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Wrapped Up Tight

by Antin0my

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© Copyright 2019 - Antin0my - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; plant; bond; insert; mind-control; transform; vine; scifi; nc; X

The stars twinkled softly above me, moving with such incredibly fast speed but moving so slowly from my perspective. My current situation had forced my mind to slow down considerably and focus on what I could see and feel. Anything that was even remotely stressful had been suppressed and shoved out of my mind, as if restrained by some unknown force.

That was how I felt, too, on a very physical sense. My entire body, from my toes to my butt, boobs and arms to my head, and even my individual toes and fingers, had been coiled up and kept still. Even my long hair was captured, the braid I hastily assembled this morning undone, and rewoven to keep it out of my face.

No part of my body could move. I was wrapped by a very powerful vice, with no wiggle room or give in any direction. The only thing I could really move was my eyes, looking into the darkness of the sky above me, absorbing it and seeing all that there was to see on a cloudless night. The light of the stars, shifting and moving so slowly, provided the only light and sensation that I could process a change in.

Looking down again, or at least looking as far as I could, I saw the dark green leaves coiled around my every crevice, feeling their smoothness and strength. They didn’t completely crush me, allowing my chest to rise and fall with my deep breathes. Twin globes, coiled by vines between my skin and the leaves, barely jutted out amid the greenery of my cocoon. I could only feel these vines on my boobs and nipples, pulsing and grabbing them at random intervals. I moaned slightly at the sensation, my throat filled with a large plant. 

My mouth and nose were both covered, a sweet aroma being circulated through my nose. A wonderful aroma had filled my lungs and calmed my mind down, quelling my fright and terror. It continued to pass through my nostrils, keeping me in a state of calm. 

My pussy and asshole were plugged up tightly, thick stalks pulsing and nudging my holes on occasion. These kept me awake, on the verge of entering that feel-good place, but never truly allowing me to feel sexually charged. There was no orgasm to be had, just a constant presence in my private parts. Even my ears were covered, blocking out all sound. 

How did I get into this mess? Well...honestly, I don’t remember. I can say I don’t really recall too much of anything right now. Trying to think about anything in the past was out of my reach. It took too much effort to even remember what I ate for seemed like such a distant concern that I didn’t really need to worry about. So I didn’t invest the mental energy into trying to figure it out. Or maybe I’d forgotten? I didn't mind either way.

My thoughts were violently interrupted by a stream of memories...bad ones. Things I didn’t want to remember. Thoughts that I tried to keep out of my head. Echoes of my life that needed to stay far away from where I could experience their pain and sadness. And with each memory came emotion, like a broken fire hydrant that just kept pumping.

The impact of these bad thoughts in my head caused me to writhe in my bondage, pulling and tugging and screaming in pain and agony. Tears streamed down my cheeks, and my eyes squeezed shut. And yet, I remained almost perfectly still in my cocoon, held in an unbreakable vice. I moaned in pain, frustration, and fear. Was I truly alone? Would I ever be found? Could I even be rescued from this...thing?

My head was pounding. My muscles spasmed and convulsed, trying to break free and do something, anything other than remain still. I felt the plugs in all of my holes begin to expand, cruelly stretching me. I reflexively clamped down on these invaders, but that only seemed to encourage them to grow more. My vagina, ass, and mouth were so full, and hurt something awful. 

The stars kept up their twinking business. It almost seemed like they were mocking me, so far away from this girl who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I could only stare at their light as it faded from my mind, darkness beginning to eclipse my mind...

Before I could fall unconscious, though, a thick liquid began to drip into my mouth. It pooled itself in my cheeks, not going down my throat. Eager for anything to break the curse over me, I swallowed it greedily. It was a viscous, thick fluid, and tasted like nothing I’d ever had before. I tried to think back to every good food and drink I’d ever had...but no memories came to my mind. I didn’t have the willpower to try and remember anything too distant from the present. I just wanted to relish in this sensation.

With every gulp of the liquid, my head stopped hurting, and the painful memories slowed down. Gulp. They stopped altogether. Gulp. The vice that gripped me so tightly began to relax, allowing me some form of flexibility...though I still couldn’t go anywhere. Gulp. It felt so good to just relax and drink. 

Slip! The tube in my mouth slipped right down my throat, giving the delicious stuff a more direct route into my waiting body. I couldn’t taste it anymore, but the effects of it on my body came even quicker.

I felt a vibration in my nether regions begin. It was soft at first, then a little faster. And, like a dam bursting, the same wonderful substance began to pump itself into me from down below. My body rocked and spasmed, this time in delight and glee. It felt so amazing, and I just lost myself in the sensations.

I stopped trying to care about what was happening at this point, and simply allowed my body to do whatever it wanted. Which, in this case, involved cumming violently, rocking me to my core with vigorous shakes to and fro. I felt my pussy gush violently, but all my juices were contained within the confines of my cocoon. I felt my own juices against my cunt. I’d never felt that before, and had another orgasm from the thought of covering myself with my own cum.

And I just kept cumming like this for a while. Cumming and cumming and cumming. I bucked and twisted and turned again, this time in joy. I never wanted this to end. I couldn’t let it end...

A breeze brushed against my cheek, and I felt water. Tears? Had I been crying? What reason did I have to cry, in this beautiful place? I was so relaxed, and happy, and enthralled with everything that was happening to me.

I felt, but couldn’t see, my belly bulging and straining with new life. Something wonderful was growing inside of me...I could feel it. I could feel the leaves loosen their group as my body grew subtly. Not a lot, but once shapely curves became rounder, more filled in. Muscle gave way to fat. Flat breasts burgeoned with sensation.

The stars twisted and twirled and circled around me. They danced in my vision, lighting up the night and my eyes. The last thing I felt was a falling sensation as I fell into the stars, riding one last orgasm all the way into the night...

The sun rose, as it always does. In the corner of a small pond, much like you would find scattered throughout a forest, there was a lily pad. And on this lily pad rested a large flower bud. Bigger than any other flower in the forest. 

But what was even more interesting was what was waiting to bloom inside the flower. Or, rather, who was waiting to be born.

As sunlight crept over the bud, it slowly began to unfurl and reveal what waited inside. Layers of the flower peeled from the center, fanning outward, and awakened the girl that was the same, and yet different, from the one who had been ensnared by it not long ago. This girl, with her grass-green skin and moss-green hair, would not have been out of place at a costume expo or movie.

What separated her from normal humans was the detail to which she had become one with nature. All blemishes, scars, bruises, and pimples had been purified and erased from her skin. It wasn’t fair to say they were erased...It was more appropriate to say that her old skin had been discarded, and something new had come to replace it. She had literally turned over a new leaf, in that sense.

Her stomach bulged outward, ready to share new life with the forest surrounding her, and the world at large. A bouquet of roses grew from her pussy and ass, growing and blooming gently as their host woke up. 

The flower’s eyes opened. Her eyes were as blue as the sky. Looking around her, she sensed the rest of the forest beginning to wake up for the start of a new day. She needed to get a move on, before the day really started to get going.

The lily pad beneath her began to move, as she stood onto her two feet. She balanced easily on the lily pad, waiting until it met the shoreline. Stepping onto the thick earth, the wind blew harshly against the bloom between the flower’s legs, and she giggled at the sensation. Vines poked out from her pussy and spread themselves between the stalks of the roses, stabilizing them and holding them upright. 

Reaching a level of comfort, the flower took off briskly into the woods, ready for a day of fun and the sun.


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