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The Perfect Pony 3: Lady Rachel's farm

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2017 - RubberH - Used by permission

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Part 3: Lady Rachel's farm

Rainbow’s debut at the Greensboro Fair was a resounding success. Kenneth had been receiving numerous inquiries about Rainbow and his training. He had also been approached about possible stud service with several mares. Lady Rachel’s acquaintances had been told about Rainbow’s servicing of her former lover. He had narrowed these down to those who appeared genuinely serious about mating with Rainbow and not some who were only curious or fantasy seekers.

Kenneth had accepted the generous retirement package the bank had offered him. Included in the package was a consultant contract for the following two years. He had invested his money wisely and thus he had no worries about income. He had sold his condo and took up residence at the ranch where he had remodeled a small house to accommodate him and his extensive collection of bondage equipment; creating a good-sized play space for any of his ‘guests’.

Rainbow’s stud fees would be used to pay for his training and for their trips to various pony events.  In addition, Kenneth would soon start offering his services as a pony trainer. These training sessions would be for those who had no regular trainer or for owners who wanted to train their slaves as ponies but had little or no experience. It would be a very good life.

Weeks had gone by since the fair when Kenneth received a notice of a deposit to his offshore account. It was in the amount of the second installment of the stud fees. He had no doubts that Rainbow would only need one time to get the Amazon pregnant, as his sperm count had been tested to a near record high. Plus, the months of sexual stimulation and denial ensured that Rainbow would be very willing to mate, even if he had his full faculties.

Yes, that was something that Kenneth felt a little guilty about. With time, he probably could have converted Rainbow without using the mind control drug. But it was no use dwelling upon it. Rainbow was now what Kenneth had envisioned: a compliant pony. Perfect in almost every way. Yes, he realized he could not become 100% pony; too many biological differences, but he made Rainbow the closest thing to it. Eventually Rainbow would no longer need the treatments, although the sugar cube treats would still be used as a reward for good behavior.

As for Rainbow, whatever was left of Andy had been pushed back into the farthest reaches of his mind. On rare occasions, he would have an all too brief flashback of his former life, and then it was gone. His ability to communicate was lost. He could no longer comprehend the written word, so if he was fortunate enough to see a magazine or even a road sign, the words on the made no sense. All he could understand were the spoken commands from Master, and it was only because they were given every day. He could no longer even form words to speak, although he could make guttural sounds and even whinny when ordered. He wasn’t ignorant. He could learn, but only what Kenneth wanted him to learn.

Rainbow was still secured in the cock cage and he was kept both sexually stimulated and frustrated; especially the closer it came time to mate. Kenneth had carefully selected the candidates and negotiated the conditions and prices. These conditions were non-negotiable as Rainbow was not to revert to any human behavior while mating. The female had to be physically capable of bearing a foal.  She had to be in good physical health and tested for fertility. There should be no medical reason that a mating was unsuccessful. All females had to be harnessed and bitted. They could be strapped down to the mating bench or allow themselves to be mounted from behind. No missionary or any non-equine positions were permitted. There were those who balked at this; especially those who were not totally into Pony Life or in rare instances where the female was the dominant and wished to become pregnant.  This was important as Rainbow was to live his life as a pony in every way. Any change to his routine might confuse him and possibly bring back some identity as a human. That would force Kenneth to retrain Rainbow; wasting time and losing potential income. There would be no artificial insemination. Rainbow would mount and copulate with the mare. This would guarantee that the sperm was delivered in the freshest and most efficient way possible.  Mating would be witnessed and recorded by accredited individuals; just like the instance with ‘Rachel’s Pride and Joy’. The progeny would also be registered under a pony name, although they would retain the human names given to them. There would be no dispute of paternity but there would be no requirement that either Kenneth or Rainbow would have any rights or responsibilities regarding the foal. So basically, no one could make a claim of child support or custody. This was important in the case where a couple parted and one party made the claim they were not responsible for the child as the father was someone else. (It would be impossible to get child support from Rainbow anyway, but public knowledge of his existence was what Kenneth wanted to avoid.)

The conditions were considered by many to be unreasonable. However, there were those who accepted them as well as the pricing. This was fine with Kenneth. Although the overall number of customers would be smaller, he was confident they would be a sufficient number to keep Rainbow quite busy for the next few years.

It was six months after receiving the deposit that Kenneth was invited to Lady Rachel’s farm in Kentucky. He hesitated to leave Rainbow as his next mating would be in a few days; but Jimmy and Dusty were good handlers. They knew the routine and would ensure that Rainbow was ready and randy by the time Kenneth returned.

Kenneth looked out the window of the limo as he was driven to Lady Rachel’s farm. It was a huge place with hundreds of acres of fields with numerous buildings. As he enjoyed the view, he saw several thoroughbred horses being exercised. Real ones, that is. The limo topped in front of a house. It too was large and stately, like being in a movie. Lady Rachel was waiting for him.

“I have to say Lady Rachel, I’m impressed with your farm.” Said Kenneth

“Yes, it does tend to surprise visitors with its size. It’s one of the oldest horse farms in the country.’ She replied. “I’m proud of it, but it’s only part of my holdings. I have another farm in Alberta which while it’s only a third of the size, it is far more private. “

Lady Rachel lead Kenneth over to a small pickup truck and soon they were driving down a dirt road far into the interior of the farm. They passed several corrals where horses were being trained for either racing, stud or sale.

“They are magnificent creatures, aren’t they?” she asked. Kenneth could only nod in agreement.

“Not unlike our own ponies, just bigger and stronger.” She continued. “It’s what got me interested in human ponies in the first place. When I was seventeen I had a riding instructor who I had a crush on. She was married, to a man mind you, but was secretly bisexual. We became lovers and after one riding class I convinced her to put on a harness and bridle when we made love. It progressed from there to actual pony training with me as the trainer and her as the pony. Eventually she called things off as she realized that she was still in love with her husband. She moved away, but I still remember those days when I first became involved with the lifestyle. “

They stopped at a gate which blocked the road. She pressed a remote control and the gate swung open.

“Everything up to here is a legitimate horse farm. This section is for my little side business.” She said.

“So how much room do you have?” Kenneth asked.

“About 40 acres. It’s small, but anything larger would attract attention. Because I have so much acreage and so many buildings on the farm, my little pony facility doesn’t get noticed. Here we are.”

They stopped in front of a small white building. Next to it were two corrals and a strange round building.

“It’s training time so let’s go see how they are doing.” Said Lady Rachel as they stepped out of the truck. Kenneth followed her to the round structure. He could see that the structure was more like a high fence with a several pillars around the perimeter. A tentlike top was held over the structure. She pointed to a set of stairs which went to a platform next to the fence. They climbed the fence and Kenneth looked down.

There were eight pony slaves attached to a mechanical exerciser. The ponies would walk in continuous circles around the machine.

“The height of the fence keeps anyone from seeing inside and of course, the ponies can only see forward.’ Lady Rachel said, “The tent not only keeps the sun from beating too hard on them, but no satellites or planes could see what was in here.”

Kenneth watched as the ponies continued their routine. Their legs constantly moving. They had been doing this for some time, as he could see that they were all sweating profusely and they were panting from thirst.

“I think a couple are about to collapse.” Kenneth told Lady Rachel.

“Yes, I know. If they do the exerciser will stop and they will be revived. My ponies have to build up stamina, so they’ll be on this from dawn to dusk for at least seven to eight weeks.”

Kenneth knew better than to argue with her regarding her training techniques. But he made some mental notes about the construction of the exerciser building. There was a place he wanted to set one up but he felt it was too close to his property line. With the fencing and tent it would be more secure and away from the eyes of passersby.

They moved towards the white building. Kenneth noticed that the windows were actually fake and that it was similar to Rainbow’s isolation stable.

“I hope you don’t mind if I stole some ideas from you.” Said Lady Rachel “You’re right about total isolation and sensory control. They became much more compliant after sealing them in here.”

Kenneth entered the building and once the door closed there was utter silence. They continued waking through the building. Eight stalls, one for each pony, were fully equipped and could be sealed off from the others. They walked past these and to a part where Kenneth would have placed a tack room. But instead it was another stall, except it was larger and had a familiar occupant.

The Amazon aka “Rachels’ Pride and Joy” was in the center of the stall. What made it all the more interesting was that the Amazon’s harness was tethered to a series of huge springs, pulleys, weights and cables. The bound pony looked at her two visitors and began a pitiful whinnying.

Kenneth looked at the Amazon. Her pregnant belly was extremely distended. She was obviously very uncomfortable. She would take a step and the cables attached to her harness would cause tension on the springs and pulleys. Additional weights would then engage and pull her back to her original position.

“This is to ensure that she cannot get violent and hurt my grooms. Of course, it also prevents her from deliberately miscarrying.” Said Lady Rachel. “The system will allow her to exercise, but any sudden movement will hold her in position.”

“I have to admit this is pretty severe.” replied Kenneth. “But then, when it comes to ensuring the safety of the foal you have to take severe precautions.”

“Well, she had her chance, but she preferred that little blond bitch to me.” Lady Rachel sneered. “As far as I’m concerned she has only one purpose in life, which is why I invited you here.”

Lady Rachel went over to a table and picked up a single sheet of paper.  ”This is her most recent sonogram. As you can see she is going to give birth to a healthy filly. Yes, in another couple of months I’m going to have what I always wanted, a child to raise.” She began gently stroking the Amazon’s belly. The Amazon tried to pull away but the device holding her would not permit it. Tears flowed down her cheeks and onto her belly.

“Well, I’m happy for you Lady Rachel.  Rainbow performed exactly as promised and his genetic makeup is superior to any other stud currently available.”

“And that is what I wanted to talk to you about.” Lady Rachel smiled. “I was told that it would not be too long after she has foaled that she would be able to conceive again. I’d like to reserve Rainbow for another mating, but it must take place here. I have no intention of her ever leaving this farm or this building. She’ll be here only for one thing: to breed. “

“From what I see here, you wouldn’t need Rainbow. You appear to have plenty of available stallions for breeding.’ Said Kenneth.

Lady Rachel smiled. “Oh, you didn’t notice. Well, from the angle we were viewing them you couldn’t have.”

“Couldn’t have what?”

“Noticed that they were all geldings. I personally geld my ponies upon arrival. It’s the best way to ensure that there is no unauthorized mating, and they become more docile and trainable afterward. I haven’t allowed a single stallion in this barn for the last twenty years.”.

Kenneth was a bit taken aback. He could see that she was quite harsh in her training, and what she had done to her former lover was extremely severe. He felt uncomfortable talking to her. He wondered if she would consider gelding him if he inadvertently said something wrong.

“I’d like you to also consider Rainbow providing stud service to one or two other selected mares. Since he will be making a long trip, he should stay here for at least three to four days to recover from the journey.”

“The price would be the same for each mating.” Said Kenneth.

“We’ll discuss that over lunch.” She replied.

It was two days later that Kenneth returned home with a contract from Lady Rachel. On the appointed date, Rainbow would be transported to Lady Rachel’s farm for mating with the Amazon and two of her most prized mares.

Kenneth checked his mail and noticed an envelope from the Pony Society. It looked official and he carefully opened it.

“Greetings, Master Kenneth.

It is with great pleasure to invite you and Rainbow to the 127th Annual Pony Jamboree, being held…”

Kenneth shook as he read the rest of the letter

“Rainbow’s showing at the Greensboro Fair, the Springfield Matches and the Horseplay Weekend in the Rockies, has made him eligible for Pony of the Year honors. You also have been nominated as Trainer of the Year and the title of Master Horseman.”

Kenneth as overjoyed. He had not expected this until next year, as Rainbow had only just started competition. He celebrated this news with taking Jimmy and Dusty out for the best steak dinner in the city. As for Rainbow, he rewarded his pony with an extra hour of freedom outside the isolation barn.

Although he did not realize it, Rainbow would not only become Pony of the Year, but he and Kenneth would dominate their respective titles for the following ten years.

It was four months later that Rainbow was delivered to Lady Rachel’s farm and taken straight to the pony facility. Kenneth was a little more comfortable with seeing the geldings gathering by the fence of the corral, watching Rainbow trot towards the breeding shed. He wondered if they were just curious or they were aware why he was here.

Lady Rachel was waiting for them in the shed. She was checking the camera to make sure it would record the mating. She then introduced Kenneth to the witnesses; both members of the local pony club. She then turned her attention to one of her grooms who was holding a baby carrier. Lady Rachel reached him to the carrier and removed the infant. She brought the child over to Kenneth.

“This is my daughter Lily.” She said “and by the rules, also known as ‘Rachel’s Pot of Gold’. Of course I had to associate her name with her sire. Isn’t she beautiful?”

Kenneth looked Lady Rachel caressing the infant. She cooed and gently placed her back in the carrier. It was a total change. From a harsh and cruel Mistress to an adoring mother.

Rainbow was now smelling something familiar. His cock once again strained in the cage. Kenneth removed the bolt cutters and looked around. The Amazon wasn’t there.

In a few seconds Kenneth heard someone behind him. He turned and saw the Amazon. She was held in place by two handlers on either side of her. She struggled but the handlers, who her almost as tall and muscular as her, easily directed her to the breeding shed. Then Kenneth saw something which made him shudder in fear.

The Amazon’s arms had been amputated at the shoulders. Upon a closer look he could not see any scars or other indications of surgery. She appeared as if she had not been born with arms at all!

“Yes, I had them removed.” Said Lady Rachel. “After she had given birth, she attempted to escape. Broke the jaw of one of the grooms and cracked the ribs of the vet. It took three tranquilizer darts to subdue her. I decided that I couldn’t risk this again, so I had her arms amputated. A plastic surgeon was brought in afterwards to hide the scars and clean up her appearance. I also had her vocal cords severed so I wouldn’t have to hear her pleas for help and mercy. There will never be help, and I’m all out of mercy.”

Kenneth knew that the best thing he could do was to just keep quiet. He did realize though that he would someday have to address the issue of Rainbow’s arms slowly withering away.  However, that was for another time. He cut the pins holding the cock cage and allowed Rainbow to mate with the armless mare.


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