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Welcome to the Plaza

What's New

There is a new search engine for the story database, you can search by Title/Author/Storycodes (not tags). Please feel free to give it a try and let us have feedback on what you think of it. Either via email or on the forum - thanks.


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Currently 10,141 stories for your reading pleasure.


Plaza Forum

The Plaza Forum, our own forum with all the sections of the site covered, you can read, post, leave feedback on stories, find new people, share interests and ideas...

Due to attacks by spammers, the only way to now join the forum is via admin approval - apologies for this to those who genuinely want to join in here and have to wait to be approved.

To prevent spambots joining the forum, you'll be asked 1 or 2 of 3 questions when initially joining the forum: (answers included below)

  1. Spell grometsplaza. answer: grometsplaza
  2. Spell handcuffs. answer: handcuffs
  3. What color is a red ballgag? answer: red

A big thank you to the Admins & moderators who are doing an excellent job maintaining the forum, running contests and updating the links to the stories. - down/migration

The site is being migrated to a new server by the hosting company, so the site may be down when you look in for the next few days. Then the rest of the sites will migrate afterwards...
So no new bondage stories until this is completed. Currently testing to see what works...

Added 10 new stories to Boundstories, but only accessable from this main page see below

Problems with Server

I don't know if you've experienced the main site & forum being slow or not loading, I have. It seem that the hosting service Servage are moving servers, so some delays/outages may be expect in the near future.

The other parts of the site are also serviced via Cloudflare, this makes the sites go faster from anywhere in the world, there are also the advantages that visitors can use the site even when the "origin server" (master copy) at Servage is down. But this only applies (so far) to the following:

Please add your website favorites to your bookmarks, that way if the main site is down, you can still access the latest copy of the above websites.

New format database webpages

Thanks again to webnik for all of his help with the reformatting, rebuilding and refreshing the site. It's a huge task to undertake but the wonderful results speak for themselves.
Try them out on your mobile devices.

Author Feedback

The authors who contribute their works to this site spend many hours, even days writing then rewriting, editing and putting a lot of effort into writing their stories, and all they ask in return is for your comments about what you thought of their stories, writing and ideas.

Please give authors your feedback, thoughts and comments, it takes but a few lines and seconds out of your day.

Send me your stories, I'd love to see them and post them here - email your story to or
Check out my Writer's Guide for submitting stories.

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