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A Whole New You

by Dana

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© Copyright 2008 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; M2f; magic; transform; age; revenge; mc; nc; X

As the tentacles encircling my wrists and holding me aloft slacked, I collapsed into Ryan’s arms.  The spell’s effect still had me powerless and kept causing my body to jerk involuntarily. 

Ryan helped me across the room and let me fall a top his bed.  Angela was still laying there, trapped in a spells hold as well.  Unlike me, Ryan had left her laying there naked, the shock on her face still trapped there from when Ryan first stormed into the room and discovered us.  I wonder…was she in some sort of suspended hibernation…or was she conscious of what was going on around her?

As I said, he had put me into clothes.  But not my own.  My own had become a pile of ashes a short while ago.  He’d made certain I’d witnessed that.  “You won’t be needing these anymore,” he’d said as an arch of energy leapt from his hand and incinerated my clothes instantly.

When he’d come home early and caught us in the act he was furious.  Seeing his lover in the throes of ecstasy with another man must have set him off.  A wave of green energy had swam out of his hands and knocked me off of Angela and onto the floor.  I couldn’t see Angie but I heard her cry out.  The room flared up again, this time with a blue aura and she fell silent immediately.  Ryan had come around the far side of the bed and towered over me for a moment.  I was naked and completely unable to move.  He left us both there for a while, disappearing from the room for several hours (I knew this only because I did have a clear line of sight on the clock in the room). 

When he finally did come back, he came over to me, picked me up, and deposited me into a chair in the room.  I was a rag doll… my limbs could move and be positioned any way he pleased… but I didn’t have any control over them.  I could see Angela again, still laying atop the bed, obviously unable to move or speak as well.  Turning my attention back to Ryan, I saw him drag a large dust covered chest into the center of the room and crack it open. 

“Time to make you look pretty babe,” he’d said, fishing out a pair of pink silk panties.  It wasn’t until he started towards me that I realized he was talking to me.

He must have suddenly realized how difficult it’d be to get them on while I was sitting, cause he merely dropped them into my lap and went to fish a pink silk bra out of the chest.  After feeding my arms through the holes, he leaned me forward and secured the clips at the center of my back.  It was snug around my chest, but not uncomfortable.  The slight padding and under wire they had held the front out from my hairy chest a little bit.  I could tell they didn’t belong to Angela; while she was easily a D-cup, these were barely B’s.

Ryan fished around in the chest some more and pulled out a white short-sleeved top.  He slipped my arms through then buttoned up the top few buttons.  The shirt barely made it down to my waist and he was going to make sure it didn’t even go that far.  Taking the loose bottom parts of the shirt he tied it in a knot, leaving my belly exposed.

“Now, to get you standing up I’m going to need a little help,” he’d said, standing up and turning his back to me. 

His arms went wide and suddenly the ceiling became alive with movement.  Slender tentacles morphed out of the ceiling and snaked down towards Ryan.  They moved around him and took hold of my wrists.  In one quick movement I was yanked out of the chair and up off my feet.  Pulling my arms out away from my body a bit, there was enough clearance in the room now to keep me clear off the floor.  My head slumped forward, unable to make the muscles in my neck work to keep it up.  I could see my feet below… mere inches off the floor.  And there below them, the pink panties that moments ago had been sitting in my lap.

A fine trail of spittle slipped past my open mouth and trickled down to the floor, landing squarely atop the panties.  I hung there in silence, unable to cry out my frustration… or the pain already starting to form in my shoulders.

Ryan came into view again, kneeling down in front of me.  The spit was continuing to leak past my lips and he smiled up at me, happy that there was nothing I could do to stop it.  He retrieved the panties off the floor and stood up.  Lifting my head up momentarily with one hand, he wiped my lips with the panties, then let my head sag down once more.

Kneeling down Ryan worked my useless legs into the panties.  He tugged them up my legs until they were situated in place over my still erect penis.  At least that hadn’t gone limp like the rest of my body.  As he returned to the chest I could feel the drool on the panties pressing up against my skin. 

Ryan came back kneeling with a plaid skirt in his hands.

“No one’s going to be able to resist you in this,” he’d said as he worked it up my legs.  He let the elastic in the waist snap into place as he got it into place.  The skirt wasn’t all that long and, stopping a few scant inches below my crotch.

“Just a few more things to make you all pretty,” he said as he stood back to look me over.  He pulled a couple more things from the chest and when he was finished he’d put on a pair of white thigh-high stockings and a pair of black dress shoes that strapped down around my ankles.

Confident he’d got me the way he wanted me, he had the tentacles lower me onto the ground.  Not all the way, but merely enough so that my feet touched once more.  The weight pressing on my shoulders dissipated at last.

Still looking down at the floor I watched as Ryan used a bag of sand to draw a circle around me.  He set rocks of assorted sizes in the sand and placed three candles in a triangular formation around me too.

Then he stripped down out of all his clothes and knelt down to sit cross legged before me.  I could see the erection he was sporting.  He was obviously really turned on doing this to me.

“Bet you thought Angie was the only one who knew magic in this household?” he taunted me as he leaned over and lit the candles.  “If it’s any consolation…you shouldn’t feel any pain.  Least…I don’t think so.  I haven’t done this to anyone since high school, so I may be a little rusty.”

And with that, he bowed his head, placed his hands palm up on his thighs and went into a deep chant.  The clock was behind me now, so I had no way to telling how long he went on for.  He just sat there, mumbling in words I couldn’t make out.

As he went on, I noticed my erection was slowly starting to lose it’s strength.  At last, it was realizing this was no fun either.  It sank back beneath the cloth until there wasn’t any lump there at all.

Then the realization hit me.  It wasn’t there at all!!

With the panties and skirt in place I had no way of telling for sure, but surely I should be able to see some sort of mass there.

I wanted to scream.  It wasn’t painful.  There was no feeling at all in fact.  It’d been there… and then it hadn’t been.  It was as simple as that.  I merely wanted to scream.

Then I noticed tiny particles falling away from my body.  In the dim light of the room it took me a moment to realize that it was my hair.  Not the hair a top my head, but the rest of it.  The hair on my legs, chest, arms, armpits, even my facial hair was falling away.  It was as if my body were rejecting all of it.  The itchy sensation of the hair trapped beneath my clothing disappeared too.  The hair there was gone as well, though I had no idea how it’d managed to fall away as well.

There was still a mound of hair down at my crotch, but not to the extent that it had been.  I could sense my eyelashes and eyebrows still there.  And the hair on my head…

That hair seemed to slowly be getting longer!  It was barely perceivable, but I could tell by the way it felt that it was already at least a quarter of an inch longer than it had been moments earlier.

After a while Ryan finally stopped chanting and got to his feet.  He stood before me and lifted my head up to face me.

“It’s begun,” he said flatly.  “Guess I still have what it takes.  The rest of the change takes a bit of time… but after a good night’s sleep… you’ll be a whole new person.”

The tentacles released me and retracted back into the ceiling.  He deposited me onto the bed beside Angela, then arranged me on the bed so I could witness everything happening to me.  Propping my head up on a couple pillows, he made it so I could look down at the rest of my body.  I still couldn’t keep myself from drooling though.  It’d run down my cheek and around my neck to soak into the pillows beneath my head.

“There you go,” he said, standing back from the bed to look over his handiwork. 

Moving around the bed he picked Angela up and carried her out of the room.  He returned a moment later, turned on all the room’s lights, then sat down atop the mess of sheets on the bed.

“I’d turn the heat up for you, but the coldness helps the spell along.  Like I said, there shouldn’t be any discomfort.  Tomorrow I’ll be sure to explain everything to you… but tonight you get to watch your body change.  And to make sure of that-”

He placed a hand over my face and said a couple of words in what I could only assume was Latin.  One word that I did manage to pick out was ‘insomniac’.

Ryan pulled his hand away and placed his hands in his lap.

“There we go.  Now you won’t get a moments sleep tonight.  You won’t feel tired at all.  Not until the change is complete at least.  Then… then you’ll probably pass out and sleep for a bit.  If I let you that is.”

My hair was continuing to grow.  My bangs now draped across my forehead and I could feel my ears almost completely covered now.

Rising up off the bed he stood there beside me for a moment.  Then he crossed the room and made to leave.  He stopped in the doorway and looked back at me. 

“I’ll tell you what… I’ll give you the chance to ask a question.  Just one.  Keep it short and simple.  I promise to answer whatever you ask truthfully.”

He snapped his fingers and instantly I could move my jaw again.  I flexed it for a moment and so many questions formed in my mind.

What’re you doing to me?
Why can’t I move my body?
Why are you doing this to me?
Would you please let me go?

But in the end, my mind went to my lover who’d been taken from the room.

“What about Angie?” I asked.  My eyes went wide as the words left my mouth.  I didn’t even sound like me anymore.  The pitch in my voice was getting higher.  The deep bellow of my voice was gone completely, replaced with something almost… squeaky.

“Your thoughts turn to her even now.  How very gallant.  Angela faces her own little punishment this evening.  I’m afraid you can’t attend.  I know how excited she’d be whenever she’d spent time with you…and that was very nice mind you…she’s that way right now.  Been like that since I walked in on you two in fact.  Imagine…I’ve spent all this time focused on you, and she’d been laying there on the brink of an orgasm all that time.  It must have been sheer torture for her.  I’m going to go and help her get some release.  Then… a little punishment will be in order.  If its any consolation, the two of you will have a great deal in common when the sun rises.”

And with that he left the room, locking the door shut behind him.

I was left there, unable to move, forced to watch as my body changed before my eyes over the course of the night.  Occasionally my body would shake as the energies coursing through my body did their work, but I was trapped there.

I couldn’t do anything but lay there and watch.  It was bound to be a long night.  And I was destine to witness something I knew I’d never seen before.

From the other room I heard Angela cry out in pleasure as her pent up orgasm was finally released. 

Then it grew quiet once more and I could barely hear the crickets going outside.

It was going to be a very long night.

* * * *

I awoke with a start, daylight streaming in through a window and warming my arm.

I’d been moved at some point during the night.  I was laying on a couch in the living room now. 

I began to wonder of the events of previous evening had merely been a dream.  But as I tried to get up and found myself unable to move in the slightest, I knew it hadn’t been a dream.  Or a nightmare. 

Looking down as far as I could would my eyes I could see the twin masses of B-cup breasts protruding from my smooth hairless chest.

It’d been real.

I stammered for a full breath of air as the memories of last night flooded back to me.  How I’d been left there on Ryan’s bed, unable to do nothing but watch as my body changed.

Breasts grew in, filling up the pink bra that was already around my chest.  My legs and arms became more slender and smoothed out to a silky softness.  My waist narrowed and belly softened as well. 

All traces of my manhood were gone down in my crotch, replaced over the course of the night with all the reproductive organs of a woman.  My newfound pussy dripped moisture down my thighs during the changes. 

My hair atop my head had continued to grow.  It’s color faded from the dark black it was to a more gentle brown.  It grew out of control for a while, spreading out over the pillow last night.  I had no idea how long it’d become until morning.

Someone had done my hair while I slept.  That…had been nice.  When the energies wracking my body finished up, my consciousness immediately shut down and I’d been plunged into a deep sleep.

But now I was awake and living in a body I no longer recognized as my own.

My hair had been pulled back and braided.  I could feel it resting against my exposed skin at the small of my back.  It’d gotten really long.

The dampness in my crotch was still there too.  The silk panties were soaked and I could feel the juices…my juices on my thighs.

“Guess I have some explaining to do,” Ryan’s voice said from somewhere in the room.  I hadn’t even known he was there and it startled me.  At least it quickened my heart rate.  Had I been able to move at all I’m sure I would have jumped.

I felt hands on my bare arms and Ryan lifted me up into a seated position on the couch.  He rested my head against a pillow, allowing me to keep my head up as he crossed the room to go sit down in a chair across the room.

As he settled into his chair I let my eyes survey the room and take stock in things.  It was just the two of us.  There was no sign of Angela.  Or her four year old daughter Andi.  The sun was up, but I had no idea what time it was.  And I was still dressed as he’d left me the previous night.  Though now…the attire fit properly and didn’t seem weird on me.

“I should say this, first and foremost…it’s permanent.”

His words hit me like a ton of bricks.  My eyes looked down at the body…at my body and it really sank in.  This was my body now.  There was no going back to the man I was before.

“Shed as many tears as you like over it later…when you have the ability to do so.  But know that this is who you are now.  And…it’s who you’ve always been Michelle.”

My eyes went back to him and he smiled.

“What?  You didn’t think you could go around by the name “Mike’ anymore did you?  Not with tits.  It had to be something more suitable.”

“As I was saying,” he continued, “it’s who you’ve always been.  For the better part of sixteen years now, you’ve always been Michelle.  Ever since you came out of your mothers womb, you’ve been Michelle.”

Sixteen years?  What was he talking about?

He must have seen the confusion in my eyes cause he went back to explain.

“Oh yes…the age thing.  Look yourself over.  You think that’s the body of a thirty-two year old woman?  Oh, I don’t think so.  No, I hadn’t been thinking when I cast my spell on you.  Like I said, the last time I cast it, I’d been in high school.  I’d changed my friend into a teenage girl.  Apparently when I cast it last night, I forgot about that little bit and you got an added side effect.  Half your life back.  You still have the memories of your old life, but you’re a teenager again.  You can’t drink booze.  You can’t work in the cage anymore.  And I’m afraid… you don’t even have your drivers license yet.”

“You have your memories.  But their your old ones.  All your friends and family… they remember you.  But they remember you as Michelle, as you always been to them.  It might make for some interesting encounters as you try to piece together how they fit into your life now.”

“Now I should point out I’ve given you a bit of a curse at the same time.  That pussy of yours… notice how wet it is?  Well that’s something you best get used to.  And take care of.  Because you’ve just become insatiable.  A constant state of arousal.  And that dripping pussy of yours… is a constant reminder for you.  That you need the cock.  That you crave it.”

“And believe me, you do need it.  It’s your little stop gap.  So long as you get sex…that pussy of yours remains under control.  It won’t be drooling down your leg all the time and ruining all your clothes, making you look like an idiot in public.  So long as you get that sexual release…and let your partner as well, it calms down and who know…maybe you’ll be able to think about something other than sex for longer than ten minutes.”

“And it is vitally important your partner gets his release too.  If you cum… it’ll just make you a bigger mess.  But if he cums inside of you, you get things under control for a couple days.  But he’d got to get his release…inside you.”

“I’ve said all there is to be said.  I hereby give you back control of your… new body and allow you to leave.  I’m sure you have a great many questions for me, but as of now”

He snapped his fingers.

“…you’ve completely forgotten about them and have realized it’s a school day.  You’re late for school.  And on top of that you’ve forgotten all your things at home.  You best get going.  Don’t fret, I’ll tell Angela you send her your love.  I’ll make sure you girls get together sometime soon.  Bye.”

Getting to my feet, I staggered for a moment on the small heels on my shoes.  It’d take time to get used to walking in them.

My eyes searched the room but ended up coming back to Ryan as he cleared his throat to get my attention.  He pointed off to a neon green purse sitting by the couch.

“Thank you,” I said, picking it up and rushing for the door.  Pushing the door open I stepped out into the early spring air.  The wind blew past and I felt it rush up my exposed legs to my wet panties.  I grabbed a hold of the house for stability as a shiver rushed through my body.

Moving out to the driveway I saw my little white Nissan Versa still parked where I’d left it.  Reaching down into my purse I fished around until I found my car keys.  The carabineer they’d been attached to was gone, replaced with a metal figurine of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and a couple tassels from a high school graduation.

Unlocking my car, I settled in behind the wheel.  Angie hadn’t given me money for the toll road, so it looked like I was taking the long way home.

And then to school.

What was it going to be like going to high school again after so many years?

Tossing my purse onto the seat beside me, I started up the car and drove off out of the neighborhood.  It was shaping up to be a very long…and very confusing day.




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