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The Perfect Pony 2: His True Calling

by RubberH

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Part 2: His True Calling

The New Stable

Kenneth waited several days before commencing Rainbow’s conversion program. He wanted to make sure that his pony had sufficiently healed before undergoing the severe physical and mental transformation. Rainbow had done very well during their weekends and holidays together. He had accepted his position and took well to training. But that was only because there was always the knowledge that the following Monday he would once more be human. He had something to look towards and it made things more tolerable. Now he would live as a pony every day, with no possibility of release. Kenneth had several other ponies over the years, but none of them reached the point where he felt that they could be converted. They eventually would rebel and make escape attempts. That was to be anticipated, but Kenneth was still disappointed that he could not successfully break them. That is, until fate delivered Rainbow to him.

To ensure success, Kenneth decided that Rainbow would be completely isolated. He would cut off his pony from any outside influences and in effect, Rainbow’s world would be one that Kenneth would create and control.  Gone would be any stimuli that would possibly be associated with being human. To create this environment, Kenneth had arranged for a new structure to be built on the ranch. It would be built away from the main stable and would be constructed along the foothills bordering the property. These hills also bordered a government forest preserve. That meant that there was zero chance of any private development encroaching the boundaries of the ranch. That also meant they would have privacy, as the preserve was established to keep any human influence away from the ecosystem.

The building was in fact a new stable, but it was not a typical one. It was built with much thicker walls and roof trusses. That was to accommodate the extra-thick spray foam insulation. The insulation would help increase the HVAC system’s efficiency by keeping the inside warm in the winter and protected from the heat of the summer months. It’s second function was for soundproofing. No one would be able to hear what went on inside the stable and what was most important, Rainbow would not be able to hear anything beyond those walls. There were no windows except for skylights, but special shutters could be opened. That meant that when the shutters were closed the LED fixtures would be the only source of light. Thus, Rainbow would have no idea whether it was day or night. As there would be no clocks or calendars available, there was no way to mark the passage of time. Special sound baffles were installed so that any noises made inside the building were absorbed, maintaining an eerie silence.

On the far side of the building was a small training arena. Between that were rooms that contained the grooming area, a tack and equipment storage room and a dispensary/kitchen. A single stall was to be Rainbow’s home. Kenneth also installed a high-tech security system with multiple cameras on the inside and outside of the building. Surrounding the stable was what looked like a basic wooden fence. However, if necessary the carefully concealed electrodes could deliver enough voltage to knock out an elephant.  Any intruder who could even manage to get through the ranch grounds would be incapacitated before reaching the stable door.

The day came when Rainbow had finished his three-mile cart training and instead of the stable he was driven down a newly constructed trail to the new building. As he approached the fence he looked at the stark white, windowless walls. This was more of a prison than a stable, and he began to shake in fear.  Kenneth pressed the remote and the gate opened. After entering Rainbow heard the gate close and lock shut. The remote was pressed again and a door on the side of the building slid open. Kenneth drove Rainbow into the building and the door slid closed. The sounds of birds and the breeze instantly stopped once the door had fully closed.

Kenneth had the walls, doors, posts and ceilings painted a flat white. Again, no stimuli to distract Rainbow from his training. Rainbow was unhitched from the cart and taken to his stall. He looked around at the plain white surroundings lit by the white LEDs. The almost dead air added to the frightening atmosphere. Kenneth slid the stall door open and led Rainbow inside. There was a simple feeding and watering trough on one stark white wall and that was pretty much it. The rubber wheels and gasket along the door jamb prevented any noise as Kenneth closed the door to the stall.

Rainbow began to panic as he looked around his stall. White walls, white ceiling. The constant white light and the silence caused a deep chill down his spine. He tried to cry out; something he knew was forbidden, but his noises never went beyond the stall.  All around him was whiteness, silence and isolation.

It was this isolation that Kenneth would use to full advantage. Training sessions would provide activity and stimuli for Rainbow. As long as he was a ‘good pony’, Rainbow would be allowed out of his stall for training in the arena. If he was exceptionally ‘good’ Kenneth would open the skylights and allow the sunlight to take the place of the constant artificial light. On occasion, he would allow Rainbow to see the moon and stars for a few moments.

While only two months had passed, Rainbow had no idea of how long he had been in isolation. There was no regular routine to mark the passage of time. There were long periods where he was not allowed to sleep; and other times where Kenneth would drug his food, and Rainbow would sleep for a long time. Training times were never regular. He might go through a training session and be left alone for hours(?), and other times where it would seem like only minutes after a grueling session when Kenneth would put him through another one. Again, this was part of Kenneth’s plan. 

Ever since that night when he was registered as Kenneth’s slave, the only communication he had with his Master was by whistles or the whip. Oh, he would be told ‘Whoa’, ‘Gidyap’ or something similar, but other than that he was no longer spoken to like a person.

Kenneth was pleased with Rainbow’s rapid progress. While the training and conditioning sessions were harsh, Kenneth could see that Rainbow would rather go through these than do nothing but look at the blank walls. The crack of the whip was preferable to the dead silence of the stable.

Kenneth had hitched Rainbow up to the cart. He checked the bridle, pulling the straps tight to ensure no movement was possible. Then he picked up a blindfold and placed it over Rainbow’s eyes. Rainbow was startled, but did not fight it. Kenneth smiled as he mounted the cart and flicked the whip. Rainbow pulled and trotted ahead. Kenneth waited as Rainbow continued forward. There was no change in the pace or hesitation in Rainbow’s steps as they approached the end of the stable building.  As they got closer Kenneth was a little apprehensive, but saw that Rainbow was continuing the pace that he was taught. Just a few feet from the end Kenneth pressed the remote and the door to the stable opened. Rainbow and the cart barely made it through in time for the door to be fully open.

Rainbow could feel the change in his surroundings. He was outside! The ground felt different, irregular as opposed to the flat flooring of the stable. There were sounds! He also felt something cool on his skin. Yes, it was air blowing! It was a summer’s breeze. It felt wonderful after all this time. The air also felt a little damp. It must have recently rained. What was that smell? It was so good! Whatever Master had planned, he would rather endure this than to be imprisoned in that stall.

Kenneth sat back in the cart as Rainbow pulled. The pace was nice and easy. He looked at the full moon and he could smell the roses he recently planted.  A couple of miles and back to the stable. It would not be good to overstimulate Rainbow and besides, his pony would now work even harder to earn these brief moments.

The Check-Up

Time does move slowly for some and too quickly for others. For Kenneth, Rainbow was being molded into the pony he had always wanted. Not quite perfect, but he was getting there. It was only a few short months ago that he had a difficult employee. Now he had a very compliant pony.

Rainbow on the other hand, time for him was nonexistent. There was no respite from his training. No divergence from his life as a pony. His being cut off from the outside world was difficult to accept, yet he had no choice. Disobedience or failure to be a ‘good pony’ meant that little things like looking at the sky were withheld.

After several sessions, Kenneth eventually allowed Rainbow the chance to perform training outdoors and without the blindfold. For Rainbow, it was a chance to show how good a pony he was. He would obey without any sign of hesitation in the hope that Master would reward him.

It was a cloudy, wet morning, or he thought it was morning, that Rainbow had finished a four-mile run. He saw a pickup truck drive up the road and stop at the corral. A man got out of the truck and approached Kenneth.

“Long time.” Said the man. ‘I see that Rainbow is adapting nicely.”

Kenneth looked back at his pony. “Yep, he’s made a lot of progress since you saw him last. Let’s go into the stable so I can clean him off. Then you can examine him there.”

The man went back to his truck and removed a large bag from the vehicle. Kenneth opened the corral and the man entered. They went into the stable. Kenneth unhitched Rainbow from the cart and brought him over to the grooming area.

Kenneth led Rainbow to a frame. This one was similar to the one in the tattooing room but not as heavy-duty. Rainbow’s legs were pushed apart and secured with hobbles. Then the bridle and headstall were secured to the frame, preventing any head and neck movement. The armbinder was last. Kenneth unstrapped Rainbow’s arms, which had been bound almost continuously. The armbinder was removed but Rainbow kept his arms behind his back as if they were still secured. Then slowly they began to loosen and slowly drop to his sides. Kenneth snapped cuffs to each wrist and pulled the pony’s arms up and away from his body.

The man could see Rainbow’s discomfort as his arms were unbound and repositioned. He walked over to Rainbow and began to examine the arms.

“Quite a loss in muscle tone.” He said checking the hands and moving up the arms, feeling the wrists, forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulders. “How long do you keep him like this?”

“Oh, I would say usually between 12 to 14 hours at a stretch. They are cleaned and then lightly massaged. He has nearly lost the ability to move them on his own.”

The man now went to Rainbow’s rear. His rubber gloved fingers probed the opening.

“OK, I see something new has been added. Not the standard plug tail.”

Kenneth replied. “Yes, something that I had custom made.”

“An anal sheath, but with a tail extension… and a… ”

“Prostate stimulator.” finished Kenneth. “You see, removing and replacing a plug tail was getting tiring whenever Rainbow needed to shit, so this sheath keeps his rear open but keeps the tail in place. The stimulator keeps him occupied and makes his situation a bit more pleasurable.”

The man continued his inspection, examining Rainbow’s physical condition. As he reached the legs, Kenneth removed the horse-hoof boots that now sported heavy iron horseshoes.

“The leg muscles have grown in size considerably. But feel here. “ , the man pointed to Rainbow’s left calf. “The Achilles tendons are under quite a bit of strain. I need you to go easier on him for about three weeks. Otherwise the tendon may rupture if you push him too hard.”

Kenneth nodded his head. “Yeah, I might have been too eager to get him ready for Greensboro.”

The man took out a tablet from his bag and entered something onto it. “You should have plenty of time… and while I’m here I’ve got Rainbow’s test results.”

“I was wondering when I’d get those. You took quite a lot of time.”

“Well, if there was anything adverse I’d let you know. I was just waiting for the DNA testing. The labs are stacked solid so it took a lot longer to process. Rainbow is in excellent physical condition. No hereditary diseases to cause serious medical problems later on in life.” Said the man.

“Still you could simply have emailed me the results.”

He then smiled as he looked at the tablet. “Oh, I could, but for these last tests I wanted to let you know personally.”

“Why the hell are you grinning like a Cheshire cat?“ Asked Kenneth.

“Because I wanted to see the look on your face when you read this… ” the man turned the tablet towards Kenneth.

Kenneth looked at the tablet.

“Lower right-hand corner.” Said the man.

Kenneth then exclaimed. “Holy Shit! Am I reading this right?”

The man replied “Oh, yeah, that’s correct. I had to verify the tests a couple of times just to make sure there wasn’t a mistake. That my friend is the largest count on record, except for… ”

“Thundercock.” Kenneth replied “Wow!, I did not see that coming.”

‘Pardon?” laughed the man. Kenneth smiled “Shit, you know… .smartass.”

“My friend, the name Rainbow is very appropriate as he has his own little pot-of-gold there.”

Then the man became less jovial. “Now for the other little reason I’m here. I was able to get what you asked for when I first examined Rainbow. It wasn’t easy, but it arrived two days ago.” He went to his bag and took out a large brown bottle. He held it out to Kenneth.

“Be sure to read the instructions very, very carefully. This stuff needs to be given in very small doses. Don’t rush it and if any problems occur, call me immediately.”

Kenneth took the bottle “Thanks again. Would you like coffee or anything before you go?”

“Well, it’s only 8:00 in the morning and I’ve got a lot of stops to make… Why not?”

“I’ll get Rainbow secured in his stall. Just let me re-bind him and we’ll go up to the house.”


Kenneth examined his checklist. Bridles, bits, training and show harnesses. Three sets of hoof-boots and miscellaneous tack. Tools were accounted for, and everything else was already in the trailer.

Rainbow stood at the corral gate waiting for it to be opened.  The black windowless trailer had been hitched to Kenneth’s pickup. But he didn’t pay that much attention to it. His mind wandered as he saw things but they really didn’t register what they were, or even if they meant anything to him. He felt … horny, restless and irritable.

Kenneth opened the gate and pulled Rainbow to the trailer by the reins. At the door to the trailer, Kenneth patted Rainbow. “Good Pony.” He said “Here’s your treat.” He offered Rainbow a sugar cube. The pony took it from his hand, savoring the sweetness. This was a break from the bland food he had been eating, and was a special treat for good behavior.  It did have a slightly sour aftertaste, but it was something other than the tasteless food he had been given, so he devoured it quickly.

Rainbow had adapted to Kenneth’s training regime. The isolation and sensory limitations were difficult to accept. All he could do was to concentrate on his training as he had no other stimulus. He strived to be a good pony so he would get his outside time and his sugar cube treats. The more compliant he was the more rewards. He worked hard to please his Master… and to get more treats.

In his first few weeks in the stable, Rainbow thought about what he had done. What he had given up. He longed to go back to being just an office drone, but he knew it would never happen. He had signed away his life and freedom to become Kenneth’s pony.

Eventually as he adapted, he ceased thinking about his past life. The more he adapted to pony life the more those thoughts disappeared. The treats were making things more endurable.

After an especially grueling training session, he was given his treat. He stood in the middle of the corral. He looked around at the birds and trees. He heard Master’s whistle and he quickly trotted over to him. He did not balk when then harness was checked and tightened. He did not react when the reverse backprayer was reinforced.  He did not bother to try to show his discomfort.

He stopped thinking about who he used to be… and what he was now. In short, he stopped thinking.

The sugar cubes had been soaked in a drug which was once used by the Soviets in the 60’s and 70’s. The purpose was to condition deep-cover sleeper agents in the West so that they would not even realize that they were spies. They would think they were ordinary Americans, until the trigger phrase was given by their handlers. The drug inhibited long-term memories so that the subjects no longer remembered who or what they were. If interrogated the agents could not reveal their true identities. The treatment program was discontinued in the 80’s when it was realized that eventually the subjects would permanently lose their identities and forget their mission if they received too much of the drug.

The drug had slowly wiped Rainbow’s mind of his past. He could only remember things for a week or two before they also disappeared. By repeatedly drilling Rainbow in various exercises and behaviors, Kenneth managed to replace the human reactions and instincts with equine ones. To get Rainbow ready for his special debut, Kenneth gave Rainbow testosterone supplements to make him more aggressive and more beastlike in behavior. After all, too passive a pony would be boring for the crowd and especially the judges.

It was early in the morning, Kenneth loaded Rainbow into the trailer and they began their two-day trek up the coast and then straight towards Greensboro. The ride was uneventful, but whenever Kenneth had to make a stop he had to park the truck and trailer away from any curious eyes. At one stop he had to chase a couple of kids who he caught trying to peek inside the trailer. He wasn’t mad at them, all kids are curious about horses, but this particular one would be very hard to explain. The parents of the kids were a bit upset with him, but he explained that his pony had been very sick and needed as much peace and quiet as possible.

Once they reached the road to the village of Greensboro, Kenneth was stopped by the local police who were blocking the road. He showed Rainbow’s entry papers and he was allowed to enter the village and proceed to the showgrounds.

One weekend every year the Greensboro fairgrounds hosted one of the largest human pony gatherings in the country. Up to 400 participants and their ponies would line up their trailers, campers and other vehicles at this normally quiet country village. It was chosen in part because of its remote location. There would be little chance that someone would accidentally stumble upon it. If there were to be unexpected visitors the local police, who were easily influenced by the large ‘contributions’ to their village, would easily divert them away from the scene. It was a relationship that went back at least 80 years. Profitable for the village and safe and secure for the participants. In fact, the festival was the biggest source of income for the villagers and local merchants. While a human pony pulling a cart up to the ice cream parlor would certainly be shocking in a town or city, in Greensboro no one batted an eye.

Kenneth parked the truck and trailer at his reserved spot just a few yards from the grandstand. He was a bit stiff from the trip so he decided to take a walk. He removed Rainbow from the trailer as he too needed some exercise.

They walked along the fence of the fairgrounds. Kenneth was happy to be back. He had missed exhibiting a pony here. He looked past the fence and saw dozens of corrals, each occupied by a number human ponys. He was early as the corrals were only half full, but he wasn’t too much in a hurry. His client was not yet here and there would be much to do to get Rainbow properly groomed and fitted for competition.

Rainbow looked at the sight of the other ponies. He would’ve done nothing but he began to smell something in the air. He remembered something about it and he became more irritated. Kenneth realized that they were downwind and gave Rainbow a flick of the whip. “Down boy!” he commanded. “Drat!” he thought, “I’m getting too complacent. Rainbow hasn’t experienced this in who knows how long.”

Rainbow was staring at the fairgrounds. He wanted to bolt and go towards the smell but his training kept him from doing so.

Kenneth led his pony away from the fence and towards the temporary stable where Rainbow would be kept the next two days. As they approached the building a petite woman dressed in a skintight leather riding habit approached them. Kenneth looked at the woman. She was tiny. Between four and four six. About forty-five years old with graying black hair.

 “Master Kenneth?” asked the woman. Kenneth nodded. “Our mutual friend the vet contacted me last week about… ”

“Oh, yes” replied Kenneth. “You are Lady Rachel. He told me all about you.”

“I am prepared to pay the agreed amount. However, the exact terms need to be renegotiated.”

“Oh, and what is wrong with the terms?

“Fifty percent up front is way too much, especially for an untested product.”

“What would you consider fair?”

“Twenty percent at first, thirty percent upon confirmation and the remainder at final delivery.”

“Twenty percent won’t cover my initial training costs.”

“I thought this was a hobby to you.”

“Not quite a hobby, there is the satisfaction of a successful result. I can see your point though, but I need at the bare minimum, twenty-five percent. If all goes well, my future customers won’t be hesitant  to pay fifty-fifty.”

“I can live with twenty-five.” Replied Lady Rachel. She removed an envelope from her coat and handed it to Kenneth. “I thought you would be willing to negotiate.”

Lady Rachel walked alongside Kenneth and Rainbow as they proceeded to the stable. As they passed one of the corrals, Lady Rachel motioned for Kenneth to approach to the fence.

As Kenneth reached the fence a female pony trotted towards them.

“Holy shit.” Muttered Kenneth as the female stood before them.

The female was huge! Not fat huge but extremely tall and muscular. In her bare feet she would’ve been at least 6’ 6”. But she also wore the hoof boots that made her tower above just about every male pony there. She was also built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Her muscles, well she probably would have made the last woman’s bodybuilder champion look like a 90 pound weakling.

Lady Rachel motioned to her pony to the fence. The Amazon looked at Kenneth with distain and even hostility.

“Relax baby” said Lady Rachel as she stroked the long golden mane. “He’s just a new friend I met.” Lady Rachel then turned to Kenneth. “I’m afraid I’ll have to excuse her manners. She hates men and won’t have anything to do with them.”

Kenneth inspected the Amazon carefully. He had never seen such muscle development before. The legs were encased in hoof boots, but of much thicker leather. The harness and bridle were also made of heavy leather, but much thicker than what most ponies wore.

“You noticed the harness.” Said Lady Rachel. “The leather was made for Clydesdales and Belgians, but sandwiched in between the two layers of leather is a band of steel. The stitching and studs in the leather ensure that the restraints can’t be broken, even by her.  Of course, everything locks.”

Kenneth noticed something else. The Amazon was also wearing a chastity device. Lady Rachel took notice of what he saw. “Yes, I’ve restricted access to both front and rear. However, there are two nice sized dildos inside her to keep her satisfied.”

Rainbow looked at the Amazon. Despite her huge size, he felt a stirring in his imprisoned cock.   He stared at her until he felt Kenneth tug on the reins. They left the corral and made themselves at home in the stable.

Rewards and Punishments

Kenneth was having the time of his life. Rainbow had exceeded all his expectations these last two days. He was blowing away the competition in every event he was entered. Cart pulling, dressage… everything. He was disappointed that he hadn’t trained Rainbow in being a jumper as well. Not that the competition was inferior. They were all good ponies. But it was Rainbow’s precision and attitude which impressed the judges. Never once did he break form or get distracted from his tasks. Trot, canter, gallop. Not once did he falter.

The blue ribbons were piling up and Kenneth began to relax. It had been a long time that he had a possible Grand Champion and perhaps even more than that.

It was the last event of the evening. Rainbow had once again proven himself in the team event. He was hitched with five other ponies to a stagecoach. They were required to pull the coach around the mile track. The coach had to be pulled one entire lap without a break and in a perfect circle. Easier said than done as all the ponies had gone through an exhausting day. Also, none of them had worked together before. However, Rainbow was made the lead pony and while the others had difficulty in pulling the stagecoach, he led his team to an almost perfect score.

Kenneth approached the judges with great deal of pride. He was handed the trophy and Rainbow had the Fair Champion ribbon attached to his bridle. Kenneth then saw Lady Rachel nodding to him.

After several congratulated him and several pictures were taken of him and Rainbow, Kenneth headed towards the stables. But instead of turning right towards Rainbow’s stall, he took Rainbow left and to a small, windowless building.  A door was open and they went into the building.

The building had two large rooms connected by a corridor. On either side of the corridor were storage rooms. Kenneth led Rainbow through the first room and down the corridor. Rainbow became agitated again as they approached the other room. The odor he detected was far stronger than outside. The closer they got the more powerful the smell and accompanying that smell were loud moans and other noises.

Entering the room Kenneth could see Lady Rachel, naked except for riding boots, gloves and a large strap-on dildo. The Amazon was bound over a padded bench. Leather straps and chains held her down, her legs held wide apart. She was shuddering from pleasure, obviously from Lady Rachel’s attentions. She turned her head and saw Kenneth and Rainbow standing by. She looked at Lady Rachel with puzzlement.

Rainbow’s nostrils were filled with the scent of the Amazon’s pussy juices streaming down her legs and onto the floor.  His cock tried in vain to break out of the chastity device.

Also in the room were the vet and one of the judges. Lady Rachel toweled herself off and looked at Kenneth.

“OK, she’s all ready for him.” She said and walked over to the bound and helpless Amazon.

The judge turned on a video recorder and read from a piece of paper. “Both parties have agreed and consideration paid for stud service… ”

The Amazon’s eyes opened wide and began jerking at her restraints. Her mouth was bitted so she could only make sounds resembling “NNNOOOO!!!!... NNOOOO!! LLEESSSEE”

“… the Dame being the pony registered as ‘Rachel’s Pride and Joy’ and the Sire as the registered pony ‘Rainbow’. This will be witnessed by duly authorized members of the Pony Register and recorded for our records. You may begin.”

Kenneth took out a pair of bolt cutters and snipped off the ends of the rods holding the chastity device on Rainbow. The moment it was removed Rainbow’s cock quickly grew to a full erection. His nostrils flared and he approached the Amazon from behind. A small ramp had been built so he could be the right height as his ‘intended’.

The Amazon looked at Lady Rachel with pleading eyes “Why… why?” she whimpered.

Lady Rachel looked at her pony with cold emotionless eyes. “When we met I told you I couldn’t have children but I wanted babies. All these months you made excuses but I found out the real reason why… A FUCKING COLLEGE CHEERLEADER! Well I took care of her and I’m going to make sure you pay for that. “

Lady Rachel nodded her head and Kenneth released Rainbow. Rainbow was now in a sexual frenzy and he ran run the ramp and mounted the Amazon. The Amazon screamed as he entered her and he began a furious pumping. Months of sexual denial and frustration had made him ready for this. He rammed into her as hard as he could, the pleasure building up inside him. Finally, he could take no more and a large stream of cum erupted from his cock and went deep inside the Amazon.

The Amazon did not feel pleasure from this, only humiliation and fear. She looked at Lady Rachel, tears flowing as much as the juices from her pussy.

“I’ve been given a money back guarantee that you’ll conceive.” She told the helpless pony. “After you deliver a healthy foal, I plan to have you bred again… .and again… and again.”

Rainbow heard nothing as he continued to mate with the Amazon. Finally, he had to be pulled off her by Kenneth and the vet. He had spent a lot of valuable sperm on this one. However, Kenneth knew that once the story was told about this, he would have plenty of customers.

Kenneth cleaned Rainbow off and reinstalled the chastity device. It was a good day for all concerned… well maybe not everyone.


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