fact if you thought the last year was painful; next one will twice as bad". And with that he set the controls on the computer and said, "two days for a start should to apprise you of its value", pressed a button and left the room.

Immediately my skin felt it was on fire, my clit was simulated and I started to have an orgasm within two minutes. My skin felt it was crawling and I wanted to scratch but of course I could not. I suddenly realised that they had left my voice on and I could hear myself scream. Four hours later my voice had become too sore to scream and the brain had some how accustomed its self to the pain and it was more manageable. Then it all stopped which made it more painful in away. An hour later it started all over again. This routine went on for two days. I could feel my mind going as the attacks were made on my body with pain. I seem to go into a dream state.

The end of this part???????????????????


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