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1 stories feedback / Re: The Family Maid by Gromet
« Last post by john titor on November 24, 2017, 11:03:23 PM »
Please make the story stacy become permanent maid bot for her mother and sister , she doesnt need back to college , she beg her mom stay stacy bot
Dollification Stories / Re: The Family Maid Part 3 - The nice ending.
« Last post by superdude103194 on November 24, 2017, 03:58:43 PM »
I actually really appreciate this nicer ending, Gromet. A fun story all-around.
General Discussion / Re: Using the 'C' word.
« Last post by Tom on November 24, 2017, 01:35:58 AM »
That's essential, I think. The world has horrors enough, it may be why people turn increasingly to fiction as life remains brutal. At least you don't have the problems all Richards have...and perhaps have a fresh angle to explore. And your use of without does appeal to the mediaevalist in me!
It's interesting is that other languages are often less hung up than we are. The Belgians even have a top lawyer by the name of Conrotte, "Redpussy". The French word for silly, stupid is "con".
Mummification Discussion / Re: Floatation tank
« Last post by Tom on November 23, 2017, 01:20:52 PM »
Have a care towards the psychological side - they are used in regression/reversion therapy, however they were also used in military psychological torture experiments in the 1970s for exactly the same reason. They're also often used with people on the autistic spectrum who find help in being able to withdraw from the real world they sometimes struggle to relate to. There's an entire domain of latex in the same area, too.
Keep it to just a few minutes at first - subjective time dilation can often occur too.
Mummification Discussion / Re: I need some advice and good ideas on fiberglass casting.
« Last post by Tom on November 23, 2017, 01:10:33 PM »
Go carefully. My first, last and every intermediate concern is safety, I cannot urge you this enough. It's why Gromet emphasises that these stories are just stories and nothing more, they're not something to try out in reality. However, if you chose to know differently, on your own head be it. The following thoughts are simply that, thoughts.
Some glassfibre resins create serious heat, so try them on something inanimate first.
Equally, you should consider whether a complete mummification might not pose a serious health risk at a number of levels, which are summarised in the thought that any scenario you are in should allow quick release if something unexpected goes wrong - this is a safety 101 in all forms of play. Play should be exactly that, play and pleasure, and if ever you go somewhere where that is at risk - which is itself sometimes a form of play, after all we see rock climbers and skydivers doing all kinds of daft things for exactly the same edge - then you should consider a quick-release setup. This is why having bandage shears to hand before you start is an essential, the headache is they don't work so well on casts. You may have a reciprocating cast saw to hand, however what happens if you have to apply CPR to someone when their torso's so coated you can't get at them? This is why medics don't go there. The legal ramifications are horrendous too, does the Dom really want to risk Homicide 3 Manslaughter charges, 20 years sharing a cell with Albert the Hulk if somethng goes seriously pear-shaped? They'll be a damned sight less dominant after that, I assure you.
That being said, this form of encasement almost goes too far. What you might consider is whether it might not perhaps be wiser to modularise the cast so that a body moulding comes in two parts, front and back, with locating pins and flanges to take some kind of lock or tie - a plastic one, for example, will hold it completely closed yet allow very rapid release, four quick snips. Similarly for the limbs. The greatest risk there is if something gets pinched putting it on! Design the seams so they slide past each other male half on one side, female on the other. And for the effect, the dom makes it seem the entire suit is to be sealed. The advantage is that you're not stick for hours while the resin sets off - OK, there are quick-set resins, however...
What I'm pointing you towards is a kind of personally-fitted suit of armour made of glass or carbon fibre rather than steel. The Mummy Walks. There are plenty of sites describing that process. If the mummy shouldn't walk, then use mould release gel at the seams between the parts so you can create the suit stepwise, starting from the cuirass before moving on to the pauldrons and arm greaves, using dowels to keep the holes in the flanges located, and similarly down the legs and up to the helm. Instead of leaving gaps as a suit of armour does, take the solid right up to the line of the skin fold at the joint - look at your elbow inner joint to see what I mean, there's a clear line showing where the upper and lower arm meet, that's where each part of the cast goes to. By butting up the pieces like this, you create an utterly rigid armature in controlled stages. A similar concept applies to the head, do the front first, preferably while wearing a latex hood coated in release lube or vaseline: sometimes it's a three-stage process, making a female mould of the real head in something like papier-mache. so nostril tubes allow the patient to remain breathing, then fill that with expanded foam as a male cast (don't forget the release agent, vaseline is your friend), then cover that with more papier-mache to give strength and a slight airspace stand-off to allow the air to get out when the final outer cast is made as a female on that. You don't want that helmet to create a vacuum fit to the skin, the latex and papier mache make a head space just a tad larger than the sub's real head! Similarly, for a female mummy (well, aren't they all?), the question of what to do with all that hair may be relevant. JG Leathers' site shows exactly how he did just such a helmet using a form of expanding metal mesh, Formetal Ysilon - he couldn't hammer it to shape onto his model's head, so he moulded a duplicate head as I describe and fitted it to that.
Just be careful not to breathe in resin dust, when using a cast saw or files, it's potentially a serious health hazard - this is why they sell facemasks for those working in it. You could use latex gasmasks fitted with breathing canisters for both parties - and if you wanted to really load the sub, rebreathing the dom's waste air is just about feasible, we're fairly inefficient in what we breathe out, there's lots of oxygen left, however it is a really stuffy experience much like using a rebreather bag! It might even be wise to put such a bag in as a reservoir halfway down the pipe so the sub and dom are able to breathe at their own rates. Try it as a separate learning experience first.
Similarly, while rigging locking flanges, you might also consider freestanding flanges around the body periphery as you look at it from the front, to secure separate bondage to. They say that suspending such a cast from a surrounding frame using bungy elastics is close to weightlessness.
And finally, this is entirely at your own risk. My first, last and every intermediate concern is safety, I cannot urge you this enough. It's why Gromet emphasises that these stories are stories and not something to try out in reality.
Dollification Stories / Re: Janet & the Sex-bot
« Last post by feline on November 22, 2017, 03:09:58 PM »
Part 2 is wonderful news, but a wicked twist?  Now that does sound very interesting indeed, I am looking forward to seeing what you have in mind here :)
General Discussion / Re: Away & senile
« Last post by Tom on November 22, 2017, 10:19:57 AM »
The headache is that we have too many people demanding passwords, and some fools requiring them are careless with them - I think I may have other a thousand, certainly several hundred sites who have a password, far too many to be able to keep updated at frequent intervals as some security busybodies with their heads in the clouds and no sense of practicality  require - I'd spend my life doing nothing else. For example, we've just seen Uber have to admit it's compromised data from hundreds of thousands of its drivers: sometimes I need to know that the site I'm working with has me securely identified, sometimes my need is less, yet they have a reasonable need, mostly it's simple BS. The identification protocol has two halves, the avatar and the password, and so we have two elements we can work with to constrain these sites.
I therefore have three different passwords on this first plane, correspondingly, not one: if, for example, someone with less than honest morals were to obtain a single password, he'd find it easy to hack my bank, however he won't because that's a different security need and therefore level. There is actually a fourth level. although it's less likely you'll need it, one where employers/the State have their specific needs - they tend towards the following, however, where you are identified by a Social Security number, for instance.
However, there is also a separate parameter to the paradigm, that of the avatar. I use a different one for my vanilla life than I use here. Not that I'm ashamed of either, however there are risks in areas of greater licentiousness, or more precisely licence, permissiveness, and I generally prefer to know that anyone who knows me as Tom in this context might not know my vanilla avatar. There may also be other domains where such pseudonym aliases are legal and/or justified.
One headache of using technical support for a plethora of passwords is what happens when the technology fails, as it eventually will, from simple wear and tear/entropy. A second one is where the security techno-geeks require disproprtionate password patterns - no, I'm not going to allow you to impose a password of mixed Sanskrit and Akkadian characters on me just because you think you can, I'll walk away instead, depriving you of one user tick-up. If you're such a nerd as to think otherwise, enjoy your life. Thankfully people here aren't that anally-retentive.
A further headache is that as data collection agencies become ever more intrusive into our lives, without the least authority other than the last vestiges to 1950s paternalistic authoritarianism, the risk of these passwords becoming compromised increases. They have their peers on the Dark Side, too, criminal intelligencers who, having noticed that an (entirely fictitious!) Henry Potter of Little Snoring uses the same avatars and passwords on several compromised sites, then goes on to try that whenever anything else of the said Henry Potter's comes up, for example trawled out of the sea of email data which is mostly utterly insecure. I wonder whether JK Rowling got her idea for the Boy Wizard from MASH's Surgical Wizard?
That then heads towards a scenario where simple imaginative passwords fail, and we have to revert to more fundamental data of who we are - fingerprints and retinal scans at a slightly deeper level. We don't want to have to go there, though, it's far preferable not to compromise that too.
Dollification Stories / Re: Janet & the Sex-bot
« Last post by Gromet on November 22, 2017, 08:37:10 AM »
There are plans laid out for a part 2 with a wicked twist...  :o

Thanks Feline for another one of your brilliant reviews, I love reading them. Yes I seem to be on a roll with mind-controlled robotic persons at the moment.
Intros / Re: Hi everyone
« Last post by Alliarys on November 22, 2017, 04:42:24 AM »
Thanks 64Fordman!

Much appreciated!
Trashcan Stories / Re: Oops wrong bin
« Last post by Trash girl on November 21, 2017, 11:26:16 PM »
wow funny little story stu i wounder what's gonna happen next
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