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Wrong Target

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; bond; chairtie; bodyswap; majick; M2f; F2m; mc; tease; play; fondle; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Frederick leaned back with a thoughtful frown. Not too shabby, he thought. I may have to keep this one for a while.

Casually, he checked the ropes binding the woman’s ankles to the rear legs of his armchair. More ropes stretched from her wrists to the chair’s front legs, holding her bent across the chair’s back. Duct tape covered the woman’s mouth, while a cheap looking sleep mask covered her eyes.

Satisfied with the ankle ropes, Frederick ran his hands up the backs of the woman’s legs, pausing at the soft curve of her ass. Nice and tight, he thought. Every bit of her, nice and tight. Tits a bit smaller than I’d like, but not enough to throw her back.

A soft moan slipped from the woman’s mouth as consciousness began returning. Frederick stepped back, waiting in anticipation for the struggle that always came next. Instead, after a few tugs at her bonds, the woman’s body seemed to relax. Puzzled, but eager to proceed, Frederick moved forward.

Slowly, he slipped his hand between the woman’s spread thighs, delighted to find her already moist. She must like this, he thought, withdrawing his hand. Good. No need for foreplay then. Quickly, he removed his own clothing. Stepping forward again, he aimed himself for the first thrust.

Suddenly, a wave of dizziness swept over him. Closing his eyes, Frederick leaned forward over his prisoner, shaking his head in an attempt to clear it. Slowly, the dizziness began to recede. As it did, he discovered himself no longer able to move.

Frederick opened his eyes, but saw only darkness. Fumbling with his hands, he could feel soft rope stretching away from him. Shocked, his mind slowly worked out that he was now bound as the woman had been before.

How did she do that? Frederick tried to call out, but the tape over his mouth limited him to a moaning hum. He started to struggle against his bonds, only to freeze at the sensation of something shifting on his chest. As he pondered this strange feeling, he heard a voice behind him. More shock. It was his voice!

“I do have to admit,” he heard his own voice say, “I can’t fault your choice in victims. You did, however, make some very basic mistakes.” As the voice spoke, he felt fingers lightly stroking his ass.

“First, your treatment of women is abominable. That in itself would be enough to earn my anger. However, the other considerations must also be taken into account. The first of these is, I just happen to be feeling a bit randy tonight. In the mood for a romp, you could say. Therefore, I’ve decided to let this little scene play out. With, of course, some minor alterations of my own.”

Frederick felt hands grasping his hips. Something nudged between his thighs, and he gasped as he felt it slip inside him. The sensation made his mind whirl. How could something be inside him? He didn’t have an inside! Slowly, he felt himself being filled. Shaking his head, he moaned loudly against the tape sealing his lips.

“Yes,” he heard, “I know. Feels very strange the first time, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, though. You’ll get used to it in time.”

Slowly, the thing inside him withdrew, then began pushing into him with slow, steady thrusts. On each thrust, Frederick’s body was pushed forward slightly, causing again that strange shifting sensation, as if something hung swaying from his chest. A strange, warm feeling began spreading from between his helplessly spread thighs, growing to encompass his entire body. Soon, he found himself moaning softly as he pushed his hips back to meet each thrust.

In his mind, Frederick struggled to understand. He was pretty sure this wasn’t some kind of anal sex. That was supposed to hurt, or so he’d heard. This had felt good from the beginning, and only felt better with each thrust. His mind refused to accept the signals sent by his body. What they told him was impossible. Soon enough, those signals were swallowed up by an indescribable need that filled him, leaving no room for any other thought.

Slowly, the presence within him kept thrusting. Slowly, the pleasure he felt grew, reaching levels that he knew would drive him insane if they didn’t stop soon. His body, no longer obeying any command from him, struggled to push backward further, to drive that presence ever deeper. Suddenly, without warning, something burst within him. Waves of pleasure rushed through his body, leaving him limp in their afterwash.

Panting, Frederick felt hands at his head. Light suddenly struck his eyes, causing him to blink rapidly. As his vision cleared, he glanced down his body, only to see a pair of medium sized breasts hanging from his chest. Stunned, he barely noticed as his limbs were freed, hands pulling him upright. He was too absorbed in the impossible sight of breasts where no breasts belonged.

“Nice, aren’t they?” Frederick raised his eyes to find himself looking back. Muffled hums sprang from his lips, growing to a pained yelp as his double reached up and ripped the tape from his mouth.

“Ouch!” That couldn’t be his voice! His shock growing, Frederick could only stare silently.

“The second consideration,” said the man standing before him, “is that I’ve grown a bit tired of that body. Oh, it’s nice enough, don’t get me wrong. But I think I’m ready for a change.”

The man grinned. “I think you’ll like that body. It belonged to an honest to goodness princess. She only used it to seduce people who could increase her influence in court. Unfortunately, she decided to seduce me. I rather liked her body, so I kept it. That was, oh, about four hundred years ago. Or was it five?”

The man shook his head. “Anyway,” he continued, “I’d reached the point where I’ve explored everything that body is capable of, several times over. I was ready for something new. And now, thanks to you, I have it.”

The man glanced down at his body. “Nothing much, I admit,” he said thoughtfully. “But that’s okay. A couple decades of tweaking, and this body will suit me just fine.”

“What?” Frederick still couldn’t believe what was happening. “What’s going on? What have you done to me? And why do you look like me?”

The man smiled. “I know it’s confusing,” he said. “Even I need a bit of time to adjust after a change. I can only imagine how it must feel to you. Not to worry, though. I’ll help you adjust to your new body.”

Gently, the man reached up and pressed his hand against Frederick’s forehead for several seconds. “There,” he said, letting his hand drop, “that should help.”

“What did you do? I don’t feel any different.” As he spoke, Frederick found his eyes focusing on the other man’s cock. As he watched, it began to harden. Suddenly, he felt a strong desire to feel that cock in his mouth, to taste it. Almost of its own volition, his body dropped to its knees, his face nuzzling at the man’s crotch. Frederick’s lips parted, and he felt the smooth skin of the man’s cock slip into his mouth.

Frantic, Frederick fought to pull himself away, but his body had other ideas. His head began bobbing up and down, his tongue swirling around the soft skin. The taste filled him with revulsion, yet, strangely, it also filled him with a strong desire for more. Moaning softly from a mixture of need and disgust, he pushed the cock as far as he could into his mouth, lips wrapped tightly around its soft hardness. When the man stepped back, Frederick was surprised to hear himself moaning in disappointment, his body swaying forward in an attempt to capture the cock between his lips once more.

“Lie back.” Eyes still fixed on the man’s cock, Frederick felt his body lean backwards. Surprisingly, his lower body remained still, so that he wound up laying with his back arched, only his shoulders and the back of his head touching the floor, his legs still doubled with heels pressed against his ass.

“I’d almost forgotten how limber that body is,” the man said softly. “But I don’t think that position will do.” Immediately, Frederick’s legs straightened, leaving him flat on his back. “Much better,“ the man remarked, lowering himself to hover over Frederick.

“You know what comes next, don’t you?”

“Please,” Frederick begged. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t you want it?”

“No! I don’t!” Despite his denials, Frederick found his hand wrapped around the man’s cock, guiding it between his spread thighs. When the tip touched him, his legs rose to wrap around the man’s waist, heels digging into his back as they pulled down on him. Smiling, the man complied.

For the second time, Frederick felt himself filled. Frederick willed his body to pull away, but it refused to obey. Instead, he soon found his arms wrapped around the man, pulling him closer to the body hovering over him. His legs, still wrapped around the man’s waist, tightened their hold. For a long moment, his body remained stiff, still. Then, with an almost audible sound, something gave. Frederick’s arms and legs fell limp to the floor. Seeing this, the man smiled.

“Very good,” he whispered. “Almost there.”

Slowly, Frederick’s hips began to twitch, each twitch slightly stronger, until his hips were rocking rhythmically. From there, his hips began rising, driving himself up against the man holding himself still above him. Stunned, Frederick could only watch as he fucked himself on the man’s cock.

“Oh, please,” he moaned. “Please don’t…….. don’t……. please……”

“Please what?”

A soft sob erupted from Frederick’s mouth. “Please fuck me,” he whispered.

“Gladly.” So saying, the man began thrusting into Frederick, riding him to his second female orgasm of the night. Afterwards, he rolled to one side, watching as Frederick lay panting.

“Please change me back,” Frederick begged. Smiling, the man shook his head.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” he said. “After all, we can’t both be wearing this body at the same time, can we?”

“But I don’t want to be a woman!”

“Really?” Casually, the man reached over and stroked between Frederick’s thighs.

“Really! I don’t…. oh!…. don’t want…… oooh!….. don’t…… don’t stop, please!”

Throughout the remaining hours of the night, the man who now wore Frederick’s body played with him, until Frederick lost count of the orgasms. Somewhere during that roller coaster ride, something in him changed.

The first rays of a rising sun slanted through the window. In their light, a slender woman lay on the floor beside a husky man.

“No more, please,” she begged. “I can’t do any more.”

“And if I want more?” At this, the woman’s eyes dropped.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “If you want more, then you’ll have more. I just don’t know if I can.”

“That’s alright,” the man said. “I think you’ve had enough for now. Are you feeling any better about your new situation?”

“No,” the woman replied, “I am not. I still don’t want to be a woman.”

“Would you rather be a man?”

“Of course not! I mean……. that is……” The woman’s voice faded. When it returned, there was an entirely different tone to it.

“Why would I want to be a man? Do you like men better?”

The man grinned. “Not any more,” he said sincerely. “At the moment, I’m quite pleased with you.”

“Then why should I change?” Rolling over, the woman nestled her head against his chest. Stroking her hair idly, he gazed at the ceiling.

Yes, he decided, he’d keep her for a while. A century or so, anyway. After that, he would settle her into a new life, with no memory of ever being a man. And no memory, he thought with a grin, of the price for choosing the wrong target.

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