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Another day at the ‘Office’

by Robotunit8

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Storycodes: Solo-F; call-centre; roleplay; character; transform; bodymod; breasts; age-regression; M/f; mc; scifi; portal; distortion; oral; climax; rechange; date; proposal; sex; cons; X

A woman who works at a telephone sex line is transformed into the character she plays.

It had been a fairly quiet morning if she was being honest, though even then, she’d roleplayed a few of the ‘characters’ they were employed to provide as a service, and to be honest Stephanie found it all quite a giggle. Especially considering that the ‘Adult Playthings’ hotline was supposed to be all sorts of sexy young girls answering calls as a strict Mistress, or a sexy young schoolgirl, or a similar type, when most of the operatives were well over 30, and a few, like herself wouldn’t even see 40 again!

But playing Suzie, the naughty schoolgirl was quite good fun, and at least they were provided with script ideas to work with, so they didn’t have to think everything up for themselves. Alright, they were permitted to ad lib when they felt like it, as long as they stayed in character, but often it was easier just to go with most of the scripted lines they were given.

And given that the men paid £1.50 a minute to ring them, and they weren’t paid too badly themselves for the work, it wasn’t such a bad life after all. She was watching the clock creep slowly up towards noon, and her lunch break when she heard the buzz in her ear that told her she had a call, and when she checked it was for ‘Sexy Sadie, the buxom nympho in her early twenties’ so she got herself in the right frame of mind, and picked up the call.

In her best sexy voice, she answered,

“And yes you gorgeous hunk, what can Sexy Sadie do for you, or should I say what can you do for, or is that to her?”

She heard the tell-tale breathlessness that suggested he was either nervous about doing this, or more likely was jacking himself in anticipation of some dirty talk with her, culminating in...well, you know what!

“Do you really look like the picture in the advert, Sadie?” was the first question he asked her, which rather took Stephanie back, as most just wanted to know how little she was wearing, and/or what she was currently doing to her body. But by now she was an old pro at this game, so...

“Of course I do you handsome man, I’m a stunning blonde aged 22, with big blue eyes and a 40E bust and a figure just waiting to be fucked. And my pussy is just SO wet anticipating your big cock sliding in and out of it, fucking me senseless.” she replied trying to keep him nicely turned on, while at the same time answering his question, but keeping him on the phone, paying premium rates.

“Are you sure about that Sadie? Because I’d heard most of the women on these lines were middle aged and not stunning young beauties?” he asked her.

In fact that was the truth; most of the women working there were plain, ordinary women in early middle age, trying to earn a decent wage for whatever reason. About the only thing Stephanie had in common with ‘Sadie’ was the blonde hair, and by now, hers had a tinge of grey in the blonde, and certainly wasn’t the dyed platinum blonde look Sadie set out to show in the pictures. And B cups if you were being optimistic!

“I don’t know what you mean.” she purred seductively down the phone line, “All of us sexy girls that work here are in our early twenties, and gorgeous on the eye. And all with big buxom figures, and horny little pussies to match. Why do you ask handsome?”

“Oh, just wondered.” came the reply, “In that case no one will notice any difference shortly.”

And before she could ask him what he meant by that, he hung up the phone line. Stephanie noted the length of call for her records, logged out, and went to lunch.

She headed for her usual favourite sandwich shop to get her lunch, but the thing that was different to normal was she was attracting glances, and even wolf whistles which amazed her, as plain women in their late forties aren’t renowned for getting such treatment. But then she caught her reflection in a shop window, and once she worked out it was her, she understood why she was so popular all of a sudden.

Because the reflection that looked back at her was the spitting image of the pictures of Sadie. Not only did she now look stunningly good looking, and in her early twenties at most, the rack on her chest was absolutely huge, yes, she guessed while panicking slightly, ‘40E would be a fair measurement of my boobs’ she thought to herself. Full, shoulder length platinum blonde hair, ‘come and get me’ sparkling blue eyes, and the cutest butt you’ve ever seen. And instead of the plain top, trousers and comfy shoes she’d been wearing before, now she was dressed in a satin top that clung to the mountains on her chest, a leather skirt just higher than knee length and 4 inch heeled shoes. The only strange thing was...she didn’t feel like she was walking in heels, so...was it an illusion?

She pinched herself, and the reflection in the mirror did the same, so...

“Oh my god, what’s happened to me?” she cried out, but instead of her usual voice, it came out in a cute ‘girly’ voice just as you would expect from a giggly young girl, not a woman well over 40. She jumped back at the shock of hearing herself, and fell against a young man who was obviously pleased to see her judging by the bulge in his trousers at least.

“Are you alright, err...Miss?” he asked her politely, trying to avert his eyes from her ample bosom, but failing miserably to do so. She giggled at his feeble efforts to hide his aroused state. Then her head began to buzz and she began to feel faint, falling gracefully into his strong arms.

A few moments later she felt cold water being fed through her lips, and someone asking her questions,

“Are you alright Miss, you seem to have fainted, what’s your name, where do you work? Maybe we should take you to hospital and get you checked over?” a man asked her sweetly.

“My name is Sadie Frost; I work in a call centre just up the road. I was just waiting for my boyfriend to come and meet me for lunch when I fainted. I think I’d better wait for him to arrive first, and see if he thinks I should go to the hospital or not, but thank you for looking after me.” she replied, giving the man a kiss for his troubles. She’d like to have given him more, she was feeling so horny, but she knew better than to do that in public. Besides her boyfriend was on his way, and he’d certainly fuck her given the chance, and she would certainly let him given the time.

A couple of minutes later a large BMW rolled to a halt in front of them, a nice looking young man got out with a concerned look on his face,

“Sadie, are you alright?” he asked.

“No.” she giggled in reply, “I’m half left! Yes, I’ll be fine I think.”

She again thanked the small gathering around her for their help, though the men at least had enjoyed the vision of her heaving chest perhaps more than they should have done! She clambered into the car, giving the crowd a glimpse of her legs as she did so, deliberately or otherwise. As her ‘boyfriend’ drove off he turned and pointed a remote control at her, it was then she realised...

“What’s going on? What have you done to me?” she asked nervously, “I look a million dollars, but what has happened to the old me?”

“But you told me on the phone this was just how Sadie looked, you mean it wasn’t true?” he asked her, she recognised the voice instantly as her last call before lunch.

“Yes...No...err, no I don’t, but then surely you knew that already?” she replied nervously, concerned, though secretly thrilled at the attention her new looks had attracted, “What have you done to me though?”

He laughed, “Yes, I knew you were lying about that, but I understand, it’s simply part of your job of course to claim that you are. I didn’t know what you did look like before, but I suspected it was nothing like Sadie. But I knew where your office was, and I knew I’d recognise Sadie in real life, so...”

“You turned me into her!” Stephanie giggled, “But how?”

“A little temporal distortion combined with a molecular distortion device I created, plus a full body photo Image of Sadie that I developed, then I simply placed the time portal just outside your front exit as you went to lunch, and lo and behold, Sadie was created out of Stephanie.”

“Oh come on, molecular distortion devices, time portals, and all that, they aren’t real, only in Science Fiction!” Stephanie protested, even though she could clearly see the results, “And even then, why did I say my name was Sadie Frost when it’s...”

“Stephanie Jones. Well I practice a little mind control as well if you must know. Still, I should ask, what do you think of your new look? Do you like it?”

Stephanie could have lied through her teeth, but she couldn’t see any point doing so, she knew she looked good, and it felt fantastic to do so. The boobs were a little bit bigger than she found ideal, but...

“In all honesty, it’s amazing and I love it. The boobs are bigger than ideal, but god, it’s amazing having a rack like this after all those years of flat chestedness. So what happens now, do I stay like this, or do you change me back to plain old Stephanie before I go back to work. Talking of which, what’s the time?” she asked beginning to panic.

He laughed again, “Don’t worry about the time, we are locked in a time portal, and whenever I deliver you back to work, however long we are, the time will be five minutes to one. We could be like this for days, but in the real world...”

“Only 55 minutes would pass?” she asked, and he nodded.

“In answer to your question, beyond the payment of a small fee by yourself, which you will pay whichever look you choose, the choice is yours. I can turn you back into dear old Stephanie again, all I need to do is create a portal outside your office, and as you walk in, Stephanie will reappear. Equally you can stay as Sadie, I create a temporal distortion, and all your paperwork instantly changes to match Sadie Frost. Work records, tax details, even your passport would change. You haven’t got any family, so...The only thing I can’t let you do is for Stephanie Jones to keep Sadie Frost’s looks without all the necessary mental changes.”

“Such as...?”

“Well Stephanie is let’s see, 47, and Sadie is a mere 22, so Sadie won’t have grown up as a child in the seventies, and therefore can’t remember events back then. Also Stephanie is dull and quiet whereas Sadie is...”

“Built to have fun!” Stephanie eagerly interrupted.

“Exactly! And you need to know just how to have fun, don’t you Stephanie?”

She nodded in agreement.

“You mentioned a fee?” she asked, though as she could see a bulge in his trousers she had a good idea what it might relate to.

He smiled, “Yes, I have an ‘itch that needs scratching’ would Sadie please oblige me on that? By the way, your choice?”

“I’ll answer in a minute!” she replied, already unzipping his trousers and releasing his erect cock from his pants, before wrapping her lips round it, “Yum.” she added while testing it for taste.

She slipped her lips round his long erect cock, and began to give him a blow job. Not that she’d given many in her life, but his instructions in her head were solving any problems she might have with that matter. And his moans of pleasure were all the clues she needed re the excellent job she was doing. Finally she felt him twitch, and streams of hot cum flooded her throat, she expertly swallowing every drop before licking him clean.

When he recovered, he asked her, “That was excellent Stephanie; if I didn’t know better I would say you were an expert in such matters, but delving into your mind, I know that you aren’t.”

She smiled happily.

“So your choice?”

She whispered the answer in his ear.

“Excellent choice Stephanie, most practical.”

The BMW pulled up outside her office, ‘Sadie’ slipped out and walked up the stairs and entered the office, blowing him a kiss as she did so. She looked at the clock, it said 12.55!

She grabbed herself a coffee from the machine, bought a bar of chocolate from the vending machine and headed back to her desk, smiling and laughing at all that had happened in her lunch hour. It had been quite something.

* * * 5.30pm

She logged herself out from her work station, pulled on her coat and headed downstairs. Then she headed for the nearby railway station to catch her train home. Stephanie Jones had had quite a day; she hoped her cat would enjoy the tale she had to tell her.

The journey home was quite dull, about the dullest thing that had happened all day to her in fact, though it did give her time to reflect on events at lunchtime. She had no idea how he had changed her into Sadie, or indeed how he had changed her back again, as all his talk about time portals and temporal distortion had sailed way over her head, and as to it actually happening. She just giggled, assuming she had bumped her head when falling, and it had all just been her wild imagination while she was passed out, but the taste of cum tingling at the back of her throat after she had got back to work suggested otherwise. But that sort of thing really wasn’t possible.

Though she did regret not even knowing ‘his’ name!

Opening the door to her cosy flat she was surprised to see her answer machine flashing away, this was a rare event given she had no family, and few friends. Stroking the cat enroute she pushed the button to listen to the message,

“Hi Stephanie.", she gasped, it was his voice again, “Don’t ask how I got your phone number, but I did! Just put it down to a neat mind control trick I played on you before you got out of the car! I hope you don’t mind? I know I shouldn’t do this, but I want to meet the real you, just once at least. I know your age, I know about your looks, and your boob size and everything, but just something from our chat says I want to know more about the real you. No tricks this time I promise, well only if you request them! Please ring me on 07........ when you get home, I’d love to talk.”

Now she was torn between better judgement, and ignoring this call, and meeting him again which could mean... anything! She decided to feed herself, and the cat while she thought the matter over. But in the end, temptation got the better of her. She rang the number, and he answered,

“Yes Stephanie, I know you’re nothing like Sadie, you’re middle aged, and flat chested, and live a quiet lifestyle, but you just have something I want to see again, only the real person this time.” he answered when she tried to give him practical reasons why, for his own sake, he shouldn’t do this. “And as I said, no tricks, no body changes, no mind control will be used unless you actually ask me to. So please?”

After that heartfelt request, how could she say no? She agreed to a meeting, though she did wonder if she was doing the right thing.

“Meet me at ....... at 8. You should recognise me, even if I don’t recognise you!” he told her laughing.

She arrived, a couple of minutes late, mainly on purpose to ensure he was there first. He was! She quickly checked herself over before walking towards him, and got the answer she was ‘sort of’ hoping for, a woman in her late forties, plain, and fairly flat chested. Just as she’d left home of course! So why shouldn’t she be? Because...

“I hope the real me isn’t a disappointment to you.” she said as they met, and he kissed her on the cheek, “I’m not quite sure why you wanted to meet me like this, as I said, I’m nothing like Sadie!”

“Agreed Stephanie, but it’s sometimes nice to meet the person behind the changes, and you were so sweet about it all that I just wanted to do so. I hoped you’d agree to this. Drink?”

She nodded, he ordered, and they sat down again to chat.

“Single I assume, or I guess you wouldn’t be doing this?” he asked.

“Just me and my cat as my faithful companion, why?” she replied.

“Oh nothing, just wondered.” was his furtive response, but she could see the cogs of his brain thinking up something.

For the next hour or two of pleasant conversation, Stephanie found herself relaxing, and enjoying herself. Attention like this was rare for her in recent years, so she was happily lapping this up. But equally, she had work to go to tomorrow, and so...

“This evening has been wonderful, but I really must go soon, I’ve got to go to work in the morning, and...”

“Sadie needs her beauty sleep!” he jokingly replied, Stephanie giggling in response.

“Yes, I guess she does. But we can always do this again?”

“One last question before you go?”


“If Sadie hadn’t been SO big up top, would you have chosen otherwise? I could tell you were tempted, I can read your mind after all!”

She blushed a bright red, “Possibly, though I’m not sure I could have left my cat behind anyway without any warning. She’s been with me for years, and I’d hate to see anything happen to her. But Sadie was a little bit too large for my comfort; I wouldn’t mind having a decent pair of boobs, and her young looks, but that rack was just ridiculous.”

“I’ve known girls with bigger ones! Natural too!” he teased her.

“I know, but when you’ve grown up with these ‘fried eggs’ on your chest, they would take some getting used to!” she replied.

He laughed, “Fine, I can see your point! Or should that be two points if you looked like that!”

Stephanie giggled at the image in her head,

“So let’s say they were slightly smaller, say D cups sat on your fine chest, and your cat stayed with you, or with ‘Sadie’ at least, how would that be?”

“And I’d be young, and pretty, and...” she giggled, “sexy?” looking into his eyes, she asked, “But why?”

“Easy, because I think I’m in love,” she blushed brightly, “but a woman more than twice my age might be tricky to explain away, but someone like Sadie...!” he winked.

“...would be alright!” she laughed. “Let me think on it overnight, and give you a call, is that OK?”

“Fine.” he said knowing she was coming round to his idea, but...

She kissed him on the cheek, thanked him for a lovely evening, and left. She didn’t see the grin on his face as she did so...

Stephanie walked out, hoping to find a cab to take her home. ‘Now if Sadie was doing this’ she thought to herself. To her surprise the first cab she hailed stopped for her, and the driver politely asked where she wanted to go. Now in London this wasn’t the norm! She laughed when she got in the cab and caught her reflection in the mirror, because there staring back at her, was Sadie! ‘That would explain things’ she thought to herself.

But this Sadie didn’t have two ‘footballs’ sat on her chest, just 2 full, buxom breasts sat there, pert and firm meeting her gaze.

“Guess they are about D cups!” she giggled, “But why?”

The weird thing was, people were about when she got back to her apartment block, and no one even blinked at the ‘stranger’ getting out of the taxi. Indeed the only comment was,

“Hi Stephanie, hope you had a good evening?

“Yes, I did thanks.” was the reply she gave, trying not to sound stunned.

Her cat was thrilled to see her as well, just as if...?

Her phone rang; she answered it, suspecting she knew who it was. She was right.

“Do you like the new look? I just about managed to create a temporal distortion in time as you were leaving. You said you wanted to sleep on the idea, so I thought I’d let you sleep on it as how you could look. Didn’t do any MC though, I wanted this to be your choice.”

“I worked it out from the attention the taxi driver was paying me!” she giggled, “So what happens in the morning? Suppose I want plain old me to go to work?”

“Give me a call 10 minutes before you leave, I’ll set a distortion in your doorway. But give me a call either way, because I can then arrange to pick you up from work anyway...! But I hope it’s the new you I’ll be picking up!”

She giggled, “Fine, so I’m Stephanie now, I just need to get used to this younger look and things. And judging by the reaction of others, people think I’ve always looked like this?”

“Yes, and will continue to do so, unless you decide to change back.”

“And I keep my cat, and I keep my flat?”

“if you wish, though my luxurious penthouse apartment would make a fine home for both of you.”

“And my thoughts?”

“Well as I said, Stephanie has too many ‘old thoughts’ for the new ‘Sadie’ look, so I would have to tinker with your mind to correct those, and modernise her a little. And ‘sex her up’ of course. But beyond that, why change what I’ve fallen in love with? I don’t even have to change your name, but I thought it might just match the new image, especially given your job!”

“I’ll sleep on it!” she giggled, and put down the phone.

She took a little while to fall asleep that night, she wasn’t used to having two heavy mounds on her chest moving as she turned over. But soon she settled and fell asleep, to sweet, if slightly strange dreams.

She woke to find her cat curled up on her bed, waiting for ‘Mum’ to wake up and feed her, as if this person had fed her everyday of her life, when... Stephanie jumped at first when she saw herself in the mirror, but then remembered and set about her jobs, and got her breakfast. Then she had a call to make...

“Well?” was the reply.

“I don’t know, in a way I liked the dull old me, with the dull old lifestyle, but...”

“Yes?” he asked.

“I’ve never felt this good in my life, and certainly never looked this good before. Promise you haven’t tampered with my mind?”

“This is your own free choice.” he told her.

“And no one will spot the difference, not even my cat?”

“You know the answer to that already!” he said with a laugh.

“In that’d better pick me up from work. I’m going to need some new tops now! I just hope I can find one suitable to wear to work today!”

He laughed, “I’m delighted, my love, at your choice. The name you want to be known as?”

“Oh hell, new look, new name, turn me into Sadie Frost please.”

“You won’t regret it. Give me a few moments, and then go to your wardrobe; I don’t think you’ll have problems Sadie.”

Sadie Frost put the phone down, finished her breakfast and went to get dressed for work. She pulled out a satin 38D bra from the drawer, knickers to match, and a sexy looking top and skirt to finish the ensemble. Slipping on her heeled shoes she set off for work, attracting lots of looks as she headed for the train station.

After work she was met by her loving boyfriend and driven to his luxury apartment where her worldly goods, her clothing, and her cat had already been moved in. Her old apartment was already being advertised as available to be rented out. It’s amazing what a time portal can achieve in just one day!

After a little ‘rooting’ through her mind, some ‘middle aged’ thoughts were removed, some ‘young and sexy ones’ replacing them. But beyond the name change, nothing much else. Well other than he ensured she would be in love with him forever that is! And to ensure she would be horny whenever he wanted her to be, which would be often!

Sex that night was plentiful as he took Sadie to sexual heights she’d never reached before, her moans of pleasure echoing throughout the penthouse. Of course she rewarded him as well when he had recovered sufficiently! ;) Then both fell asleep locked in each other’s arms.

The cat wisely slept in its basket at the foot of the bed that night!

(Some might call this wish fulfilment, and to some degree they might be right. Well other than the fact I prefer girls to guys on the whole, but...;) Sadie would be fun I suspect, but I would definitely need liveninng up to be like her! Comments etc to the usual address thanks.)


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