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The Perfect Pony

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2017 - RubberH - Used by permission

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This story is a sequel to The Parade

Part 1

His lungs burned as he tried to keep the pace. His legs strained with every stride he took. Everything ached as he ran down the road. “Keep up, don’t quit now.” he thought “It’s just a few yards away.”

The sting of the whip against his asscheek broke his thoughts. He lurched forward faster. Kenneth was pushing him even harder than usual. It wasn’t enough that he was pulling both the cart and Kenneth. He was made to run faster and faster and carry the load up and down hills. For Rainbow, each training day was like another. Drills and more drills. Sunrise to sunset and then some. If it wasn’t Kenneth, it was either Jimmy or the stablehand Dusty who would conduct the training. Both of them were just as harsh and just as quick to punish failure.

Kenneth was a perfectionist and any failure on Rainbow’s part to comply fully and completely met with swift and painful reminders. Kenneth drilled his slave in the correct gaits and behaviors of a proper pony, and his efforts were rewarded. His slave’s mannerisms were becoming more like a horse than a human being. It didn’t matter if Rainbow was faster or had more endurance. He wanted consistency. Each and every step in proper alignment. The knees and hooves the right height when taking a step. The more Kenneth pressed, the more Rainbow would learn and adapt.

At last they reached the corral. Kenneth pulled back on the reins, pulling the bit in Rainbow’s mouth. “Whoa!” he shouted and Rainbow came to a halt. His chest heaved and sweat dripped down his body onto the dirt.

It started out slowly. Kenneth had made careful plans and made all the necessary contacts. When Rainbow had agreed to become his pony, Kenneth was overjoyed at his good fortune. Every weekend Kenneth would take Rainbow to the farm where he began a very ambitious training program.

“Ken” asked Jimmy, “Are you attempting what I think you are doing?”

Kenneth smiled “And what is that, as if I don’t know what you mean.”

“Total Conversion? There are only a handful of instances where that has been done.”

“Yep, Rainbow will become totally immersed in pony life. Every ounce of humanity will be suppressed or removed.” Kenneth replied.

Jimmy was skeptical “Hey I didn’t think you could get him to agree to this… and I’ll admit I was wrong. But we are talking about brainwashing here. That’s a lot of work.”

“It would be if Rainbow was a typical sub. As you have seen though, he is not only a natural sub, but he is easily influenced and extremely compliant.”

“Still, this is going to take a lot of time. A weekend sub isn’t going to be enough.”

Kenneth smiled. “That’s why I’m taking the next step on Monday.”

Rainbow couldn’t hear what they were saying. His ears had been plugged with a thick waxy substance that cut off all but the loudest of sounds. He could hear only his heartbeat and the crack of the whip. His only communication with Kenneth was from the pull of the reins and sting of the leather. He was given water from a squirt bottle and allowed to rest from his three-mile trip before the next two hours of drills on the mechanical exerciser. He would then be fed, groomed and allowed to relieve himself before the evening’s dressage training. Then it would be back to his stall and a few hours of sleep.

On Monday, Kenneth put his plans into action. He made the necessary phone calls and filled out all the preliminary paperwork. Once Friday came around everything would be set.

On that day, Kenneth called Andy (now known as Rainbow) into his office.

“Do you know why you are here?”

Andy shook his head ‘No’. He was nervous. Kenneth had maintained a professional attitude during work hours and only met with the entire department for their weekly meetings. Although he was in regular business attire Andy no longer wore underwear. Instead, under his clothing he wore a lightweight leather harness, similar to the pony harness he wore at the ranch. A strap between his cheeks held the large buttplug firmly in his ass. He could feel its presence all day and he felt so vunerable and helpless, especially when he was in Kenneth’s presence.

“As you are aware it has been a rough time for the bank. We have made progress in preventing losses from operations, but the Board of Directors has mandated that we make cuts in personnel. I have some leeway in determining who should go.”

Andy looked at Kenneth. “But, I’ve done everything you wanted…. why me?”

“Because Rainbow, I need you in a place that I can complete your training. Weekends aren’t enough.”

“What if I agreed to make it Tuesdays and Thursday evenings as well?”

“Not enough. You need much more than that.”

“But I can’t just leave..”

“Quiet.” Said Kenneth forcefully. “Without a job you have no way to pay for your apartment, your car and all your other needs. Your savings are minimal thanks to your carelessness with money, which by the way is not a very good situation for someone who works in a bank. Also, you have no family to fall back on for help.”

Before Andy could reply, Kenneth smiled and leaned back in his chair. “You have responded very well in your training and it’s time to go to the next step. It’s a step that I know you want even though you may deny it. I’m offering you a chance to have no further worries or responsibilities. You’ll have a place to live, food, shelter and will be well cared for.”

‘But I have to be…be…”

“My pony, full time. 24/7/365.”

Andy was stunned. He became tongue-tied. He never expected that things would go this far. Yes, he was fearful at first, but he had become more comfortable with being a pony. This was different. This was something he was not prepared for.

“It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not Rainbow.” Said Kenneth. “In a few minutes we are going to go to HR to prepare your release from employment here. There is nothing you can say or do to prevent it. You can’t sue because it is my word against yours. I have ample reasons on paper to justify your removal, and even if someone was foolish enough to believe you, all your actions were voluntary agreed to regarding pony training.”

Kenneth stood up from his chair and pointed Rainbow to the door. “I’ll need your answer now. Once you are finished with HR my offer will be withdrawn.”

Rainbow, for that was his true name, nodded his head. Yes, he could have told Kenneth to ‘shove it’, but something deep within him knew that he wanted to live as a pony. He just needed a reason and Kenneth gave it to him.

Once he had been allowed to leave the bank, Kenneth drove him to a building several blocks away. They went up an elevator to a floor that was a noted law firm. The office was nearly empty as it was a Friday and all the employees and attorneys had left for the weekend. All but one corner office.

In the office a man was standing next to a desk and a woman was arranging some papers on it.

Kenneth looked at Rainbow. “Strip!” he commanded. Rainbow froze. Even though he had gotten used to being nude in front of people this was a different situation.

“Doesn’t listen very well, does he?” said the man. He walked up to Kenneth with a riding crop in his hand. He offered it to Kenneth who immediately stuck Rainbow twice on the rear. Quickly Rainbow undressed.

“Come here and kneel” said the man, pointing to a place on the floor near the desk. Rainbow saw Kenneth raise the crop again and immediately complied.

The man looked at Kenneth and smiled “OK, so I’ve written everything up as you requested. Powers of Attorney, Transfer of Assets, Personal Services Contract and the Registration forms.” He took out a pen and placed it on the floor in front of Rainbow and one set of the papers.

“Sign these with your human name.” said the man to Rainbow. Rainbow fumbled with the documents and signed them, never reading them as he knew that any hesitation would meet with a hard swat of the crop.

“Julie will witness and I’ll need your signature here and here.” The man told Kenneth. Once that was done the woman, Julie took out a handheld scanner and took hold of Rainbow’s right hand. She took an image of Rainbow’s handprint, printed it out on a nearby printer and attached it to one of the forms.

‘Now slave,” the man said to Rainbow “From this point on you have given your Master control over your life. Everything from finances to medical procedures. The Personal Services Contract is what we used to call a slave contract, as slavery is deemed illegal in this country. It places you in service in perpetuity. It is unbreakable and cannot be modified or nullified.”

He continued. “This last form is to classify you as a Registered Slave by LeatherMasters International. As you no longer have the use of your former name the handprint acts as your acknowledgement and acceptance. Congratulations Ken.”

Kenneth, the man and Julie all shook hands. The man went to his desk and opened a drawer. He removed a box and opened it. Inside was a thick leather collar. He offered it to Kenneth who took it and placed it around Rainbow’s neck. A small ‘click’ and Rainbow knew that it was locked on.

Julie gathered up Rainbow’s belongings and placed them in a trash bag. “Did you want these or should I just have them burned?”

Kenneth smiled. “I just need something to cover him for tonight. “ Julie took a pair of spandex shorts and a t-shirt from a cabinet and gave them to Rainbow to put on.

“I’m looking forward to March.” She said to Kenneth.

Kenneth pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a leash from his jacket pockets. He pulled Rainbow’s hands behind his back and snapped the cuffs shut. He then clipped the leash to the collar.

“I’ve got lots planned for him”. Kenneth said. He guided Rainbow out of the office, through the hallway and into the elevator.

Rainbow sat silently in Kenneth’s car. He wanted to tell him that he had changed his mind, but the words could not come out. Besides he had plenty of opportunity well before coming here.

‘You’re very quiet.” Said Kenneth. Rainbow opened his mouth to speak when Kenneth continued, “Good! From now on you will not speak until I give permission.”

Kenneth drove out of the downtown area and into the city’s gay neighborhood. He turned off the street and into a parking lot next to a converted industrial building. A high chain link gate was in front. At the gate he inserted a card and waited for it to open. Once he drove inside the gate closed shut. Rainbow could see that the fence had razor wire at the top and completely surrounded the lot, preventing anyone from entering or leaving.

Kenneth parked the car, got out and pulled Rainbow out and to a security door. Once again Kenneth put in his card and the door unlocked. In the vestibule there was a sign: “SLAVES ARE TO BE NUDE AND SECURED AT ALL TIMES IN THE COMMON AREAS”. Kenneth quickly tore off Rainbow’s garments and added a set of anklecuffs. Rainbow’s heart was racing and he started to speak, but Kenneth quickly thrust a ball gag in his mouth and secured it.

“You’re going to be processed now. Don’t cause any trouble or else I’ll just leave you here.” Kenneth said firmly and pointed to another sign “ABANDONED SLAVES WILL BE KENNELED AND AVAILABLE TO BE CLAIMED BY ANY MEMBER AFTER 24 HOURS.” Rainbow started shaking. This was going too far but there was nothing he could do.

They continued down a hallway and into what looked like a reception area. It had white walls, ceiling and a tile floor. The exception to the white interior were two red circles on the floor facing a counter. On the other side of the counter was a man dressed in black leather.

“Down!” shouted Kenneth. Rainbow quickly kneeled on the floor. “Spread them.” He said pointing to the red circles. Rainbow spread his knees apart until they covered over the circles. Kenneth pushed Rainbow’s head down and pushed against his back, forcing him to sit at attention. “Stay” Kenneth said.

“New slave?” asked the man. Kenneth nodded and presented the LeatherMasters registration form. The man reviewed the form and looked at Rainbow. He went over to a computer and began to enter the form information. “The processing will take a couple of hours. “

“More than that.” Kenneth replied. The man looked at him . “Level 5 processing.” Kenneth continued “It’s going to take three to four, according to Zeke.”

“Complete package?” asked the man. Kenneth smiled and nodded his head. The man returned the smile. “Wish I was that lucky.”

Once the paperwork was processed Kenneth and the man left the room, leaving Rainbow still kneeling on the floor. Minutes passed and Rainbow’s initial discomfort was starting to get painful. His knees were hurting and his back and neck were getting sore from maintaining their position. He wanted to move just a little bit but he stayed put, fearing that this was just a trick by Master.

“Master” he said to himself. It was a name he had not associated with Kenneth before, but now he realized that his former boss was now his Master. He was a slave, his Master’s property.

He heard a sound from behind, then he felt the leash being pulled. “Up” came a voice which was neither the man’s nor Master’s. He rose carefully. His body was stiff from maintaining that position for so long. He looked up and saw a man dressed in just a pair of latex leggings and rubber riding boots. He had a huge hard-on which was just about to burst out of the leggings. “Follow” he said and tugged on the leash.

They went past the reception desk and down a corridor. They entered a room where in the center was a raised circular platform about four feet in diameter. Like the reception room it was white, but it had three sets of red circles spaced a foot apart from each other. The rubber man took a set of keys and unlocked the cuffs and removed the gag. He pointed to the platform. Rainbow walked over and stepped on the platform.

The rubber man began to give Rainbow a series of commands.

“Stand, arms to the sides.” Rainbow did. The platform began to rotate and soon audible clicks like a camera shutter were heard.

“Arms up, parallel to the floor and spread.” Rainbow complied, spreading his feet until they covered the first set of circles. Another series of clicks.

“Spread farther” and Rainbow moved over to the next set of red circles.

This continued for several minutes. Rainbow was ordered into various positions. Standing, kneeling and squatting. Once he was finished the rubber man re-cuffed and gagged Rainbow and took him to another room. It was empty except for a leather chair and a small table. The rubber man pulled Rainbow’s leash and directed him to once again kneel in the center of the room. The rubber man sat in the chair, pulled out his phone and began texting someone. Rainbow stayed silent and motionless.

Several minutes later the door opened and the rubber man pulled Rainbow into the next room.

A medical exam table was in the center of the room. A pair of stirrups were attached to the table.

“Get up there.” said the rubber man. Rainbow sat up on the table. The rubber man removed the cuffs, took hold of Rainbow’s legs, spun him around and strapped him to the table. His legs were placed into the stirrups.

The rubber man checked the restraints once more, making sure that the slave was well-secure. He then left the room.

Several minutes went by before Rainbow heard a door open.

“Ah yes, Rainbow” came a voice. “Twenty-three years old, one hundred and seventy pounds, no known medical problems.”

Soon the source of the voice walked over to the restrained slave. It was a man dressed in head to toe white rubber. His face obscured by a white rubber gasmask. He took his rubber gloved hand and began to stroke Rainbow’s head. “Shhhh boy. Now there’s no reason to panic.” He said. “This is just an exam to start your file.”

A blood pressure cuff went around rainbow’s arm and the rubber doctor began to pump it up. “This will be done in a very short amount of time and you’ll be back home before you know it…. Yes, a little high but that’s to be expected.”

The rubber doctor brought over a small wheeled table with a large tray on it. He took a piece of rubber tubing and tied it around Rainbow’s arm. “Make a fist” he said. Rainbow hesitated. The rubber doctor looked at him. “You know, this is going to happen anyway. This room is my domain and I can make this as painless as possible, or prolong any suffering for as long as it takes. My advice is that you give up and just let me do my job.”

Rainbow made a fist and felt the needle enter his arm. The rubber doctor drew four vials of blood. “See it wasn’t that bad.”

The rubber doctor also took samples of urine, saliva and even Rainbow’s stool. He took skin scrapings and nail and hair samples. All these went into separate specimen containers which were carefully labelled and placed in a box.

“Now we’re almost through. Just a couple more things.” Rainbow soon felt the rubber doctor attaching something to the head of his cock. “. Then he felt one of the doctor’s hands stroking his cock while the fingers of his other hand probing his rear.

Rainbow felt his cock getting hard. “OH GOD!” he thought as the rubber doctor began expertly massaging both his prostate and his cock. “I’M GOING TO…TO…TO…CCUU..”

There was a spasm and a huge jet of hot cum erupted from Rainbow’s cock and into the vial attached to its head. The rubber doctor took the vail, and replaced it with an empty one. “One more time, OK boy?” he said and again worked the slave’s cock and prostate until another ejaculation occurred, although a bit smaller.

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Maybe I can coax one more out of you”. Rainbow tried to shake his head “NO” but the rubber doctor ignored him and managed to get one last bit of cum out of the slave.

Rainbow was exhausted. He had never felt so drained. He ceased any struggling and just laid on the table, no longer trying to fight the restraints.

The rubber doctor stroked Rainbow’s head. “One last thing and we’re all through.” Suddenly Rainbow felt a sharp needle entering the base of his neck near his right shoulder. He screamed into the gag.

“You’ve just been microchipped. All slaves are chipped in case of escape or transfer of ownership.”

The pain subsided a bit as the rubber doctor began to loosen the table restraints. The first rubber man had entered the room and snapped the hand and ankle cuffs shut. They left the exam room and walked down the corridor to a new room. The rubber man opened the door pulling Rainbow’s leash.

The room was well-lit with three or four stations with what looked like recliners, small tables and desk chairs. In the center of the room was a steel frame of sorts, made of steel beams. It was solid-looking and it had many leather straps attached to the supports. Cranks were on each side of the frame. It had also been sunk into a large concrete pad, which suggested that it was meant to be a permanent and immovable structure. On the walls were hundreds of drawings of various types, sizes and colors.

Kenneth was in the room talking to a man at one of the stations. The man was covered in tattoos and they were looking at a drawing on the table.

“Yes, standard size for this one.” Said Kenneth. “But I’d like this one to be about two-thirds bigger. Cover as much of the space as possible.”

The tattooed man nodded his head. “No problem. Give me a couple and I’ll enlarge the stencil. You and Chris can get him ready.”

The tattooed man walked to another corner of the room while Kenneth approached Rainbow and the rubber man. He unlocked and removed Rainbow’s cuffs. He and the rubber man pulled Rainbow over to the metal frame. After centering him within the frame, Kenneth and the rubber man took the leather restraints and secured them on the slave. Upper and lower arms, ankles, thighs, waist, neck and other areas. Then the rubber man and Kenneth went to each side of the frame and grabbed a crank handle. They began to pull the handles and Rainbow could hear a ratcheting sound. The leather straps were being pulled towards the frame and with it, Rainbows’ extremities. They made sure that Rainbow was held tight in the frame, adjusting one side or another, one limb or the other until it was assured that he couldn’t move a muscle. He son was lifted off the floor and held within the firm embrace of the leather.

‘Ready?” came a new voice. Rainbow couldn’t see who it was, but he knew that whatever was to happen it would not be pleasant. A figure stepped in front of him. It was a woman of maybe thirty years old or so. She sported numerous facial piercings. He couldn’t see what she was doing but he felt her holding his cock and balls.

Kenneth came over to her and showed her something in a box. She smiled and said “Shit, that’s nice. No lock, just the rods to hold it in.”

“Two rods” replied Kenneth. “One for the base and one for the head.”

“You know, it’d be better with a double on the head.”

“Really? The maker recommends just the first combo.”

“Yeah, but the more secure it is on the head, the less rubbing there will be, and this is meant for long term use, right?”

“OK, I’ll go with your recommendation.”

“I’ll do the PA first then the Apps”

Rainbow stood helpless, strapped in the steel frame. People were moving around him and all he could hear was the sound of the desk chairs being wheeled in front and back of him. He felt something damp being applied to his left buttock and then slowly removed. There was the clanking of steel on steel and then finally he heard a buzzing sound.

The tattooing needle touched his left asscheek and Rainbow tried to flinch. It was of no use to struggle. He moaned into the gag as the tattooed man went to work. There was no need to rush as the slave wasn’t going anywhere.

The tattooed man was very proud of his profession and took great pride in his work. He took his time and made sure that every detail was done to LeatherMaster standards.

Kenneth stood back and watched as the master tattooist worked. Slowly the picture went from a basic circle to that of a coiled bullwhip. The braided leather was clearly visible and soon the lettering would start. The colors were the approved LeatherMasters brown and black. No reds, blues or other colors.

The tattoo master finished the bullwhip part and then started on the lettering. He had to be precise as these had to be clear and easily readable. He went around the outside of the bullwhip with ‘LeatherMasters International” then on the inside of the coil he placed ‘Registered Slave’. In the center he tattooed Rainbow’s registration number.

Kenneth was shown the finished product. He looked at the tattoo master and nodded approval. The tattoo master covered his work in a gel and applied a bandage. He then moved his chair to the right, applied an anticeptic then another stencil.

The tattoo master positioned the stencil carefully over his living canvas. It was not a large one, he had done much larger, but it had to be placed just right for the best coverage and viewing.

Rainbow’s tears ran down his face. If it wasn’t for the gag he would be begging Master to stop this.

The needle once again touched Rainbow’s flesh. The pain was constant as the tattoo master created the outline and then ever so slowly began to fill it in.

The pierced woman stroked Rainbow’s cock. “Poor baby” she said. “This’ll hurt a bit too”. Rainbow felt the piercing needle enter the head of his cock. He screamed into the gag and tried to break the leather straps holding him to the frame. Not a sound was heard and the restraints held fast. She worked the piercing needle until a significant opening was made. Then she took the heavy steel ring with threads on each end and worked in into the hole. Satisfied with the placement she took a small ball which was grooved on the inside and fitted it to the ends of the ring. She turned the steel ball until both ends of the ring were joined.

Rainbow was breathing hard and not aware of what the tattoo master was doing. The pierced woman once again swabbed his cock and pushed the needle through the head it twice. This time she pushed two small hollow steel tubes through the openings. Satisfied, she gave Rainbow’s cock the final piercing with a third tube just a half inch before the base. Kenneth nodded his head and handled her other objects from the box. Rainbow felt something metal going around his cock, then through the tubes. Taking three threaded rods she placed them through the tubes. Taking more grooved steel balls she took a tube of ‘Insta Weld” and placed a bead of it on to the threads. She then turned the steel balls until the threads disappeared into them. The ‘Insta Weld’ would harden in just a few minutes.

“OK, all done” she said. “The only way these will come off is by using a pair of bolt cutters.”

“I’m through as well.” Said the tattoo master. “Simple, but damn it looks real.”

Kenneth walked over to see the work. On Rainbow’s right asscheek was Kenneth’s Owner’s Mark, consisting of his monogram. But what was the most amazing was the coloring. It looked like a freshly applied brand, as if a real iron had just been used. The subtle coloring made it seem as if there really was burnt flesh. At the edges it even looked as if the skin was still on fire. The tattoo was almost three dimensional, giving an appearance of the brand going deep into his skin and muscle. Kenneth had thought of branding Rainbow for real, but this was far better. There would be no severe damage and the effect would have far more impact amongst his friends and fellow competitors.

Rainbow was released from the frame. He looked down at his cock and balls. They were now confined in a cage of high tensile steel and high-impact plastic. The plastic prevented any outside stimulation while the steel kept him from getting any kind of erection. The metal rods ensured that there was no way that the cage would ever come off except by cutting them. The large Prince Albert could be used to secure him to a fencepost or any other object. His heart sank as he realized that Master had taken full control of him.

Kenneth was very pleased with the outcome. The tattooed master and the pierced woman gave him instructions on cleaning the modifications over the next few weeks. He would give his pony light training for that time, but after that would be the next and most important phase in Rainbow’s conversion.


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