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Re: Oops wrong bin
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As night fell again and darkness ensued the birds went silent. 

I have very little thought to the once arrogant, ignorant selfish little man buried in the bin.  I don't doubt he'd be in pain,  squashed tightly in the bottom of the bin.  Hard to breath I'd imagine and what he did breath would be the putrid  stench of rotting food and other garbage. 
I cared not one jott if he whined, moaned and complained,  infact nothing would please me more than to see him emptied into the carverness confines of large trash lorry.

My wetness confirmed this to be true as i gently stroked Lisa's hair gently as we watched a romantic flim cuddled on the sofa. 
L-" we never did this you know,  he wouldn't watch films like this with me, never stroked my hair or gave  me many compliments. He also had the tv remote, never did the dishes or any house work.  In fact the house is soo much neater with him in there" she nodded towards the door.

"Maybe we should let the truck collect him and be done with it i joked?" Unsure of her response.

L" that's murder though surely? "

"Well accidents happen" i smiled.

The subject changed and i tried to do all things he didn't,  i tidied and cleaned,  payed her every compliment and let her lead. She chose everything for the remaining time, i could almost see her blossom from this quiet,  shy soul to this natural beauty growing in confidence every second.
I knew the garbage men would be around first thing in the morning to empty our trash cans.

"Hey, what do you say we have a little more fun at Stu's expense? We could wheel the bins down to the curb and watch him wriggle n squirm one last time? We can always wheel him back in the morning no harm done? "

I had barely finished when Lisa strode straight out of the door and heaved the bin on to its wheels.

" Hey trash we dont want you to miss the pick up in morning so your going to curb tonight.  Youll have all night to think about the way you've treated me.  The way you've took away my confidence,  my independence and humiliated me infront my friends,  colleagues and family.  They would probably tell me to leave you here for good. Ill sleep on it tonight and decide in the morning".

We stood back almost doubled over laughing as the bin barely moved,  very little muffled sounds were emitted either.  I dragged my identical bin to the curb, side by side with Lisa's and looking at them both you'd never tell.

Lisa headed back to hers so i made my excuses for 5 mins saying i needed to check something in my house.  Before leaving and checking Lisa had gone i swapped the bins round.  Mine now in her bins place and vice versa.

I returned to Lisa's side and caressed the night away.  I kept her up late as possible, infact almost 2am before we fell to sleep.

Lisa woke with a jump possibly hearing the low grumble of the diesel engine or trash mens usual whistle as he collected the dumpsters before connecting them to the rear of the truck.  Pressing a button the hydraulics kicked in lifting the bin up and over,  emptying the worthless trash ready for the packer blade to swoop down and compress the garbage.
The truck was next door add she donned her little pink dressing gown and ran out of the door.  She quickly made her way to curb, relieved as they dragged what she thought was my bin to the truck.  Up n over it went the contents swiftly disappeared from view and was swept away with barely a pop.  Those strong treble bags doing their job.
 She grabbed my bin and made some excuse dragging it back down the garden path.  Slightly flustered and out of brearth placed the bin back by the door and slipped into the house. 

"That was far too close for comfort" breaking into a smile "but such a rush. "

I pretended to look pleased but knowing Stu had now been swallowed effortlessly by the truck.  Those super strong bags keeping everything confined until he's buried at the dump. I couldn't be happier i just had to see how she reacted.

"Should release him?" She enquired.

"Let's leave him a little longer maybe night fall Incase we get caught emptying our delicate trash in public. " knowing full well by then he'll be under tonnes of trash and long gone.

I took Lisa out for lunch and gave her 100%attention all day. 

Around 5 pm Lisa said we should release him.  As the bags emptied from the bin a look of both shock n horror swept across het pretty face.  "Where is he, whats going on? I don't understand."

I tried to look concerned and confused but i knew it was futile.

"Oops they must have took the wrong bin"

Tears ensued but after reasoning she agreed, What could they do he was gone with the trash.

"Surely the police would have been by now if they found him" i said with an unseen smile


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Re: Oops wrong bin
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Love it! Can't wait for Stu to end up where he belongs.

Thanks for keeping up with the story. Good continuation, am looking forward to more :)

Garbage bag Diaper :)