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The Perfect Pony 4: Rainbow’s End

by RubberH

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Part 4: Rainbow’s End

Rainbow was in great demand as a stud. Besides the contract from Lady Rachel, Kenneth had his pony booked at least twice, and sometimes even three times a month for three straight years. The second mating with the Amazon resulted in twin colts, “Rachel’s Quick-Stepper”’ and “Rachel’s Hi-Stepper”. The third mating produced another filly. However, there were no subsequent matings. Lady Rachel was satisfied with four children to raise. After “Rachel’s Rosebud” was born, the Amazon was sold off as a brood mare.

Within five years Rainbow had sired eighty-five children; a tremendous number for a human pony without using artificial insemination. Of these, there were three sets of twins and even one set of triplets. He had been named ‘Stud of the Year’ during those years. Kenneth was well off financially so he reduced the number of bookings with Rainbow; only allowing him to mate four times a year. It was a drastic reduction, but Kenneth knew that the market for Rainbow’s stud services was not infinite. Even his repeat customers were satisfied with no more than two or three matings. He had no plans to retire Rainbow, but he decided to wait a while before demand would pick up again from a new generation of pony enthusiasts.

Rainbow would still be exhibited at pony events, but his days in public venues such as the Gay Pride Parade has ceased. Kenneth saw that Rainbow’s arms were completely useless and were now more of a health problem. They were matchstick thin and any attempt to move them during cleaning resulted in extreme pain for the pony. He arranged for his friend the Vet to sedate Rainbow and remove them. Rainbow never really noticed the difference as his arms had been almost continuously bound. Displaying him in this state to anyone but hardcore enthusiasts would receive a negative reaction.

In Rainbow’s tenth year as a pony Kenneth received word that the award for Pony of the Year was to be renamed the Rainbow Cup. It was also that same year that Kenneth met Brad, a fellow ponyplay lover. He had just purchased a new colt and had been introduced to Kenneth as a trainer. After several months of dating and training sessions, Brad not only boarded his colt at the ranch but moved into Kenneth’s house soon after. Jimmy and Dusty parted company. Jimmy, despondent over this, decided to sell his part of the ranch to Kenneth and move back East. He no longer had the heart to stay and help train ponies.

Kenneth and Brad continued to train ponyslaves and also created a little Bondage Bed and Breakfast., with an emphasis on pony play. The main stable was used to house ‘guests’ in individual stalls while any trainers or Significant Others were given comfortable lodgings in the main house.

As for Rainbow, he was no longer dosed with the mind control drug. While his memories of his previous life were gone for good, he had been a pony too long for him to revert to a human. He could understand what was occurring but he had no conscious control over events. It was like watching a movie or tv show. He was aware of what he was doing, but unable to control things. His equine instincts and habits were too strong to fight. He really had nothing to fight about anyway. Everything up to that time was a blank. If Kenneth had even addressed him as Andy, Rainbow would not understand.

Ten more years passed. While mares, fillies, colts, stallions and geldings had come and gone, Rainbow remained at the ranch. He was still used as stud, although not as often as before. Kenneth revisited the stud book, going through each page with a bit of wonder and nostalgia. The couple who were brought by their Master and who forced the husband to watch the mating while he gelded his slave. The two lesbians who took turns being studded and later giving birth at nearly the same time. The couple who was from a prominent political family, who needed to have children to cover for the fact the husband was sterile. Yes. Many, many different stories.

It was a day like any other. Rainbow was now forty-six years old, although he had no concept of the passage of time.  He still had a high sperm count and was still siring children, but maybe only three times a year. He had never achieved Kenneth’s dream of meeting or exceeding “Thundercock’s record of progeny, but it was far greater than any current stallion would be able to match.

Brad came into the stable and looked at Rainbow. Rainbow could see that something was wrong. He didn’t know that Kenneth had finally succumbed to his liver cancer. Kenneth had lived with it for a couple of years, his only comfort was taking Rainbow on long drives. He went peacefully in his sleep two days ago. Brad decided that having Rainbow around was too distressing. The auction was held online and a new owner would soon collect Rainbow. He gave the pony a pat on the rump and left the stable about ready to burst into tears.

Rainbow was confused as to what was happening. He was loaded into an unfamiliar trailer and after several days of traveling, he was removed from the trailer.

He looked at his surroundings, squinting his eyes in the bright sunshine. Instead of the ranch he saw mountains all around him. There were buildings but unfamiliar ones. He shivered as the strong winds drove their coldness deep inside him. The handlers were two women, both tall and muscular. They brought him into one building which although different, had a familiarity to it.

There were five stalls in the stable. The walls, floors’ ceiling and just about everything painted a flat white. As the door closed, Rainbow could hear the sounds of the outside being cut off.

He was lead over to a stall that was much larger than the others. In it was a mare. Rainbow looked at her. She was tall and somewhat muscular with a mane which was quite gray, but was once honey blond. She was armless like him. She was familiar but he couldn’t remember from where.

The mare looked at Rainbow. Her eyes were dull and while not lifeless, showed that she just didn’t care anymore. It was another stallion, but there was something familiar… something… oh, no!

“I see you two are getting reacquainted. Well it has been a long time.” A young woman walked into the stable. She was tall and muscular with honey-blonde hair. The mare looked at the woman and then at Rainbow. The eyes and face were almost identical. This was… this was…

“When I saw that both of you were up for sale I knew that this was fate.” She said, a smile on her face. “It’s time that mommy and daddy were reunited with the family.” She then looked at the grooms and nodded her head.

The grooms left and quickly returned with a young woman who was harnessed bitted and bridled like a pony. She was frightened and tried to break free of the grooms. It was useless of course, as not only were the grooms too powerful for her, but her arms had also been amputated.  The girl was also honey-blond but the resemblance to her dame was mistakeable.

“Rachel’s Pride and Joy” looked at her two daughters. The one tuned into a ponyslave and the other dressed in a tight black latex riding outfit. It was like she was seeing herself and Rachel all over again.

The young woman took from a toolbox a pair of bolt cutters. She approached Rainbow and in seconds had cut the retaining rods holding his cock cage.

“You’ll never have that nasty thing on ever again.” She said as she watched his cock become erect.

The Amazon saw Rainbow as his nostrils started to flare and he looked at the ponygirl. Even though this girl was a stranger to her, she quickly placed herself in between the girl and Rainbow.

“Oh, gee , I guess you’ll have to do something about Daddy’s behavior. We can’t let him screw his own daughter can we? It would dilute the bloodline.”

The Amazon turned around and while disgusted, offered herself to Rainbow. While the filly was preferable, the mare was already there. He quickly mounted her.

The mare had been mounted many times over the years. After her last foal at Lady Rachel’s farm, she had been sold repeatedly as a brood mare, giving birth to eight other children by five other stallions. The last one was three years ago.

“Now I’m going to let you two live together in this stall. As for “Pot of Gold” here, she’ll have her own place. But you better keep Daddy occupied. He is still pretty randy for an old stallion.”

The young woman then motioned for the grooms to bring out another occupant. This time though, it was two young men. As with the filly they were also armless and too well restrained to do anything. They meekly accepted direction from the grooms.

“Quick-Stepper and Hi-Stepper, I’d like you to meet your sire and dame.” The two young men became frightened and their eyes opened wide. Hi-Stepper lost control and began to piss.

“Oh dear… looks like he lost control.”

The Amazon looked at the two young ponies and began to sob.

“Looks like you noticed.” The young woman said and held her hand out to one of the grooms. The groom handed her a plastic bag. She reached in and pulled out what looked at first like a set of leather coin purses. Then the Amazon realized that they were her sons’ stretched and tanned scrotums.

“I did it myself a couple of weeks ago.” She said. “It’ll make them more passive and easily trainable.”

The young woman then pulled up a chair and sat down. “If you hadn’t guessed, my name is Rosamund, although officially I’m known as “Rachel’s Rosebud”. Yes, while I won’t call you Mother, I am your progeny, just like my sister and brothers.”

“While these three were happy with traveling, whoring, getting kicked out of the best schools, wasting Mother’s money and otherwise just being spoiled rotten, I took the time to stay and learn the business. While they didn’t bother to notice, I could detect the first stages of her Alzheimer’s and stayed with her until the end. She told me lots of things, including all about the circumstances of our births and the details of her human pony farm. What I discovered was that while we were not biologically her children, her claiming us as such could result in each of us having a legal claim to her estate. “

Rosamund stood up and walked over to her pony siblings. “If you had treated me nicely and like a sister instead of picking on me for years, none of you would be in this spot. You’d be nice and comfy at the main house. But you weren’t so here you are. Oh, this is Mother’s farm in Alberta. It’s far away from any town and you’ll never be able to escape. My grooms will take care of you and have a ‘shoot to kill’ order, just in case you ever make it past the electrified fence.”

She then stood in front of her sister. “As my chief tormentor, I have plans to turn you into a brood mare; just like mommy. Now, I won’t have just any stallion mount you. I’m going to be very selective. Only the best and with the biggest cocks will mate with you.”

Rosamund motioned to the grooms who then brought in one more occupant. Pot of Gold looked at the stallion entering the stable. She screamed into her bit as she saw his gigantic cock. It was a monster in size, surely it would tear her apart!

“Oh, Goldy… I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to introduce you to your stablemate. Meet ‘Thundercock Jr.’ For those who didn’t know, his sire is the greatest stud in the history of human ponies. Nearly 300 offspring recorded over his lifespan.”

She walked over to the stallion and began to stroke his cock with her riding crop. Quickly it became erect.

“He matches his sire in size, stamina and sex drive.” She continued. “Unfortunately, he has a little problem; He is sterile. Can’t father anything, which is why I could buy him so cheap. Well, the odds of his doing it are slightly better than your growing your arms back and escaping.  But as I said Goldy, only the best stallions will be for you.  I bought him for someone else.” She then looked at her two brothers. Their eyes opened wide in terror as they realized what she meant.

“When I said his sex drive was as great as his sire’s I also should have included the fact that Jr here is not very discriminating when mounting a partner is concerned.”

The two colts shook their heads as if to plead with their baby sister.

“I’ve had the stable built so that Jr’s stall is between yours. The partitions on either side of his stall may be opened, giving him access to one or both of you. Your rears are going to be extremely sore for the first few months or so, but you’ll get used to it.”

Rosemund watched as Rainbow finished with ‘Rachel’s Pride and Joy’.

“Yes. Mother told me how you betrayed her. How she loved you and how you repaid that love by cheating on her and stealing from her. Do you know what happened to your little cheerleader? Do you even care? I wonder if you were using her like you used Mother. Questions, questions. Maybe someday I may come back and tell you, just to see the look on your face. Then again, I might not ever come back. Either way, you, Rainbow, Goldy and the Steppers will be together. One big, not so happy family. I’ve even arranged for the pet cemetery in Greensboro to accept your ashes in their equine section, when the time comes.”

Rosemund smiled. Mother’s estate was hers and her revenge would be complete, although she felt a bit sorry for Rainbow. He was a good pony and keeping him here with her no-good siblings and traitorous dame was not the best of fates. She knew though that he would be comfortable and well cared by her grooms for the rest of his days.

The stable door opened. Rainbow saw dark clouds behind the mountains and felt a cold stiff wind race through the stable. Rosemund walked out the door and boarded a helicopter. The stable door closed and the six ponies were cut off from the outside world. 


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