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3 favorite stories
« on: May 04, 2017, 08:18:25 AM »
I'd like to know what others like so I'm going to list off 3 favorite stories..

1. The Trap (I really like this story probably most for the non-consent or consent themes)
2. The Trap part 2? (there is a fan who likes this story so much they re-wrote it and ahh probably added more sex to it cause the 1st one I guess doesn't have any.. I'm not providing a working link cause i don't know the name of the re-write? I'll edit/fix it later if I get it?)
3. Jill's Shopping Adventure - this is a shopping story.. the character just allows themselves to put on fetish equipment doesn't have that much sex in it
4. Just Browsing - This is another shopping story.. this one springs up sex or non-consent theme..

***Moved by Moderator*** More suitable for this section. ***Note*** I am coming to the section where "The Trap" is located and will be working on the story(ies) and will look into "The Trap 2" as I do. EPL
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